nice chets


pairing: dad lin manuel-miranda x child agender reader

word count: 2400

warnings: wow okay a lot of swearing, a LOT of name calling and discrimination towards the reader for being agender, abuse, bullying, blood mention, wound mentions, i think that’s it?

prompt/request: “a ?? family lin x agender reader where lin is reader’s foster dad and reader gets into fights a lot?? and lin doesn’t know its bc reader’s bullied bc theyre gay until he sees it up front? (bonus is reader nearly dies)” from an anon (i took a bit of artistic liberty on this request, but it’s generally still this idea) (i also… really hope i wrote this request right???)

a/n: i really don’t want to trigger anyone with this story, so if you think you could get triggered from the name-calling and bullying, you can skip right to the sweet lin part at the end. i really dont want to trigger anyone at all, i used a lot of references to try and write it as best as i could, and if anyone has any problems with it please dm me so i can change it! but i hope for now its still good! either way, enjoy! 

Lin was a good dad. When you were little, as soon as he adopted you, he had always taken you out to baseball games – or to the symphony – or to… well, to any sort of event he could get his hands on tickets for, really. He loved taking you out of the house on adventures, be it with friends or just the two of you. This was because he loved showing you off. You were his absolute pride and joy, in every sense of the word, and he always bragged about how wonderful you are with anybody who would listen. When you realized you were agender, however, you were scared about coming out to him. You were afraid that he would be ashamed of you. The day you finally mustered up the courage to tell him, though, went completely different than how you thought it would.

You and he sat on the couch, him with a hand on your knee, eyes filled with concern. When you started to cry, he looked alarmed and brought you into his arms, kissing your forehead gently. Eventually, you managed to splutter out, “Dad, I-I’m… agender.”

There was a moment of silence as he pulled away. His eyebrows knitted together in the middle of his forehead as he searched for the term in his ocean of a brain, trying to remember what it meant exactly. Then his face broke out into a gentle smile. “That’s cool, kiddo,” he told you, raising his thumbs to wipe the tears off of your cheeks. “Anyway, I wrote this song today…”

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worrying about Brett and Chet

we all know that the Once-ler’s family isn’t exactly nice to the Once-ler. but after the Once-ler’s business fails and their mom declares Brett to be her favourite child, I don’t think Brett and Chet are safe either.

the mom (does she have a name?) outright declares who her favourite child is. She acts super sweet to the favourite child (like how she’s all hugs and kisses when the Once-ler succeeds), and not so nicely to everyone else (e.g. how quickly she switches from acting all sweet to the Once-ler to yelling commands at Brett and Chet to set up the RV, outright abandoning the Once-ler when he’s not her favourite anymore). the kids are bound to fight and be competitive over being the “favourite child”. And she would probably go say that her whole favourite child thing is just to “motivate” them.

Brett and Chet seem very close. (As bad as this is to say), without the Once-ler to pick on together, the whole Brett being-the-favourite-child thing will easily put a rift between them. Before they had a brother the whole family could pick on, now it’s just them. They’re going to feel the pressure.

~Obey your mother (who can very well switch quickly how she acts and her apparent mood) or else, you’ll end up like the Once-ler! You’ll be lost, and abandoned! But if you’re the favourite, she’s really nice!~

Chet is going to have to worry about being the unfavourite and the-not-so-nice-treatment and how to claw his way to being the favourite, and Brett is going to have to worry about not trying to slip up, or else he could be abandoned too.

And why Brett over Chet? Chet’s really going to suffer from self-esteem issues, continuing to look over why his twin brother is picked to be the favourite, and not him.