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You are a wonderful part of the Cumber Collective and I am grateful that you are here. #Batch of Kindness

my reply is probably a couple of days late but this is so sweet, thank you so much nonny<3

i just really love that the cumber collective are celebrating benedict’s birthday by spreading love and kindness towards each other, it honestly makes me so happy and proud coz this is exactly the kind of thing that benedict exemplifies as a person <3

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But consider: Sam flies Nat to a meadow post mission, still in their battle gear and a little busted up. They sit in the grass and kiss, softly, leaning into each other to feel each other's weight because there were close calls involving Nat's grappling hook and Sam taking fire, and they both need to know the other is still there. As the sun is setting and the adrenaline slowly drains, Nat weaves a crown of wildflowers for Sam while he plays with her hair.

This is the softest shit I’ve ever read in my life and I want art of it. I want to write fic of this. I want to write 5 fics of this. I want it every day of my life!!!

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Hello Batwynn! Um I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks to help fight an upset stomach after a severe panic attack? B/c after a severe one, my stomach feels like it's one giant knot and I can't eat despite being hungry or having my favorite food in front of me. I might as well be looking at a pile of trash, I get nausea :( got any advice? Thank you and take care <3

Hi there anon, i’m sorry to hear about your trouble with nausea after a panic attack. I know exactly what you mean, especially when you feel hungry and you simply can’t stomach food.

First thing’s first, if you have the type of anti anxiety medication you take when needed, be sure to take that as soon as you can and take some small sips of water. [An empty stomach is more likely to cramp with medication is introduced.] 

The first I usually do when i’m hit with panic-attack-nausea is try to either find a cool place to rest, splash my face with cold water, or place a cold paper towel/towel against the back of my neck. This helps easing those overheating and nausea signals going bzzt around your body. 

After that, though, I know the nausea can linger for a while, and the tension from the panic attack can make it very hard to eat afterwards. So, I would suggest stretching your abdomen/torso out with a few stretches like this:

Your abdominal muscles will thank you, and you will also help your breathing.

But, that’s not all! I would also suggest a heat pack/ hot water bottle for your stomach area to try to ease the muscle tension. These are fantastic for IBS, or stress related cramps and nausea, and I highly recommend it for easing stress even without nausea present. [ Warning: Sometimes heat can make nausea worse for some people. Personally, the hotter I get, the sicker I feel. So, when using heat, it’s good to test your limits gently. Try leaving the heat on for several minutes at a time, and taking it off again, and never apply any heating device directly to your skin!] 

 @apocatits adds that a nice hot bath always helps her [ Again, it’s always good to know your limits. I’ve known people who faint when having hot baths, especially after panic attacks.]  She also suggests elevating your legs. [Which is good to do after a panic attack anyway, with your blood pressure and all that.] 

My mother says that music tends to help her. Peaceful, soothing music, or music that makes you move/dance/wiggle, or even music that makes you cry. Music that gets you to the next moment, and out of that headspace. 

And, if you really can’t ease the nausea on your own, I might suggest anti-nausea medications as well. [Always check drug interactions, and check with your doctor before taking anything you aren’t used to. Tums or Ranitidine is good lower stomach acid. Pepto Bismol chewable tablets ease bloating, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea.] 

Lastly, when you do eat, I suggest trying simple foods like soup first and foremost. Start with small sips/bites, and see how it goes. :) Good luck, and I hope this helped!

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Imagine Gabe sitting on the sofa whilst Sam is researching with Dean, & instead of letting his boyfriend concentrate, the archangel keeps sending flirty, sexy thoughts to him. & the best part is, Dean doesn't know what's happening. Only that his brother is getting increasingly uncomfortable in the seat next to him, a blush creeping up his neck. Sam tries to remain calm, until he can't take it anymore, grabs the archangel around the waist & marches off to his room. They don't emerge for hours.

This idea, anon, was too great for me not to write. I love it. Thank you so much for sending me this. i love you. 

Witches. Why did it always have to be witches. 

Sam groaned as he turned the next page in the tome; he was supposed to be researching one particular witch that had been giving him and Dean some trouble for some time. But apparently, witches who had been alive in Ancient Greece had learned to cover their tracks over time. 

He turned the next page and was instantly assaulted with terrible, gory images of various spells that a witch could cast to simultaneously torture and kill a human in the most torturous and terrible ways. Sam winced a little in disgust: but then suddenly felt something gently rubbing against his thigh in a comforting manner. A knee. 

Glancing to the side, he smiled a little when he saw that Gabriel had silently appeared by his side at the table and was currently flipping through one of the tomes that Sam had stacked up in a tall tower of books. Looking at the other side of the table, Sam almost giggled aloud at the exaggerated eye-roll that Dean was directing at them. He didn’t approve of Sam’s relationship with Gabriel; he called it poisonous, but he acquiesced in Sam’s decision, saying that while he disliked it, he saw that his little brother was happier with Gabriel in his life than without.

Turning the next page, Sam let out another groan of disgust at the sight that assaulted him. The Men of Letters hadn’t been joking when they’d categorised this book as ‘disgustingly accurate’. 

But then, just as Sam was about to turn the page and continue reading, an image flashed in front of his eyes. He gasped briefly as his mind tried to catch up with what was being telepathically sent to his brain. Dean looked up with worry. 

“Alright?” His tone was gruff, but there was an underlying tone of worry in it. Sam cleared his throat uncomfortably as his sight cleared. He was very aware about how tense his stomach was becoming and how much more smug Gabriel was starting to look by the minute. 

“Yeah, fine,” he murmured and bent his neck to stare back down at the gory images. Dean harrumphed and unhappily turned his gaze back down at his own tome. 

A blush started to spread across Sam’s cheeks when a second… particularly vivid image danced across his sight. Gabriel and him - in the shower - hearts racing - lips passionately raking over- the image danced away as quickly as it had come and Sam cleared his throat again; the blush deepened. Gabriel was giggling with glee as he watched his boyfriend become increasingly more flustered. 

Sam ducked his head even deeper so that his chin was nearly touching his chest. That way, his long hair would hide his blushing cheeks and his unfocused eyes. He attempted to remain calm - but then a third image appeared before his mind’s eye. A low groan escaped Sam’s lips and his breathing quickened. 

“Fuck,” he whispered lowly. He could almost feel Gabriel smile in his mind and then a whisper echoed in his brain: “I intend to.”

“Ok,” said Dean as he slammed his book shut, effectively cutting through all pornographic thoughts crossing Sam’s mind. “What the hell is going on? You haven’t turned that page in ages, and you’re blushing harder than Cas when we have-” 

“T, M, I!” Gabriel chirped up, eyebrows drawn in a frown. “I don’t need to know what you do with my little brother.” Sam put a placating hand on Gabriel’s shoulder; he could feel the tense energy coursing through that small vessel and while he felt oddly attracted to it, he couldn’t help but feel concerned for Dean, should that energy ever be unleashed on him. 

“’S’ok,” he said with an earnest expression. Dean frowned again and just as he was about to grab another tome from Sam’s stack, a fourth image flashed in front of his sight. 

“That’s it!” Sam exclaimed, the moment his weakening knees regained some strength. Grabbing Gabriel by his waist, he slung him over his shoulder and proceeded to escape to his room; Gabriel giggled the entire way. 

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Hi hello! Random anon here to tell you that your Chat Finds Out fic is slowly making me die inside. It's SO GOOD! Awkward Adrien must be rlly fun to write, cause it's fun to read owo

Hello, random anon! I’m glad you like my fic! But pls don’t die i’ll lose a reader

And omg you have no idea how fun it is to write Awkward Adrien bc I have not written a fanfic in ages and suddenly I have this multi-chaptered fic in my hands full of just Adrien being awkward af?? Because it’s so fun??? I just like messing with him so much omg

The boy needs a lot of help—-

Here is a bonus doodle of Adrien wearing that sundress:

He’s a handsome, strapping young lad, after all.

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Yo, I wonder why everyone so angry when someone don't like the ending of Naruto (I mean his relationship with Hinata)? It's like, gods, hes taking fuckin pillsss, not spending time with his own childern, NOT SMILING. Maybe You know the answer?

Hello my dear anon friend!!!!

Fist of all I apologize for replying to your ask so late. I have issues with my Tumblr and they are literally like, eternal! Neverending! Ugh!

Now… about your question, I gotta say I wonder the same all the time. I can’t understand how there’s people who feel happy with this ending… for me, it’s impossible. If you are a true Naruto fan, if you love him, at least I know I do, you’d know he deserves much better than what we can see. As you say… he’s literally always tired… exhausted! He looks sad… he even looks old!! I simply hate seeing him like that. 

I dreamed about a very happy and energic Adult Naruto. I pictured him happy, strong and magnificent, as he’s always been and we got everything but that. His family is crap (sorry, not sorry). His wife, can’t even talk about that… his son… who the hell does that boy think his father is!! OMG…

Okey I think I should stop the rant hehehe. The thing is that I also don’t know the answer to that, sweetheart. I just know that Naru would be much happier if he had gotten to be with Sasuke, his soulmate <3

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I've seen you draw hands before. Do you have any tips? 🤗

heya anon! 

Ehm. So idk most of what I draw isn’t anatomically correct. I just kinda draw from experience. In summer 2014, I drew almost six to seven hours a day for three months straight: that is generally where I get my experience from. 

But I drew a few things for you: 

First you gotta understand what a hand looks like and what its general structure is: 

So there you have it: you have the knuckles, which I find always work in a descending order. Look at your own hand and you’ll see a downwards curve. Then you have the tendons which start at the base of the back of your hand - where it connects to your wrist - and they end at your knuckles. 

So basically, this is how I draw a hand. 

1. A base. The top line is curved - I call that the ‘knuckle line’ because that’s where you’ll put the knuckles later on. 

2. That’s how finger is structured. 

3. you draw the knuckles and tendons on the base. 

4. You combine all of those parts in one drawing so that you have the base, the knuckles, the tendons and the fingers in one drawing. 

So as you can see, I always start with the base and then just add on the fingers like so. 

But really, my advice is just practice, practice, practice. Just try drawing your hand in different poses: holding a ball, spread out, holding a paperclip, a fist and so on. It’s actually great fun once you get into it!

Hope this helped! 

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Idk if this is a weird thing to tell you but I think ur super cute. Not in the attracted to you kinda way. You are aesthetically pleasing. I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and rub your hair while marathoning like teen wolf, or game of thrones, or marvel movies, or lotr, or something. Is that weird?

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No offense to any fans but it really annoys me when so called tg fans wants nothing but blood & gore. It's been almost two decades I've been into anime and manga. Tg is not the best manga I've read but it has something special in it. I hate when fans (fakes) complain tht characters come randomly in it and it has too much of them. I think people who can't understand the intensity of the story r either kids or can't take manga seriously. I'm not into shipping & stuff (lmao I'm too old for it) (1)

But recent incidents r really saddening. Ishida is by far the best mangaka (in my opinion). There r many good mangakas but I’m certain no one can portray emotion in a manga as much as Ishida. There’s no good & evil in this one. I follow u & some other touken blogs bc they’re cannon & tbh u guys r really good w8 theories and understanding the plot. I’m not really good w8 words so I really cannot express how much I love tg. But really, u r awesome & thank you for running this beautiful blog (2)

Oh & another thing, do u write or something? Bc your writing skills r really impressive and beautiful! Well keep it up and thank u for contributing to this fandom in a positive way. Hope you have a great day!!!!!! (Last)

Wow, thank you anon! Yeah, authorhood is the end goal, I’ve written a novella and some fanfiction, but it’s only been in this last year that I’ve actually been typing stuff out rather than just having the ideas roll about in my brain. Running this blog has helped me learn to write (and more importantly, enjoy writing) on a daily basis, so hopefully that will speed along my efforts.

Totally agree that Ishida is the best mangaka. I find Isayama very impressive too, but Ishida’s skill with metafiction scores him the top place for me. 

The ‘too many characters’ mantra people repeat in a chorus is truly ear-piercing. There are a lot of characters in TG, yes - it’s a huge part of Ishida’s worldbuilding and makes massive organisations like the CCG feel very real. It’s like they just picked up some bogus article of “Writing Sins” and treat it like some kind of dogma. Truth is there’s no such thing as a Writing Sin. There is nothing that is “bad” to do in literature - anything can be good or bad depending on how you execute it. The reason people recoil at a multitude of characters is because in many cases the story fails to do justice to each of them while maintaining a suitable pace for plot progression. This is not true of Tokyo Ghoul or Ishida, who makes certain that each character gets appropriate screentime and their own character arc that contributes to the plot as well as the story’s thematic inquiry, allowing the host of characters to support a steady pace rather than obstruct it. 

As for antis…well, they’re antis.  Generally, people pick up stories because they feel that the author thinks the same way they do. But for some people, there are inevitably going to be blips in synchronicity because no two people think completely the same. These blips are where antis come from, and they exist for every story in existence, regardless of quality. Even Shakespeare has his antis. When it comes down to it, all art is a matter of individual taste and subjectivity. So you’ve just gotta write for people who think like you, is the way I see it, and stay true to the call of your muse no matter what. 

That said, I do not excuse this prevailing trend in fandom that the story somehow belongs to them. Fiction is a deeply personal experience that the author has generously decided to show the reader - criticise as you will, but don’t rant and rave and send the author friggin’ hate mail, cuz they don’t owe you shit. Especially when most of us watch or read online for free anyway.  But what I hate most of all is when they say something like “I’ve spent years of my life invested in X and this is what they do to me?” Like yeah have a fuckin medal for reading a comic book, I’m sure you’ve tried so hard at having fun. Honestly. 

Anyway, thanks for writing in anon! You’ve said very nice things about me and given me the opportunity to bitch about antis, which I can never pass up.