nice calves

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His bowlegs are the best legs

fun fact: jensen’s knees actually have a restriction order against each other and that’s why they can’t ever be in the same county together

i mean look at that, you could fit the entire damn state of texas in there

they make such a perfect bow, like do u ever just wanna *clenches fists*

the most texasest texan to ever come outta texas with them texas bowlegs y’all

[x] like,,,no wonder it’s such a defining factor about him that everyone uses to describe him bc!!!! dAMN BOI HOW THEM LEGS BEND LIKE THAT 👀 👀 👀  they’re gonna snap right in half one of these days, i swear

okay but my absolute favorite fucking thing tho??? when those beauties are oN DISPLAY Y’ALL. WHEN U CAN SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL CALVES AND NICE-ASS KNEES AND DAINTY ANKLES AND BLONDE LIL LEG HAIRS IN ALL THEIR NAKED BEAUTY *jenna marbles voice* heyll yeah

Living with sister

Sorry, long post. One of several similar naughty confessions with my sexy sexy sister over the years. She’s 21 now. Last year while my sister was living with me we would sometimes be casually nude or near nude around each other. Before she moved in I told her that I like to be naked a lot and I don’t care if she is naked too if she wants. We also had a talk about me getting an “inappropriate” erection because that was obviously going to happen. lol She just laughed it off and said that she didn’t really care if I got hard and that she was flattered by it. She already knew that she had been getting me off for years but now there would be no hiding it. Anyway, one time after taking an evening shower I came into my livingroom to watch tv or whatever with my sister while I was just wearing a towel. I was sitting across from her to be polite but she asked if I wanted to sit on the big couch with her to be more comfortable. Of course I said yes and sat on the couch with her. I was already starting to get hard at this point but only a little. She was wearing some kind of short shorts or something like that and a tshirt but under a blanket. After a while she decided she wanted to fully stretch out on the couch and I let her put both of her legs in my lap with her knees/calves basically right on my crotch. Like that it didn’t take long for me to start to get fully hard and with nothing but a loose towel between us it was becoming obvious to her too. She didn’t say anything but didn’t move away either so I adjusted myself a little to let my dick slip free of the towel and push directly against the back and sides of her bare legs. I was already oozing pre-cum at this point and it was getting all over her calves and shit. I was actually able to work my dick between her calves and just let it stay there enjoying the light pressure. I pretty sure I could feel her intentionally squeezing it between her legs as I was doing this but not too obvious. I was massaging her legs and thighs a bit now too but that’s something we did for each other all the time. She was still pretending to watch tv or sleep or plain just not notice my hard cock rubbing against her. lol Anyway, I didn’t actually cum but her calves were nice and slick from all the pre-cum as I was very slowly humping my hard dick up and down between my sisters tight skinny little legs. Jesus! That was so heavenly. Got hard right now just remembering it. At some point she pulled her legs back to her side of the couch and I almost fucking shot my load right there. Heh! It was already kinda dark by now but I got up from the couch without the towel and walked back to my room completely naked with a throbbing hardon ready to explode. In my room I immediately started to jack off with the door open and came almost right away. I just fell asleep right there on my bed fully naked with the door open. At some point I heard her walking past my room to go to the bathroom but nothing else happened that night. The next day she asked if I enjoyed the movie in a teasing kinda way. I said yeah but honestly I still have no idea what movie we were watching that night. My gf didn’t like it much but letting my hot af little sister live with me for 6 months was one of the best things I ever did.


Absolutely! I’ve never written these two together before, but I really enjoyed imagining them meeting, and it did become shippy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for the prompt!

The first thing Oikawa notices are his lips, the upward slant of them, crooked and teasing. He doesn’t like it. It feels off balance. It suggests that there are things this dark-haired boy knows that Oikawa does not. He hates that feeling.

“Who is that, Iwa-chan?” he asks, tipping his chin just slightly in the direction of the lanky boy who has caught his attention.

“Kuroo-san?” Iwaizumi says, as if that name should mean anything to Oikawa. “He’s their captain. Middle blocker. You didn’t watch their tapes?”

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Peter Pan Imagine/ Killer

Warnings : Violence, fluff, cursing, the reader is a bad ass, this involves the reader killing someone, if you have any discomfort with that I suggest not reading it

  • Requests are open by the way…

I’m gong to tell you a story, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this, it wasn’t supposed to end like this, and it definitely wasn’t supposed be like this.

Y/n was a girl, no she wasn’t lost, or she had a terrible life, in fact she was quite content with her life. She had a home, she went to school, she had friends, and well , I think she met the right person in the wrong time.

Peter Pan was king of Neverland, he was in charge of the lost boys, he owned everyone and everything on the island, he made it his play area, his paradise, and for other people his trap.

Peter Pan was the type of guy who you deadly wanted to be on his good side, he had no car killing anyone, a lot of lost boys saw that, let it be known that he only killed his a handful of his lost boys, but a handful was far too many for a young boy like Peter, but what can you expect? For this boy had no mother, or father.

Y/n was a girl who you also wanted to be on her good side, she got into many fights at school, constantly getting kicked out of schools, until one day her and her sister , the savior , moved to StoryBrook, that’s where she met her new family.

She had a nephew named Henry, a sister named Emma. Her grandpa and Grandpa were David and Mary, and her I don’t know what you would call her, she was also Henry’s mother, but she wasn’t your sister, so you called her auntie Regina.

You could relate to her the most because she was a villain, well she once was a villain. She was trying to change for Henry, which you didn’t see a sense in that but you left it alone.

Now that you know their back stories we can go into the present.

You wake up just like every normal day, not caring what time you woke up because you were home schooled, you got kicked out of StoryBrook’s high school and you couldn’t move because Emma wanted to be close to Henry, which you totally understood, but home schooling got boring because you didn’t have any friends, and since you got kicked out on your third day of school you didn’t get to meet any friends.

You went downstairs in your shorts and a tank top, went to the kitchen and grab some orange juice  and a muffin.

You sat down and ate it, while going through your regular social media accounts.

“Whoa!” Killian says as he walks in the house 

“What?” you say with an attitude

“You might wanna cover up laddie” he says as he puts some groceries in the fridge

“No , what it’s my house.” you say as you roll your eyes

“Whatever you say , the others will be coming in , in 3, 2 , 1”

“Hey Y/n I brought some more OH!” Mary said

David covers his eyes and Emma gives you that look , that big sister look , the you know better we have roommates look..

“Oh my gosh fine I’ll go change damn.” you get up and start to go upstairs.

“It sure be nice to dress however I wanted to!” you yell as you go upstairs

You go into your room and head to your closet, picking out the right jeans to wear, just then you look to your window, you could’ve sworn you saw somebody. You shrug your shoulders, it’s way too early for this.

You take off your shorts to change into your jeans, you do so, and as you were about to take off your shirt you see almost a shadow figure. 

“Perv!” you open your curtains and you see him, that’s when you seen him.

What stood out to you was his eyes, they were emerald green, his arms were folded, his head was high, and what made you even more curious, there was not a single trace of fear in that boy.

You walk away to close your door and lock it, then go back to him, seeing his arms folded you do the same, this makes him smirk

He then unfolds his arms, and you do the same.

He cocks an eyebrow, and you cock up yours.

He then says it, the words you will never forget.

“You got fire, I like fire.” he says with a smile

“What are you doing here?” you ask with a sassy attitude

“I head you were troubled.” he says

“I’m not troubled, I am trouble.” you say whipping your hair behind your shoulders.

“Well you should come with me.” 

“Come with you where?” you say in confusion

“To Neverland.” he smiles

“Where the hell is that?” you said

“It’s my island.” he stated

“Your island? How can a boy your age run an island.?” you half laughed

“You should come and see.” he puts out a hand

“And what’s the catch?” you ask

“Why does there have to be a catch love?” he asked 

“I know people in StoryBrook, so I’m sure you are just like them”

“And what are they like?” he asked

“They’re selfish, they want everything to themselves, they only want to help themselves, they don’t care about nobody else, unless you’re family, and real family, they don’t care.” you say

“Poor you.” he said in a mocking way

“I don’t give a fuck if they care about me or not.” you said angry

“Yeah right.” he rolled his eyes

“I don’t have to prove anything to you!” you say getting more angry

“Great, then come with me.” he said

“I don’t even know your name.” you said

“Oh did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he smiled

“You’re Peter? The Peter Pan? Where’s your fairy?” you laugh

He clenches his fist, “I’m not the Peter Pan everybody makes me out to be.” he says with a serious face.

You look him in the eyes, at this time your eyes start to wonder, places they should not be.

Your eyes trace lines against his muscular arms, his sharp jaw line, his plump lips, his very well fit body, his legs were very nice, he had calves muscles, as you were about to look up there was a knock on your door.

You push Peter into your closet, he almost screams but you cover his mouth

Peter folds his arms and agrees to keep his mouth shut and be quite. Now if you know Peter, He would never do that , for anyone, Peter didn’t care if he got caught, if the person he was with him got caught he didn’t care. He was a lost boy.

Emma came in your room with the whole crew

“Why the hell are they all in her room like some kind of intervention?” Peter whispered to himself

“Sorry if we upset you sweetie.” Mary said

“We didn’t mean it.” David said

Just then Emma came in for the “sister hug” 

“I love you so much Y/n, and just you wearing that stuff isn’t appropriate.”

“That’s sexist!” you yell as you push her off

“Maybe its that time of the month we should leave.” Mary said

“That’s also sexist!” you yell as they all leave

You fall on your bed and out your hands on your face.

Peter slowly comes out of the closet , shaking his house, he locks the door , and sits on your bed.

“Well, you wanna go now?” you sit up and smile and nod.

“Good, because I wasn’t taking no as an answer.” he punched your arm softly and you giggled


Transitioning to StoryBrook from Neverland was more difficult than you thought, it was strange being able to do what you wanted oddly enough, Peter would have to push you and encourage you to do so.

“You know, you don’t have to go sleep after dinner ?” Peter would say

“Why are you washing everyone’s dishes?” he would ask

“Why are you cleaning your room?” he would come in your room with dirty shoes on

These were just a few questions that he would ask you constantly. And you honestly had no clue.

One day you and Peter were walking in the woods and he asked you again.

“It’s just weird,being a trouble maker was always never a problem, but coming here, knowing that I can do that, it’s just.”

“It’s scary yeah?” he says as he looks at you

“Yeah.” you shook your head yes.

“I promise you it’s not, and I brought here so that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore, plus the lost boys think they can take you, so you might wanna end their dreams soon.” he smiles

You laugh “Oh they do now? Well Henry and I would fight constantly and I would always win.” you say in a cocky way

”Who’s Henry?” he asked in almost a jealous way

You could tell and you decided to play along

“Oh just some guy, yeah he would always come over.” you said walking away

“Yeah/? Well, when?” he asked following you

“Oh sometimes in the middle of the day, but mostly at night.” you turn to look at him

“Why the hell would he come at night?” he asked

“To wrestle, and to do other things.” you winked

“Like the fuck what?” he was completely jealous

“Peter Pan, are you jealous?”

His eyes grew big and you could see the fear he had because he knew that you knew that he just got caught

“No! Oh no no no Y/n the hell would I be?” he said

You just walked away, nobody ever walked away from Pan like that.

“Are you walking away?” he asked

“I sure am.” you skipped away

He chased after you and you both ran through the woods of Neverland, you ran and laughed, letting the branches and trees hit your skin, and the wind smack your hair as it flows in the wind, you look behind you to see if Peter is behind you as you still run, well as your head is turned facing back you bump into something, Peter.

“Hey you can’t use your powers.” you folded your arms

Peter didn’t say anything, he just rubbed your face with his thumb softly, bringing you in, you could could feel your heart begin to speed up, and your mind start to wonder. With his other hand he grabs your waist bringing you in closer and then,he kisses you.

His lips were soft, soft like a rose petal, his hands were rough with my body like a rose stem with petals, i tried to warn him, about me, but just like you touch a thorn you get hurt, well he touched me, and he was going to get hurt.

Pushing him against a tree you jump on him and wrap your legs around his waist, he is supporting you with his hands grabbing on your arms, he slowly falls to the floor, leaving you under him and him tracing his fingers against your body.

You fell in love with Peter that night, but you never told him, you terrified that he didn’t love you back, because after all, how could a boy ever love a girl?

A couple days after that you get word that there were intruders on your island, well Peter’s island.

You all get ready to go discover who or what it was, Peter ordered you to be near him at all times, which was getting harder to do because you loved him, and it was getting more difficult not to show that.

Wondering who or what was on the island you became a little nervous , who could have possibly came on Peter’s island? Who had enough power to do that? Nobody gets on or off this island without his permission.

You stop in your tracks and sense something is wrong.

“Peter’s something-” *whoosh* an arrow goes pass your face, inches away from your face. 

“What the hell?” you yell

“Stand your ground!” Peter yells

There is this guy, dressed in black with a couple of other bad guys.

“I-I don’t get it they’re adults?” Felix asked

“Peter!” one of the younger lost boys said in terror

“Who are you?” Peter asked

“I’m Cassim, and I’m here to take your lost boys, and make them mine. Guys, get em”

“No!” all the lost boys ran and charged t fight

Peter did the same

So did you.

You were fighting adult men you never fought a man before, they were bigger, stronger, faster,tougher, and they didn’t care if you got hurt.

You were terrified, they didn’t care if you died, this was the real deal, you stood by Felix and did everything that he said.

“Don’t charge at them let them come to you, and pick up any ammo that they drop, use it to your best advantage.” he said

You nodded and did so

You were getting rety confident that you guys could actually do this, you could fight off these bad guys, and win this battle, well that quickly died when you notice almost all your lost boys were captured by the grown ups and then you see Cassim and Peter go hand to hand

Cassim throws Peter to a log on a ground making him fall over and loosing his balance

“Peter!” you yell and he quickly gets up

“You wanna fight? Let’s fight!” he yells as the two are surrounded by all of you 

“You know you’re not bad, for an old man!” he says as he goes in but misses and ducks as he was about to get hit

The lost boys laugh but then quickly stop when the men who captured them stare at them

Peter and Cassim start to fight away from you guys so you could barely see what was happening but you and Felix stayed with the lost boys, because you figured they needed you most.

“What’s your greatest weakness Pan?” Cassim asked as he is fighting Peter

“I have no weakness , what’s yours ? Your poor old back?” he blocks Cassim

“Oh but you do have a weakness.” he smiles

Peter laughs “No I don’t”

“She’s leaving you Pan.” he said

Peter stopped , he looked confused, and hurt.

“Yeah, that’s right, she’s leaving you, you really think you could keep her? How long did you think you could keep her happy?” he says

“You’re lying, you’re fucking lying.” he says as he raised his sword

“But just imagine, if she does leave, she leaves you, what would you do? What do you have to offer her? You’re just a boy.” he smiles wickedly

He takes that time to get a hit out of Peter, knocking him into a tree, hurting his head, Pan towards to look at you, thinking if Cassim is right.

“Let’s take a look into the what ifs shall we ?” he asked

“No!” Peter yells as he begins to fight him but he continues to talk and fight

“She’s in her room, her window is shut.”

“I’ll open it.” he fights back

He’s face to face with the villain “The window is locked.”

“I’ll call out to her!” he yells 

“She can’t hear you.” he smiles

“No.” Peter said

“She can’t see you.”

“Y/n!” Peter calls out to you, you look at him in fact everybody does

“She’s forgotten all about you.”

“Please stop it!” Peter yells as he begins to walk away not wanting to fight, wanting to just get to you.

“You wanna know why she’s forgotten? She has a new man in her life, her husband, something YOU could never give her!” Cassim yells as he pushes Pan with such force and he pushes him back to where you all were, you all turn to him and as you were about to go pick him p the men grab you and Felix as well so you couldn’t.

You scream for Peter, you try everything in your power to fight off the men but they were far way too stronger than you, you were terrified, was this it? 

Was this the end of the Peter Pan?

Casim grabs Peter by his hair “Are you ready to die Peter Pan?”

Peter looks at you , he looks exhausted, you knew that he couldn’t fight anymore, it had to be up to someone else, it had to be up to you.

He throws Peter and his head hits a rock 

“NO!” everybody yelled

Blood gushed out, Peter’s eyes weren’t straight, he could barely see anything, everything was so dizzy. All of the lost boys looked away, they couldn’t watch their king die, not like this.

You had to think, and think fast, you had a plan, and it had to work.

The guy that was holding you had a knife, and sharp one t that, he was holding you from the back, so you did what anyone else would do, you threw your head back and hit his nose with your head, cracking it, and breaking it.

After you grabbed the guys knife and ran straight to Cassim, stabbing him in the stomach and keep pushing further til it’s all the way in.

Cassim could barely speak, he was bleeding to death, there was blood on your hands, you were shaking, you killed him, you killed Cassim, but if you hadn’t Peter would’ve been dead, and you couldn’t have let that happen.

Felix finished Cassim and the rest of the older lost boys finished Cassim sidekicks.

You were shaking, you have never did that before, but you did, and now all you wanted was for Peter to wake up.

After everything settled down and Peter was taken to first aid everything was still a blur, you washed your hands and showered twice already but you still felt dirty, you still felt his blood on your hands.

Peter woke up and he quickly searched for you, you were in your room, reading a magazine you read a 100 times already.

He opened the door and you looked up and you saw him

“I think we need to talk huh?” he asked

“That be nice.” you ran into his arms and he held you oh so tight, he never wanted to let you go, you saved his life, and he could never repay you for that.

“Are you okay?” Peter asked

You just shook your head no still your face in the crook of his neck, he just rubbed your head, so softly. 

“I failed you love, and I am terribly sorry.” he said

You just continue to cry

“W-would you ever leave me?” he asked , but as soon as he asked he regretted asking it

“I just killed someone for you how could you think that?” you push him away from you

“Because that’s what he said” Peter yelled

“Who?” you asked 

“Cassim! He said He knew what was my weakness was, he said it was you, and he was right, he was bloody right, that’s why I failed, that’s why I almost died -”

“Because of me?” you asked

“No! It’s hard to explain.” he said

“Well you better explain it right,” you said folding your arms

“I love you.” he said

“W-what?” you said stuttering your words

“I love you Y/n, I’ve been in love with you.” he said as he brings you in closer.

“I love you too Peter.” you smile as you come closer and kiss his lips

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Sin: people not recognizing that there's a difference between musical Hamilton and historical Hamilton. (My friend basically worships the two as one now and I'm just like,,, honey)

Musical Hamilton: asshole with a very nice voice

IRL Hamilton: Narcissistic asshole that manipulated and hurt everyone that loved him because he would do anything for self gain and recognition. Also had very nice calves.

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Omg I totally feel like Peter would get drunk one night and then send you a 25 page PowerPoint presentation on "Why You Should Continue Being My Girlfriend by Peter Maximoff" and it's really adorable because he has the silliest reasons. 1) you love my nose. 2) we both love spooky shit. 3) I'm not a dick. 4) your parents love me. 5) we both like to piss off Logan. 6) my fingers work wonders. 7) I have nice hair. 8) my calves are great. And it's just 25 pages of bullet point reasons.


a/n: some self love turned lowkey spicy stuff with clum

“You’re beautiful.”

“I know,” You said, a soft smile across your face. Your eyes never left your body. You were gazing at your self in your mirror, appreciating all the bumps, curves, scars that adorned your body; everything that made you you. You were suppose to be getting ready for this label party Calum was taking you to, but you decided to take a minute to yourself before you slipped on your dress for the evening. So there you stood in front of a full body mirror dressed in black lace loving yourself. 

Calum chuckled lightly at your answer. You let your eyes drift to meet his through the mirror. He stood in the doorway of your bedroom, leaning against the frame with a smile on his face. 

“Thank you,” You said, finally accepting his compliment. He pushed off the door, making his way to you. 

“What are you doing, my love? I thought you were ready,” He asked, although he was not complaining. If he had his way you would wear nothing but lace lingerie all day every day; you were a sight to see. He stopped behind you, finally breaking your eye contact to drink in the full sight of you in the mirror. He could not get enough of you. 

“I’m loving myself,” You said simply. “I’m admiring my body and reminding myself all the beautiful things about it.”

“Ooh, I like this game,” He said taking a final step forward wrapping his arms around your stomach, letting his hands rest down on your hips. He connected his lips to your neck for a short sweet kiss, his thumbs began to draw circles into the soft skin of your hips. “Show me how its done. I wanna try.” 

“I just look at myself in the mirror and say aloud everything I love about myself…Like, my calves. I have some nice ass calves. They are strong, powerful, and look damn good when I am wearing high heels,” You said looking down at your legs, they were glistening from the lotion you had put on after your shower. You let your gaze travel up your legs, stopping on your thighs. They were big, bigger than average, but they were strong like your calves and you loved them especially when you strut around in new jeans that hugged them in that way that made you feel like a queen.

“My thighs-” 

“Wait! My turn,” Calum interrupted resting his chin on your shoulder. He let his hands roam down to your thighs, his fingers running ever so slightly over your skin. “I love your thighs. They are always so soft when I run my hands over them…I especially love your thighs when they are on either side of my head, and your above me moaning my name.” 

All you could respond with was a laugh because of course Calum would make this dirty.

“No, baby. You are supposed to say what you love about yourself,” You said looking at his face in the mirror. He pouted slightly, his chin still resting in its spot on your shoulder. 

“Well, that’s not as fun.”

“Come on, Calum. Try.” 

“Okay. Okay,” He said, he took a moment to pause looking at his reflection. “My curls. I really love my curly hair. It’s kinda wild and different.” 

“I love your curls too bub,” You smiled at him. 

“Alright, your turn again,” He said. 

“My stretch marks,” You said looking at your stomach, it was squishy and curvy. “I love my stretch marks, they’re all unique. My very own tiger stripes. Like these here,” You said, taking one of his hands in yours bringing it up to your stomach to trace a finger over one of the many red stretch marks on your skin. 

“Some people call them angry stretch marks ‘cos they are red, but I think they are fiery and feisty, like me. Not angry, just ah passionate,” You guided his hand to the stretch marks that had made your hips and sides their home. “These though, these aren’t as noticeable. See how they are the same shade as my skin almost? When they catch the light you can really see them, I think they are pretty, kinda look like glitter in the light.” 

As you spoke you let your hand fall from Calums, letting his drift freely across your body, leaving little goose bumps wherever they touched. 

“Your turn,” You whispered, trying not to let the movement of his fingers distract you.

“My hands,” He said, bringing his hands up to your chest let his fingers graze over the exposed skin peeking out of your bra. You couldn’t help the shiver than ran through your entire body. “I love what I can do to you with just my hands. The noises you make, the reaction I get, all from just my hands baby.”

“Mmmm,” you hummed leaning back into his chest.

“Your turn,” he whispered against the skin of your neck, beginning to leave little bite marks leading up to your jaw. You spun around in his arms, leaning your chest into his. His hands fell to you lower back sliding down, down to the edge of the lace teasing the skin there.

“My lips,” You said leaning up on your toes, attaching your lips to the exposed skin of his neck. You began trailing small kisses up his neck, to his jaw, slowly teasing him. “I love my lips and what they can do to you . I love how they feel when I graze them across your skin. I love even more how they feel moving against yours.”

You laced your arm around his neck, and pulled his face down towards you. Your lips slotted against Calums in a sweet kiss that was over far too quick. He leaned his forehead against yours and tightened his grip on your waist, pulling you flush against him.

“Let’s skip this party, baby. I can think of a hundred things I’d rather do right now than let you put that dress on and go to some boring party,” He said a smug smile on his face. “All I want to do now is take my time with you and show you exactly how much I love each and every part of you.”