nice colors for ethan

"Boyfriend buys my clothes." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “an imagine where the reader is E’s girlfriend and she has a YouTube channel and they do the girlfriend/boyfriend outfit challenge?”


“E, babe, are you ready?” You called from your bedroom. You had a YouTube channel, and ever since you and Ethan had started dating, it was pretty common for him to appear in your videos.

“Almost. I’m finishing my hair.” He called from the bathroom.

“Oh jeez, this is gonna take forever.” You joked as you finished setting up your camera and your lights.

“Oh, ha ha.” Ethan laughed as he came into your bedroom. You sat on the edge of your bed and started filming.

“Hello everyone, (Y/N) here with another videoooo! Today, I have my lovely boyfriend, Ethan, here with me, and we have sort of a challenge for you.” You said.

“Challenges are always fun.” Ethan said.

“I’ve seen a few videos of this on YouTube, from Gabe and Jess, and Kristin and Marcus, and I thought it would be fun to do with Ethan.” You began explaining. The video idea was that you and Ethan were gonna go shopping and but a couple of outfits for wach other, and just see if they turned out being outfits that other liked and would actually wear.

“Oh man, this is gonna be so good for you. I’m so easy to shop for. And I hate going shopping.” Ethan joked.

“Awe, you’ll be fine.” You said as you kissed the top of his head. “Alright, so we’re gonna go to the mall, we each have $200 and an hour to shop for each other. Nothing is off limits, so you can get whatever we want.” You said.

You drove to the mall and made your way to the food court. You both had your vlog cameras to film your shopping experiences.

“Alright, well thisbis where we separate. We’ll meet back here after an hour, and then go home to go through our outfits.” You said. You waved bye to Ethan as you made your way down the escalator. Throughout the hour, you went in a couple different stores, picking out clothes that you thought Ethan would like, or that you thought he would look good in. You felt pretty good about your purchases and you were anxious to see what his reaction would be, and to see what he had gotten you.

After your hour was up, you went back to the food court and found Ethan sitting at a table on his phone.

“Hey, you ready to go?” He asked. You nodded.

“Yep.” You smiled as you waved your bags. “How do you think you did?” You asked.

“I think I did pretty well. Made some solid choices.” He said. You smiled and headed back out to your car to head home.

“Okay, how are we gonna do this?” Ethan asked as you sat back down in front of the camera.

“I think, we should just swap bags, so into separate rooms and put on the outfits. Are your outfits put together?” You asked. You rummaged through the bags, swapping pieces of clothing.

“Okay, each bag has one complete outfit.” He said, handing you his purchases.

“As do mine.” You said, handing him his bags, then you turned to the camera. “Alright, we’re gonna go put on our first outfits.” You said. You walked into the bathroom and grabbed one of the bags to put on your outfit. Once dressed, you met Ethan back in your room.

“Ah, yes. I knew that would look good on you.” He said when he saw you. Your outfit was a white and black flannel that Ethan had paired with a black tank top to wear underneath and a pair of denim jeans.

“I said the same about this jacket when I picked it up.” You smiled. The first outfit you picked out dor him was a gray t-shirt that you paired with a pair of ripped black jeans and a black jacket. “While putting this outfit together, I could really picture you in it, and I reallt liked it. And now, actually seeing you in it, I like it a lot more.” You said. You then went off to change into your other outfits.

“Okay, this romper is really cute.” You said as you came back into your room. It was a pink color and had a floral print. “This is a really nice summer outfit.” You said as you looked at yourself in your camera screen.

“Wow, that looks really nice on you. The color compliments your skin tone.” Ethan said.

“Yeah, it does. You did a good job with this one.” You smiled, kissing him. “What do you think about your outfit?” You asked him.

“I like this one more than the first one. It’s more of a casual look, but more than just a t-shirt.” Ethan said. The second outfit you picked for him was a navy blue button up shirt that you paired with khaki pants.

“This top makes your arms look really good.” You smiled as you ran your fingers up and down his biceps.

“Well, looks like I’ll be wearing this pretty often then.” Ethan said with a smirk, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Okay, all in all, I think we both did a pretty good job. We both got each other outfits that we’d both definitely wear again.” You said to your camera.

“Yeah, for sure. This was fun. And we both stayed under budget.” Ethan said.

“Oh yeah, we stayed way under budget. Um, I encourage all of you to go out and try this with your boyfriends or girlfriends. Aside from being fun, it gives you an excuse to shop, which is always nice.” You laughed. “Oh, also, we filmed a video over on Ethan and Grayson’s channel.”

“Yes, we had Grayson put us to the test to see how much we really know about each other and our relationship.” Ethan said.

“But other than that, we’re gonna go. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe if you’re not already. Thanks for watching, byeeeeee.” You said as you waved to the camera. You turned off the camera and got ready to start editing.


Okay, after writing this, I think this would be really funny for the twins to do this for their channel, but put together ridiculous outfits for each other. 😂

Soulmate Au HCs 2/?

Quick heterochromia au HCs for my friend
(In which your right eye is your own natural color and your left eye is the color of your soulmate’s natural eye and when you see each other’s eyes, your left eye changes to your own color *im bad at explaining this rip*)
I had to ask around for Tyler’s eye color and apparently it’s about the same as Ethan’s albeit a bit darker

-Eyes are very important in this au, whenever you meet a new person it’s customary to look intently into one another’s eyes in hopes of finding your soul mate

-Tyler and Ethan always getting compliments on their eyes growing up because the colors compliment each other very nicely

-The colors seem to change a lot and Ethan, being a firm believer in the theory that your eye color changes based on moods, always keeps a look out on his left eye because he cares a lot

-Sometimes when Ty is bored or feeling lonely he’ll go on one of those “find your soulmate” site but all of the people suggested to him are just a little bit off

-Mark introduces the two via Skype and they throw a quick glance at each other’s eyes

-They don’t even realize that their left eye is changing colors because the colors are pretty similar and with the lighting you can barely tell the difference anyway

-Tyler finds out a few days later when he goes to the gym and this girl remarks that “it’s a shame you found your soulmate already, I think we could have been a great couple”

-He goes to the bathroom to see it for himself in the mirror, and sure enough, the slightly paler hazel of his left eye has been replaced with the darker hazel of his right

-Ethan finds out from his grandma when he’s visiting and she just asks him “who’s the lucky lady/gentleman” in reference to his eyes

-They’re both like?? Who could it be?? Who did they recently meet with a vaguely similar eye color?

-Ethan and Tyler skype again and they’re like “so I may be wrong but you might be my soulmate can you please send me a picture of your eyes”

-They get the picture and their breaths just stop for a second because that is the EXACT shade they remember having for so long

-Tyler’s like “okay so you’re my soulmate but I’d like to get to know you for you first before we date”

-Over the course of several months they become v good friends and have actually made it official despite never having seen each other outside of skype, pictures, or YouTube videos

-The earliest they can meet in person is at PAX and when they do finally meet they spend at least ten minutes just staring into each other’s eyes

-It’s beautiful