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and that’s why Ivor is no longer allowed within 50ft of laundry baskets

Drabble #339

IV: surprise party

Arthur is safely ensconced on board, so that he can’t spill any beans. Carolyn and Douglas wait for Martin at the foot of GERTI’s steps, and do their best to look as wistful as he does.

“One last time, then, Captain,” Douglas says, and gestures for Martin to lead them up. Somehow, Herc has commanded silence in the cabin, so there’s no sign of life until Martin opens the door.

Everyone erupts with shouts of ‘SURPRISE!’ - there are far, far too many people packed like sardines inside the little plane, but it’s worth it, for Martin’s look of utter disbelief and joy.

Alphys? She used to live on our street and was like a big sister, if your big sister takes you on trips to the dump. She showed us the coolest places to find trash. Then she became the royal scientist….we haven’t seen her in forever.

Side note: Oh geez, did i just upload two pieces of artwork in a day??!! What a miracle…XP Many thanks to the wonderful superb awesome @wordswallowed for great artistic advice X3

naoyasukuguris  asked:

tbh surfer taichi is a good thought? he probably knows all the secluded places on the beach bc talking to people has never really been his thing. he avoids being flashy as often as possible and on some days he'll just drift around while laying on his board. (he's probably fallen asleep on it before. poor boy needs to be more careful)

!!! What a lovely ask to read during the day +__+

RIGHT!! SURFER KAWANISHI WOULD BE REALLY NICE+__+ he’d feel right at home with the waves and just float on the tides, basking under the sun. He’d be effortlessly cool +__+ Man. I bet he’d even say hello to tiny fishes passing underway. whEEZE.  what a soft gentleman ;;o;;)9

Zen finally gets his own cover as the runner up~! Sadly this couldnt be posted in time for Valentines day, but it’s still the month of love anyway!