nice eyebrows

things i think of w each sign

aries - constant joking, entertainment, nice eyebrows

taurus - appreciation, nature, coziness

gemini - light heartedness, caffeine, festivals

cancer - adorable yet scary, great listeners, cute laughs

leo - great conversationalist, sunshine, huge love for mankind

virgo - silly jokes, small animals, GREAT aesthetics

libra - sweethearts, very intelligent, chill ppl in general

scorpio - the feeling before going on a roller coaster, friends for life, giggles on the beach

sagittarius - random car trips, cold coffee, filmmakers

capricorn - passionate, dreamers but they make it happen, powerful

aquarius - confusion, peppermint tea, inner strength

pisces - creative souls, good with people, flowers blooming

anonymous asked:

you should take a full face selfie! Yo eyebrows nice

let me live my private life life damn!!!! but also thank u 💕🙏