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Drawing Of The Day: 18 March 2015- George Crabtree


Creating Art from Nuts with @mokassarart

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When Yaser Ahmad (@yaserahmad), a creative director in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, got his first smartphone, he decided he needed a creative project for Instagram.

Inspired by @cintascotch and @leesamantha, Yaser challenged himself to find a simple idea to express his creativity. “I spent almost a month brainstorming,” he says, “and I came up with nuts. They have different shapes and I love that they have a nice color gradation, so they are pleasing to the eye.”

Yaser called the project @mokassarart, which is a combination of the Arabic word for “nuts,” Mokassarat, and “art”. Inspiration often comes to Yaser in mundane moments and stems from the nuts themselves. He quickly sketches a draft of his idea, arranges and photographs the nuts, then draws in the scene around them.