nice chets

worrying about Brett and Chet

we all know that the Once-ler’s family isn’t exactly nice to the Once-ler. but after the Once-ler’s business fails and their mom declares Brett to be her favourite child, I don’t think Brett and Chet are safe either.

the mom (does she have a name?) outright declares who her favourite child is. She acts super sweet to the favourite child (like how she’s all hugs and kisses when the Once-ler succeeds), and not so nicely to everyone else (e.g. how quickly she switches from acting all sweet to the Once-ler to yelling commands at Brett and Chet to set up the RV, outright abandoning the Once-ler when he’s not her favourite anymore). the kids are bound to fight and be competitive over being the “favourite child”. And she would probably go say that her whole favourite child thing is just to “motivate” them.

Brett and Chet seem very close. (As bad as this is to say), without the Once-ler to pick on together, the whole Brett being-the-favourite-child thing will easily put a rift between them. Before they had a brother the whole family could pick on, now it’s just them. They’re going to feel the pressure.

~Obey your mother (who can very well switch quickly how she acts and her apparent mood) or else, you’ll end up like the Once-ler! You’ll be lost, and abandoned! But if you’re the favourite, she’s really nice!~

Chet is going to have to worry about being the unfavourite and the-not-so-nice-treatment and how to claw his way to being the favourite, and Brett is going to have to worry about not trying to slip up, or else he could be abandoned too.

And why Brett over Chet? Chet’s really going to suffer from self-esteem issues, continuing to look over why his twin brother is picked to be the favourite, and not him.

anonymous asked:

please stop drawing soul eater???????????????? it's hurting me so much???????????ur art is so good adn nice it makes my chets hurt?????????? it reminds me of how much i love soul eater?????????? rude u should stop drawing them (im just kiddng pls never stop)

anon, you scared the piss outta me, I was about to be very sad. instead I am very happy!! this is like, the best possible Shyamalan twist, thank you. <3