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Blessed by the Sun

It’s finally done! I make a lot of it up as I went, since I haven’t had time to figure out how I want to draw the cast just yet, but I’m happy with it. I just could not get this out of my head after that episode.

I probably spent most of my time on that hair.


oooo i love this challenge ask!! ive been saving this request for so long lol…. there are so many asks that ive got saved in the endless abyss of my inbox and i think about them a lot and the just? ???? 

anyway pink is giving jasper some gentle grooming because she likes doting on her quartzes and styling their lovely fluffy hair, so LOOK!

tadaaaaa!! completed hair style! 

The Witches Ladder

Witches ladders (also known as witch’s ladders) are a type of knot magic that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are commonly made by braiding or knotting cords together while incorporating other materials that represent the intention of the creator. Witches ladders can be easily customized for every practitioner and used for nearly any purpose, making them a very versatile and convenient talisman to create. Witches ladders can be used for purposes like attracting or manifesting things, creating a more positive environment, warding off negative entities or energies, protecting yourself or others, or banishing certain behaviors or individuals, just to name a few.

To make a basic witches ladder, you will need:

- Several cords of equal length in colors of your choice

- Whatever materials you choose to weave into the cords (such as feathers, bones, herbs, hair, flowers, seashells, ribbons, beads, hag stones, sticks, crystals, keys, charms, etc.)

Optional but helpful:

- Tape

- A ruler

Some other ideas: You can incorporate pieces of paper with sigils drawn on them, drawstring bags filled with herbs or crystals, or personal symbolic items that have been made from clay or another material. If you are making a witches ladder for an individual, you may wish to include a taglock (a personal item that is strongly associated with the target) to further bond the person to the talisman. Taglocks may include hair, jewelry, etc. Depending on your practice, you may wish to incorporate numerology into your witches ladder by using a specific number of knots, number of cords, or number of items used.

For my witches ladder, I used thick dark green yarn, twine, seashells, goose feathers, ribbon, a pine cone, and a sand dollar. I chose to arrange my goose feathers with the smallest ones at the top and the largest ones at the bottom. I also decided to make a double witches ladder purely for aesthetic reasons, but you can stick to one or make as many as you want.

Creating the witches ladder

1. Start by gathering your materials and getting your cords ready to knot or braid. It may help to tie the cords together on one end and tape the knotted end to a table or another surface. I found that doing so helps to prevent the cords from getting tangled in the process and it helps maintain a nice tension while braiding.

2. As you braid or knot your cords, begin adding your chosen materials. You may wish to recite something or chant as you are doing this, but it is not necessary. Depending on how many items you are using, you may wish to space them out evenly. For this, a ruler may come in handy. In my own experience, I have found that certain materials such as feathers, herbs, flowers, and certain bones can be difficult to braid around. It may be helpful to braid the cords first and then insert your objects into the braid later on.

3. Continue braiding or knotting until you have made your witches ladder as long as you would like it. To finish your witches ladder, you may choose to simply tie off the cords, or you may choose to add something extra to the end. I chose to add a pine cone and ribbon to one of my witches ladders, and a sand dollar to the other. Finish off your witches ladder however you see fit.

4. Hang your witches ladder. You may wish to hang it near a doorway in your home, near your bed, or even outside. The best location for your talisman will depend on both it’s intended purpose and your personal preference. If you have cats or other mischievous pets, it may be a good idea to hang your witches ladder up high or out of their reach.


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Viktor's conflicting feels about Beka headcanons

-He may or may not pretend he can’t pronounce “Otabek” correctly.

-Viktor once tried to get Beka drunk so he could prove he is irresponsible…Viktor got drunk instead, Beka was the designated driver.

-drunk!Viktor often cries about how beautiful Otayuri is and how happy he is for his son.

-Viktor has Beka’s contact saved as “Son In Law that Wants to Steal My Baby”

-He may or may not have secretly installed a tracking device on Yuri’s phone and that’s how Viktuuri always “conisidentially” runs into Otayuri on dates.

-He’s always “complaing” about Beka to Yuuri “Ugh look at the stupid loving way he’s gazing at our son! Flipping jerk always thinking about his safety…HE WOULDN’T NEED TO IF THEY RODE SOMETHING NORMAL INSTEAD OF THAT DEATH TRAP!!!” Yuuri rolls with it and tries not to laugh.

-Beka’s motercycle is nothing but an accident waiting to happen to Viktor and he sends Yuri a million messages whenever they ride it.

-Part of Viktor wants to marry Otayuri right where they stand the other part wants to take Yuri somewhere far away where no gangster will ever lay their filthy paws on him again! (his words)

-“Pffft at least he’s not JJ!!! But I still hate him!!! Change your hair or something Otabek it looks too much like JJ’s!!!”

-One day they have this nice father/future son in law day. Viktor bought Beka a suit and Beka paid for their eXpEnSivE mEaL.

-It was all going perfectly until they got home and Yuri glomped Beka and ignored Viktor.

-Viktor has to smile and deal with it when Yuri’s hair is in a nice braid because “WOW MY PRECIOUS SON YOU LOOK SO PRETTY” and “OTABEK BRAIDED YOUR HAIR?! PFFT I COULD MAKE IT LOOK BETTER!!!”

-Viktor may or may not have been the first one to use the ship name “Otayuri”.

-Of course when no one is around and someone talks bad about Otabek Viktor goes into full on rage mode “WTF DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON IN LAW?! HE IS A HERO AND WILL MAKE SURE MY SON IS HAPPY!!!!”

-Speaking of the “Hero” nickname Viktor may or may not have written a very fluffy fairytale AU about the Hero and Fairy.

-In which this Hero cowers before the Fairy’s very handsome father and does like a million trials to prove his love!!!

-Viktor really does care about Beka and trully thinks Otayuri is perfect he just takes the Overprotective Dad™ role waaaaaay tooooo faaaaar


Here are my poc headcanons for the sh characters. Arab Jenna is from this post by @tljstarwars 

I’m guessing most people in the sh universe are mixed since it’s supposed to be a big lot of years in the future but whatev

EDIT: I’ve been informed Tod’s mom is actually confirmed to be armenian so i fixed that


Some more gay ass pictures from your AU. Thought I’d share the professional pictures <3 @shannonigans98

@askmotherfuckingenkidu AAAAAHHH THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

kevin and thea as that couple who work out together. they spot for each other when they’re lifting and thea makes kevin take selfies in the weight room mirror with her when they take a quick break between reps.

thea as that girl who wears all the bright colored shirts, sports bras and running tights, contrasting kevin in his all black/dark colored ensemble. but every now and then he’ll wear one of those neon colored under armour shirts. AND SOMETIMES HE’LL MATCH HER, BUT INSIST ITS PURELY COINCIDENCE OR THAT ITS ALL THAT HE HAD CLEAN AND NEEDS TO DO LAUNDRY. (but you know thea’s just like “ok, sure kevin. you’re so full of crap”)

imagine them doing warm up laps together and it starts out cute and pushing ahead of the other just ever so slightly until they’re both full out sprinting to be first!! probably bumping each other so that the other will stumble because “seriously, stop it, just admit I can out run you any day!” and they’re way too competitive and definitely not afraid to get rough with one another, they know their limits and boundaries after playing against one another on the court back at evermore.

but also kevin helping rub icy-hot or tiger balm into thea’s aching muscles after a tough practice and vice versa before thea makes kevin read her something, one of his history books. thea laying her head on his lap and closes her eyes to listen to him because he has a nice reading voice.

kevin braiding thea’s hair on her game days. like at first its clumsy and just a way to quietly spend time together while she gets in the zone before she redoes it, but then after a while he gets good at it and starts putting her hair into more intricate braids.


sorry, i just started thinking about Thea and Kevin, Ultimate Sports Couple™ and couldn’t help myself. 

percy and vex are that couple where they go grocery shopping together and the cashier puts a divider between their things because like

vex has her hair all braided nicely and her makeup perfect, and she’s wearing a leather jacket covered in pins and patches and a pair of ripped jeans and combat boots. like, she looks like a model. an intimidatingly hot punk rock model.

and then you have percy, who hasn’t shaved in a while and his hair is all over the place and he looks vaguely like he just rolled out of bed - and it doesn’t help that he’s got a dorky sweater vest and khakis on and fucking UGLY dad shoes with a blue hoodie over everything that absolutely does not match the rest of his look

and percy has to spend two minutes trying to convince this poor cashier that no, their stuff is together because they’re together, yes really - vex stop laughing and help me