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Green tea or other tea? (I recently found some mango green tea that's really nice! Also you should brew green tea at 60 degrees Celsius (140 farenheit) it tastes much better that way ^.^ if you do it at boiling it tastes super bitter. Love your blog!

Thanks you! I personally don’t like green tea but I do drink Slimatee which is made from frangular bar, senna leaf, peppermint leaf and hibiscus flowers. It isn’t as strong as green tea, it’s really good at stopping you from bloating, it helps cleanse your body AND it aids weight loss. I would 100% recommend. :)

Tea Stained Paper

Amongst the ever vast wonders tea has to offer antiquing paper is a fun little diy that leaves you with a nice cuppa and an interesting craft. There are several methods to age paper this is the one I use.

How to age paper with tea:

Step 1: Select a thin piece of paper and write out a letter or whatever else take your fancy. (Be sure to use ink that won’t run)
Step 2:
Crumple your paper into a ball and spread it out across a large plate.
Step 3: Brew a nice cuppa and save the tea bag.
Step 4: Pour some tea over the paper and let it soak through for roughly two minutes. (If you want a darker look let dry and repeat)
Step 5: Use your tea bag and dab the paper to darken specific parts or let it sit for darker areas.
Step 6: Let your paper dry for roughly 30 minutes, but be sure to place a weight such a teaspoon by the edges to keep them from curling in.

Note: If you want a burnt edge look, while the paper is damp hold a corner roughly an inch away from a candle flame and it will burn in. I do this in the sink in case the paper catches fire from being too dry. Please be careful and take precautions doing this extra step.

-The Tea Drinkers Guide

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What's Dave's morning routine?

Dave Mustaine wakes up every morning at precisely 7:06 AM. He gets out of bed and puts on his clothes over his pajamas. After getting dressed, he goes to his kitchen and brews a nice big pot of the finest thrash coffee. He puts a tablespoon of Elmer’s Glue in each cup he has. As the pot is brewing, he makes a gourmet breakfast of eggs and human souls. After breakfast, he goes upstairs to brush his teeth with caustic soda. It gives them a shiny white look. He then jumps into the shower, quite literally, and sings his entire discography in under a minute (Dave does in fact shower with his clothes on). Finally he goes outside, takes a nice breath of fresh air, spreads his dragon wings, and takes to the skies to find the next poor soul to fire.

No, Gandalf, no.

it’s not as if i don’t have wips or other fics to write. Noooo, plotbunny has won tonight and now I have 3k Hogwarts teachers’ Quidditch team AU. I squarely blame you-know-who.

„No. No. Most certainly not. No, Gandalf, no. Don’t look at me, no.” Bilbo decisively shakes his head. “No.”

He leans back in the unduly comfortable armchair and takes a demonstrative sip of his tea. Even if he has his doubts on how Gandalf is running the school, the headmaster does brew a nice cup of tea. And right now his old acquaintance is watching Bilbo with a patient smile over his own cup of tea and saying nothing.

“No.” Bilbo repeats firmly.

The last time Gandalf looked at him like this they sat in Bilbo’s tiny Manchester flat, having tea, too. And afterwards Gandalf had convinced Bilbo to come to Hogwarts to teach. But he’s not going to agree to Gandalf’s latest scheme this time. Not when already can imagine that things aren’t quite as Gandalf describes them.

“Gandalf, it’s been thirty years since I last played Quidditch,” Bilbo says. “I don’t even recall the rules.”

“Oh, they haven’t changed at all. You’ll find there aren’t too many.”

“Yes. Yes! That entire game is hazardous to ones’ health! It should have been outlawed centuries ago!”

“Maybe you should give it a chance,” Gandalf suggests. “I know Quidditch looks quite harsh when coming from a muggle perspective – you know, recently some muggle parents coming here asked me about insurance. I told them not to worry – you just need to give it a try.”

“No.” Bilbo takes another sip of his deliciously warm tea and crosses his legs. “The muggles are perfectly right. That game is madness.” And you must be mad to think I’ll join, he adds in his head. Teachers’ Quidditch, really. Who comes up with these things?

But Gandalf just chuckles and Bilbo feels his blood pressure rise. “Oh, I think it might suit you quite fine. Just go to the tryouts, and see if you fit in. Might help you get back into the swing here.”

Bilbo takes a long, calming breath. Term hasn’t even started yet, and he’s already regretting his decision to return to Hogwarts. Just how is Gandalf this strangely convincing? So far the man has done nothing but smile at Bilbo over the rim of his teacup, a spark in his eyes, and with a sinking feeling Bilbo remembers that Gandalf did not do anything else when he made Bilbo sign the contract.

Teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. One year only, because the position is apparently cursed, not that Gandalf actually answered Bilbo’s question about that, the old coot. Cursing a teaching position seems indeed fairly absurd, but Bilbo has seen weirder (including being caught up in a muggle tradition called “no-pants-Monday”), and he has looked into the fates of the former DADA teachers.

Why again did he agree?

Gandalf smiles at him. “Just think about it, and maybe go visit the tryouts tomorrow. It might be a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues.”

one of my favorite things is a nice lotion. it’s just such a good moment when ur getting ready for the day, and you lotion your hands all up nice and good and brew your cup of tea and while you’re warming your hands this fine fall morning on said cup of tea, you hold it up to your face for a sniff and you catch the scent of that lotion and what a good moment