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“We can escape to the great sunshine

We made it out to the other side…”

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how do u deal with so many art requests?? i have 55 right now and the struggle is real

I think about ibuki mioda

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I realized I've developed like an automatic emotional response to seeing your icon on my dash next to a post. Like, I feel just a little happier all of a sudden because you've updated! Or are responding to someone! Or are reblogging something interesting! It's like, idk, I just love all the things you have to say. :) keep on keeping on

That is like the coolest thing <3 Omg, thank you! *wriggles a little out of happiness* *wriggles more*

You keep doing you as well, anon. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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Do you think kageyama would also be part of the iwaizumi fan club? (Lmao that club sign me the fuck up)

yes, though he’s a bit out of place whoops

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okay so this question may be worded weirdly, but i was wondering after i asked about your favorite rhink moments if you had any that didn't involve physical contact? like maybe a moment that just really showed how long/well they've known each other or just something cute

No worries it wasn’t worded too weirdly at all :) hmmm…. this one is more difficult anon. I do have a few, although there are so many nice ones.

1) That moment when Rhett thought Link had found the blood oath was so nice. That entire GMMore (Link’s High School Gym Bag) really said a lot about how much history they have together.

2) That moment when Link flat out refused to acknowledge a possible end to their friendship, without even thinking about it.

Source: Best Airplane Pooping Technique’ GMMore

3) B? Beautiful 

Source: ‘Can You See In Colours?’ GMMore

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I wish people could realize that the majority of US artists that are noticing BTS now are not doing it because they truly care about them but only because they get attention from armys that keep asking for collabs to EVERYONE (pretty annoying, if you ask me). They don't like them for real, they only like the popularity BTS have and want to use that. And honestly, BTS don't need to collab with anyone to get attention, they're doing pretty fine without it.

erh, I don’t agree with some of your points here but I do understand where you’re coming from. I for one think it’s also very annoying how some ARMYs mention just about anyone to collab with bangtan. I think to some degree it can be annoying to these other artists too. I get the intention but I hope ARMYs would know when to stop. Also, bangtan doesn’t do collabs for attention.

I don’t agree about your point wherein other artists only mentions bangtan for attention. that’s kind of a very arrogant attitude…? bangtan is popular but it’s not like ARMYs attention makes these US artists earn anything. “They don’t like them for real, they only like the popularity BTS have and want to use that.” Use what for what? It’s not like we’re buying these other artists albums or songs too or whatever hehe~ In fact, I think it’s nice of these artists to mention bangtan in one way or another. It’s just like a “hi! hello!” in cyberspace.

Also sometimes it’s also ARMYs who keep asking and mentioning them on twitter to say something about Bangtan that’s why they do it. So it’s nice of them if they do and we should just leave it at that~

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Twenny fluff for the soul

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Thank you anon, you’re the light of my life 

- Mod Keith

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My Two Dads: That was really fascinating to read it (Brianna and Frank) and there´s a lot of good observations about this unic relationship. This two characters were very well described, I agree. But as far as I know, I don´t remember any of this speculations about Jamie. His relationship between his only living daughter is important too (for me more important, actually). Maybe You are going to write about it (if so - I´m sorry) but if not, could You write it down for me, thanks.

Hi there Anon. 

You are absolutely correct; I haven’t gotten to the Jamie half of my My Two Dads analysis series yet. I have a few of the quotes I want to include bookmarked and a post started in my drafts but most of the quotes and scenes I want to reference are in Drums of Autumn and I haven’t gotten there in my reread yet. It’s been long enough now since I first read the books that I don’t quite trust my memory as much as when I first wrote the Frank half so I want to be sure I don’t miss anything. I have a few other analysis series/posts saved for continuation when I get there in my rereading. 

Right now I’m trying to get ahead on the 13 Days posts to have them all queued up and then I’ll go back to working on some of my more traditional analysis posts (I have another in my Guilt and Forgiveness series outlined with the quotes set aside and a few newer analysis ideas thrown into drafts as well; I just have to write them up). 

So no worries about reminding me about finishing this pair of posts; I find it incredibly encouraging to see and hear that people are still interested in them, haha. If you ever have themes, scenes, characters, etc. you’re interested in seeing analyzed/discussed/you have questions about them don’t hesitate to send me a message so I can add it to my list. I love tackling these books from new angles and getting to see a side of the story I hadn’t necessarily realized was there before.

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I would love you forever if you did either 10 or 76.

I went for 76 ‘Please put your penis away’ I was totally baffled when I got the prompt, no idea what I was going to do with it but then this came to me today. I hope you like it anon. I will also be doing 10, because I have an idea for that too.

Once seen, never unseen

“Don’t you love me?” Robert pouted as he pushed Aaron away from him.

“Shut up you idiot. Of course, I love yah.” Aaron snapped back impatiently. “I married yah, didn’t I?”

Robert didn’t respond straight away but Aaron could see the tears pooling in his eyes reflected by the lights of the street. “You say you love me but why won’t you show me Aaron?” Robert whined.

Aaron grabbed his arm, stilling the drunken swaying before he could do himself an injury; he was making Aaron feel seasick just looking at him.

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"not even a little thank you for the almost £15,000 his fans donated in his name to UNICEF for his bday. Really lovely, Tom. Feels nice to be one of your fan." This anon reeks of entitlement. If thats all you donated for, then honestly, fuck you. The fans have donated constantly off their own backs. No one asked them to. Giving donations is all about just that. GIVING. Not doing it for an ulterior motive & expecting thanks. Getting pissy when there isnt a response?! Check your privilege, anon.

Well, I’m sure the anon and anyone who donated didn’t do it to get a response from Tom-and you must admit that it would be very nice and take him 2 minutes to thank everyone who donated and @hiddlesfashion for overseeing it - it’s just common courtesy I would say.

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I just realized something. In the 2017 movie, the beast does nothing to try and impress Belle. He would have been fine leaving her in the dungeon, but instead she is given a nice room and is offered a great meal (not that she gets to eat any of it). So who actually set the plan in motion? Lumiere! He took her to her room and he prepared a nice dinner show to impress her on beast's behalf. And you know why? Because he would do anything to hold and kiss Plumette again.


Also something I noticed about the 2017 movie is that Lumiere is much more desperate to break the curse than 1991 Lumiere. I mean, sure, animated Lumiere wants to be “cooking again, people-looking again,” but he mostly prioritizes Belle and Maurice being comfortable because that’s just what he does. 2017 Lumiere is very clear in his goal: get Belle to feel nice so he can be a fucking 6′ tall human again. When she escapes in the 2017 version, he actually attempts to stop her (a detail I didn’t like so much, but it makes sense if you contextualize his priorities as being ‘1. Get Plumette and me human again. 2. Everything else).

so like moral of the story is that Lumiere is the whole point of “Beauty and the Beast” and everyone would be doomed if he wasn’t desperately in love with Plumette.

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ohmygod i've been Struggling to get into the b99 fandom on tumblr (not into the fandom itself trust me im Obsessed but like u guys got a cute lil b99 community it looks like!! why do all of u know each other) and omg how do i become a part of this?? (kinda sounds like im trying to join a cult) (to be clear thats def what im doing) sidenote: i am so in love with u i stalk ur blog too much to be healthy (or for me to admit off anon god) have a nice day!!


SECONDLY literally every single person i’ve come across here in the b99 fandom is ridiculously unbelievably nice and all it took to form a friendship was one of us reaching out to the other to compliment a photoset/gifset/drawing/fic!! like i guarantee you, you’ll be very hard-pressed to find anyone in the b99 community who doesn’t respond to asks or other messages

also i’m SO FLATTERED THANK U i really feel like my blog is essentially a giant trash heap so this is VERY reassuring THANK U THANK U THANK U <3 <3 <3

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pd1: Do you know that the name of the plant girl in oneshot is maize ( '-') pd2: what happened with the anon ask box? pd3: have a nice day miss :D

yes i know her name :D

i closed this option due to some mess that was happening in my ask box :’D

and thank you :D you too have a nice day ^u^

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How many followers do you have? I love your blog 😎

Hi nonnie, thanks! As of this moment I have 802 followers/friends.

And on that note, it might seem like I have a lot more, but that’s because I have the freaking best followers, tbh. They are always sending me their thoughts and responding and messaging and sending me asks about different things. The other day when I was feeling down I had 18 people telling me good things about their day or messaging me, which is amazing! And I talk to a fair amount of people regularly, so… I feel like I got really lucky, with the people who follow me and decided to interact with me, for whatever reasons.

I just love you all a lot, in other words.

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