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Killua Zoldyck + Winter Colors asked by @tachibana–chan

I met this person one month ago. She’s a total mess of colors, like this sky…I guess. She’s nice and warm and everything. She took this photo a few weeks ago. She’s infinite. 


He played the rest of his season - 44 games’ worth - in the NHL, putting up 10 points as he did so. That’s not bad, especially for an undrafted player just getting his first taste. Though another 10 points in 23 playoff games? That spoke a bit louder. (x)

so… i finished s2 three days ago and i’ve been doing this since that day, there aren’t ALOT but i guess they’re nice and colorful, although you have the b&w versions too. 

  • 34 daredevil icons including: matt, elektra, frank, karen and foggy.
  • 100x100
  • credits are not required but they’re well recived
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Nickname: Ozzie, Oz, Kales

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5′4 and three quarters

Favorite music artist: Bastille and Billy Joel

Last TV show watched: Avatar: The Last Airbender

What kind of stuff do you post: all the stuff

Do you have other blogs: art blog @ozziedraws :D

Why did you choose your URL: FRICKIN OSWIN OSWALD. I’m sorry she was way cooler than actual Clara was bc she didn’t get ruined by character development. Started off as rememberoswin, but it was taken on tumblr so. here I am.

Hogwarts house: the test said gryffindor, my heart says hufflepuff

Pokemon team: i have no idea

Purple: purple??? I guess it’s a nice color.

How many blankets do you sleep with: like, 1-4

Following: 142 :’) how did this happen

Followers: 165 HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

I taaaaag @rainandtheorangecat @spillywolf @ramari1600 @youcalledmeatlas @extraordinary-arbiter-bluebird @forksalesperson @forever-painting-roses AND ANY OF THE SQUAD I FORGOT

A comic that isn’t funny or entertaining at all! But at least you get to look at Fi’s nice legs, I guess. I drew this mostly for practice coloring comics. My gallery could use more color in general.

In regards of Fi’s height, someone who measured Fi’s Skyward Sword game model told me that Fi is a little under 5 ft without her heels! They also told me that Ghirahim is 6′5″ in human form and 7′3″ in sword form! I don’t know how true that is, but I believe it since the height difference between them is huge.