nice d*ck

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Um sorry to bother you but did you see that Jake Boyd posted your art on his Instagram story and pointed out one of the characters is Madelyn (she's French)

he didn’t post it on insta but he retweETED IT AS WELL AS GEORGE AND IM JDHFBJHFSBJDHGJSHDFB!!!!!!!

I have s o many ocs but if I’m gonna be honest the only one I draw often is UNSAFE

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Who do u think is the best boyfriend and who do you think is best in bed? Im asking u bc u just KNOW stuff ur so smart wtf

for ‘ideal boyfriend’ luke would be my pick, i think? he’d be really sweet and like to spoil you probably and he would give you attention without being clingy in a bad way… which is pretty much the best in my book.

as for best in bed it’s ashton, for many reasons. let me lay them down: rhythm section, very good control of his hips and knowledge of how to use them, he works out a lot so like… strength and stamina are really good, nice big hands that look like they know how to be delicate, he sticks out his tongue a lot i think its a good sign,  very observant + is a people pleaser to the extreme, competitive (even if its just with himself sometimes like always trying to outdo himself), considerate, kinky as fuck (you van see it in his eyes he could be really rough in a great way), also hes got a nice d*ck so