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why do you guys think all this is just management? Every single time. Really?? Lauren unfollows , then follows, then unfollows on insta. Then I've heard Normani deleted birthday post, and anything related to camila. Ashlee (like really Ashlee the nice human ever / ex band mate of 5h), Sinu, Alejandro, Camila all unfollowed 5h and their families, and everyone who works with them. I'm pretty sure theres a few people in both fandoms, that checks if they are still following its simple. js I was ot5

Because under the subs of (Epic/ Sony) “management” they have artists mangers (Maverick/Roger’s team) that follow their orders, who basically help run everything for them? What would their job be if they had absolutely nothing to do? Apart from that though artist managers make the decisions that the artist doesn’t want to make.

Shout out to Green Day for still writing and releasing rock music. They’ve experimented with their sound without alienating listeners and fans too much. Green Day was, still is and will always be a rock band. That deserves praise, especially in 2017.


it might have been 50 years ago today, or yesterday, or last week, because im not even sure what day it was but iT WAS 50 YEARS AGO AROUND THIS TIME

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.