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A 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe sits neglected on the side of New York Route 417 a few miles east of Wellsville, New York.  Where I-86/NY17 veers northerly after Corning NY, Route 417 proceeds westbound, much closer to the Pennsylvania line through oil country.  It’s a nice drive.  The big highway is far enough away that it hasn’t sucked the life out of the towns on 417.  The two roads intersect again in Olean.  My photo from June 23, 2009.

I'm about to go through all my clothes.

Any plus size trans girls/women would be interested in some gently used (some never worn) clothes? I got too chubby for some of my stuff and I would wanna prioritize plus sized trans women because I know it must be hard to actually find/buy things given the intersections of your identities. I’m thinking I’m going to find clothes between women’s sizes 14-18. Once I’m done, I’ll update this post with what I find. I just wanna gauge interest first.


Everyone seems to like Cordelia, so here are some new pictures I took today!

@ sweet people telling me to start watching Critical Role in the wrong order, or advising me not to attempt to watch everything to catch up: 


I Wanna Be A Toy

Prompt: ive been thinking abt phil cumming in dans ass and plugging it to keep it in,,,

Author’s Note: a plot? character development? I don’t know her. Meaningful dialogue? i think the fuck not.. sooo I got a little carried away and this fic is pretty much me taking all my kinks out on a nice drive through the country tbh I added neko cause why not. Also i was gross with cum again surprise surprise (1.7k words)

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I imagine Aries Mars drives borderline recklessly, swerving through lanes and yelling loudly at the cars that are in front of them. Taurus Mars drives slow and steady, being cautious and careful of the cars that are around them, but internally criticizing every driver. Gemini Mars drives at an average speed, but their impatience causes them to become angry at people in front of them; for example, they will shout when the driver at the front of the stoplight doesn’t drive the second the light turns green. Cancer Mars drives graciously, and they are ones to allow others to cut in front of them because they’re simply just too kind; every person in the car feels safe with them though. Leo Mars drives aggressively and may often drive faster than the speed limit, and they are the ones who play their music at a very loud volume as well. Virgo Mars drives nicely, and they take pride in their clean record and they “humble brag” to everyone about how perfectly they drive, and they always keep their eyes on the road no matter what. Libra Mars drives skillfully - they also multitask and somehow never get into accidents; they are the drivers who drink, eat, apply make up, and chat away, while still knowing exactly what they’re doing. Scorpio Mars drives intensely, they curse at other drivers and become heated very easily. They want to get to their destination as fast as possible and they have no problem flipping other people off and honking their horns for an extended amount of time. Sagittarius Mars drives fearlessly, they will race other people and do sharp turns and they’re the ones who take the risk and drive through the train tracks when a train is nearing. They take everything as a challenge. Capricorn Mars drives responsibly, they are the ones who are so focused and absolutely can’t stand having any noise in the car because they need to make sure they’re accommodating to the laws and they want to be the best citizens wherever they go. Aquarius Mars drives erratically, they may hit their brakes out of nowhere and make everyone in the car afraid of what’s going to happen next but they only do silly things for dramatic/humorous effect. Pisces Mars drives at a somewhat slow pace; they are calm on the road and they may have a tendency to daydream when they’re at stoplights, causing others to honk at them. But they are mindful of others and don’t do anything impulsive.

Friendly Reminder That This Guy

  • Built the memory gun that destroyed Bill
  • Built the Shack-tron that allowed for the break-in of the fearamid
  • Designed and Built the Underground Bunker
  • Invented a laptop
  • Invented a giant water-proof animatronic
  • Invented 2 other giant robots besides the Shack-Tron
  • Invented a voice changing serum
  • And he did those previous 3 things while mentally unstable
  • Tried to convince Ford not to go forward with the portal cause he knew it was bad news
  • Stayed by Ford’s side until his head got shoved into the portal and he could no longer do so (and he went through quite a bit prior to that including getting kidnapped by the shapeshifter and staring into the eyes of a gremlobin)
  • An alternate dimension version of him helped Ford finish the Molecular-Destabilizer which would have destroyed Bill had Ford not missed. 
  • Probably invented a ton of other amazing things we don’t know about
  • Is just an all around good, nice person. 
  • Can drive a stick-shift with his beard 

Basically Fiddleford is amazing. Not perfect (he was a little trigger-happy with the memory gun when it came to not just himself but other people) but downright amazing. 

A Pentatonix Christmas Special

O Come All Ye Faithful