nice arm tattoo


I don’t remember having such an arm… Is it even mine?… Sorry i hate photos of me but i wanted to make sure of something, i tried different angles and light, and place but it’s still not me…or i feel like it’s not?… I work hell out of me and what i get? I get something I can’t recognise…
I will delete it later probably, maybe because I’ll realise it’s more disgusting than it is for me now, the only thing i like in (or rather ‘on’) myself are my tattoos, like the only thing that i adore and is placed on something so disgusting. What was the point of writing this here? Actually i have no idea. I just found myself writing it and I wonder whether i should click 'post’, 'discard’ or something else…well, whatever. 
I like this arm a bit, so it’s not ‘my’ arm