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Agents of SHIELD S5E08 “The Last Day” Easter Eggs

Some of these are not so much Easter eggs as they are musings on the episode as a whole, but I feel like this is the kind of episode you could watch a hundred times and notice something new every time. Spoilers ahead!

2022 Fitz.

As I’m sure everyone on tumblr noticed, when we flash back to 2022, Fitz has a nice shiny wedding band on his finger. So, there is a wedding at some point.

Jemma’s doctor voice.

When Jemma tells Daisy that they need a neurosurgeon to remove Kasius’ device, the explanation she gives is in a very specific tone and rhythm. It’s the same voice she used way back in season one when she explained to the team that Skye would die without medical attention after getting shot by Ian Quinn. It’s that voice where she’s reciting the medical knowledge she has, but she’s not happy about it.

Did you lock the door?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who caught Fitz’s little smirk before he realized it wasn’t Jemma that locked them in? I have a feeling they got interrupted by Daisy earlier to look at that implant and he was hoping she was interested in finishing what they started.

Voss couldn’t change it.

During Fitz’s rant about Robin seeing Jemma die and May not understanding that they couldn’t change the future, he says they can’t change it, but also that Daisy couldn’t change it, and that Voss couldn’t change it. Does anyone else think this bit was a nod to the fact that this is a post time travel Fitz and May? At that point, they’ve already met Sam Voss, who kills Robin in the future, and come back? And he’s still bitter about it? If so, that means we can’t all breathe a sigh of relief about May knowing how to get home just yet. They could have been doing this for years.

Mama May and her “duckling.”

May being the one to raise Robin, a character named for a bird, seems oddly appropriate for this show. I like to think that it wasn’t just that May was the best fit for the role, but that the writers knew the fandom referred to Melinda as Mama May, raising a group of SHIELD ducklings, even while she was busy kicking ass.


For everyone playing at him, Coulson is the only one not seen or mentioned in what we see of the past - after the world cracks like an egg, but before the Lighthouse goes to shit. We here that Mack is gone, we see Daisy send a quinjet off and go to a fight that leads to a 12.8 magnitude quake, and we see Jemma, Fitz, Elena, and May at different points on the Lighthouse and the Zephyr. Coulson is the only one unaccounted for. I wonder why? Probably because, like Daisy, he stayed behind and played hero too. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually this season.

The quake.

This is something that occurred to me while watching the first season of Runaways (spoilers if you haven’t watched yet!), and I hadn’t included it before because we didn’t get more details about the Earth breaking apart. On Runaways, Chase and his father work on a “time machine,” but all it does is give video of the future instead of actually transporting. In it, there’s a devastating quake in Los Angeles in the future. Now, the show is leading the audience to believe that it’s whatever the bad guys have been trying to dig up that causes it. But with AOS also insinuating that Daisy is about to break the planet… I can’t be the only one thinking they’re connected, right? Especially with the massive Infinity War on the way. The show is set in the MCU, after all.


it might have been 50 years ago today, or yesterday, or last week, because im not even sure what day it was but iT WAS 50 YEARS AGO AROUND THIS TIME

Shout out to Green Day for still writing and releasing rock music. They’ve experimented with their sound without alienating listeners and fans too much. Green Day was, still is and will always be a rock band. That deserves praise, especially in 2017.

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