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Thistle unintended casualties:

  • Three (3) chairs
  • Innards of one (1) couch
  • Multiple plants
  • All strawberry plants
  • Some pots
  • Quite a few plastic containers
  • Two (2) spatulas
  • Three (3) books
  • Lemon tree
  • Herb garden fence, twice
  • Fetch tv remote

Thyme unintended casualties:

  • Mobile phone case
  • Mobile phone screen protector
  • The mobile phone

Caravan- For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night- The Dog, The Dog, He’s At It Again

Compliment- Erik Lehnsherr

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Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 548

Author: Charlotte

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for the fic requests: anything w/ married mattfoggy <3

Like an Old Married Couple, or the one with the snake plant

Becky Blake was cool, competent, confident, and grinning into the palms of her hands. “How long have you two been dating?” she squealed. Her voice echoed off the tiles of the subway platform.

Clearing his throat, Foggy stepped out of Matt’s arms and wiped his mouth. “Oh, uh.”

“Not long,” Matt said, and Foggy whipped around to stare at him. 

“Oh, shit. Guys, did I crash your first date?!”

“Becky, no, not at all–” Foggy started.

“A little bit,” Matt said. He stuck his hands in his pockets and smiled in the direction of his shoes. Becky melted.

“Enough said, I’m out of here.” She released the brake on her wheelchair and sped off. “Have fun! See you on Monday!” she called.

Matt still had his chin tucked in. His face was pink.

“I’m gonna strangle you in your fucking sleep,” Foggy said.

“That’s no way to behave on a first date,” Matt replied, pulling Foggy close.

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ahsjahsja you’re such an amazing blog i’m?? Wowed that we started talking bc you’re goals and also i love that we have the same taste in fics and can share our discoveries !!! very nice content very nice blogger :’’))) 

Happy Birthday, Star Trek!
50 years filled with hours upon hours of going where no one has gone before and exploring humanity through science fiction, following wonderful crews and captains and always pushing boundaries.

Whether you came to the franchise through any of the tv shows, the old movies, the new movies or haven’t started yet (what an adventure you have ahead of you then! It’s never too late!), Star Trek has inspired so many and left its mark on the world and on you and me too. 

(Personally I started with TNG. I watched it a lot as a kid, and I remember complaining that I recognized plot points they had borrowed from Stargate. Of course, I realized later that the borrowing was the other way around.)

Nowadays it is so common to imagine the future as bleak and dystopian. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of love for those too, but Star Trek shows a future where (to borrow a recurring theme in the most recent movie, Star Trek Beyond), “there’s strength in unity”. A positive outlook. That was the core of it from the start. A show in the 60s, in the middle of the Cold War, to have a bridge crew with the diversity that Star Trek had, imagine that!

There’s a reason it’s stuck around, and part of that, I believe, is because it is always relevant. Whether its on the small or big screen, or in any other form of media. I’m so glad that it’s coming back as a tv show, with Star Trek Discovery (headed by Bryan Fuller. Hype!) coming out next year.

Keep pushing boundaries, Star Trek. Keep doing what you’re best at. Here’s to another fifty. 

Live long and prosper.