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THE NOW SKIRT by lilssims

Another piece of original cc! Yay! I’m getting addicted to making my own CC… i feel powerful hehehehe

This is cute high waisted skirt that comes in 18 colors, including @citrontart‘s neutrals palette! It also comes in some nice denim colors :)

  • bgc
  • 18 swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • follow my tou when using please :)
  • tag me in any posts you use with the skirt! i’d love to see how you use it!
  • download here! (sfs)

EDIT 18/7/17: fixed some issues the skirt was having with certain lighting! please redownload if you were having issues :) 


- lilssims xx


Lesbian and Asexual Cross-Stitch Flag Pins from Motley Merchants Guild Etsy

I first purchased the ace flag pin from Sam in December, and the lesbian flag was a recent custom commission, which took no time at all.

They are individually hand stitched, and are roughly 1.5" x 1". The stitches are tightly woven and neatly done, the colours are true to the flags and pop so nicely against my denim jacket.

Various flags such as the trans flag will be up soon in the shop, or you can request a custom commission. They cost only $5, and you can use code SHERRYBOMBED for 20% off flags and all other items from Motley Merchants.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Peter Parker x Reader) (Spider-Man x Reader)


You walked down the halls of the school with your friends. It had been a summer since you had talked to Peter and Ned. Some girls had recruited you to become a part of their friend group. They wanted to help you out with confidence and just help guide you in high school. 

The girls taught you had to use makeup properly and helped you choose some clothes that accentuated your personal style and help hug your body better. 

It all began months ago when you had a crush on Peter, yet he was always gawking over Liz in the hallways. You knew he had a crush on her and watched as he watched her walk down the hallways. Something had happened with her family, and she ended up moving to Oregon. 

You had thought about telling Peter about your feelings but you watched as Peter and Ned became closer with their secrets and you began to bud out more of their secret hangouts. 

Flashback to today, the girls helped you pick out a nice denim skirt to couple your outfit. They taught you makeup that could enhance your beauty. They were all jealous of how pretty you were without makeup, after all. 

You traded in your wide lenses for a pair of contacts which helped with your sight much more than foggy glasses ever did. 

As you began to walk down the hallway, you sent a smile at Peter’s way and watched his cheeks burn a red color before he turned to Ned with wide eyes. 

“Dude what the hell happened to Y/N? She was pretty before but it’s like she’s changed she’s more.. confident.” Peter stuttered to Ned as he dreamily watched you walk by. 

“You guys are losers, you know,” Michelle piped up to the two boys gazing at you. 

Peter’s eyes watched your every step as you walked through the hallway, a wider smile on your face. He noticed as you opened your locker and squinted his eyes as he noticed a familiar blue and red logo painted on a small notecard in your locker. 

You had always crushed on the dreamy Spider boy in your city. The way he saved everyone.. it wasn’t hard to fall. 

“Well that’s how I’ll get her!” Peter grinned at Ned with an idea in mind. 


Tonight was the annual back to school party at your house. The girls freaked out earlier after they soon realized Liz used to be the house to provide party festivities but you soon stepped forward, hoping to lock in your new friend group with this task. 

As you smiled at two jocks lugging in a medium sized keg, you turned on your heel and repeatedly opened the door for the next twenty minutes as students swarmed in your house. 

As sigh escaped your lips as you longed at the door, hoping for Peter to walk through it, but you knew Peter would never. It wasn’t his scene. 

Your head turned quickly as you noticed a familiar face walk through the door. You couldn’t help but run over to the old friend curiously, wondering why he was attending a high school party. 

“Ned, hey! What are you doing here? You guys don’t usually come to parties, I mean I’m happy you’re here but also where’s Peter? Is he coming? Actually I don’t care forget I said tha-” you rambled on before Ned rolled his eyes and held up a hand for you to stop. 

“You may have changed Y/N but your personality is the same,” Ned chuckled before checking his watch multiple times as if he was expecting something to happen. 

A loud knock sounded at the door as you cautiously walked towards it seconds later. You peeped through the eyehole of the door and noticed no one anywhere to be seen. As you peeled the door open and stepped outside, a round of gasps were heard in the living room, you quickly shut the door and ran into the living room. 

In your living room stood Spider-Man, balancing himself with one foot on the top of your fire place. You staggered backwards, appalled by the surprise guest and placed a hand over your mouth. 

Before you could step forward to talk to him, the lights had shut off and everyone began to scream, you dizzily stepped to the side, gripping the wall closest to you. You stepped towards the back patio quickly, noticing the little bit of light dimmed outside. 

As soon as you stepped outside, you felt two strong arms grip around your waist and pull you to the roof of your house. 

Seconds later, a round of applause was heard downstairs as the lights had switched back on. 

“Okay Peter here’s your chance,” Ned spoke into the headset as he clicked on his keyboard in your guest bathroom. He had successfully provided a distraction for the party as the lights came back on. 

“Thanks man,” Peter spoke as he held a finger to his ear piece, before looking to your shocked expression. 

You staggered back, walking around the roof, and noticed the high stature before dizzily placing a hand on a brick stature located on the roof. 

Peter took the opportunity and reached up to the cable wiring hovering the house and stuck his web to it before hanging upside down. He cleared his throat softly, attempting to grab your attention. 

You turned around seconds later, catching Peter’s eye and stepped towards him, lips parted in surprise. 

“Why did you-” before you could finish the sentence, Peter shot out a web at you and jerked it in a sideways motion, making you spin in his direction. 

Peter grabbed your hips carefully, steadying your failing balance as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Ive seen you..” Peter cleared his throat seeking some other sentence, “uh, around the city and I think you’re beautiful,” he rambled in a speedy tone. 

Spider-Man’s quick yet adorable attempt at flirting caused you to step closer, you ran your hands over the web-like ridges of his suit. You noticed the wear and tear on the suit and pressed gently against the surface of the material, feeling the pressure of his muscles. 

“Aren’t you dreamy?” you mumbled, eyes flicking to the white eye holes of Peter’s mask. 

You reached up and began to roll down the mask of the dreamy hero, biting down on your bottom lip to contain your wide grin. 

As you stepped forward, you pressed your lips to his and heard as Spider-Man let out a small groan of pleasure back before reciprocating the kiss. 

A loud bang was heard miles away, a blue explosion seen in the distance. You watched as Spider-Man crawled down from his web-like hold of the cable and rolled back down his mask. His shock expression still visible as he stumbled a few steps away from you before directing his attention to the explosion. 

He turned to look at you before picking you up bridal style and jumping back down the first level of the house. He attempted to speak a few times but stuttered too much for you to understand. 

Before he left he pulled up his mask barely before pressing one last kiss to your lips and pulling the mask back down. You watched as the dreamy boy fell over his feet once before jumping effortlessly over a ten foot fence, shooting his webs at the endless light lamps down the street. 

“Oh I’m in trouble,” you mumbled, feeling the heat of your cheeks as they turned pink. 


Behind the scenes of the Back to the Future Part ll (1989) “2015” set.