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any blog recs?

aight mate, here are some amazing blogs that you should follow:

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Can you please please do a short lil continuation to the reader that sees Jesse all filled out after being gone for awhile, where she's introduced to the hero's and they're like holy shit it's just female mccree? I'm from the south and I lowkey fucking love the way you wrote the reader in that lil story

“Jesse McCree”, you growled out under your breath, managing to keep a sweet smile on your lips as you walked past a group of people. “I love you but you ‘n me are gonna mix soon as we get back to the hotel.”

Jesse snickered softly under his breath, his hand on the small of your back as he led you further into Overwatch’s Swiss campus. When the two of you had woken up that morning, he had promised to take you somewhere fun and he assured you that you would enjoy it. What he had failed to mention, was that he intended to take you back to the Overwatch base, introduce you to his new family and then take you out on that promised date. Your hands carefully smoothed down the red plaid shirt you had stolen from Jesse’s bag and fashioned into a dress, tugging it down and thanking God that you had the foresight to wear jean shorts under the makeshift outfit. Grabbing at McCree’s shirt, you stopped the man as you lifted a leg, dusting off the toe of one of your cowboy boot. Straightening up, you shot him a venomous look that could kill a copperhead, huffing in agitation.

“My nana–God rest her soul– is rollin’ in her grave Jess”, you practically whined as he began to guide you again, his arm slipping around your shoulders gently. He was pointing things out about the main Overwatch campus but the complete disregard for manners and proper behavior distracted you, pausing again and stomping your booted foot lightly. “Bringin’ me here without a gift ta give ‘em! You know that ain’t right!”

“Yer a guest Y/N”, Jesse insisted as he turned into a building and then turned down another hallway. You could see he was beginning to become a bit exasperated by your harassment but you were mortified. Whether a new neighbor, new boss, or newborn, it was tradition to bring a small gift, usually food, to say thank you or welcome. “‘Sides, don’t think Ana woulda allowed ya to. She and Reeha been harassin’ me all week ta see ya and if ya came with a gift she’d feel mighty guilty for not gettin’ ya anything. Now, you ain’t trying to upset anyone now, are ya?”

“That ain’t fair Jess”, you sighed, the irritation pulled from your sails, hands snaking around Jesse’s waist gingerly. Respecting your elders was important…So you would concede this time and try and listen as he told you about various things about the base. Thus far, you had been enjoying Switzerland thoroughly.

The food was delicious, the people were kind, sightseeing was enjoyable and getting to see Jesse was the absolute best part. He had been the perfect travel guide and romantic boyfriend, and he had been telling you about all his new friends as carefully as he could. Parts of the Swiss campus were open to the public; a museum, cafe and memorial to those lost. But it appeared that Jesse was taking you deeper into the official buildings, his keycard coming out several times as he ushered you through certain doors.

“Alright now they’re just behind this door”, Jesse said, stopping in front of a door labelled ‘Lounge’. He stood in front of you for a moment, chuckling softly at the nervous look that crossed your face, and gently stroked your cheek. You nibbled on your bottom lip as he smoothed a hand over your hair and placed a hard kiss to your forehead, easing some of the nervousness away with his tender actions. “‘M sure they’ll love ya just as much as I do sweetpea.”

Lifting your hand, you fixed the Stetson on his head so it sat properly, running a hand over his cheek and raising onto your toes to give him a small kiss.

“Yer lucky yer a looker”, you teasingly warned as you released another slow breath and setting back on the flat of your feet. You slipped your hand into Jesse’s, lacing your fingers to his and squeezing tight, giving a small nod.

He placed his hand against the electronic keypad the door sliding open to reveal a room full of people. Jesse gave your hand a gentle squeeze before ushering you in and introducing you to everyone there. Everything became a whirlwind but you committed each name and face to memory,  not wanting to forget the people that had grown precious to Jesse. There were the Amaris, Ana and Fareeha, a sweet yet sharp older woman and her mischievous little girl who Jesse treated like a little sister. Reinhardt Wilhelm and Torbjorn Lindholm, a giant, affectionate man and a gruff yet sweet smaller man. Angela Ziegler someone around your and Jesse’s age, a sweet, soft-spoken blonde.  The Lacroixs, Amelie and Gerard, polite and sociable and obviously deeply in love. Liao Shen and Olivia Mirembe hung back, kind yet to themselves. You almost threw up when meeting Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, literal heroes of the world who quickly dissolved into playful banter between one another before targeting Jesse and expressing surprise at having someone crazy enough to date him. Gabriel even called him ‘mijo’ a few times, flustering the cowboy and making him blush–much to your enjoyment. It even looked like they had set up a meal for all of you to share, much to both your and Jesse’s surprise. Settling at the tables, you looked around at everyone warmly.

“Well”, you started, gently patting Jesse’s head before swiping his hat from his head and setting it on the table next to him. He shot you a look but you shot him one right back that sent a course of laughter around the table before you turned to look around as you spoke. “Since I reckon Jesse ain’t said it, I just wanted to thank y’all for takin’ him in and turnin’ him around. He’s…he’s a real good guy and I can see that y’all really do care for ‘im. Even if he ain’t got the sense God gave a goose, it’s nice ta know that there are people that really got his back. I can tell that y’all are really good people. If’n you have any trouble with him, I trust y’all ta set him straight and take of ‘im. So thank you, really from the bottom of my heart.”

“You are more than welc–”

“Woah she’s just like Jesse!”

“I know right, it’s like she’s a girl McCree!”

You blinked rapidly as you looked at a giggly Fareeha and Lena, slowly looking around the table as the rest of the table chimed in their agreements. A ruddy blush began to burn across your cheeks, rubbing the back of your neck lightly as you listened to them playfully try and imitate your and Jesse’s talking mannerism. Looking up at your boyfriend, he tried to keep the laugh down, earning a light good-natured elbow from you.

“There ain’t nothin’ wrong with the way we talk”, you exclaim, voice full of mirth and laughter as you joined them. Lifting your hand you gently wiped tears from your eyes as you nodded. Yeah, you could definitely trust them to take care of your love.


charmed giggling fades quickly into depressed sobbing

Developments - May 3, 2017

Just finished running the numbers for last month’s sales, and as it turns out, April was my most successful month yet! The addition of wholesale ventures to my online listings has really given things a nice goose, and if my email inbox is anything to go by, May is looking promising as well.

I’m currently working on a couple of projects that I hope to have ready for publication by the end of the summer, and there should be news of more vendors and some possible meet-and-greets or additional witchy webinars on the horizon.

Thanks everyone for all your support so far!  <3

John Cheese has spent the better part of a decade attempting to undick his personality after three decades of donging it right on up. Maybe he can help you do the same.

5 Personality Flaws That Seem Impossible to Change (Part 2)

#5. The Inability to Say No

There’s nothing wrong with people asking for help, and there’s most definitely nothing wrong with you supplying that help, but there are some people who pop up only when they need something. … “Hey, while I have you on here, did you hear about my accident? I was ramping my monster truck over a lake for charity, and my wallet flew out of my pocket mid-jump and was shot out of the air by a goose hunter. So now I have no cash until next payday. Do you think you could float me some money until Friday?”

Why It’s So Hard to Fix: In my experience, the people who fall victim to this generally aren’t big into confrontation. Maybe more aptly, they avoid confrontation like vampires avoid sunlight and sharp wood. Unfortunately, the only way I’ve found to fix the problem is to have a no-horseshit talk with the people who take advantage of it.

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About Dogs and Books

Hello peeps! Here’s is the last today’s one-shot. This wasn’t proofread so forgive my (uncountable) mistakes.

Hartbig AU. All lies and all that jazz. SFW. SFF. More than 3k words.


“Hey Grace, are you two bitches already on the road?”

She sighs loudly, running a cold hand through her hair.

“No. Actually I’m leaving the mechanical workshop now. Using my damn legs.”

The background noise she is hearing starts to decrease and Mamrie’s voice is louder now.

“What happened?”

She sighs again, stopping next to the curb and looking at the street, the tiredness clear on her expression.

“An idiot hit my car while it was parked.”

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no sexuality or gender is “”“made up”“”. by the very nature of sexuality and gender those concepts have necessarily existed for as long as every other sexuality and gender. any sexuality or gender you can currently think of exists. that is how it is. nobody is making them up. people just came up with words to describe them easier. like you know how people were floating around until isaac newton went “oh yeah! gravity!” and then everyone fell? nah that didnt happen gravity was always there before it got a name


Its all fun and games until your inflatable kayak deflates in the middle of an alpine lake, your phone sinks to the bottom, your car dies, you have no dry clothes to change into (except the 2 mexican blankets kept in my car), and the sun sets at 4:17. But with good company, a few weed cookies, a wet guitar, and a sense of adventure, everyday is a good day. 

If You're Having a Rough Day

If you need some words of encouragement, or just need to hear something nice

I just want you to know that I believe in you.

Whatever it is you need to do, I know you can do it

And if you don’t think you can, then I’ll believe twice as hard for the both of us because I know that no matter what it is, that as long as you try, and keep trying, that someday you’ll succeed. 

It doesn’t matter what it is. You can do it.

Unless it’s being a goose. Because fuck geese.

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New Ethelwulf “Murder, P*ssy, Money” Another video that must’ve been shot during the Cali SpaceGhostPurrp shows this summer.  The track features Sky Lex (who also does the beat) and Nic Goose and all parties appear in the video which is shot and edited fairly similarly to the video he dropped earlier this week.  Eddy Baker makes a cameo in the video as well.

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“You shouldn’t do that, you know,” Kurt says, flipping the page of his magazine as he sits on the park bench. Blaine’s a few feet away, crouching some yards from the pond with slices of bread in a bag.

“Do what?” Blaine asks distractedly, tossing a few crumbs towards a family of ducks.

“Feed bread to the birds. Isn’t that unhealthy?”

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