nice and snug!

tree bros hcs
- connor gives 0 shits and he’s like “move it im gay” to everyone that’s in his way and evan trails behind with his face all red apologizing to ppl for his edgy boyfriend
- connor left his sweatshirt in evans room once when they were smooching and evan panicked when he found it bc that sweatshirt is connors comfort object; it’s got worn down holes on the cuffs of the sleeves from years of connor fidgeting with it; and evan rushes to school that morning to give it to connor bc ‘holy shit what if he thinks i did it on purpose i distracted him w kisses and i stole his sweatshirt and he’ll never talk to me again’ and connor is like 'dude. buddy. keep it. i feel good knowing you have it. it’ll keep u safe when im not there. it’s chill, okay?’
- evan wears the connor sweatshirt every night to bed even if it’s hot af out bc he never ever feels safer than in that sweatshirt
- (connor honestly did freak out when he realized he left it at evans but then he thought abt evan tucked nice and snug in it and that was a more comforting thought to him than actually getting it back. so he buys a new sweatshirt for himself at hot topic and they both match)
- evan is so fucking extra he finds 56 cents in the pockets of this fucking sweatshirt and gives the loose change back to connor and connor is just like …….bruh
- they go on walks all the time it’s their favorite date activity and evan gets so PUMPED to show connor his trees and evan is like “okay GUESS WHATS COOL ABOUT THIS ONE” and connor is like “it’s….tall.”
- connor went to see evan a lot when he worked at the park as a lil ranger thing and he LOVES evans silly uniform like it’s not even hardcore embarrassing or anything, he just gets a kick out of the fact that evan gets to wear a badge for knowing Some Facts About Trees
- evan always fixes the tags sticking out of connors shirt collars
- and connor always gets defensive like “maybe i wanted it there did you ever think of that >:|” and evan gets all cute flustered
- connor is the first to say i love u and he doesn’t make it a big deal, he just kind of says it one day and evan works himself up into a Panicked State bc he wanted to say it for the longest time but was too anxious to be the first one and now the barrier is just suddenly gone and connor loves him??? and that’s just a lot to handle so obviously evans hands get sweaty
- evan proofreads all of connors essays and connor loves watching him get lost in reading them
- ONE TIME and one time only evan gets up the courage to ask connor what the heck weed is like and connor hands him a brownie like “eat this” and evan eats the brownie and wow is he calmer or? something? and he’s being just WEIRD and connor is snorting bc it was just a normal, clean Cynthia Murphy brownie. he’d never give evan weed are you kidding me
- zoe and evan play this game where they bet on how many of connors outfit pieces are from hot topic but it’s all very discreet like “wow that’s a cool chain leather jacket connor where’d you get that from” and he’ll tell them and then one of them inevitably screams
- evan braids connors hair bc it’s calming for the both of them
- they watch nature documentaries like all the time and no one knows why or how it happens. it will be the middle of the day and somehow these two are dead asleep on the couch with natgeo on the tv at full volume
- they also watch a lot of antiques roadshow but they seek it out and genuinely have a good time with it

akatsuki members ranked by how good they are at hugs

zetsu: no hes an aloe vera plant man and will probably eat you, hugging not advised, 0/10

tobi: i mean u can try but you’ll probably just fall thru him 1/10

sasori: hes made of wood or some shit, not comfy at all. Probably not slimy or anything tho, 2/10

nagato: isn’t terrible but probably wont hug back very tightly, 3/10

hidan: can give a good hug if he tries, you run the risk of being sacrificed but that’s what u get i guess, 4/10

deidara: prooobably won’t blow u up, has soft hair, prides himself on being better at hugging than sasori, 5/10

itachi: not rly into hugging unless he likes u but is trying his best, will bring you tea 6.5/10

kakuzu: more of a dad than he lets on, kinda grumpy but will probably kill whoever made u sad cause he’s got spare time, actually good at hugs 8/10

konan: rly knows her way around a hug, always smells like fresh paper and flowers, wears soft things, v good 9/10

kisame: genuinely into hugging, is large and will wrap u up nice and snug, probably has snacks and moral support, honestly just the best who are we kidding 11/10 hug him pls

DIY Betta Leaf Hammock

So we all know about this thingy, right? Well, I don’t like them.

First: they’re made of hard plastic and the edges can sometimes be sharp enough to hurt a betta or tear its delicate fins. Second: even though there is a version that doesn’t have a wire inside the leaf (and this version is far safer), I can’t seem to find that thing anywhere. I ordered them online, went to three different LPS, and all of them only had the wire version.

So I said, screw it. I’m gonna make my own betta leaf hammock and it’ll be ten times better than this mass-market version. And since my creation turned out fantastic, I’m gonna share my process with everyone so that you never have to buy that crappy plastic leaf ever again.

So here’s what you do: Gather up any unused silk plants you have, or buy one of those $4 silk plants at any pet store that have the adjustable leaves. They look like this.

In the background of this picture you can see one leaf clump that I pulled off the stem. In focus is one of those leafs cut off, including the base of the leaf which has the hole meant to go through the stem.

Stick that thing right into a suction cup. Easy as that. Mine fit snugly. I stole the suction cup I’m using off the awful leaf-hammock-with-a-wire I ordered online, but you can probably go to the dollar store and get a whole pack of this exact size.

That extra leaf I cut off in the beginning? Shoved it right into the suction cup with the other leaf. Now everything is nice and snug; those leaves won’t be budging any time soon.

Since I had it on hand, I also secured it with a bit of aquarium sealant, but it wasn’t necessary. The leaves were stuck in there pretty good without it, I’m just predicting it will be easier to clean down the line if I glue it.

And there you have it. Two gorgeous, well-sized, sturdy and safe betta leaf hammocks for your tank.

So, to review, here’s the materials list:

1. Small suction cup(s)
2. Clump(s) of leaves from a silk plant of your choice
3. Scissors
4. Aquarium sealant (optional) 

anonymous asked:

OK what if you & Haribo was fucking right,,,, and you were so wet that like YOU WERE FUCKING GUSHING AND JUST LIKE UGGGHHHHH.. HE'd ask YOU TO CLENCH AROUND HIM BC YOU WERE SO WET THAT HE COULDNT STAY INSIDE YOU!!!

“Fuck’s sake…” Harry growls all low and angry, the intense lust coursing through his veins causing a lapse of rage.

This is the third time in the last minute it’s happened. He’ll be fucking you so bloody good and then just slip right out, slick, dripping cock gliding up the middle of your folds, the swollen purple head prodding the bud of your clit.

Harry grunts in utter frustration, sitting back onto his heels for a hot second. He grabs at the rumpled sheets, wrapping them around his bobbing, throbbing cock and wiping himself off messily, brows furrowed and teeth gritted. “Can’t keep myself in ya, love. Too wet f'me.

He lets go of the damp blanket, cupping himself with his fingers and pressing his thumb just below the tip of his prick, pushing it against your puckered entrance. He tucks himself inside you, leaning forward slowly and letting out a long, broken groan as he sinks deeply into your tight warmth. “There we go, pet. Nice and snug, yeah?”

Harry grips the damp sheets around your body tightly– so tight he can feel his nails bitting into his palms through the fabric– as his hips take up his hard, rough slams again, your bruised thighs clenching around his sweaty waist, knees quaking as he rams you into the mattress.

He props himself up on his forearms, trying to press his lips to yours but he’s going so fast his head won’t stop bobbing, so an other-wise romantic kiss ends up as him smashing his mouth against yours, foreheads knocking and noses smushing against one another. He laughs in between wispy moans, swallowing down your whimpers and feeling them boil in his chest. “S'fine, darling. Tend to get roughed up, anyways.”

You throw your head back against the pillows, toes curling and nails scratching down his hard back, feeling the head of his cock prod at a sweet place inside you that makes your stomach flop and vision vignette. “Fuck, Har, right there!”

Harry can feel his ego inflate, drinking up your cries for release like a tall glass of fine wine. He moves his arm under your back, wrapping it securely so that his huge hand is gripping the opposite side of your torso. He uses this hold to slam you down to meet his thrusts, his prick nudging a spongey place inside your warm cunt that sends spikes of pleasure down his pulsing length. “Right ‘ere, baby? Like Daddy fucking you right here? Feels good, yeah? So fucking good.”

Everything’s building up on top of both of you, Harry chewing on your bottom lip and panting heavily into your mouth as his hair flops into his shining eyes as they laugh delightfully with the foundation of his release. He bites harshly, your lip swelling in his mouth, causing him to smirk into the sloppy kiss. “Y'like, that, don’t you, minx? Like it so rough y'won’t be able t'walk tomorrow.”

And then it happens again.

One second he’s using his knees to piston himself inside you, and the next, his cock is dabbing against your clit, having slicked right out.

Harry doesn’t respond with rage this time, but rather handles it with ease. He simply grips himself firmly and pounds back into you, stretching you out so good that you can’t help the garbled scream that stings your throat.

“Squeeze fo’ me, babe.” His voice is low and raw as he presses both of your chests together, metal cross necklace dangling from around his neck, cold as it bounces against your skin. He dips his head down, taking the metal bit into his mouth and leaning forward over you completely, all in order to eliminate any space between you and thus any chance for him to pop out again. He murmurs his words through gritted teeth as they clamp down on the iron necklace.

“Need y'to clench that tight little cunt around me, alright? Need y'to keep me in you. Tha’s it…Atta girl, princess. Taking Daddy so fucking deep and keeping me there, hm?”

Hera Arms CQR Foregrip

Just got this in the mail today and I figured I’d do a quick write up with my initial thoughts on what some consider to be either one of the coolest or ugliest foregrips on the market.

Most people know about the Hera Arms CQR stock and foregrip. I didn’t order the stock yet mostly cause all of the non-California compliant versions are sold out. Anyway here’s the package and what’s inside.

It came with no paperwork or an Allen Wrench for the screws. Luckily I have hundreds of those in my tool box and found one that fit.

It’s smaller than I thought it would be but it’s also light, I don’t have a scale to measure how much it weighs. It has “Made in Germany” markings, a QD mount on either side for your slings, and a textured area where your fingers would wrap around. It seems to be removable because there are 2 screws holding it in place, so maybe different sizes, colors or textures will be available down the line. The texture itself is not very abrasive or harsh, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. 

That just leaves installing it onto a gun. Most images of the CRQ Foregrip are on an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle), where I think it looks the best.

I’ve seen some photos on Google and reddit with the CQR on an AUG and an AR-15 with a 16″ barrel. It didn’t look that good from the pics on full size rifles so I didn’t bother putting onto my AR-15 or AR-10 (yet).

Instead I installed the CQR onto my shotgun, the Origin 12. Given the futuristic looks of the Origin 12, the CQR doesn’t seem out of place as it would on a standard AR-15 with a quad rail. I’ve been trying to find a vertical or foregrip for this shotgun for a while, but none of them matched or felt right. With the CQR it feels a lot more balanced than when I used a standard Magpul vertical grip or AFG.

The CQR fits nice and snug on rails, with zero movement or play. It doesn’t interfere with magazine loading, in fact it kind of helps guide them in. So here’s pics of my Origin 12 with the CQR. It would probably look a lot better if I had the short-barrel assembly but I don’t.

Is the Hera Arms CQR worth it? In my case yes because it feels and looks great on my shotgun, however I can’t say you’ll have the same positive reaction or results with your AR-15. This is one of those parts you’ll love or hate, but because it looks so different, you may be underwhelmed or disappointed when it turns more into an aesthetic eyesore.

I’m A Good Girl

Summary: Dean has the reader wear something different when they’re alone for the weekend…

Square Filled: Collars

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Rating: explicit (smut (collar play, use of a butt plug), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo 

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Whatever It Takes: Chapter 1

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter


Nesta pulled her laces tight, tying a bow at the top. She stood up, bending slightly at the ankles to make sure her skates were nice and snug. When she was satisfied, she sat back on the bench, leaning against the wall.

She normally wasn’t one to be tired at early morning practice. She’d trained her body over the years to follow a strict schedule. She went to bed at ten every night and woke up at four in morning, giving her exactly six hours of sleep. When she was up, she went about the same routine Monday through Saturday. Early morning practice, off-ice practice, gym workout or ballet class, another on-ice practice, then home for bed. She had followed that schedule for most of her skating career.

Yet, she couldn’t help but feel the exhaustion set in on her shoulders that particular morning, making her eyes droop and her limbs feel heavy.

To say practice had been hell lately would be an understatement. Nesta pushed herself harder than she ever had before. After Nationals, she took about a week off before she put herself back on her intense schedule once more.

If you want something, they have to work your ass off for it. And Nesta wanted a National title attached to her name.

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Begin Again

This post was originally in response to an ask by @goldentruth813. I couldn’t deliver a drawing on time so I did a Drabble! Which was actually finished on time but I couldn’t get anyone to look at it sooner. :/

Prompt: 8th year Drarry!


“I don’t know, Malfoy. Sometimes I just…” Harry skipped a rock across the lake, causing the serene dusk light to reflect and dance as the ripples quickly dispersed.“ Everybody’s got somebody, y’know?”

Draco was sitting on a large rock near the edge of the water. He inhaled in the crisp spring air and held his breath. This was the last thing he wanted to hear Potter whining about. They had formed a beautiful friendship since their return to eighth year. Draco cherished it. He cherished Potter’s forgiving smile. He cherished the relationship of trust they had slowly–very slowly– built over the last few months. Cherished memory of attending the first Quidditch game in the stands with the golden trio on a cool fall evening.

Most of all, he cherished that night he remembered as the precise moment he fell in love with Harry Potter. He’d always had a schoolboy crush, but one frigid winter night after walking back from Hogsmeade with the Gryffindor gaggle, Potter had given Draco his scarf. Not just given, more like wrapped Draco in it caringly. Green eyes bore into his own and a somewhat smug smile spread across that beautiful brown face. The other man leaned over to tie the scarf–nice and snug–and without hesitation, Draco took his opportunity to deeply inhale Harry’s scent. It was positively intoxicating. He was like essence of pine trees and earth. He was like stepping outside after the rain stopped. He was a breath of fresh air. Before Draco knew it, the moment was over.

“I’m afraid I don’t ‘know.’ What are you talking about? The world is in love with you, Potter.” A bashful blush spread across Harry’s face.

“Well, I mean… they don’t really know me.”

“That’s true–and possibly for the best. What would the wizarding world do with itself if it knew that the savior couldn’t even tell the difference between wolfsbane and lavender?!”

“Hey!” Harry turned sharply. “That was one time!”

“One time is all it takes, Potter.” Draco was attempting to make a serious expression, but it was quite obvious he was stifling a smile of amusement.

“What I meant was…” Harry trailed off yet again. He was peering down at his reflection in the water and Draco couldn’t help but think he looked quite cute with those messy curls covering his face. “They don’t know me like, say, you do.” Draco cocked his brow and remained silent long enough to urge Harry to finish his thought. “I just feel like yeah, people are happy that I’m back, but would they notice if I left? If one day I just wasn’t here anymore? I just wish I had someone that looked forward to seeing me. Like what Ron and Hermione have. Wish I had someone that wanted me.”

Draco was silent for a moment. He was wavering between whether he should say it or not. The other man continued.

“I just wish I had someone that missed me if I left here. Like, they wouldn’t be able to get through a day without thinking about me–the real me–not the savior bit. Do you know what I’m saying?”

“Merlin, Potter! You’re really going to make me say it, aren’t you?” Draco rolled his eyes and huffed.

“Say what?” Harry cocked his head to the side and redirected his gaze to the blonde.

“His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad…” Said Draco with a hushed whisper.

“What was that?” Draco watched Harry’s feet close the distance between them. Presumably, in an attempt to hear him better. He continued-on rather than repeating because frankly, it was humiliating enough the first time around.

“His hair is as dark as a blackboard.” He stiffened with anxiety, usure why he had decided now was the moment he’d confess his long-guarded secret to the man he had admired from afar for so long. “…I wish he was mine, he’s really divine…” He screwed his eyes shut and paused. “The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.”

There was a long silence. Nothing but the trees rustling their fresh leaves in the wind. Nothing but bullfrogs and crickets starting their song of the night. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up.

“It was you the whole time… Do you mean it?” Green eyes searched for the truth. Draco nodded sheepishly.

Before he could blink, Harry had wrapped his arms around Draco and pulled him into a tight embrace. He felt the other man’s face nuzzle into the crook of his neck and whispered words sent shivers down his spine.

“You really wish I were yours?”

“Yes.” Draco replied quietly. He squeezed Harry so close and so tight, he might have left bruises.

“You can have me.” Harry chuckled, albeit nervously. “I-if you’ll be mine?”

“Took you long enough to ask, you git.” A warm smile spread across Draco’s face and he felt the chill of a Spring breeze cool his face.

whatstheweatherlikeupthere  asked:

but imagine the initial burn of H being inside of you after a long time,,,, like he'd be all concerned and worried of how you're feeling yet so fucking smug about it all like "are yeh okay, pet" and "do you need me to stop" while "little to big for yeh, aren't i, kitten" and "like a bit of pain, dont ya" with that fucking smirk and fUCK

Harry pressing inside you slowly at first, stopping at certain intervals to allow you to stretch his fit. He groans lowly, feeling your walls pulsing and tightening around his thick circumference, taking him in so fucking deep he can feel himself nudging up into your tummy.

“God, pet…” He grunts his words into the flushed skin of your throat, smoothing over the sweaty area with his hot tongue and swimming in the sensation of your body shuddering under his influence. “Filling you up ‘til the brink, aren’t I? Nice and heavy and snug inside that tight little cunt of your’s. So fucking hot.”

You whine lightly, squeezing at his hard shoulders in a silent plea for him to start moving. He feels full inside you and you want nothing more than to feel him fucking you raw.

Harry interprets your noise of need, arrogant smirk sticking against your damp juglar, right in the little alcove between your shoulder and neck. “S'big, innit?”

You give your head a weak nod, breathing stuttering as you grope down the tight muscles of his back, tugging him closer in order to feel his warm chest expand against yours with every ragged inhale he takes. Your voice is a shaky whimper against the thickness of his damp curls as he suckles bruises into your sensitive skin. “Fuck, Har, just…just fuck.”

A chuckle thrums deep in his chest, the vibrations passing onto your pliant body, words throaty and raspy. “Y'like m'cock, babe? Like it stretching you out so fuckin’ good?”

He pulls his hips back from between your thighs until only his tip is tucked inside your heat, thumbing over your clit in quick little circles that cause your spine to twist and turn. Then, he thrusts back into you full and hard with a quick, rough ram, resulting in you emitting a strangled squeak.

His hips work in circles against your thighs, pelvic bone grinding up against you folds as his prick nudges every right angle inside you. His head falls forward, lips ghosting over yours as teeny, wispy gasps slam their way out of his throat. “Fuckin’ hell…”

“You feel so good, H.” You whisper, lips quivering as he skims them with his warm tongue, biting the center of your bottom one and loving the way it swells between his teeth.

“Yeah?” Harry grins into your mouth, puffing out a deep exhale through his nose, the hot air tickling your Cupid’s bow.

“Know you like the burn, kitten. Such a dirty little thing, aren’t ya? Taking my cock so fucking deep and loving it.”

||❥ wrong number. 01. {nsfw}

m » soonyoung [ PT. 02 ]

genre: absolute smut!

word count: 6 500

synopsis: you are dragged to dance class by your friend, but don’t realize the guy she practices with is the same dude you walked in on with another girl at the frat party :-((

You shouldn’t have let Mina drag you to her dance studio, instant regret seeping like thick tar through your bones and clumping your insecurities in one erratic bunch. The floors appeared so smooth and polished, the fluorescent lighting casting bright scars to litter the wood and bubble an unwavering taunt about how slippery the surface could be. Mirrors were plastered to the front wall, all spiffy and spotless while intimidatingly large speakers pumped melodies of music into open air.

The principal reason for you winding up in a place like this was because you uttered one mindless sentence, “I mean, I wouldn’t mind learning to dance,” to Mina one afternoon, and since then she’d been dead set about hauling you to the studio she practiced at. It was just after four o'clock as Mina’s grip on your fingers slithered away, leaving you to stand in an empty dressing room while she shed her attire for something more suitable. You had a change of clothes in your bag too, but you were hesitant to slip them on, mostly because one simpering thought was staining the corners of your mind and gnawing at your flesh.

Mina really should have told you earlier she practiced dance with, Kwon Soonyoung, the attractive blonde that you accidentally stumbled in on screwing some girl at a frat party. The memory cut through your brain in a spastic flash, until the only depiction blotching across your eyelids was the girl propped against the bathroom sink, wisps of hair dancing before her face and the obscurities she relentlessly keened. 

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||❥ best friend’s brother

j o s h u a ! s c e n a r i o

words: 13k

genre: some fluff + some angst + light mentions of smut + my tears

request: hello choco! i’ve been having a lot of josh feels and i was wondering if you could possibly take a request for the reader to fall for her best friends older brother (of course the difference only being like a year) thank you!!

✎ someone physically hold me back from writing such long requests, this isn’t a joke anymore,, it’s gone too far,, ANYWAYS i hope the anon who requested it  likes it, cause yeah i took this plot tOO seriously lmao 

12 years.

Nerve-wracking was the word best fit to describe sitting around the family dinner table, porcelain plates settled in their according places as breaths of steam hovered from the food.

 The chair you’d chosen had framed your hardly grown structure quite poorly, the large cushions leaving you to take on the appearance of a flea, so small and nothing more than a spec compared to the adults that sat across from you. You hadn’t moved a muscle since being seated at the table, you were waiting for your best friend, Jennie, to come upstairs with the drinks.

The dull scratch of a fork against your plate stole your eyes from wandering, soul too frail by quickened heartbeat for you to face Jennie’s parents properly.

“So, how’s school going? Do you like your teachers?” The mother asked in a tone very gentle and smooth. You had always treasured Jennie’s mom, satin black hair curled swiftly under the chin, sparkly doe eyes gleaming softly in the orange lighting. There was something about her that relaxed you, your head finally tilting up for the first time since sitting round the table.

“I like school. The teachers are nice, sometimes helpful, but I don’t like the homework.” You felt your cheeks crackle with a simpering heat when both adults chuckled at the same moment, which you thought strange for an answer so generic. 

But yet again, they were probably trying to distinguish the awkward fog that clung like cobwebs to the air, so thick you could take one of the butter knives off the table and slice it. You fiddled with your hands in your lap when Jennie’s father went on to say that every child felt the same way, and that you should cherish the homework was nothing more complicated than coloring.

“I guess.” Was your simple reply. No less than a minute after, Jennie was hopping up the stairs from the basement, three cans in her arms and about to tumble to the floor by the looks of it. You observed in wallowing amusement as she let the drinks roll onto the table, until you had picked up your iced tea and invited her to take the seat next to you.

“I’ll sit on this side actually,” Jennie said while snatching a plate from the center of the table, “that’s Josh’s seat.”

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“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” he said,

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” he shouts, getting louder with each fuck that departs his lungs and booms around the living room in a discordant symphony of unexplained stress. Fists slam against the defenseless laptop perched atop his thighs, and you roll your eyes from your overseeing position in the kitchen.

“Wow, that’s a lot of ‘fucks’ for someone who’s doing the complete opposite of that to me lately.”

“Baby,” Taehyung whines, obviously pained, rolling his head back on the leather couch so that he can stare at you, albeit upsidedown, slicing up half a watermelon, “You know that I’d have my dick nice and snug inside of you right about now if I had the goddamn infernal cape already. But this xXTheRealZezimaXx son of a bitch just jipped me of the 23mil that I was using to buy his Armadyl crossbow so I could go and beat TzKal-Zuk’s inferno ass–”

“I never realised Runescape was this invigorating.”

Taehyung, knowing that you will never comprehend his internal suffering, releases a sigh that dissolves into a dramatic, agonised sob. Taking the plate of watermelon cubes, you walk across the room and collapse next to him on the sofa, pinching a piece of fruit to press to his lips. Taehyung glares at you out the corner of his eye before opening his mouth and accepting the square, sucking the sticky sweet juice from your fingertips as he does so. You quickly follow it with a kiss, the taste of watermelon lingering on the tip of your tongue when you pull away.

“I believe in you. You’ll get that flame cape–”

“Infernal cape.”

“You’ll get that infernal cape, I know you will. No, you have to get it, because I honestly might shrivel up and die if you don’t fuck me senseless within the next twenty-four hours. I’m horny. It’s been weeks.”

Taehyung blinks. “It’s been two days.”

“Which is the equivalent of six weeks when the PMS kicks in. So get your nerdy ass into gear and get that shitty cape. Otherwise, I’m bringing the bullet vibrator out here, perching myself all pretty on that coffee table right there–” You point at the table that his feet are propped on before grabbing the collar of his sweater and pulling him close– “And I will be fucking myself right before your eyes and you will not be allowed to touch me until after the Red Lady has come and gone, which measures up to be roughly a fortnight of you not getting your dick wet.”

Staring at you, Taehyung looks torn between being absolutely terrified and exceptionally turned on. “That’s like, some really fucked up moral support, but I’ll take it.”

anonymous asked:

Okay but Harry couldn't handle licking into Y/N to swallow his cum. He couldn't handle her walls still pulsating, just the bare thought of having pulled out way to soon because she's so warm and so tight kills him, when he pushes his tongue further. And she really is... tight and warm and oh so sweet, and honestly he doesn't care about his cum anymore, just wants to feel her again,... and then he'd probably be hard again lmao

YOU COME..,.,..INTO MY H. O. M. E…,.,.,


He’d be sitting there, licking what’s left over from his chin and from when he wiped it across his hand, eyes swelling with desire all over again.

And then he’s on top of her, sliding one hand under the back of her knee and pushing it upwards until it’s level with her navel, opening her up nice and wide for him. He groans all stuttery and weak when she clenches her stomach, watching a new, small stream of excitement flow out of her. He kisses underneath her sweaty jaw, panting with lust and gritting his teeth to try and keep his bearings. “Fuck, princess, so good. D'ya think…think y'can gimme another? Know you can come f'me one more time, yeah?”

Y/N whimpers in sensitivity but nods nonetheless, feeling empty without him inside her.

Harry tucks himself back in slowly, a long grunt toppling from his tongue as he pushes against her warm tightness, feeling her walls throbbing against him as he sinks to the hilt. He lets out a bated breath, sighing through his nose as their foreheads knock, nibbling at her lower lip and whimpering into her hot mouth. “Atta girl, love. Nice and snug. Know y'can squeeze out one more fo’ me. Jus’ one more, for Daddy.”

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Tips on how to make good grilled cheese??

Lightly toast 2 bread slices, butter both generously, put them both on a grill and cover each with some cheddar cheese (I like to use grated cheese, make sure u cover all the way to the edges), then put some MOZZARELLA cheese in on top of that (not all the way to the edges, u wanna create a pocket of stringy mozzo), put the 2 slices in the grill for a few minutes until the cheese is bubbling but not toasting on the top yet, take them out of the grill and sandwich them together nice and snug, put them back in the grill for another few mins so that they stick together, then ur DONE! 

(written by Glory)

It’s getting colder in the southern hemisphere and I’m only thinking of one thing… I love winter fashion and winter in general because the weather is a good enough excuse to curl up in a million blankets, watch movies all day, consume endless amounts of soup and tea and coffee – it’s just an overall great time. However, being cold sucks so here’s a 101 guide on how to survive winter and some essentials I personally need to get through it alive:

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Rush (Shawn Mendes Smut)

requested: no

pairing: reader x Shawn

summary: you and Shawn have been sneaking around in a non-committal, sexual relationship. Tonight, Shawn invited you to an after party for an awards show and the two of you inspire each other to celebrate in other ways. 

a/n: based off the song rush by william singe . tell me what you think! requests are open!

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