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25. Have one torrid night with a masked stranger. — Complete

Pairing(s), Characters(s): Kurt/Sebastian
Rating: M
Triggers, Tropes, Kinks: discussion of r*pe by deception, mentions of stalking, misunderstandings
Length: ~3,100
Genre(s): romance

A/N: For Day 2 of @kurtoberfest, “Masquerade Ball.” I made up a corporate culture for an actual mass media company and I apologize for nothing.

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Summary: When responsibility for the annual Condé Nast gala fell on Isabelle Wright’s shoulders, she threw convention out the window and threw a masquerade ball. The rules were not many, but they were strict: (1) No names. Don’t identify yourself to one another. Don’t even drop hints about who you are. You do not know the stranger behind the mask, even if you do. (2) Don’t take off your mask. (3) Dress code is Evening Formal.

It was the perfect opportunity for Kurt to cross one of the weird ones off his bucket list.

This story isn’t about that though. This story is about the morning after.

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