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Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

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OK this is gonna sound so creepy but I actually met you in person before following your blog. You came into my bookstore at the mall last weekend & you are so cute? You were excitedly squealing about the Haikyuu & BHNA manga and I kinda fell in love with u? But the reason I found your blog was when you put your phone on the shelf a notif for "voltron-messenger" came up and I looked it up later... What I'm trying to say is: Hi Spacefam - I have a huge crush on your mom she's so sweet & gorgeous?

ok wait…… WHAT??????????????

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Do you have andriel fic recs, or know of a list?

oh, there are so many good ones! here are just a couple of the ones I personally really love
(please feel free to add on to this if you want)

i don’t want to be filthy obnoxiously rich, man i would settle for just enough money that i can be one of those well-dressed ladies who think nothing of buying 5 hardcover books and expensive Godiva chocolate and don’t have to base their grocery lists around sale items y’know

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Hi. I'm planning a trip to HCMC. What would you recommend to do or see there? -M

Go to the city Opera House, please go! On May 9, there’ll be Europe Day concert, including Mozart’s piano concert and many opera arias. So exciting! And the next show on May 19, Touching the past, a Vietnamese symphonic music and contemporary dance concert.

Go eat bún bò and cơm sườn, Sài Gòn flavor are the best, trust me 🤣 To me, bún bò street food versions 15~20k VNĐ are best of the best 🤣 Here are some food streets: Sư Vạn Hạnh, Phan Xích Long, Nguyễn Tri Phương, Tô Hiến Thành, Bùi Viện… And also, in District 4 there are so many good places to eat.

Around District 1 and 3 there are beautiful buildings, coffee shops, and clothing stores on streets like Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Lê Văn Sỹ, Huỳnh Văn Bánh, Cách mạng tháng 8, Hai Bà Trưng, somewhere near Bến Thành market… (even cheap ones!). And there are chances you may find running exhibitions. If you like clean and modern places, go to District 2 or 7.

Go to museums: War Remnants Museum (Bảo tàng chứng tính chiến tranh), Fine Art Museum (Bảo tàng Mỹ thuật TPHCM), FITO museum (Bảo tàng Y học cổ truyền), National Museum of Vietnamese History (Bảo tàng lịch sử Việt Nam), Gia Long Palace (Bảo tàng TPHCM or Dinh Gia Long), Ao Dai Museum (Bảo tàng áo dài), The Factory Contemporary Art center….

Explore landmarks: Independence Palace (Dinh Độc Lập), Bến Nhà Rồng, Central Post Office (Bưu điện Sài Gòn), Thảo Cầm Viên, Bitexco Financial, The HCM Children’s house (Nhà thiếu nhi Thành Phố) on Nam Kì Khởi Nghĩa street - impressive newly built architecture….

Go to pagodas: Vĩnh Nghiêm Pagoda, Bửu Long Pagoda, Giác Lâm Pagoda, Thiên Hậu Temple, Jade Emperor Pagoda (Chùa Ngọc Hoàng), Xá Lợi Pagoda…

Or churches: Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica (Nhà thờ Đức Bà), Tân Định the pink church, Hạnh Thông Tây the one and only Byzantine church that is so god damn beautiful inside, Chợ Quán church which I don’t know why they all think it was designed in Gothic style but apparently it was Romanesque architecture, Ngã Sáu church here comes another “Gothic” church do they even know what Gothic arches look like, Huyện Sỹ Church now this is truely Gothic church with a palette of the sweet Rococo style, Cha Tam church yes this is a Gothic church too and it was mixed with Asian architecture…………….. oops, sorry when it comes to these things all the rants just come pouring out 😂

Go shopping at weekend market: The New District (Dist 4), Hello Weekend Market (Dist 1), Saigon Flea Market (Dist 7), Saigon Urban Flea Market (Dist 2), The Box Market (Dist 1)…

Go to department stores: Vincom, Vincom Mega Mall Thảo Điền (you can go ice-skating here), Takashimaya at Saigon Centre, Cresent Mall, Diamond Plaza, SC Vivo City, Aeon Mall (cheap cheap cheap things and foods everywhere), E-Mart, The New Playground…

If you’re tired of the city and just want to find some peace or go on an adventure: around Thủ Thiêm tunnel, Nhiêu Lộc canal, Snowtown in Dist 2, Family Garden Thảo Điền, Rin Rin Park, Củ Chi tunnels, Fosaco tourism village, Cần Giờ ecotourism, Bửu Long ecotourism, Dừa Lửa Island…

And if you want to take photos go to: District 5 (China town), Long Island castle (expensive place), bridges (Starlight Bridge - Cầu Ánh Sao, Thủ Thiêm Bridge, Sài Gòn bridge, Phú Mỹ bridge, Mống Bridge…), reed fields (near Phạm Văn Đồng street, or district 9, 2…), Nguyễn Huệ walking street and Saigon Garden next to it, Nguyễn Văn Bình book street (of course you can also drown yourself in piles of books here), parks (you can also eat street foods and drink coffee), Saigon Outcast, Rubik Zoo….

By the way here are some nice bookstores: Cá Chép bookstore, Kim Đồng bookstore (Cống Quỳnh st), Nhã Nam Thư Quán, Saigon Artbook….

Phews! That’s it. Don’t forget to watch your stuffs carefully while travelling. And remember to check the opening hours. Have a safe and fun trip!

I really want a Ryoumarx Library au where Marx is owns a little old book store full of vintage books, ranging from every genre and old comic books that date back to the 1930′s. Ryouma is there to buy a book for Takumi’s birthday that’s coming up and he knows how much he likes to read so he’s going to get him something good. Maybe Takumi’s been going on about this book series from a long time ago, but he can’t find one particular volume and the online ones are way too expensive. So he finds Marx’ old bookstore online and decides to check it out. He gets there and it just smells like books- you all know- and almost every shelf is full of every genre of book, the comics are at the back Ryouma notices. There’s a little area full of bean bag chairs and couches and tables for people to just sit down and read, but there is a window, and by that window is the register counter, and behind the counter of course is Marx, reading through his glasses, silent, entrapped in his own book. 

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A teacher called me melancholy in fourth grade and while I was offended at the time I see now that she had a point. anyway I bought a new pair of pants yesterday, first pair I tried on, and I wasn’t even sent into a spiral of depression when I didn’t find anything else that looked good so at least I can be cheery about THAT

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Reader is a little shy when she first starts with the BAU and spends her lunches reading. Spencer develops a bit of a crush on the new agent and joins her with a book of his own. Awkward and tongue-tied (but adorable) conversation ensues. Fluff fluff fluff. Oneshot.

Y/n had just started working with the BAU a few weeks ago. Everyone had been very welcoming and kind to her, but she still didn’t feel completely comfortable being in the group. She knew that with some time, she would feel like one of the family- it just wasn’t at that point yet. Y/n wasn’t the type to invite herself into a group either, so she found herself bringing books to read in the outside courtyard for lunch, instead of eating with team members in the break room. She didn’t mind though; books were possibly her favorite thing in the world and bookstores her favorite places.

Morgan couldn’t stop himself from letting out a laugh at the sight of Spencer looking out the window. He had a good guess what- or rather, who- was captivating the doctor’s attention. He sauntered over and clapped Spencer on the shoulder. “So, what’s Girl Genius reading today, Reid?”

“A Dance of Dragons, George R.R. Martin.” He said less than a beat later. Morgan raised his eyebrows knowingly. “Observant today, are we?” Spencer zeroed in on Morgan’s smirk, catching on to what he was insinuating. “I, I just think Y/n’s really sweet and funny. And intelligent. And cute. And has good taste in books. That’s all, Morgan.”

“Yeah, suuure that’s all. Why don’t you work that Pretty Boy charm and go flip some pages with her?” Spencer’s eyes lit up with an idea.

The next day he came prepared with a book of his own. “Um, may I?” Spencer awkwardly indicated the empty chair at Y/n’s courtyard table. Mouth full, Y/n’s eyes widened as she struggled to chew and swallow her rather large bite of turkey club. She nodded vigorously while finishing the bite. After a pause, she burst out a too loud “yeah, sure!” and kept nodding.

Y/n felt her cheeks flame with embarrassment, but Spencer didn’t seem to notice. He grinned and sat down, pulling out a sandwich and novel. Y/n felt a tinge of surprise, but it was a pleasant one. Spencer seemed witty and nice and- she glanced over at his face where he was sticking out his tongue a little- gorgeous. She could never say no to a fellow book lover.


“Reid, when I said go flip some pages with Y/n, you do realize I didn’t actually mean just flip pages, right?” Morgan teased, exasperated. He had been so excited when Spencer had shown interest in Y/n and in his opinion, they would be perfect for each other. The pair worked well together during cases and it only made sense for Boy Genius to be with Girl Genius.

Morgan was frankly getting more than a little frustrated that neither of them had made a move. As far as he could tell, every day, every lunch was the same. They said hi, maybe exchanged a few pleasantries about the day. Then, they pulled out their books and food. Besides from Spencer occasionally sending longing glances Y/n’s way when she wasn’t looking and her doing the same to him, that was it. And this had gone on for over a month.

Spencer stammered in response. “I don’t think she’s into me like that, Morgan!” Morgan scoffed. Yeah, no. He had seen enough of Y/n’s moony-eyed looks in Boy Genius’ direction to know otherwise. “How do you know that, Spencer? You have to do or say something to get an idea of how she feels. Test the waters a little!” Spencer gave an anxious, slight frown, then nodded. Morgan heaved a relived sigh- he didn’t know how much more of this star-crossed lover nonsense he could take.


“Oh my gosh, I love that book!”

A startled Spencer looked up from his pages as if he had forgotten where he was for a second. He bashfully looked down at the title cover he had rather precociously chosen this morning. “Yeah, I saw you reading the first one in the series last week and figured I would try it since you seemed to like it so much.”

Y/n smiled at him. She did indeed adore Game of Thrones. “Wait, how did you know I liked it?” He laughed. “Your expressions while you read… I can tell exactly how you’re feeling. Your face is an open book.”

Y/n blushed in response and then blushed more when she realized he must’ve been watching her read at some point. She didn’t feel that surprised though- they were profilers, after all. “Pun intended?”

His eyes flicked to hers. “Maybe.” His breath caught a little and hers did too at his clearly flirtatious tone.

“Well. Once you finish the series, maybe we could discuss it sometime?” Y/n stole a hopeful glance at him, hoping she didn’t seem overeager.

“I’d love that. I may be done sooner than later though. Um, you know, eidetic memory and all that. There’s a really nice bookstore with a café near here actually…how’s Friday?”

“Perfect. It’s a date.”

Author’s Note: I needed to take a short break from writing After the Storm (as it’s a little intense) and this story just flowed out of me. Something about the idea of Spencer + his crush reading and eating lunch together just makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

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If we were dating I'd take you to a nice bookstore/library and I'd read to you [it would probably be cheesy af romance] and we'd laugh together and I'd kiss you for no reason whatsoever and we'd laugh again at the people staring at us because we're both girls and we'd kiss again <3

AHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU ❤️ omg that’s so cheesy and sweet, I’m in love!!! ADD EVEN MORE KISSING TO THAT

Tokyo Ghoul and the Violent, Dominant, Woman: pt 1.

Awhile ago (maybe 2 months?) my partner brought up the idea that Ishida clearly has a fascination with women of a certain type (dominant, powerful, sadistic, abusive) and the complicated ways in which the men around them react to them. He sort of connected all the dots for me, and showed me the parallels between many of Ishida’s female characters, and it really blew my mind. I wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to write meta about but in light of the most recent chapter, especially in light of Eto’s nakedness, I kind of feel like writing about it again. My partner gave me permission to use his ideas in this meta, so a big thank you to him!

So, I’ve seen (and even reblogged) metas about how the female characters of Tokyo Ghoul are not fanservice-y or sexualized, and though I agree in part, I do think that (many) of the female characters in Tokyo Ghoul are explorations in the erotification of violence, female dominance, sadism, or some combination of the three. Some of the women fall loosely into this category, others are very obvious, but it’s one of the running themes throughout the entire series, both Tokyo Ghoul and (even more strongly) in :RE. Now, full disclosure…this isn’t a criticism. I’m fascinated with Ishida’s portrayal of women and how sharply it differs from expectation. Instead, I would prefer to characterize this as a series of observations from which certain assumptions can be reasonably made. But I’ll let you decide. 

I started writing this and it became SO LONG that I am breaking it down into parts. At this time, I plan at least 3 parts to this meta: The Sadists, The Fighters, and The Abusers. 

The Sadists

1. Rize

Why not start with lady who kicked it all off? The first time we see Rize, she’s very “covered,” dressed conservatively, very little skin showing, with long hair and glasses. She’s she picture of a stereotype of demure, passive femininity. 

Of course, her large breasts are still accentuated, but we’re essentially seeing her from the perspective of a young, hormonal boy who is completely infatuated with her. 

She’s Kaneki’s softnerd bookstore date nice girl fantasy, and he’s got the blush of puppy love. On their date, she lowers the neckline a little, but still dresses quite conservatively. That’s because, as we later find out, Rize needs to sell the image of herself as a young, soft, innocent girl. Someone that no one would ever need to feel vulnerable to. Someone that you would walk down a dark alley with…despite the fact that you don’t know them, that you’ve only just met them. 

Even after she bites him, she keeps it up for a few moments, laughing girlishly as she talks about her favorite scene in Black Goats Egg, where a man chases down another man and rips out his entrails. That’s when we see the first image of the manga that really mixes eroticism with violence…Rize licking her hand, shuddering in delight, gazing upon the terrified face of her prey.

She really gets off on the fact that Kaneki never considered her a threat, that he’s so terrified and so, so shocked. She bats him around like a cat with a mouse, putting a hole through his abdomen before cornering him. Kaneki is soft, weak…she makes a point of that as she closes in to make her kill. 

Then…she’s crushed. 

Looking back on her past, we see that Rize was undoubtedly a sadist, which is probably part of why Jason was so interested in her. She enjoyed playing with her prey, tricking them and then making them suffer before ultimately eating them. She liked this so much that she caused problems for all of the ghouls with her binge eating. However, too much of a good thing really can be enough, and six months before she met Kaneki, she was already bored.

The more we learn about Rize, the more we realize that she is truly the antithesis of the ultra-passive, ultra-feminine guise that she uses to entrap her victims. She’s learned to play the part of the fantasy-girl so well, but in reality she has no maternal instinct, no nesting instinct, no empathy, no warmth; she revels in the hedonism of eating young men with soft bodies, in the chase, in the thrill of torture, fear, and sadism. On top of that, she’s incredibly strong, one of the strongest ghouls we see in Tokyo Ghoul. And even with other ghouls, she can only keep her facade in place for so long. 

That mixture of the erotic and violent appears again and again with Rize, the juxtaposition of stereotypically feminine traits with decidedly unfeminine actions. For example, her shower scene in a tub full of blood and body parts from the men she’s killed…

The next time that we see Rize, she’s been completely incapacitated. It took all of those beams to stop her, and since then she’s become nothing more than a test subject, and a shell of her former self. Seeing the once-strong, sadistic, decidedly un-feminine ghoul reduced to a naked test subject in a large tube, forced to reproduce again and again (in a manner of speaking) shows the extent that she has been subjugated and tormented. Her resultant madness, which we see in the later chapter when Kaneki finally tries to speak with her, is understandable. The juxtaposition of violence and eroticism that characterized Rize’s life before her kidnapping is present in her living-death; she is still beautiful, but she’s been broken, used, her body violated, her person ignored, her strength reduced to nothing at all. There are many ways to interpret this turn of events. I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions. 

2. Eto

Unlike Rize, Eto’s sadism is not a purely hedonistic affair. While Rize seeks fun, excitement, pleasure, and food, Eto has bigger plans in mind. Eto reveals herself to others very purposefully, showing up either in a moment of peril or personal distress more often than not, and offering up her twisted version of reality to a person whois either questioning their own perceptions, or who could be influenced to question that quite quickly. She likes to present herself either as Takatsuki Sen, an objectively attractive, bubbly, feminine girl who, despite writing dark, delicate prose is accessible and kind with her fans, or as a small child wrapped in bandages. Both of these personas come across as completely unthreatening. 

In fact, with the exception of the events in Kanou’s underground lab where she pulls out Banjou’s ribs and moves so fast that she appears to be teleporting while manipulating Nashiro and Kurona, Eto is at her most terrifying when she is naked. 

Her nakedness is not sexualized, but it is, as with Rize, a juxtaposition of the erotic and violence. Nakedness is typically a state of extreme vulnerability, so much so that “nakedness” is often used metaphorically to describe a state of extreme vulnerability. It literally means to lack any sort of covering, yet, it is in a state of nakedness that Eto is most powerful. Eto is invulnerable, even in her nakedness, she is undefeated, impenetrable. She has no fear, because she is the top-tier predator. She can not be beaten, can not be defeated, can not even be harmed. Even when her kakuja is maimed by Arima, she’s utterly fine; she emerges naked, unhurt, and ready to carry on with her plan. The erotic image of her naked body is set against the backdrop of her monstrous kakuja, placed next to the image of her dying father, who lays prone before her. She is beautiful in this scene, she is terrifying. 

The purpose of Eto’s nakedness in the torture scene serves a similar purpose, though the connotation is different. The monstrous part of the picture is the image of her kagune burrowing into (or bursting forth from) Kanae’s back. Before a backdrop reminiscent of twisting snaked, she sits naked yet completely unexposed. Kanae, on the other hand, is utterly exposed. Despite his tattered clothing, it is Kanae who is laid bare before Eto. Again we have a sadistic, powerful, beautiful woman and the image of the men who are crushed beneath her strength. 

I believe that there will be much more to say on this subject in the future, but for now, I will leave Eto and move on to…

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