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Krystal: Ugh, this date is so boring.

Victoria: This isn’t a date, Krystal. I said I was going to the store.

Krystal: Then why did you invite me?

Victoria: I specifically said “don’t come with me” and you said “fuck you Victoria I’ll do whatever I want” and walked with me to the store.

matthewmaryforever  asked:

Hiiiiiii!!!!! Can you please do a Top 5 (or 10. Or 100.) Dan Stevens' Red Carpet Looks (you can do it whenever, or after all the premieres are done)? OMG, he is totally slaying it! 😍😍😍Thank you for all of your drool-worthy posts! 😍😍

Hi @matthewmaryforever

Lol…. I could go on and on about this particular topic…

I have lots of favorites. He’s been killing it recently on all the Legion and Beauty and the Beast events for sure…

But i didn’t expect anything less… he loves his suits almost as much as he loves his  shoes… he’s never met a pair of brogues he won’t wear…

Here are some of my favorites…

Olivier awards..or baby Dan

London launch

BAFTA Downton

Shanghai Disney red carpet

This might be my favorite…GQ Man of Style award

Summer in February NYC

I must put in a plug for the green however…. TIFF


L.A. Beauty and the Beast red carpet…I love him in green

And no it’s not just because i saw him in person in green….er… ok it might be that.. :)

Check him out…our boy’s got style


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