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I've been told you'd like to hear about my Grandmother...

My grandmother got married in 1962, to a young man in the military. For a wedding present, their parents bought them a house in a nice suburb. White picket fence, whole 9 yards. Not long after they moved in, the next door neighbor planted a mullberry tree on the side of his property, near my grandparent’s driveway. Nothing seemed amiss, but if you know Mullberry Trees, you know that sh*t is about to get real.

About 15 years later, the mullberry tree was OBNOXIOUS. The birds would come and eat the berries, and any car parked in the driveway would get sh*t on, and it would stain the cars and ruin paint jobs. My grandmother, upon realizing the culprit, baked a nice apple pie, walked next door, and asked the neighbor if he’d mind trimming back the branches of the tree that hung over her driveway. He told her not to worry, he’d get to it soon. Three days later, my grandmother opened her door to find a half-eaten pie in the plate, crawling with ants, and a note that said “I changed my mind.”

My grandmother threw out the pie, cursing up a storm, and swearing up and down she’d get him to trim that tree or get him back. City ordinance said she could not trim the tree, as the roots were on his property, so the whole tree was his property.

As the years went by, my grandmother repeatedly asked him, ever so nicely, to trim it back. His responses were always along the lines of “No” and “F*ck off.”
Finally, in the mid-90s, my grandmother retired, and received a large bonus from her employer for her 35 years of work. She took the money, and bought the empty lot on the other side of the neighbor, then went to a nursery and bought 16 mullberry trees, planting them along her property line, on both sides of his property. About 3 years ago, he became angry at the damage they were doing to his cars, and cut them all back without permission. My grandmother took him to court, and he was forced to reimburse her for the trees at a markup because they’d had 10 years to grow.


“You made a mistake.”

@florbe-triz‘s delinquent AU is pretty neat if you ask me.


1. Captain America: Civil War
2. 10 Cloverfield Lane
3. The Witch
4. Kubo and the Two Strings
5. Lion
6. Fences
7. The Red Turtle
8. The Nice Guys
9. Hell or High Water
10. La La Land


11. Midnight Special
12. Manchester by the Sea
13. Train To Busan
14. A Monster Calls
15. Arrival
16. Zootopia
17. Doctor Strange
18. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
19. Deadpool
20. Nocturnal Animals
21. Don’t Think Twice
22. Moonlight
23. The Birth of a Nation
24. The Jungle Book
25. Queen of Katwe
26. Denial
27. The Conjuring 2
28. Captain Fantastic
29. Everybody Wants Some!!
30. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
31. Moana
32. Green Room
33. Eye In The Sky
34. 13th
35. Tickled
36. Anthropoid
37. Hardcore Henry
38. The Shallows
39. Paterson
40. Weiner
41. Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders
42. Deepwater Horizon
43. Loving
44. The Magnificent Seven
45. Silence
46. Don’t Breathe
47. Desierto
48. Sing Street
49. Miles Ahead
50. Blair Witch
51. Daft Punk Unchained
52. The Monster
53. The Salesman
54. The Trust
55. Free State of Jones

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the extent of Chalo’s show jumping career

Midwest Gothic

- The bugs get louder each night. They seem closer. At first you heard them in the forest, at the roads edge, then in your yard. now they’re at your windowsill. You’re not sure they’re bugs
- No matter how alone you think you are, you can hear a dog barking in the distance
- The deer travel in packs. The deer hunt in packs. The deer circle your house and stare at you with glowing eyes. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen them pull back their lips. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen their fangs.
- Every road you travel has pot holes. Every other road is under construction. This never changes
- The sound of the snow keeps you up in the winter. How would you describe the sound? You’re not sure, actually.
- You take note of the empty spaces along the highways. The open fields and lifeless forests. They’re fenced off. They’re not keeping anything out. They’re not keeping anything in
- you’ve seen a fox late at night. You’ve seen it only once. Everyone has seen it only once.
- no matter where you go, you find yourself at the waters edge, be it a lake, pond, or marsh. The air always feels different here. Sometimes you swear you see things beneath that glassy surface
- There’s a house in your neighborhood. It’s a nice house. The lawn looks nice. There’s a fence and a porch. No one has lived in it for years, but no one knows who once did or why they left. You peered through the windows once. You felt something peer back at you. The house was empty.
- The pavement sighs at night.
- There’s at least one maple tree in your yard. Creatures rustle the leaves. The wind rustles the leaves. The trees quiver and shake. You recognize their language as one you spoke a long, long time ago.

someone in the fencing club got entirely new gear before nationals this summer

that someone in the fencing club is almost exactly my size

that someone said i should try on her old gear because she has no need for it anymore

guess who might actually own their own fencing gear this year?


25. Swiss Army Man: This is probably the most interesting movie of 2016 and an amazing soundtrack with equal parts weird and genius to match it. It sometimes overplays its hand but it mostly sticks to what it’s good at and tries to find the meaning of life for us.

24. Kubo and the Two Strings: Stop motion at it’s finest. I honestly didn’t know you could do some of the visuals they did with stop motion. The story is a little predictable but that isn’t the point. You don’t care because it’s told so expertly and beautifully that it makes the biggest cynic in me hush up.

23. A Bigger Splash:  Ralph Fiennes is an alien. He’s just out here paying for our sins and just dancing his ass off while doing this incredible monologue about how he made records with the Rolling Stones. Along with an incredible Ralph Fiennes performance you get a very tense thriller with a gorgeous greek island backdrop for it all.

22. Little Men: Growing up sucks but so does being an adult. Little men goes a long way into showing us how those two things aren’t separate but actually very interrelated and one things contributes to the other. It’s a movie about family quarrels and how we each individually handle it.

21. 10 clover field lane: Quite possibly the most surprising movie of the year, when I heard there was another clove field movie I couldn’t care less. But when you see that it’s just John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. starring in it, I was back on board and it didn’t disappoint. John Goodman was so good, a little too good. I started questioning my love for him a little. Just a little. Also, can we please cast MEW in everything now. She’s so good and has been for a very long time. I’m talking since the Sky High era.

20. Midnight Special: The beginning of this movie is the best version of early Steven Spielberg that’s been done this decade. I think it’s better than Super 8 and I’m sure most people would agree with me. It’s a dark, mysterious and action thriller. The last third of the movie begins to fall off the rail just a tad and they were better off probably leaving this entire movie in the dark. But they took a chance and that in of itself is admirable in 2016.

19. Sing Street: This is John Carney’s third movie musical and it feels like his most personal. The story about kids in a band trying to make it out of 1980’s or so Ireland is something I probably wouldn’t care about but I loved it. The music is so well done and all the music videos or so are top notch and the story has enough of the through-line that everything sticks together and never falls apart.

18. Zootopia: Zootopia is the best case scenario of what a children’s animated movie can do. It is funny and cute and a delight to watch from beginning to end but it also goes another level deeper and discusses issues like race and prejudices towards others and allows parents to ease into difficult conversations with their kids they might need to have.

17. Barry: As far biopics go, there are plenty to choose from but the problem with most of them is the actual people their chronicling aren’t that interesting. That’s not the case for this one because Barrack Obama is one of the most interesting people to have ever lived. Like him, love him or hate him (you should love him) to be able to see what was going on his head as a freshman in College dealing with the stuff we all went through and still becoming a voice of the people is absolutely fascinating.

16. Lion: The first part of the movie where it follows the kid is so beautiful and the best version of Slumdog Millionaire since Slumdog Millionaire that it kind of sucks when in the middle where all the white savior cliches start to show up and it becomes very awkward for a while. But all is forgiven in the final scene which is so beautiful and honest and thank god it didn’t end in a traditional bollywood number.

15. Green Room: RIP Anton Yelchin, after a terrible year where 2016 took everyone you sometimes forget they took this amazing and coming actor from us. But he left us one last gem for us in Green Room. It is a super tense, dark and often gruesome movie about a punk band being hunted down in a Neo Nazi bar.

14. The Nice Guys: The Nice Guys is a nice reminder that Ryan Gosling isn’t like you or me. This man is out here saying the most outrageous one-liners I’ve ever heard and making it work. He’s making the types of face only gods chosen son could make. He’s such a good actor that it’s kind of horrifying to think he’s this funny as a PI with a dope mustache and a cast trying to connect a porn murder to a gas crisis. I could talk a lot about everything else this movie does well but we all know its the Ryan Gosling show and I’ll tune in every single time.

13. Edge of Seventeen: Edge is probably my favorite High School comedy since Mean Girls. It’s smart, funny and all around well rounded. It gives everyone a chance to speak their peace and have their own battles to fight in a way most movies of this genre doesn’t do, even the good ones. Not to mention this movie probably had the funniest moment in 2016 with the newly appointed god, Erwin Kim, shooting his shot on a ferris wheel. All I can say about that performance is #ErwinKim4President.

12. The little Prince: The story of the little prince has been told over and over again but what separates this story is the story of the little girl and the old man in it. Their friendship is very pure in a way that is almost extinct. They both allow each other learn what it means to be alive in their own sense and give each other something worth fighting for by sharing the stories of the little prince.

11. Rogue One: I’ll go out and say it; this is my favorite Star Wars film. It’s an absolute blast and made going to the movie theater a fun and involved experience. Seeing faces like Diego Luna, Forrest Whitticker, Donnie Yen, Riz Ahmed and many others in the the Star Wars universe made me so happy. It allowed diversity feel normal and relaxed instead of forced which most of these blockbusters feel like. Not to mention they’re all real characters more or less and all the battle scenes are jump out of your seats great. Also, BOGALLACK FOR LIFE

10. Don’t think Twice: In 2016, we have come to  live in a bittersweet world and this movie encapsulates that feeling. There are moments of heartbreak and sadness but also moments of sincerity and kindness. It also brings up the pain and sadness from everyday responsibilities with very little use of tragedy. Which is refreshing because in lesser movies of this genre it would have deep roots in deep tragedy.

9. Fences: Fences is a great reminder that it isn’t always about where you’re heading but its the journey you take to get there. And this two hours and change of a journey is accompanied by the gods Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, who have to be two of the best working on screen performers. The only gripe I have with this movie is that it needs more Viola Davis on the screen. She’s the most magnetic force in a movie with Denzel Washington. She’s doing laps around him and he’s out here killing it too.  

8. Everybody wants Some!: Richard Linklater just makes good ass movies. I want to sound as critical as possible but I just can’t with this movie, it’s just a good as movie. Everybody Wants Some is a great hang out movie to just have on. You can just look up at any second and kind of know what’s going on and then proceed to laugh your ass off or have a deep self reflection about what it means to be young. The characters are all great and it is a worthy spiritual successor to Dazed and Confused.

7. Arrival: Dennis Villeneuve is the best film maker working. He continually makes one of the best movies of the year every year. The man has no misses on his Filmography. In Arrival he’s tasked to do something that almost unheard of, make a smart science fiction movie. That’s exactly what he does. Even if the story is more fiction than science it’s more worried about expressing the science and the humanity of the story. The aliens in this movie merely a framing device he uses to shape a larger conversation of humanity and communication. If that isn’t enough you get the usual jaw-drapping visuals you get with his other films such as Prisoners and Sicario.

6. Hunt for Wilderpeople: I’ll be damned if this isn’t the funniest movie of the year. A story of an adopted and more or less forgotten child and recent widower on the run from the police should not have been this funny. But not only is it incredibly funny but it’s very heartfelt and caring of the people in it. It’s a movie you can watch with little toddlers to your grandparents and everyone would have a great time. Also there’s a dog named Tupac in it.

5. American Honey: American Honey is a sincere look at the American Dream in Donald Trump’s America. It’s the forgotten and abused youth trying to find a home in a life away from the one they grew up in. In it you are welcomed to a world that seems somehow in our backyards but a million miles away. The camera teats everyone on screen with so much respect for them and their stories that are often swept under the rug just like themselves.

4. Silence: Silence is movie about pain and suffering and the will of those trying to deal with that pain and suffering. This movie isn’t for everyone with how bludgeoning it is throughout. But in it’s pain you find the true honesty of what people are searching for with religion and it isn’t always what you want it be but it is what it is.  

3. Manchester By the Sea: Do you remember when your mom or dad or aunt would tell you, “No matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse,” after you didn’t get a call back for that job you really wanted. Well this movie is that phrase put on the big screen. The people in this movie have had hell thrown there way and have been repeatedly broken but they find a way to do the hardest thing they can possibly do and that is just live. They find a way to be alive and try to do whats best for those around them even if they can’t do what’s best for themselves anymore. For as heartbreaking this movie this is, it finds room for love and laughter.

2. La La Land: Boy oh boy, this one hurt. From the moment you sit down and it starts off with one of the most impressive song and dance number in recent memory you know it’ll hurt. But you don’t care. The world is so pretty, the people are so pretty, The singing is terrific, the music is top notch and the characters are so lived in. Even when they’re focusing on the past you never for one second feel like these aren’t real people going about life in 2016.

1. Moonlight: This, simply put is the most important movie of year. It is beautiful, soft, tender, brash, abrasive, intense, sweet, loving, warm, icy, all at once. It is an absolute delight. There’s so many great stories about people coming of age and dealing with sexuality but for this film to not only find time for but to embrace other very important aspects to a persons life like socioeconomics to drug abuse to family values. If that doesn’t blow you away already its also beautiful to look at, from the cinematography to the amazing performances.


Description: Stonathan Cinderella au that I told @dadharbour I would do years ago, or might as well have been, and then procrastinated very hard. Jonathan is Cinderella. Steve is Prince Charming. Set in the same time period as Stranger Things, but there is a significant decrease in paranormal activity. First of three chapters.

Word Count: 3012 (I’m so sorry, just pretend it’s a book or something)

A/N: I’ve never written Jonathan before, or Stranger Things for that matter, outside of a handful of headcanons. This might be terrible, I’m not sure. Also, warning, there are a couple of homophobic slurs.

As the evening air cooled, Jonathan Byers became acutely aware of how sweat-soaked his shirt had become. He swung the hammer and watched it hit nail, effectively fastening the final new shingle to his father’s tool shed. The action caused his shirt to pull taut against his back. and he was painfully reminded of the sunburn he had gained earlier in the week by working with his shirt off. At least it was later in the day now and the sun was no longer beating down on him.

Jonathan discarded his hammer on the lid of a toolbox and trudged inside. Re-shingling the shed had really taken it out of him, especially considering that he had spent the earlier part of the afternoon scrubbing bird shit from Sarah’s decaying patio furniture.

Sarah Hart was his father Lonnie’s girlfriend, and she and her son Tommy had been living with them for the past few months. It was Jonathan’s personal hell. In fact, as Jonathan passed through the hallways of the cramped house, he caught a glimpse of the other boy through the open door of his room. He was engrossed in his personal television set and surrounded by car posters, miniature basketball hoops, and trendy clothes. Tommy hadn’t done a lick of work all day. Lonnie hadn’t told him to.

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Lu’s story.

Lu is my adorable little baby bearded dragon that suffers from Medabolic Bone Disease (MBD). She is six months old in this photo, I rescued her at 3 months when the disease was already to far along to cure. Though I was determined to stop it from getting worse.

(MBD is caused from improper care. Most commonly from the wrong or lack of uvb lighting. Not getting enough calcium caused her bones to be underdeveloped.)

In the photo above, it shows Lu at 3 months old, the first day I found her. She was in the juvenile bearded dragon tank that my local pet store would sell. She was fresh from a new shipment and I imediatly noticed something was off with her and told the store. (A story for another time.) A week later I adopted her and brought her home.

The first day home I knew it would take a lot of work to get her healthy and comfortable. I imediatly started on her new tank for when she grew older. Customized just for her needs! I got her a 10.0 uvb tube light to stretch across her tank to better help her heal.

I customized it with tile floor to keep her from the risk of impaction due to her lack of aim and careful movement while eating. It has easy to climb up stairs with platforms that stretch across her special uvb light and up to her basking platform. Last there is a nice little fence I installed after she kept falling off her platforms and grew to scared to climb up. Now she purposefully jumps over them and climbs worry free.

Now Lu is happy and doing much better! She still flops and struggles to walk, and always will. She is a fighter and does great. I love her very much and I wanted to share her story with the world. Rescuing an animal is not a hard thing to do. You don’t need to be an expert on the animal kingdom, just do your research to see if you can care for the animal and it’s needs. It’s a very rewarding thing when you see them grow stronger and healthy!

She likes to fold her arms underneath herself when she’s relaxing.

She puffs out her beard for the silliest reasons or no reason at all. When bearded dragons bask they sometimes open their mouths to cool their insides down. Lu will puff when doing this I truly believe just on accident. She also will puff when she has something as silly as a hair of fuzzy stuck on her that she can’t get off. She’s just a silly girl.

Now she lives in spoiled luxury~

  • Boy in fencing suit with the helmet on: You're looking for someone?
  • Marinette : Yes! I thought Adrien would be here. He is about this height, has blond hair, super nice and so cute!
  • Adrien revealing his face : Thanks for the compliment!
  • Marinette : 00;;;;;;;
  • Adrien : I didn't know you love fencing?
  • Marinette : Adrien! Nice to fence you! I totally love you! Ehr! I mean : nice to see you! I totally love fencing.
  • Adrien : *giggles*