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Appreciate your dang content creators. I’m talking fandom content creators. Everyone who makes something and puts it out there is so brave in doing that, they don’t know if anyone will like it or whether or not it’ll be well received. They’re doing what they love sure but it also feels good to be told ‘good job’ sometimes. 

Heck, if you encourage them, content creators might even put out more content. That’s a lil trick I learned back in ‘69 and it’s been working like a beaut ever since. Praise = Happy People = Thriving Fandom. Incredible, I know. 

Can’t leave a comment, review, thought, word, smoke signal, hieroglyph? That’s okay, if you can’t, you can’t but if you can, do try. You’ll be amazed, plus making people feel good about things they spent hours on is just a nice thing to do.


Sooooo, maybe you’re stuck for people to watch or you don’t think these people get the recognition they deserve, etc. Basically this is so fucking amazing people who need more subscribers because they’re amazing. (and yes, this includes some hella ironic gifs)

1) Ashely Mardell

This lady is an extremely opinionated youtube who doesn’t give up on her goal to change the world. Not only is she an amazing inspiration, she is hugely witty and is just adorable. She is also a strong representative of the youtube LGBTQA+ community. Her channel is funny, informative and can address some serious issues. All the more to love her (and her magnificent fiancé Grace).

2) Evan Edinger  ( @evanedinger )

Definitely one of my favourite youtubers. Evan, is basically a dad. Dad jokes, dad dancing, dad everything. His channel mainly runs on puns because he truly is the queen of puns. Also take note he is super relatable. Being zalfie, fall out boy, phan, twenty one pilot (as well as many others) trash isn’t easy. His personality is very heart warming, witty and intelligent.  His social media layouts are v aesthetically pleasing js, I’d also like to thank him on encouraging me to be open on my demi-sexuality and how he has shone light on asexuality. Seriously though, subscribe to this meme.

3) Dodie Clark ( @doddleoddle )

Dodie is my favourite female youtube and there has never been a time she has not brightened my day. Her main channel videos mainly consist of her own creative talent with music and covers. Her videos are the reason the word aesthetic exists okay?  Her second channel is her way of expressing the actual Dodie Clark. Either way, you’ll rather laugh, cry or smile with her on her journey. She is the person i recommend her to everyone. Her personality is very deep, funny, silly and damn adorable. She is a serious role model and you’ll fall in love with her instantly. 

4) Lucy Moon ( @meowitslucy )

Lucy is a wonderful soul that everyone should be aware that it exists. Lucy’s channel ranges but all-in-all its a beautiful channel. With her dreamy voice, adventures, wild mind and beautiful videos, you will get lost in her videos. Her content is always nice to see and once again will please all the aesthetic needs. 

5) AmandasChronicles 

So you get memes, jesus, some kind of drug, gay (so much gay),  anti gender roles, naked people and pink hair dye and stick them in a blender, what do you get? You’ll get Amanda. I promise you now, you will most likely piss yourself laughing at one of their videos. They are so funny and expressive and literally gives zero fuck on what others think about them. Amanda’s channel is true art and I don’t think I can put it into words to describe their content. So just check it out.

6) Jamie Jo ( @bananajamana )

Probably the most adorable person on the internet. She is so talented and artistic and just yes with everything she does. Jamie is a disney fanatic and loves animals. Her personality is really sweet and very very rarely has a video that isn’t sweet and just lovely to watch. 

7) Savannah Brown ( @savannxh-b )

Savannah is the ultimate feminist icon. She’s extremely opinionated and won’t fret to educate you on serious subjects. Her voice resonated with her audience and she is a true inspiration. Beware, as you will probably leave her channel with an existential crisis.

That’s about everyone I can think of from the top of my head, if you have anymore people you’d like me to add please message me to recommend them <3

(also, a  massive thank you to all of these amazing people I have talked about. You are a reason that I smile everyday xx)

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my two least favorite youtubers would probably have to be alfie and cat (oops) alfie is kinda a given, he's annoying and i always feel uncomfortable whenever i see him. i don't like cat not for the reason that i'm worried that her and dan could be a couple (bullshit tbh and stupid), i feel like she tries wayyyyyy to hard and tries to flirt with anyone boy she collabs with (literally everyone). hell, they're probably both nice people but i've seen too much of their video content to like them sooo

cat lives far as heck away from dnp and has next to nothing in common with dan i wouldn’t worry about it lmao

also why is it always dan/cat do people just forget that phil and cat were friends before dnp knew each other or


Youtubers with creative integrity! ft. The 7 Second Challenge

It’s frustrating how long it took to find this many videos that gave Phil proper credit, but nice to know there are some respectful content creators out there. All of their videos will be linked below!

Phil’s video [x]

[Zoe, Tanya, Alfie, Connor, Troye, Tyler, Cat, Luke]


Hello everybody!

My name is Hodgins, and I run a let’s play channel, Cicada King. As you may or may not know, the let’s play community is sort of known to be a very unsafe space, between content creators who set out to attack specific fans and people who have fun being openly or discreetly bigoted. I want to change that.

I am 16 years old, and I am a victim of multiple types of abuse. I have ptsd. You can count on me not to make jokes about these things. I am also otherwise neurodivergent, and I also experience chronic pain and illness. I am nonbinary (I use it or they pronouns) and somewhere on the aroace spectrum, though I’m not sure quite where. Though I am white, I do my best to be conscious of reassessing my beliefs and actions, and to not say or do anything racist, though I am aware that I still benefit from racism as a construct no matter what I do.

On that note, I welcome criticism with open arms, I am trying my very best to make my channel a safe space for marginalized people, however I know that I am not perfect. If I say something bad, I understand if you don’t have the mental energy to call me out, but if you do, I encourage you to do so. I promise I will listen, even if you aren’t “nice” to me.

I provide content warnings in the descriptions of all my videos, and not only for what most people consider “main” triggers, just any themes, mentions, or motifs in the video that I can imagine might be triggering to someone. If you need me to add something to that list of what to look out for, I will write it down and do my best to remember.

Above all else, I want to make people happy. I know, firsthand, just how important let’s plays and let’s players can be. I also know just how conflicting it can be to laugh at the jokes of someone who frequently treats you or people like you like shit. I want this change.

So, if you’re interested, you can check out the channel here, as well as follow me on this blog, or at my twitter, which is generally more personal than this blog.

I would also really appreciate if you could signal boost this post, as this really is a passion for me, and the more people who are exposed to it, the more people I can try and amuse. Which might not sound like much to you, but means a lot to me.

Thank you so much for reading!

tldr: sorry this is so wordy. i essentially try not to be bigoted, and i do lets plays, subscribe to me here

Hello guys! I was recently noticing that my dash is kind of dead at times and I really want to see a larger variety of blogs. It’s kind of soon since my last following spree, but I really want to see other blogs. In order to reblog this:

1. Be a multifandom anime blog, have at least 70% be more than one fandom
2. Have a tagging system
3. Don’t have kpop be your main fandom on your blog (I have a separate blog for that here)


  • boku no hero academia
  • fairy tail
  • d gray man
  • one punch man
  • sports anime
  • seasonal anime
  • hunter x hunter
  • noragami

any anime blog in general is fine though these above are just my main fandoms

1. You make graphics/edits, write, make art
2. Are following me, I am desperate for more mutuals
3. You tag your ships and nsfw
4. It would also be nice if you post some non anime related content such as video games, tv series, voltron, movies, books, etc.

It would be much appreciated if you could reblog this post and signal boost it!

Please mention in the tags which of the above apply to your blog. I will check out all of your blogs and follow the ones that suit my tastes! Please don’t feel bad if I don’t follow your blog you keep doing you!!!!

Patreon Plug #1

See this picture? Do you like what you see? Well, this has not been posted anywhere else yet. If you want to see more of my art before I post them publicly, consider becoming a patron at my Patreon page:, if not for me, for all the other wonderful content creators on there. I have very nice rewards such as let’s draw videos, 3 month exclusive artwork and milestone goals to include saucy and shipping art. Your support will be greatly appreciated and the rewards will be quite fruitful.

Wow! LOOK at that graphic! A++++

I recently reached 5,000 followers and to celebrate people following me, I’m going to tell you to go follow other people because that’s tumblr etiquette for some reason. 

Part one AKA the punny/sassy squad. These are the people that make being on tumblr a lot of fun and who I talk to pretty much all the time. And I’m sorry that we ruin everyone’s dashboards with our bad jokes and memes. 

clarybisexualfray (idk she’s weird)

witchlights (the Vice President of Club Pundemonium)

stydias-sunbeam (the Pepe niece to my vodka aunt)

sociallyawkwardteenwolf (smol bunny rabbit - and today’s her birthday!)

sebastiansalec (we don’t actually hate each other)

izzylcwis (beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure)

clueless-curiosity ( - pang)

myfandomtopia (she’s quiet but she’ll jump on tumblr to quickly drag someone and then creep back into the shadows and that’s the type of lifestyle I can admire)

Part two AKA people who I don’t talk to every single day but who are still hella rad. These people are really nice and post great content (except dreamerofpisces who posts videos of herself choking on balloons). 









willjamesjaceherondale (who has thankfully forgiven me for making her ship Doraelin) 



insertcoollyricshere (my irl best friend who I love and will fight you over) 

clareyfray (who may be the only person I know who loves Harley Quinn more than me) 

julesthepainter (she reads really bad books)

the aforementioned dreamerofpisces 

unseelieprince (she just chills out in her drama-free Canadian circle) 




aleclightwoodsbooty (my daughter)


Part three AKA people I don’t talk to but who post really cool things. 






tmi-tv-show-news (this is myfandomtopia‘s Shadowhunters TV account) 

bad1dimagines (go here for a good laugh)

Thanks to you guys (and many other people) for making the two years I’ve been here a wild ride! 

Ghost Girl & Boy with the beating heart - Luke Hemmings Imagine #1

Word Count :  3062
Triggers : Mention of Death & It’s pretty sad 

“ When you fall in love
You lose control
You can’t hang on and you can’t let go
When you find the one
You hold on tight . “

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