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Fight For Me

pairing: philip hamilton x reader

word count: 2300

warnings: use of the word slut, swearing, fighting, blood mention

a/n: based off of ‘fight for me’ from the heathers musical!!! not my most polished fic and im kind of rushing to finish it and get it up before i go to bed but i hope its good nonetheless. enjoy!!!

It was never… too bad.

Correction: it had never been too bad. It was never anything more than someone knocking your books out of your hand, jostling your lunch tray so milk spilled on a patch of your sweater, and, on the rarest of occasions, being called a ‘slut’. It had never been too bad.

Until now.

You didn’t know what triggered it. No, in all honesty, it just came out of nowhere – you were walking down the hallway one second, peacefully and diplomatically minding your own business, when suddenly you were slammed into a locker, your backpack being crushed against the brightly coloured metal door. You could’ve sworn your breath left you, and as you panted to get it back, she pressed you even harder against it.

“Think you can make googly-eyes at Georges, you stupid slut?” the girl screamed in your face. Through the haze of tears in your eyes, you recognized her. One of the girls in your gym class – vaguely, you recalled accidentally tripped her in gym last week and maybe hearing somewhere later that she snapped a nail off. You had no idea who Georges was, or why she was trying to announce to everyone that you were making googly-eyes at him. With a frantic shake of your head, you tried to squirm from her grip with no avail. “Think you can win him over with your ugliness?” Again, you shook your head. “Do you want to fuck him, is that it? Have you never fucked anyone before?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you whispered to her.

She took a step away from you, glanced around, and laughed. At first, it sounded like she was laughing to herself, but then you saw the other kids in the hallway snickering. “Are you calling me a liar?” she questioned, moving towards you again with blazing eyes. “Are you calling me a liar? You bitch!”

“Says you,” said a voice. A disembodied voice somewhere to your right. Her head snapped in that direction.

“Who said that?” the girl seethed through gritted teeth.

A boy stepped from the crowd. He was probably no older than you, with curly dark hair, small, hooded eyes, and a splattering of freckles across his cheeks. He shifted somewhat uncomfortably on his sneakers, but stuck his chin out defiantly. “Me?”

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more than this pt.1

→ pairing: kim taehyung x reader
→ genre: neighbour & fwb aus, fluff, slight angst
→ words: 
→ warnings: implied smut, swearing & mature(ish) themes???
→ summary: You were neighbours who used their mouths for more reasons than one, but the both you weren’t complaining. At least, not until you found yourself falling for the same boy who seemed to break hearts for a living—one of them, you knew, would bound to be yours.

You were ready for a good night’s sleep.

Working as a barista in the busiest side of town had a lot of stress to it—more than you thought it did when you first applied for the job. Three months into it, you’ve come to regret your decision to work there. Especially when you had to work along with the worst team in human history—and with the added stress of your classes, it didn’t make the job any easier. You would regret working there until the day you quit. The only reason you stuck around was because of the good pay it provided its employees, giving you enough money to live in the cozy little apartment you moved into months ago.

But today was just horrendous. You were left to deal with the most atrocious customers and an angry boss that just wouldn’t get off your case. You had even contemplated quitting right then and there but you knew that making rash decisions would only lead you to more problems. By the time you made it home, you were drained of all your energy.

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Brett Talbot x Reader

A/N: Splendid idea from my source of inspiration/ideas, @lazyneonmonster.  This also turning out fluffier than I imagined..


“Hi Y/N, Brett, nice to see you both!” Scott greeted when you step through the door of Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, having Brett right behind you for support. Your face brightened up when you saw your former friend and classmate.

You didn’t manage to take a single step until he came to meet you and give you a hug. “What are you even doing here? Didn’t you and Brett move away from Beacon Hills about two years ago?” he asked and you backed up to purse your lips into a thin line.

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So I was making breakfast last Saturday and heard a knock on our door. And since my husband was still trying to zombie his way out of bed and our roommate is lazy, I went and answered the door. Some nice old church ladies greeted me in their beautiful church clothes and there I stood with bedhead and my pjs, wishing I at least had a bra on. They then ask me “Do you believe in the supernatural?

I have never been so caught off guard in my life.

I stood in the doorway for a solid 10 seconds –at least– going “UHHHHHH” as I pushed my black cat out of the doorway before she could escape. What the fuck was I supposed to say? “Oh boy! I sure do ma'am! I’m a witch! Not to mention we even have a spirit in our house! Would you like an introduction?” I was going to give this poor lady a heart attack. So I politely declined her as much as possible and sent her onto the next unsuspecting victim. I thought I was safe before I heard the laughter of both my husband and roomate. And my roommate goes “Well, at least they didn’t try to pray with you. You might have been smote.”

A Thousand Miles
  • Sirius has been waiting two whole days for Remus to come home from his visit to his family
  • During times like these, he spends a lot of time in Remus’ room 
  • (they share a bed every night, but they decided having two separate places for their belongings was nice)
  • He spreads out on the bed, sniffing Remus’ pillow
  • He admires the room, spotting a weird (seemingly) muggle device
  • Sirius gets up and pokes one of its weird buttons
  • But whips his wand out when it starts to make a noise
  • (His heart is going at a perfectly normal rate, thankyouverymuch)
  • Remus had told him about this. What did he call it? A player? A music player? DC player?
  • A CD player! It was a CD player. 
  • Sirius remembered Remus telling him over a cup of peppermint tea about all of his muggle devices he had taken from his childhood room, the radio and CD player being the most intriguing
  • Muggle music always fascinated Sirius, so when Remus gave Sirius a guitar for his birthday he most certainly did not cry
  • (He immediately named it Wolfstar, as he figured the guitar should be named after its parents. Remus loved it.)
  • Sirius had picked up the instrument fairly easily
  • And Remus loved to listen to Sirius play his guitar when he was just getting over a particularly bad moon
  • Sirius had stood there listening to the CD for a while, but one song stood out to him
  • It had what sounded like a young woman singing about missing the person she loved, and how she would go major distances to just see them and touch them again
  • Sirius had played that song on repeat for two hours, memorizing the lyrics and certainly not crying. 
  • He just… got an eyelash in his eyes…
  • Around the 13th rendition, he had an idea
  • He ran and grabbed his guitar from its stand in the living room 
  • For the next hour and a half he tried to figure out the chords
  • Once he thought he got them right, he tried singing too
  • He was quite pleased
  • Sirius spent the next day waiting for Remus practicing, imagining Remus’ tear-filled eyes when Sirius performed it
  • Imagining remus’ watery smile
  • His eyes filled with love
  • Not that they usually weren’t
  • Sirius just liked the extra sparkle in Remus’ eyes when he got a nice surprise
  • When Remus opened the door, he was greeted with a long and emotional kiss
  • “I missed you so much, Moony. Never leave me again.”
  • “I was gone three days, you mutt”
  • “I’m wounded.”
  • But that didn’t stop Sirius
  • He grabbed his guitar and motioned for Remus to sit on the couch
  • He stood in front of Remus
  • Took a deep breath
  • “I’ve been working on this for you. I heard this song and it resonated so much with me and with how much I miss you when you’re gone.”
  • Remus was speechless
  • Sirius sings, “Making my way down town, walking fast, faces pass, and I’m home bound. Staring blankly ahead, just making my way- making a way through the crowd.”
  • Sirius makes eye contact with Remus, “And I need you. And I miss you.”
  • Sirius thought he was successful
  • Remus certainly seemed surprised
  • And… Teary eyed
  • But… were those tears of laughter?
  • Was Remus… laughing??
  • “It’s always times like these when I think of you- Moony! What’s so funny?”
  • But Remus just gets up, still laughing
  • He slowly walks towards Sirius
  • He reaches out and takes the guitar from Sirius’ arms
  • He puts it gently on the couch
  • Still bloody laughing
  • “Moons, I don’t understa-”
  • But Remus is kissing Sirius
  • And doesn’t stop kissing him
  • Sirius never doesn’t out why Remus was laughing until a week later, when Remus has to explain what a “meme” is
  • “You’re bloody joking! I cried over that song!
  • “Wish I were. It was a nice sentiment, though, Pads.”
  • And they’re both laughing, and kissing, and bloody happy.
See Him Pt. 3

Catch Up:  See Me, Part 1, Part 2

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Namjoon & Taehyung feat. Yoongi

Genre: real world! au/angst

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: As your bestfriend, It’s Namjoons’ job to be there for you. When your boyfriend screws up beyond repair, he knows his chance to tell you his true feelings has come…but still you struggle to see him for the guy he is. 

Warnings: none

a/n: this is a continuation of the storyline from See Me

Taehyung was wide awake. His eyes were lifted, watching the ceiling fan as it spun in circle after circle.

Next to him he heard your slow syncopated breaths. His heart thumped.

He was wrong in so many ways.

Mostly he felt like he had failed, because he did. He thought he could handle a relationship. He thought you’d be the one to pull him out of whatever issue he had with dating….with being tied down to one person. For the past 3 days he constantly asked himself why he would ever chose to hurt you like this.

He didn’t have an answer.

He wanted to just forget about everything he’s done and just keep on being with you - but he knew that was impossible, it would be right.

All the voices of his friends scolding him rang out in his mind constantly, fueling the guilt that was eating him up.

He needed to tell you….he was going to….but right now he just wanted to lay with you awhile longer, taking in the moment because he knew it was one of the last times he’d be able to do this.

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Meet The Winchesters

Pairing: Sister reader

Warning(s): n/a

Word Count: 1534

Summary: You introduce your brothers Sam and Dean to your boyfriend

A/N: One shot number two! Requests are open, so leave me a request and I’ll do my best!

This was it, today was the day. Your brothers were finally going to meet your boyfriend and you don’t recall having been so nervous for anything in your life. You would honestly rather have faced your fear of heights and jumped out of a plane than this.

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Ruby Woo (Part Three)

[part one here] [part two here]

pairing: daveed diggs x reader, ft. rafael casal (you’re welcome)

request: i was asked by many people for a part 3 to ruby woo, and i had a request for daveed x rafa x reader dp smut, so, YIKES there’s this

summary: reader meets daveed’s best friend rafa for the first time, they do some bonding and then they do some…well, bonding.

warnings: (where do i even start) hair pulling, ass grabbing, choking, face fucking, thigh riding, daddy kink, slight praise kink probably, double penetration, anal, just a smidge of unprotected sex, i think that’s it but let me know if there was something i missed yikes

word count: 4,157

a/n: I AM DISGUSTING, I AM A BEACON OF SIN, I BEG YOU TO RECONSIDER READING THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT. I AM GROSS. HORRENDOUS. i’m sorry, except that i’m not that sorry. if you don’t like any of the things i listed above, this story is not for you. my next fic is fluff, so there’s something on the way for you who are weak of heart or who are uninterested/repulsed by sex. i love u all okay sorry this took so long have a nice day.

You had no idea what to expect when Daveed told you that his best friend wanted to meet you. You had heard a lot about Rafa, mostly from Daveed, but also because you had googled searched his name (at Daveed’s urging). You realized that you actually did know of Rafael Casal. In college, you had been an avid participant in the poetry club, and as such you had spent a lot of time online searching for spoken word poetry. You had developed quite the crush on him, actually. You spend the flight to New York rewatching the videos you had watched years ago, and you can feel the traces of that innocent celebrity crush bubbling beneath the surface.

Sure, you had crushed on him, but that was years ago, you remind yourself. He isn’t the same person he was back then, and neither are you. Plus, you have a sort-of-relationship with Daveed now, so you figure it’s best if you forget about your old crush.

While that’s a nice sentiment, it’s easier said than done. When Daveed greets you at the door to his apartment, you catch a glimpse of Rafa sitting on the couch and you’re stunned for a moment.

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Mistletoe [Dan]

Hey guys! Remember, I take requests, so feel free to drop one in my ask box.
I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but I couldn’t resist writing this.

Warnings: None :3


It was that time of year again.


To say that it was her favourite holiday ever was an understatement.

She’d go all out; ugly yet adorable sweaters, a real pine tree decked out in flashing fairy lights and glass baubles, homemade eggnog with fresh cookies. Back home she’d even dress her little pom up in a Santa suit.

This year she had been invited over to her friend’s place; Dan and Phil’s to be exact. It was a break from her normal holiday routine, which was a nice feeling for once.

‘(Y/N)! Nice to see you!’ Phil greeted as he opened the door to his shared flat, a wide grin on his face. She exchanged hellos with him as she took off her flats. He led her up the stairs and to the lounge, where a loud bang sounded from the room.

‘Piece of crap! Move your car, you dumb fu-’

‘Dan!’ Phil called out as they reached the door, stopping his best friend from unleashing a cursing bomb. ‘We have a visitor!’

She peeked her head timidly through the door to see him lying lazily on the sofa, Wii remote in hand. He had a Christmas-themed sweater on with some classic black skinny jeans; his hair was straightened as usual.

‘(Y/N)!’ He called out happily as he spotted her head creep around the corner, dropping his game controller and stretching out his hands for a hug. She gave him a funny look as she entered the room and he just shrugged.

‘I can’t be bothered getting up.’

(Y/N) laughed as she made her way over to him, his arms wrapping her in a warm hug when she sat beside him. Unbeknownst to Dan and (Y/N), they stayed in each other’s arms a fraction longer than normal; Phil picked up on this and cleared his throat awkwardly before his face suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree.

‘Who wants to make some cookies?’

‘My sweater is ruined, goddamit!’

The baking wasn’t going to well, to say the least.

The trio had made a complete mess in the kitchen. Broken egg shells littered the benches, flour scattered all over the countertops and dirty dishes were piled high in the sink with the smell of vanilla extract and cinnamon in the air. If anyone were to walk into the flat and see this right now, they’d think a food bomb had exploded.

‘It’s only a little flour, Dan,’ she argued with a frown, making him pout playfully. Phil hummed in agreement as he continued to stir the cookie batter with a wooden spoon. ‘Besides, don’t you have a spare one?’

Dan mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he hoisted himself into the counter-top, leaving (Y/N) and Phil to finish making the cookies. Little did they know that he had sneakily swiped the bag of flour along with an egg from the ingredients pile.

‘I think this one’s gonna be a snowman!’ Phil exclaimed excitedly. ‘I just have to cut th-’


A puff of flour exploded on top of (Y/N)’s head like a ball of snow, the white dust settling itself in her hair and down her sweater. Dan tried desperately to hold in his laughter, but his attempt was futile. A deep, loud laugh erupted from his throat as he clutched his stomach with one hand. (Y/N) sent a death glare his way, shaking her head like a puppy as she tried to get out as much flour as possible.

‘Dan,’ Phil scolded his best friend, placing a hand on his hip as he tried to make himself seem more menacing. ‘I think the least you could do for (Y/N) right now is give her a spare jumper to wear. Her one is destroyed, thanks to you.’

Dan sighed, hopping off the counter top as he lead the way to his room. She followed in tow with her arms folded across her chest; she wasn’t angry, though. If anything, she was quite amused.

In fact, she couldn’t wait to get him back later.

Dan dug around in his closet for his spare Christmas sweater, pulling off its hanger once he found it. (Y/N) took one glance at the jumper and immediately knew it was going to be humongous on her. Dan was twenty centimeters taller than her, at the very least.

‘It’s going to be a little big,’ he stated with a small frown, almost as if he had read her mind. ‘But it should be fine, I guess.’

She took it from his arms gratefully, thanking him for it with a chuckle.

Dan looked at her a little sheepishly, a small yet regretful smile on his face. ‘I’m, uh, sorry for flour bombing you. Gotta admit, though, it was quite funny.’

(Y/N) elbowed him softly, giggling slightly as she made her way out of his room and into the bathroom to change. She pulled off her flour-ridden sweater and replaced it with Dan’s.

Boy, was it huge. That’s what she said bu-dum-tis

The arms came down an extra few inches past her hands, giving her rather large sweater-paws. She didn’t mind this; it was quite cold outside.

The bottom of the sweater itself finished a few centimeters above her knees, making it seem like she was wearing a knitted dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled slightly before making her way to the lounge.

She reached the door, peering her head inside to see Dan putting up some decorations along the mantle above the fireplace. She continued to observe him silently from the doorway, noticing how he kept going back to re-align everything when he thought it didn’t look good together. A small chuckle escaped her lips, making him whip around instantly.

‘How long were you standing there?’ He questioned with wide eyes, his cheeks turning a rosy red.

‘Long enough to know you’re a freak when it comes to interior design.’

He gasped in mock offence, placing a hand over his heart jokingly as he made his way over to her in the doorway. She played with the ends of the jumper, rolling the soft fabric in between her fingers as he looked down at her.

‘There’s actually one more decoration I forgot,’ he spoke in a low voice, making her head shoot upright. A smirk danced across his face as he raised his left hand above their heads to reveal a small, green leafy tuft.


‘You absolute cheese-ball,’ she mumbled, biting her lip as she watched him place it above the doorway. He looked quite pleased with himself, a large smirk plastered onto his face.

‘Well, I think you know what mistletoe means,’ he chuckled once he finished, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. (Y/N) laughed quietly, standing on her tippy-toes as she leaned in towards his face.

‘Shut up and kiss me, Howell.’

anonymous asked:

Can you make a Josh or Tyler imagine (Idc which lmao) based off Lovely by Tøp idk the song means a lot to me and I wanted to read something based off it. Lots of fluff thanks, love your writing!

okay so like i struggled so hard to write this, so im sorry if it sucks.. but here you go!!

LOVELY (Tyler Joseph imagine)

The restaurant Mark had chosen was bustling with people.  The lot of you had been waiting for over thirty minutes now and still didn’t have a table.  You sat against the window with your arms crossed across your chest and feet tucked under the bench, trying to hide.  You didn’t realize how dressed up everyone would be tonight.  As soon as you saw Michael helping his wife out of the car in a black dress and heels, you began mentally kicking yourself, feeling so insecure in your jeans and sneakers.

It doesn’t take Josh long before he starts complaining.  He didn’t want to wait anymore, and after the thirteen hour flight he had just endured, he was desperate for something to fill him up.  Michael and his wife were also starting to get impatient, and were insistent that any other restaurant would be just as good.  Mark disagreed, telling everyone that this place has the best calzones Columbus had to offer.  Tyler was indifferent.  You were silent.  

Truth be told, you weren’t as energized as you should be about seeing your friends for the first time in four months.  You were tired, like always.  Tired and drained and not in the mood to be around so many people.  So, in actuality, you were on Josh and Michael’s side, because the sooner you ate, the sooner you could get dropped off back at home for the night.  

You let your head rest back on the wall, hearing Josh and Mark continue to bicker back and forth but not absorbing any of it.  

Your leg is suddenly nudged and when you open your eyes, you see Tyler’s scooted closer to you on the bench.

“You okay?” he asks quietly.

You swallow down the harsh ‘No’, dying to be set free.  

You smile instead, tucking your hair innocently behind your ear, “I’m fine,” you lie.  Your voice is thick, you hope that Tyler doesn’t notice.  

You focus your attention back on Josh and Mark, trying desperately to reengage in reality, but it’s so hard to focus, even more so as you feel Tyler’s eyes focused on you.

Another ten minutes pass before you’re seated.  The boys have so many stories about Europe and the last four months, and you’re desperately trying so hard to concentrate enough to listen to all of them.  But you’re just so uncomfortable and tired and you can’t stop thinking about how you can’t wait to be back home.  

You hadn’t talked to anyone about how bad things were getting again.  Tyler had enough to worry about, and suffering in silence seemed a lot more dignified than dumping it on him.  It started shortly before he left for tour.  The creeping thought of him being so far away for so long filled your entire being with dread and despair.  But that was to be expected whenever he left.  What kept you down was the sudden realization that Tyler had made it.  Tyler had found where he belonged.  And you were left behind, stuck in Columbus working forty hours a week at a job you hated.

The stories are all so interesting.  New cities every day, fancy hotel rooms, stadiums full of people.  They spend the evening reminiscing, recalling funny events from the tour bus and sharing inside jokes that you don’t understand.  So you stay quiet and you order a lot of food that you’re really not hungry for and you focus on the pit growing bigger in your stomach.  They were back, all your friends surrounded you, laughing and smiling, so close that you could touch, and yet, you were still left behind.  

You wonder if anyone notices the cobwebs and spiders, that have been suffocating you, crawling out of your mouth.

You spend the next few days avoiding everyone and rebounding from your previous night of socializing.  It drained you, as pathetic as that seemed.  

Tyler continues to text you, wondering if you want to get together and this and that.  But you don’t answer.  

Tonight was bad.  Worse than it’s been in a while.  You feel overwhelmed with inadequacy and wonder why you’re boring life was even worth sticking around for.  You stay huddled on your bed, knees tucked into your chest, and you rock back and forth, trying to stay calm, trying to stay composed.  But it doesn’t work.  You break, erupting into a pile of tears.  

You had never been suicidal, never even depressed.  And even now, it wasn’t like you wanted to die per-say.  You were just sick of trying.  Your life didn’t feel worth the effort anymore.  You tap your head lightly on the top of your knees, trying to push the thoughts out, that’s when your phone vibrates.

Tyler’s calling.  

You’re not sure why you pick up as quickly as you do.  You should’ve sent it to voicemail.  Maybe it was a cry for a help, like you subconsciously wanted Tyler to save you.  But you don’t say anything, your voice is caught in your throat.  

“Y/N?” he says into the line.  “Are you okay?”

You gulp hard, trying to push the tears away.  

“Hey, Ty,” you say,  “Yeah, I’m fine, why?” Your voice cracks at the end, but your cough, trying to cover it up.

“I’ve just… been texting you, like a lot… hadn’t heard back so I just wanted to make sure.”

“You pinch the bridge of your nose, “Yeah, I’m good, I was just… busy.  Out with friends and stuff, didn’t have my phone.”

There’s silence and you wonder if he believes you.  

“Oh, well I wanted to see that new Tom Hanks movie, was wondering if you wanted to maybe tag along?”

“I can’t—“ you say automatically, almost too quickly, “I have to be at work really early tomorrow, and I should really get some rest…”

You hear Tyler sigh softly before speaking, “You know you can talk to me right?” he says.  

You cringe, realizing that your front wasn’t working so good with him, “Yeah, I know.  I’m fine, Ty, really.”

“Okay,” he says in defeat.  

“I’ll see you later then.”

“Later then.”

You can’t breath in your dream that night.  There’s a cobweb across your mouth, sealed and suffocating you.  You try to scream, to rip it off, but the harder you try, the tighter it gets.  

Another few days pass and you feel guilty for ignoring Tyler, but it’s just too painful.  You feel pathetic around him.  You feel unsuccessful and defeated and uninteresting.  You can’t stand yourself, so you can’t imagine he would be able to either.  

On Monday night he calls again.  He’s inviting you to his mom’s big house party the next evening.  It’s sort of a welcome home for him and Josh.  You love Tyler’s family, but your automatic response is to make up an excuse not to go.  You’d rather stay home.  Unfortunately for you, Tyler won’t take no for an answer.  He challenges you, wonders what is so important that you’d miss his mom’s party and you really can’t say no.  So, two hours later, you’re dressed up as nicely as your wardrobe allows, and heading to Tyler’s house.  

The driveway is full by the time you arrive.  There’s even cars parked on the lawn and you immediately cringe upon realization that Tyler definitely undersold how popular this party was going to be.  All the lights were on and you could see through his double window people chatting and socializing inside.  You sigh before bucking up and heading inside.  

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Tyler’s mom greets you at the door.  She’s dressed up nicely wearing her warm, comforting smile.  You regret not visiting her more while Tyler was away.

“Hi Mrs. Joseph,” you say, handing her the cheap bottle of wine you picked up on the way over.  She engulfs you in a hug before leading you inside.  The house is filled with lots of people that you don’t recognize.  But out of all the stranger’s faces, you notice Josh in the corner of the room, leaning up against the wall, looking bored on his phone.  You sigh in relief at the familiar face and head over to join him.  

“Hey,” you say leaning on the wall beside him.

“Hey there,” Josh smiles, closing his phone and turning to face you.

“So you guys have house parties now?” you tease, indicating at all the fancy decor Tyler’s mom had put out for the party.  

“Yeah, well you know Kelly, she’ll find any excuse to throw a party,” you both chuckle.  “Tyler was looking for you earlier, by the way.  I think he’s mingling now.”

“Josh!” someone suddenly yells, you look over to see Tyler’s dad walking over.  

He holds his hand out for Josh to shake and in the midst of it, he brings him in for a hug.  “How have you been boy?” he asks, a huge smile spread over his face.  

The two converse for a few minutes, before he finally turns to you, as you still stand awkwardly against the wall.

“Glad you could make it, sweetheart,” he smiles.  “Josh, I gotta introduce you to some people, come with me.”  

And just like that, the two of them disappear into the crowd of faces in Tyler’s living room, leaving you alone again.  You sigh, wishing you had a drink or something to keep your fidgeting hands busy.

Madison and Zack both say hi, but only briefly before dispersing back into the party.  You want to socialize, want desperately to just be able to go up to a group of people and start talking, but you can’t help but think about how uninteresting you were in comparison to everyone else around.    

You know your thoughts are ridiculous.  No one was ridiculing you or thinking you were weird, but you couldn’t help but be paranoid about it.  It was torture.  

“There she is!” you hear Tyler’s voice booming.  

He walks over, dressed in a wrinkly button up that really should have been ironed.  “Look who actually came, I didn’t think you’d show.”

You cringe at Tyler calling out your flaky personality, another thing to add to the hatred list.  

You smile uncomfortably, pretending not to notice his insult.  

“This party is kinda lame though,” he says, taking a sip of his cup before setting it down.  

“I don’t think you’re legally allowed to call your own mother’s house party lame,” you say mockingly, but Tyler ignores you.

“I think I have a better idea, if you’re up for it?”

You throw him a confused look before he extends his hand out, indicating for you to take it.  You hesitate, his wide eyes optimistic and full of adventure.  But then you remember that’s what you want.  You want your life to be as adventurous and full of fun as Tyler’s is.  So in a split second, without further analysis, you take his hand.

Tyler weaves in and out of the people, grasping tightly on your hand, before pulling you out the door.  It’s cold outside and your coat is left behind, but you don’t care.  For the first time in months, you’re actually feeling something.  

Tyler opens the passenger door to his truck for you, Tyler climbs in the driver’s side shortly after, pulling out of the driveway and speeding off.  You look at him to tell you where you’re going, but he ignores your stare and keeps driving into the night, one hand on the steering wheel, the other hovering over the center console.  

You drive for what feels like forever, passing fields and farms and passing down road after road until finally, Tyler pulls over in front of a bridge.  He puts the truck in park and gets out, closing his door behind him.  You look out the windshield, trying to see where the hell you were.  But when you decide you have no clue, you shrug and follow up behind him.  

“What is this place?” you ask once you’ve caught up to his long strides.  

“I like to come here when I get sad,” he says quietly.  

You try to look at his facial expression in the dark night.  You can only make out vague features, but they’re slightly distorted by the shadow the moon casts across his skin.

He stops in the middle of the bridge, gripping the edge of the stone and leaning over slightly, watching the water from the roaring river rush underneath.  

“It’s pretty,” you say.  

“I almost jumped here,” he says, almost nonchalantly.

You turn your head quickly towards him, your eyes widening.  

“What?” you gasp.

Tyler’s face stays stoic, “A couple years ago, maybe.  I used to come here when things got bad and I’d sit right here,” he points to the ledge, “and I’d think of all the reasons I wanted to just let myself fall,” he pauses, swallowing hard, “there were so many, too.  So many dark thoughts and demons and reasons to stop trying.  But I never did.  It wasn’t some heroic decision either.  I just always said I’d try one more day, until one day I didn’t have to come here anymore. That was it.”

You stared down at the water, horrified at the image of Tyler sitting here, alone and defeated.  You didn’t even think twice before wrapping your arm around his.  You didn’t know what to say, but you wanted him to know you cared.  

“I know you’re drowning right now,” he whispered.  “I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice.  And I didn’t bring you here to prove I know what you’re going through.  I can pretend I do, but I don’t.  We all have our own battles.  I brought you here because I want you to keep trying, okay?  Because that’s it.  That’s the only difference between life and dying. And you… you have to stay alive.  Please stay alive.”

You squeeze his arm tighter as the tears start to fall down your cheeks.  It was almost relief, because Tyler saw you and he knew.  You weren’t alone.  

Tyler hears you sniffle loudly and takes that at his cue to wrap his arms around your body.  You fold into him, finally letting yourself cry.  You sputter and hiccup and stain his shirt with tears, and it is not a pretty sight.  But it was real.  And the cobwebs and flies unwind, letting you breathe clearly for the first time in so long.  You squeeze your eyes shut, promising to not let them take you down or cast you out.  

Tyler is stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb, whispering soothing words in your ear.  “You are so, so lovely,” he says quietly into your hair.  “Won’t you stay alive?”

You take a deep breath, and with the roar of the river beneath you, you make a promise, to both yourself and to Tyler.  “I’ll try.”

A small drabble based on my post I did earlier. Some of you guys liked it! So here you go.

The past few months everything was going great for Sam. He got a good job at a law firm and was going marry his girlfriend from college, Jessica. He proposed to Jessica on his knees and watched as his girlfriend became his fiancée. They had everything planned for their upcoming wedding.

Suddenly, everything crumbled within time…

Sam couldn’t handle his new job as he had hoped for. He had trouble keeping up with paperwork, and his first clients were a hassle to deal with. Then, Jessica began to get cold feet and started rethinking her decision of marrying at young age. She hadn’t lived her life to the fullest, so why was she marrying at the age of twenty-two?

Before Sam knew it, Jessica called off the wedding and returned his four karat ring. Sam was heartbroken. He couldn’t stay in California without thinking of his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, he packed everything from his apartment and left the city.

Where was he going? Sam honestly had no idea. Anywhere, as longest there was a nice scenery.

Sam ended up in Lawrence, Kansas; with a population of eight thousand. It was perfect. Sam bought a small house with a big yard. He was hoping he could get a dog to play fetch with.

As he was bringing down his stuff from his car, he heard a low rumble from an engine. Sam glanced to his side and saw a black impala parking in the neighbor’s driveway. He never officially met his neighbor yet.

He put the last box on his porch, and then he padded toward his neighbor. Sam really wanted to make a good impression. It would be nice to know at least one person in Lawrence.

Abruptly, the engine turned off and then the car door opened. Sam heard ’son of a bitch’ in a low tone as a young man stepped out of the impala. He raised his eyebrow as he saw Sam standing there like a dumbass. “Can I help you?”

Sam cleared his throat. “Hi, I’m Sam. I just moved next door. Nice to meet you.” He greeted politely as he held out his hand.

Dean simply showed his own hand: covered in oil stains. “The name’s Dean.” Then he eyed Sam up and down. “Yeah. You’re definitely not from around here,” Dean stated with a smirk.

Sam blushed, putting his own hand down. What did that even mean?

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“From California,” Sam answered.

“Oh, that makes more sense,” Dean let out a laugh. “You’re a cityboy!” Sam frowned. That didn’t sound nice at all. He watched Dean unzipped his overalls and stepped out of them. Sam immediately gazed away, lifting his hand to his right side of the face. “And shy too!” Dean continued laughing.

“What’s wrong with that?” Sam huffed, lowering— and glaring— at Dean. He was wearing a white wife beater and shorts underneath. At least he wasn’t naked.

“Nothing, Cityboy.” Dean shrugged, his laughter dying down. “Just that you’re not going to last long in this town.”

“Okay, first of all, I’m Sam! Not Cityboy,” Sam scoffed. “Second, just who the hell do you think you are? Telling me I won’t last here, huh?” Sam just moved to Lawrence, and he already hated his next door neighbor.

“Your worst nightmare, Cityboy,” with that being said, Dean winked and entered his house, leaving behind a pissed off Sam.

For You (An Otayuri One-shot)

It was a month after the Grand Prix. Yuri had won the gold for the fourth time in a row. Otabek had come second, falling behind Yuri by a three points. It was a close call, they both admit, but neither of them upset about it. In fact, it just made them more determined to beat the other and strengthened their relationship.

After the season had ended, Yakov decided to take a vacation to France. He suggested that Yuri take a try and take a break as well, but, since the old man would be away till the middle of February, there wasn’t anything he could do to stop him. Besides, Yuri had a plan and only three weeks before that place would happen.

During the last week of January, Otabek made plans to come and visit Yuri for a week. He would be staying with Yuri and his grandfather in St. Petersburg.  And, knowing the two, they’d go skating every day for hours.

To keep him busy during the time, Yuri took the steps to presume his plan. It required him waking up before the sun did and came home shortly before dinner was done. This continued for a week before his grandpa asked him what he was up to.

“It’s a surprise,” Yuri told him. “For Otabek.”

His grandfather smiled. “In that case, go ahead. Have fun.”

“Thanks, Grandpa,” Yuri called, running out the door one morning.

From that day on, Yuri’s grandpa woke up with him to make breakfast and packed a lunch before he left for the day.

Then came the day Otabek arrived. Yuri had been cleaning the house all day and the day before. The house was spotless, though Yuri was still convinced that there was dirt hiding in some places. After he had finished vacuuming the living room for the third time, his grandpa took every cleaning appliance away from him and locked him in his room.

“I’ll let you out when your friend gets here,” his grandpa informed, leaving his nineteen year old grandson pounding on his door.

It was another two hours before Otabek arrived. When his grandpa saw Otabek pull up on his bike, he went to unlock Yuri’s door. When he opened it, he found the boy fast asleep on his bed. Smiling, he shut the door and went to greet Otabek.

“Nice to see you again, Otabek,” he welcomed, opening the door.

“You too, Nikolai,” Otabek said, giving him a rare smile.

“Yurochka’s taking a nap right now. He’s been awfully busy the past month.”

Otabek’s eyes frowned, now curious as to what his friend had been up to. The season was over, so what could he be up to?

“With what?” Otabek asked.

Nikolai shrugged.  “He wouldn’t tell. All he said was that it was a surprise.”

Otabek was tempted to ask who it was for, but decided against it. If he wasn’t willing to let his grandpa know what he was doing, he didn’t want Otabek to know either.

Nikolai led Otabek down the hall to where he would be staying for the next week. On the bed in the room, Yuri’s cat was sun bathing with a stuffed bear under her.

“Hey there, Kiska. It’s been awhile.”

The cat purred as Otabek rubbed it’s fur. He left the cat to absorb the sunlight while he began to unpack his bag. Once he was done, he gave Kiska more attention. He lied on the bed and pulled the cat into his stomach. He pulled the bear under his arm, revealing a card. Otabek reached out to examine it.

The words were in Russian, of course, and looked to be handcrafted by Yuri himself. There was a picture that had been done in marker of the two of them skating on the ice. Otabek smiled, holding it against his chest. He loved the little things that Yuri did every time he came for a visit. Sometimes it was something simple like this, or it was a meal he had worked all day on. Otabek did the same thing when Yuri came to visit him as well.

As he lay on the bed stoking the cat on him and enjoying the silence, he heard a shriek from the kitchen. Seconds later, Yuri slid into the room, his long hair all tangled from his nap. Yuri stood there half asleep with his mouth open like he was still processing something.

“Morning, Yura,” Otabek grinned.

“Wha… When?”

Otabek chuckled, tugging Yuri onto the bed with him and Kiska. Yuri, in his half asleep state, curled up against Otabek, starting to doze off. Otabek used one hand to pet the cat, and the other one to run a hand through Yuri’s hair, untangling the strands. Yuri had fallen back asleep, relaxing into Otabek’s kind touch.

—–* * *—–

Two days after Otabek had arrived; Yuri decided it was time for his surprise. It was Monday, so the ice rink was closed, but he had a key to get in. The two boys had woken up late that morning, but their morning meal was still warm. While they ate, Yuri’s grandpa asked them what their plan s were for the day.

“Don’t know,” Otabek said, looking at Yuri. “What are we doing today?”

“It’s a surprise,” Yuri smiled. Otabek glanced over at him, in a jokingly suspicious way.

“What are you up to, Yura?”

“Nothing, nothing…” he trailed off. He and Nikolai shared a look. Yuri silently gave him the answer and his grandpa smiled at him.

“You two have fun then. I have a few errands to run.”

Nikolai left a few minutes before the boys did. They picked up their bags with skating gear and hoped onto Otabek’s bike. Yuri sat behind him, holding onto him for safety.

Otabek knew where he was going, but took the long way there. He just wanted Yuri to hold him a little long, which Yuri didn’t complain about. He enjoyed being close to older boy.

They parked in front of the ice rink and hurried to the door, locking the place up behind them. Without saying a word, they went to the locker room and dumped their bags and put on their skates. Before they went out onto the ice, Yuri told Otabek to wait five minutes before coming out. So he did as the blond commanded him.

Five minutes later, Otabek walked out to the rink. Yuri stood in the middle, looking as if he were about to perform.

“What are you doing?” Otabek chuckled.

Yuri let out a shaky breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. “Just watch, Beka.”

“I will,” he breathed out, though Yuri barely heard him.

Taking a deep breath, Yuri pressed the play button on the remote. The radio that he had seat up on the edge of the rink began to play the song. He tossed the remote over, beginning his performance.

Otabek recognized the music. He remembered Yuri saying that he wanted to skate to it, but Yakov would never approve. Yet here he was, skating to the music he desired. From where he stood, he could see the emotions Yuri was feeling.

Happiness from music playing.

Peace from skating.

Passion from his moves.

Love from… something he couldn’t quiet pin point.

Yuri jumped and landed gracefully like an elegant ballerina. All his spins and twirls were just as beautiful. While he watched, memorized by Yuri’s performance, he noticed how he never once looked at him. He barely even glanced in his direction.

The song started to come to an end, as did the skating. Yuri stuck the final pose, his arms pointing right at Otabek. The song faded out, leaving the stadium silent. All that could be heard was Yuri’s heavy breathing from the center of the rink and the sound of skates moving across the ice towards Otabek.

“So,” Yuri panted, his gazed casted downwards. “What’d you think?”

“Beautiful,” Otabek breathed, lost for words Yuri blushed. “Who choreographed it?”

“I did.”

Otabek’s eyes widened. “It was amazing. Where’d you get the inspiration?”

Yuri looked up at him, his face red, though Otabek couldn’t tell if it was from the performance or the praise. He looked back down at his hands, now nervous for the reaction.

“I… I was thinking of you when I preformed,” Yuri confessed. When Otabek didn’t say anything, he continued speaking. “I plan on showing it to Yakov when he gets back and if he approves, I’m going to used it next season. And my theme is… is love.”

“Love for…?”

“You,” Yuri gulped. “Love for you.”

The silence stretched on. Otabek stared at Yuri, and Yuri stared at his hands. They were shaking. He couldn’t think of a time where he’d been this nervous in his entire life. If Otabek didn’t say something soon, he knew he’d have a breakdown.

“Say something, Beka.”

“I… I don’t know what to say.”

“What are you thinking, God damn it!” Yuri shouted, staring straight at Otabek. His eyes were filled with tears that were starting to fall. “Just say something so I know…”

Otabek reached over the short wall and pulled him into a hug. Yuri held back, hiding his face in his chest. Otabek ran one hand through his sweaty hair, knowing it would calm him a little. A minute into the hug, Otabek felt Yuri shaking beneath him.

“I’m sorry for making you cry. I just—I didn’t know what to say. I feel the same for you, Yuri. I always have, so, please, stop crying. You’re too beautiful for that.”

Yuri slowly pulled away, smiling. He whipped his eyes, laughing. Otabek did the same was well, cupping his face. Despite his puffy red eyes and flushed face, he still looked flawless in Otabek’s eyes.

Otabek leaned forward, pressing his lips to Yuri’s forehead for a long moment. When pulled away from the small kiss, he rested his head on top of Yuri’s blond head.

“I love you,” Otabek whispered.

“I love you more,” Yuri challenged. They both lightly laughed.

“I highly doubt that.”


A/N: Sorry this took so long. Hope you like it.

“Jay Park?” I stared curiously at my instagram notifications.

“Who’s Jay Park?” My manager, Sam, peeked over my shoulder.

“No clue, but he’s liking all my pics. Even the ones from when I first started my account.”

“Sounds like a fan. That’s really not abnormal for you.”

My curiosity took me to his instagram. “Nice! Look at this!” I showed Sam a shirtless picture of Jay Park.

“Can you focus on your lines please?” She scolded.

“Let me like this pic first.” I continued to scroll through liking the shirtless pictures and other fully clothed selfies.

“I don’t know why you insist on flirting with someone through instagram.”

“He’s cute though.” I smiled to myself. “AH! He just followed me. Should I follow ba—“


“—ck?” Though I wanted to continue my search into Jay Park, I had to focus on work. I started out acting and dabbled into some singing, but dance was my true passion. I loved to move on and off the stage, but dancing had its limits. Touring as a backup dancer sounded fun, but being a choreographer would be a dream too. Through my acting I was able to showcase my dancing skills, as well as the few music videos I filmed.

When my schedule became too much to handle, I hired Samantha, Sam for short. She was smart, loyal, and more importantly, she could keep me on task. Sam was my rock and a true friend. Though, at times, she could be a real stick in the mud. Nonetheless I truly loved her and was grateful for her friendship.

“Stay off instagram and rehearse your lines.” Sam scolded me once again after dropping me off at my apartment.

“I can’t make any promises.” I teased and ran inside. My night was filled with stalking his instagram, which led me to his twitter. I had fallen into the trap and landed on youtube. Something about him drew me in and I suddenly wanted to know more about him. Articles upon articles came up with his days as an idol member in 2pm. I was engrossed in his story and felt his need for success.

“You look like shit.” Sam greeted me as she entered my apartment.

“I couldn’t sleep.” I pouted.

“Because you were up all night stalking some guy you’re never going to meet!”

“Oh, but I will meet him.” I mischievously smiled.


“The World Music Awards is coming up. And he’s already announced that he’ll be there. So I was thinking since we’re in the same industry you could get me a ticket. Plus I’ve never been before, so imagine all the connections I would make.”

“Did you even rehearse your lines last night?”

“Do you want me to answer this honestly or—“

“This is why you can’t go, you’re not foc—“

“I’ll work really hard. I will practice and rehearse as long as you get me a ticket to the award show.”


“Promise.” Sam and I shook hands to seal our deal.

Over the next month I worked diligently and kept my end of the promise up. I booked 2 commercials, was a backup dancer for 3 music videos, and got to teach a piece of choreography at a dance studio. Even though my schedule was busy I still found time to reply to Jay’s flirty DM’s. I didn’t want to think too much of it but he had released 2 songs, one in English that was really suggestive. Sam told me not to get a big head, and that his lyrics quoting some of our conversation meant nothing.

The month went by in a flash and Sam had kept her promise.

“Because you were such a good worker bee, I got you the spot to present an award with that guy.” Sam and I were finally in London on our way to our hotel.

“Jay Park?!” My voice startled the driver.

“Yeah, whatever his name is.” Sam was memorizing my schedule on her tablet.

“Is it or isn’t it? If you don’t even remember his name, you probably set me up with someone else!”

“I set you up with the guy you wanted to meet, so stop being a brat. When we get to the hotel, we have time to check in and that’s it. We have to be back out and get to rehearsal for the awards show.”

“Mh.” I checked my DM’s searching for any acknowledgment of our pairing up to present an award, but there was nothing. If I was meeting Jay for rehearsal, then I needed to change. There was no way I would meet him for the first time looking like a bum.

Sam and I checked into our hotel rooms, she gave me 10 minutes to freshen up, which was just enough time. I had perfected my makeup routine and could get that finished in 5 minutes, which gave me enough time to get the perfect outfit.

“What is that?” Sam greeted me in the lobby.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“I can’t with you.” Sam shook her head and led the way to the car.

“Does it look weird or something?”

“No, it looks like you couldn’t afford the rest of the fabric for your skirt.”

“Well, my legs are my best asset.” I teased.

“Just please be professional.”

“Don’t worry.” I gave her a reassuring smile.

The location was packed with paparazzi trying to get photos of celebrity’s comings and goings. Fans were waiting holding signs and gifts for their favorite celebrities passing by.

“Good thing I got dressed.” I gracefully exited the car and made my way into the building. There was no faking my smile for the cameras, as I was about to meet HIM. As soon as I entered I was directed to a waiting room and handed a script.

“Jay is already inside, so just run over these with him. It’ll be about 30 minutes until we’re ready for you.” The polite coordinator informed me.

I placed my hand on the door handle and took a deep breath before entering. As soon as I opened the door the sound of his humming met my ears.

“Hi.” I cheerfully greeted, shutting the door behind me.

“Hey, I’m Jay, nice to officially meet you.” He walked over to me and placed a hand out. I immediately took his hand in mine and shook. Finally.

“Nice to finally meet you as well.”

“I guess we should get to rehearsing.” I followed behind him to the couch. My eyes couldn’t help but explore his body and I suddenly wanted to see the tattoos that were covered. “So the first part goes…” My eyes locked on his lips, the lips he kept licking. Was he doing it on purpose? I wonder what they feel like. “What are you doing?”

“Huh?” My lips were suddenly inches from his. “Oh my God. I am so sor—“ Jay’s lips crashed into mine.

“I thought it was just me that couldn’t focus, but damn.” He whispered against my lips. My hands ran through his hair and grabbed a chunk pulling him closer to me. His hands gripped my waist and pulled me on top of his lap. My body began to move on its own grinding my entrance up the growing bulge in his pants.

“Wait, no. Professional. Need to be professional.” I broke our kiss and tried to convince myself. He stared at me biting his bottom lip. “Oh, fuck it.” I met his lips once again. My grinding on his member had him fully charged and ready. I myself was soaking through my panties. My hands roamed down to his pants and freed his throbbing member. I sat up just enough to pull my panties to the side, allowing his entrance.

I slowly sat, as he fully entered me. My hands locked around his neck, while his gripped my waist controlling my movement.

“Oh, yes.” I moaned, throwing my head back. Jay buried his face in my chest as he picked up his speed.

“I don’t think I can hold it.” He groaned.

“Not yet, just a little more.” I pleaded. My body went into auto pilot as I tried to keep up with his pace. The warm built up and rushed to my core. My walls began to pulsing around him, sucking him in more.

“Fuck.” He moaned, letting my ride out my orgasm. I quickly jumped off and pumped him into my mouth. His hands gripped my hair as he begged for me to take him all the way in. I moaned in surprise, giving him a surprise as well. He thrust to the back of my throat, his swelling member pulsing its warm liquid inside.

“Dammit! I said be professional.” A bang on door and Sam’s yelling brought me back to reality. Jay and I burst into laughter.

Some Guys Have All The Luck- Scott McCall/ Stiles Stilinski

A/N: I really liked this request so I tried to get it done quickly and I hope you enjoy! Requests are open so please submit!!

Requested by anonymous: Can you do a story where you and stiles are dating and their is a pack meeting but you and stiles miss the first 20mins cuz you where “Busy"😏and when you two walk into the pack meeting stiles is a blushing flustered and stuttering mess while you just smirk and Scott gets all jelly cuz he has a crush on you plz plz plz love your blogggg👌💖👌💖

“Stiles we are so late” You mumbled nervously as you clambered out of the jeep

“Well that’s not entirely my fault now is it” He smirked as he intertwined his fingers in yours as you headed towards the loft

You swung open the door and were greeted by stares

“Nice of you to finally join us” Lydia smirked

“Yeah about time” Derek huffed

You both murmured a sorry and took your places at the table

“So what did we miss?” Stiles asked, looking between the different pack members

“Well maybe if you two hadn’t been so busy” Kira trailed off and you felt a small blush rise to your cheeks

“We get the picture” Scott interjected bluntly

“Y/N come and sit over here so you can help me with translation” She ordered with a look that said ‘I don’t actually need your help but I want to talk to you’

You got up from your position at the table and moved round next to Lydia whilst the others all leant in close over some picture or plan

“So” Lydia said as if she wanted you to start the conversation

“So what?” You asked, glancing over the text she was trying to translate

“So how are things with you and Mr Stilinski over there?” She asked with a smirk

“Good” You smiled, feeling a small blush rise to your cheeks

“Just good?” She asked

“Great” You beamed back

You both sat there smiling for a moment when you interrupted “Lydia do you think me and Stiles are good together?” You asked seriously

“Why are you asking me this?” She inquired with a raised eyebrow

“I just want to know what you think” You shrugged “Be honest”

“Of course I think you’re good together” She smiled

“And what about everyone else?” You asked motioning your head to the huddled pack

“Yes Y/N they all think you two are good together, everyone gushes over the pair of you in fact” She smirked

“Everyone?” You asked quizzically

“Everyone” She replied curtly “Well everyone except from Scott” She corrected herself “In fact he never talks about you two” Her expression changed into one of wonder

“Has he ever said anything about us?” You asked curiously

“No” She replied and both of you stared over at him “No he hasn’t”

“Are you guys done?” Stiles asked and walked over to where you were both sat, he stood behind you and pressed his hands onto your shoulders, squeezing them gently

“Almost” You replied and smiled up at him

“Well you’ve done enough chatting” Derek grumbled

“I was just telling her how cute she and Stiles are together” Lydia said and sent you a knowing look “Which is totally true” You and Stiles both blushed

“Thanks Lydia” Stiles mumbled awkwardly

“Well everyone else agrees” She shrugged “Right?”

There was a unanimous murmur of ‘yes’s’ except from Scott who remained tight-lipped

“Scott are you okay?” You asked and he gave you an uneasy smile

“Sure” He nodded but there was doubt in his expression

“What’s up with him?” You whispered to Stiles as the others returned their attention to their previous work

“What do you mean what’s up with him?” Stiles asked confused

“He just seems off that’s all” You shrugged.

After the pack meeting officially ended you were all piling out of the loft when you remembered you’d left your jacket behind

“I’ll meet you at the jeep Stiles” You called out as you stepped back inside, you grabbed your jacket and proceeded to leave for the second time when you stopped at the top of the stairwell

“Just admit it” You heard Lydia say

“Admit what?” Scott replied

“That you’re jealous” You could hear the smirk in Lydia’s voice

“I’m not” He protested

“Then what’s the matter?” She asked

“Some guys just have all the luck” Scott sighed before leaving the building, Lydia in tow.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 19/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 18


“Yeah, buddy, I’m right here,” Tony sighed in immense relief, jumping up from the recliner next to Anthony’s bed.  He had been sitting at his side for hours, in complete silence as he slept, and his little voice was the greatest sound that he could hear and it immediately calmed him. “You scared me, pal.  How do you feel?”

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Father’s Day

Tony thought that he may have groaned louder than the train coming to a stop at the Gare du Nord rail station. He wondered if train seats had always been so hard or if he was just lucky enough to be the one seat that hadn’t been replaced since the 1970s. A yawn escaped him as his hand gentle rubbed the back of the little girl who was snuggled, sleeping against his chest. Tali had crawled into his lap only an hour after they had left the station in Berlin the previous night and hadn’t budged since. He had spent most of the ride committing everything about her to his memory, just as he had done from the first moment he had laid eyes on her. The way her eyebrows furrowed in her sleep and her pouty little lips puckered as if she had just tasted something sour. The way her curls would brush across her brow when her little head shifted on his chest. She had her stuffed puppy tucked under one arm and her other was wrapped tightly around his bicep. He thought he could stay in that position for the rest of his life and be happy.

“Do you need help, Monsieur?” The question came in annoyed, clipped English.

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princesse-in-armor  asked:

Can you do the RFA reacts to MC having a totally deadpan sense of humor? Thanks! :) Your blog is freaking adorable and lovely, btw.

Can I just say, I was about to call it quits for the night but this came through just before I shut Tumblr and THANK YOU SO MUCH. It means so much to me that people actually like this blog, so thank you you’re amazing!! Also this request is so fun to me, so thank you for sending it in!


  • He was talking about moving to a new theatre, and how awkward it was for them to build and move around the stage.
  • “Can’t they just make up their minds?”
  • Your face, straight as an arrow, looked up to see his.
  • “Maybe it’s just a stage they’re going through.”
  • He blinked. A couple of times. Then looked down at you.
  • “Are.. Are you joking or?”
  • You shrug your shoulders.
  • “I’m just playing around.”
  • Unsure whether to laugh or not, he got up and made a drink.
  • You could hear quiet chuckles from the kitchen though.

Jumin Han:

  • You had to man the desk while Jaehee was off sick.
  • He had called you multiple times to see if you were okay with all the work.
  • Funnily enough, he wasn’t this caring to Jaehee, but you weren’t complaining.
  • This was the 6th time he called you.
  • And you were in the mood to joke around.
  • You picked up the phone quickly, “Hello, this is C&R Cemetery.”
  • He hung up.
  • You don’t quite get what happened.
  • But he came out of his office to see you.
  • “Was that a joke?”
  • You remain silent.
  • “Seriously I can’t tell. You’re so cold.”
  • Your only reply to this?
  • “Says you.”

Jaehee Kang:

  • She had a bit of a bad day, and she walked back home looking gloomy.
  • You decided to make her a nice, warm coffee to greet her with.
  • When you opened the door for you, you shoved lightly pushed the coffee in her face.
  • “Here’s your daily depresso.”
  • U-Ummm..” She took it and walked in, taking her glasses off instantly.
  • “You seem to be thinking a latte..”
  • Your face is still cold, your eyes not even fully open.
  • She walks up, taking your warm hand in her cold ones.
  • “Your humour is so weird. It’s kind of funny.”


  • So he’s just there playing LOLOL.
  • And you peer over his shoulder.
  • “What are Mario’s overalls made of?”
  • “Babe, I’m not even playing Mario..”
  • “Denim, denim, denim.”
  • Silence.
  • Then he just giggles.
  • “Say it again.”
  • “Denim, denim, denim.”
  • “You look so funny when you do that!”
  • Expressionless.
  • He giggles for hours.


  • Tap, tap, tap (not dat ass).
  • You stroll over, taking large and slow steps towards him.
  • “Go into my student file quickly.”
  • He does so, finding it in the blink of an eye.
  • “Delete it.”
  • He loses it.
  • He laughs his ass off.
  • He rolls on the floor.
  • He’s gone.
  • Time of death: 8:55.
  • He just finds it so funny.
  • And you’re just stood there.
  • Staring at your student file.
Promise // 06

Table of Contents

Word Count: 6,418

Note: This chapter is long, but there’s a lot going on. I’m not sure how the story is going, so please, don’t be afraid to give me your honest opinion on the story! And I just wanted to say, I hope after this chapter, no one sees Minho as a jerk, because he’s simply trying to look after his friend. And in case you were worried about a love triangle, Minho will not be appearing much after this chapter, and there will be lots more moments with Baekhyun to come. 


Hwayoung finds that the days pass swiftly beneath her feet like a cool, autumn breeze with all the studies and the errands, which includes restocking Baekhyun’s cigarettes, organizing the males’ cluttered offices, and keeping the males from doing anything stupid. And it’s with each day that she finds herself integrating into this new world, slowly creeping away from Minho and the others she would associate herself with.

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