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college advice from someone who’s been on both sides of it

So I’m finishing up my Ph.D. and preparing to depart for the real world (no, just kidding, I’m going to be in school forever, only in a different capacity) and I thought I’d put together a list of some college tips to share with you all. I graduated with my B.A. in 2012, magna cum laude, with 2 majors, 1 honours thesis, 2 on-campus jobs, and 3 music things. Since then, I’ve gone to grad school and also taught six semesters of first-year seminars. Now I’m going on the job market for teaching positions. All of this means that I’ve seen both sides of the college experience, as a student and as an instructor. There are a lot of great & useful college advice posts going around studyblr this time of here, and I wanted to add my own. I hope it’s useful. So here we go, with a “read more” because it’s long (sorry if you’re on mobile):


  • find your classrooms ahead of time (profs’ offices too)
  • figure out how long it will take you to walk between places
  • figure out where your best seat will be & claim it
  • say hi to the people next to you, learn their names
  • take notes in class
  • take advantage of extra credit
  • try your best not to fall asleep in class (and if you do fall asleep, apologise to the prof afterwards)
  • bring your glasses if you need them, don’t be stubborn about it
  • check out the library, wander in the stacks, talk to the librarians
  • figure out how & where to print
  • buy used books/textbooks, or rent them, but be careful with ebooks (some profs don’t allow them)
  • plan breaks into your class schedule, or block everything together, whichever works best for you
  • work out the pros & cons of 8am classes and/or night classes
  • plan ahead – have a planner, put things in it, do them
    • fake deadlines are a thing (write down earlier deadlines, trick yourself into meeting them, bask in satisfaction)
  • grades won’t be what they were in high school
    • keep in mind GPA values: a 3.5 will see you graduating with honours
  • be nice to the departmental administrative staff, thank them for helping you (even with small things)
  • office hours versus emailing profs: both will get your questions answered (probably) but if you can go and talk in person, do it
  • profs & TAs are people too, they have lives, they have bad days
  • if something comes up, talk to your prof, be honest but don’t overshare, just show them you’re trying
  • on that note, try

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listen, the studyblr community can be a wonderful place - but there’s this emphasis on absolute perfection that really doesn’t help a lot of students dealing with other issues on top of their studies. here are five unconventional study tips that might not fit the studyblr aesthetic but have helped me get straight as whilst learning to live with mental health and family problems too!

1. don’t study whilst commuting

i walk to school, so posts about studying on the bus just aren’t helpful - i don’t have the option to do that! even if i’m taking the train somewhere, the last thing on my mind is studying. i’m thinking about my bed and how early it is and whether or not my coffee is cool enough to drink without burning myself yet. not all of us can start working the second we’re awake, and that’s okay!

instead: record your lessons and listen to them as you travel!

even if you’re not paying attention, you’ll remember more than you think! this is especially useful for languages - i recorded myself reading a few essays and listened to them as i walked, which made noticing grammatical errors so much easier!

2. don’t rewrite all your notes

i love the studyblr aesthetic as much as anyone, but i honestly don’t have the time to write out pages and pages of notes in the hope of gaining a few followers. of course it’s nice to have pretty-looking notes, but when you have a huge list of tasks to do, it can become a way of procrastinating work that’s actually needed for a grade.

instead: organise your class notes!

check the material you’ll study before the lesson! if you’re into the brush lettering aesthetic, write out or print titles off ahead of class so you can stick them on your page without having to waste valuable lesson time drawing them. plus, knowing what you’re going to study before you actually come to it means you can prepare a list of questions to ask the teacher and improve your understanding of the subject! this way, you’ll have organised, clear notes from the beginning, so you won’t have to copy anything out at home.

3. don’t buy expensive stationery

i know everyone seems to have those tombow brush pens and leuchtturm journals. as someone who can’t afford them, trust me when i say i get how it feels. but spending money on expensive products (especially ones you don’t know how to use) is just counterproductive - your grades won’t magically go up if you start shopping at muji.

instead: try budget alternatives!

would you buy a £90 contour kit if you’d never used foundation before? the same goes for stationery! substitute for cheaper products from your local stationery stores whilst you get a feel for what’s helpful for you, not what anyone else has. for example, i tried so many types of pens before realising that my writing’s nicest with gel pens, so now i let myself get more expensive ones - but i didn’t waste more than £5 figuring this out because i’m #cheap. this list of popular studyblr dupes is constantly being added to if you really need to try something, but stressing about your stationery is not going to help you in the slightest.

4. don’t worry too much about being organised

look, we’d all like to be organised, but i’m an adult who’s lived with depression since i was thirteen, and i know it’s not always possible to have that pinterest-ready study den. sometimes your homework will be done on a bed that’s not been made in weeks of it’s going to be done at all, and that’s okay.

instead: do what you can.

had a bad day? stick on some guns n roses and do the work later. too exhausted to function? just finish that last maths problem and go to bed. it’s okay to not have a picture perfect lifestyle - most of the people who post those photos don’t have it either. just do what you have to do to get through the week.

5. don’t ignore your mental health

there’s such a weird culture of perfectionism here and it’s so damaging! of course no one has to post about their personal lives on their studyblrs - but please don’t let that lead you to believe it’s not important. this mentality of “everything is fine and i must be perfect” isn’t healthy.

instead: talk about how you feel!

it doesn’t have to be on your studyblr, but if you’re feeling suffocated by pressure to achieve, or you think you’re depressed, or you’re just going through a tough time and need to vent, talk to someone! bottling things up is not a healthy way to live life - believe me, i’ve tried it. it doesn’t work. there are so many impressionable young people here and we need to stop acting like our studies are all we can ever be.

i’m not trying to “call out” anyone who finds the minimalist note taking and study devotion helpful - everyone here is different, and i’m glad it works for you! but not all of us can do that, so this is for the people who can’t.

Balance reminder

Some days 

  • you feel alright
  • you have everything done
  • your room is cleaned perfectly
  • no to dos from your list remain
  • you wear nice clothes and have a great hairstyle
  • everything is pretty organised 
  • you manage to help at home 
  • you manage to combine studying with your social life.

The other days 

  • you may feel sick 
  • you get up late and don’t feel like doing anything 
  • your todos remain unfinished 
  • you have your hair messy as well as your room and studyplace
  • you stay almost all the day in your pyjamas eating gummy bears and browsing the Internet on your mobile phone while conversating with your friends through social website.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you are unstable or you started being unorganised. It means BALANCE.  

Let’s talk books and blogging

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  1. What book did you last read??
  2. What book are you currently reading??
  3. Do you read books just because you saw them on tumblr??
  4. Is there a book that you think needs a bigger fandom??
  5. Do you have a snack while reading or do you close the book first??
  6. Can you ever stop in the middle of a page or do you have to finish the page or chapter first??
  7. Do you borrow books from people??
  8. Do you lend your books out to friends??
  9. How do you find the Booklr community?? 
  10. What would you like to change/see more of in the community??
  11. Do you post reviews??
  12. How many books have you read this month??
  13. How many books have you read this year??
  14. Do you set yourself a reading challenge every year??
  15. Do you set yourself a TBR list at the start of the month??
  16. What book has been on you TBR pile the longest??
  17. Is there a book on your TBR pile that you don’t think you will read
  18. Do you know anyone else that likes books??
  19. Why did you start your book blog??
  20. Is it how you thought it would be??
  21. Do you write??
  22. Tell us a little about your writing.
  23. How did you get into reading??
  24. Have you read a book that was really hyped up but you didn’t enjoy??
  25. Do you prefer physical books, Ebooks or audio books?? (/there is not wrong answer)
  26. Free space (Ask any question you want)
  27. Name a book that you own starting with (Pick a letter). Have you read it?? Did you like it?? If you haven’t read it, are you looking forwards to it.
  28. First book that comes to mind, tell us about it. Rant
  29. Have you ever bought a book because the cover was so nice??
  30. Can you leave a series unfinished or do you have to own all the books and try them all??
  31. How do you think you would be described if you was in a book??
  32. “They edged towards the shaking box that had just been delivered.” Should they open it?? You decide what happens next.
  33. How do you organise your shelves??
  34. What do you do to mark your pages??
  35. Do you have a lot of bookmarks?? or just a few??
  36. Favourite bookmark??
  37. Is there a book that you think everyone should read??
  38. Favourite genre??
  39. What book that has made you cry??
  40. How do you feel when you find a typo/spelling error in a book??
  41. Do you put a book under your pillow at night??
  42. How do people read in the bath?? Please tell me, I’m scared of getting my book wet….
  43. Free rant, go ahead, we all know you want to. 
  44. Favourite book quote, go.
  45. Do you take your own book photos??
  46. Do you have a bookish tattoo?? Do you want one??
  47. How many books do you take when you go out??
  48. Do you write, highlight, underline etc in your books
  49. Worse book you’ve ever read??
  50. Do you read classics?? If so, what’s your favourite??

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It’s not much &. I haven’t been around recently to do much but I have recently hit a milestone &. just want to say a little thank you to all of you that hang around to interact with my book. I am not really sure as to what to write because of my bad way with words but please bare with me as I list off some names of people that have interacted with my boy &. myself (this will also include people I look forward to interacting with, I don’t want to separate people)

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Please do not worry if your name isn’t on here, I still love our interactions / wish to interact but I cannot list every name honestly. So thank you to all of you, if it wasn’t for you I have that desire (not as strongly anyway) to continue to watch to write this snarky book. 

what kind of person svt is attracted to!

these are all my own opinions please dont flame me


coups! would be so damn attracted to someone who smiles really innocently? like you know those scrunchy beaming faces. i think he’d be interested by people who were not what they seemed? so if you looked tough and indifferent, but you’re actually a big softie who reads alot, he’d probably be quite intrigued. i can see him being interested in someone with alot of stuff hanging off their bagpack heh

jeonghan seems like he’d be intrigued by someone with alot of wit? like you know deadpan humor and wonwoo-esque puns. someone who deadpans and seems bored all the time but is actually just really good at hiding their laughter hoho. someone who’s good at art would appeal to him!

i feel like jisoo’s just. very simply attracted to your typical good, shy girl next door. but with a twist. like someone seemingly normal and all that but actually a gigantic meme monster with no chill. yes. ALSO someone who eats well!! and is actually interested in whatever he has to say

JUN IS okay i’m a bit conflicted with this one,,, i think he’d be into anyone who’s not exactly typical? because you know how most people tend to seem the same, so as long as you stand out to him i think he’d be attracted to you. someone who was obviously not perfect. i have a feeling those people irk him. maybe someone who pays him more attention than the other members! someone who offers to carry his stuff for him on a long day

hoshi is one of the only members i think would be attracted to someone like himself? like bright, full of laughter, and lowkey super dorky and nerdy and an A+++++ goofball all around. someone he can have refreshing! fun with!!! maybe someone who likes sweet popcorn hmm

with wonwoo i am so sorry but he’d be really attracted to someone who made really bad puns and made finger guns and loved memes. and like coups, someone who wasn’t exactly all surface, like you know those ‘tragic backstory’ types?? yeah. someone who spends 3 hours organising their pens because they refuse to throw any finished pens away

woozi would literally only be interested if you were, like, really passionate about something. sorry man but this kid is like. really dedicated to his work and his music and unless he finds someone who at least understands how he feels about music, he’s never getting attracted to ANYONE. maybe someone who falls asleep while working would interest him no joke

i think dk would be attracted to anyone who’s nice, funny and has a huge smile!! those people who try to help anyone and anything and feel bad if they don’t. someone who smells clean and has a messy, unorganised table + a face that lights up. someone who has a lot of depth!! someone who was willing to make his day better in anyway, someone who goes to extra lengths to make someone’s day better! also, he’d be intrigued by someone who was straightforward but not too blunt

with mingyu, i feel like he’d be into someone who looks comfortable in any situation? like never awkward and just really. chill. (although, he’s friends with practically anyone and everyone so idk) someone who’s chill on the outside and maybe carries a bagpack on only one shoulder, strands of hair framing their face! and someone nerdy who watches like. anime and cries while watching said anime. chill until they do something dorky and then they cry

the8 would be into someone warm. and someone who’s baked for him at least once. that would be so attractive to him? anyone who cooks for him really, and like checks up on him without being too clingy. maybe the not so emotional but caring type? someone who smells like cookies and bread. OH and he’d be really interested if you could speak Chinese

seungkwan i can see being attracted to shier people! like the one person who keeps to themselves most of the time and has earphones in constantly. maybe someone who seems slightly confused when waved to and someone with a favourite like, motif

vernon honestly seems like the type to fall for someone who looks comfortable and doesn’t care too  much about image. maybe someone who has an effortless kind of style? and someone who laughs easily!! i feel like the person he’s attracted to is someone who’s a super lowkey, closet softie lol. someone who has polaroids of their family in their wallet! 

dino’s going to be attracted to confidence like. not ego? just the way some people walk, you know, with a certain kind of swagger and edge?? and those people with big actions and who turn around and grin at you. he’d be interested if he ever saw you waving enthusiastically at him or anyone of the members. he’d be so attracted to someone who was unafraid and bubbly!!!!

wew that’s done! also yes i have several ships in my inbox waiting for me to finish but i’m not going to do them yet heh sorry

however, because i’m a terrible person, requests are still open!

1. Remind yourself that some day you will have to show your report card to someone important.

Such as admission staff, employers, business partners, your future spouse or your children. Your grades do not speak about yourself, but imagine how great your odds would be to be accepted in your dream college or employed by a big company, or how proud and motivated your children will be. This is a great way to stay motivated throughout your school years.

2. Make a list of all the things and perks you will get if you get good grades and continue studying.

I’m not saying you only need good grades to be successful in life, but it sure helps! You can either use your bullet journal or a piece of paper to pin in your cork board, or whatever suits you best. Some examples would be: high income, a low stress life, a greater chance to get a scholarship, motivation, a dream job. And keep these “goals” in mind.

3. Stay positive

Got a bad grade? That’s okay! We all fail at times, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad student. Study harder next time and you will do just fine! Keep a positive mindset and don’t over stress, you got this, you’re smart and you’re working hard, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. Keep your study space and room tidy at all times

Might sound silly, but making your bed right after waking up everyday helps overall productivity, and cleaning your room and organising your clothes, shoes, scarves, makeup, and whatever else you have will too. Having a nice and clean study space is key. It doesn’t have to be an astonishingly and aesthetically arranged white desk, it could even be the living room table! But keep it clean and keep all your school supplies close by. The feeling of a clean, nice study space and room will keep you motivated and ready to do your hw or study for a test.

Hope this helped! xo


Welcome to M'gann M'orzz Appreciation Week!

With M’gann’s hasty and unexpected exit from the show last week, we thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember her by. She deserved a hell of a lot more than she got, and though we can’t change the show, we can appreciate what we did see of her, we can imagine what else her character might have done or might have become, and we can ensure she is not forgotten.

The Appreciation Week will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of March. All fanworks are more than welcome: gifs, graphics, fan art, fic, meta, headcanons, and so on. Each day’s theme is intended as a guide and can be interpreted however you like! And late submissions are totally okay!

DAY 1 (March 3rd): Favourite scene
DAY 2 (March 4th): Favourite quote
DAY 3 (March 5th): Favourite character trait (OR M'gann + colour*)
DAY 4 (March 6th): Favourite badass moment
DAY 5 (March 7th): Favourite relationship(s)
DAY 6 (March 8th): A fitting quote or lyric**
DAY 7 (March 9th): What’s next? (OR Free day)

* for example [x]
** for example [x] [x] [x], or you could use this as a fic prompt or to inspire some thoughts.

Remember to tag your posts with #mgannmorzzappreciation (in the first five tags) so we can reblog them here!

Up to no good  ♡ Ethan

Summary: Ethan and you have been best friends since forever, so of course you invite him to your birthday party on the beach. As everyone is having a good time, Ethan decides to take you out for a walk and go skinny dipping.

Word count: 2.455

A/N: This one is for the beautiful, kind, inspiring and amazing Miranda (also known as @dolan-twin-trash) I love you so much! If you guys have any requests please send them in because my inbox is as good as empty :)


‘Girl, you look beautiful! What are you worrying about?’ your friend asked, following  your hands which were trying to fix your hair. But you could run your hands a thousand times through that frizzy mess, it wouldn’t change a thing.

Your brows were furrowed in a deep frown as s you looked at yourself in the tiny mirror and couldn’t stand the way your hair was looking tonight. Most of the time it looked okay, but when you needed it to look good, it looked awful.

‘No no, it doesn’t,’ you cried out frustratedly and let your arms drop next to you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the air mattress on which your friend was laying. You two were getting ready in your tent, making yourselves looking all fleeky for the big party tonight. Your friend had done your make up and she was really proud of the ‘birthday look’, but unfortunately your hair had a will of his own.

It was a birthday party which your friends had organised for you, along with a short vacation on a nice camping next to the beach. You absolutely loved the beach. When you were little you went to the beach with your parents every summer. It was a place where you had made many memories.

When you felt the sand between your toes and the wind blowing through your hair, you knew you could stay there for hours and watch the sun set. The fresh water and soft sounds of the waves made your worries all seem to go away. It was simply just peaceful and it put you in a calming state of mind.

'I just want to look nice tonight, just for once. Everyone is going to look at me, you know. It’s my party,’ you said and looked at your friend. She was laying on her side and glanced up, her eyes meeting yours. She smiled and stroked your arm gently.

'I know. But you always look good, and I’m not just saying  that to make you feel better. Are you…’ She stopped for a moment, thinking she maybe shouldn’t say what she was planning on. 'What?’ You asked sharply.

She sighed. 'Do you want to look good for, I don’t know… Ethan?’ You narrowed your eyes and studied her expression to make sure she wasn’t fooling you. You opened your mouth but closed it immediately.

Yes, you liked Ethan, but it was hard for you to say that out loud. Especially because you didn’t even know yourself if he was more than just a crush.

You guys had been friends for years, but in the last few months things between you had changed. At the beginning of the school year he started flirting with you like crazy. At first you didn’t know if he was being serious, but all of your female friends said that you were blind and he was trying to make a move on you.

Your friend could read on your face you were a bit struggling. 'It’s totally fine if you do like him, Y/N. All I want to say is that you should be careful with who you trust. Ethan seems like a nice guy, but you can never be sure until you actually go and talk to him,’ she said sweetly.

'I know. He probably isn’t even interested in me,’ you said, shrugging your shoulders. All of a sudden your friend jumped up, a big smile curling around her lips. 'Don’t be so negative, you never know that!’ She helped you up and hugged you.

A feeling of warmth filled you up, realizing that the person that was holding you was more important than any  boy that would ever come into your life. And you were eternally  grateful for that.

When she pulled back to look at you, she smiled. 'Don’t worry so much, Y/N. This night is all about you. Everyone is here for you. You are amazing, even if you don’t think that sometimes.’ 'Thank you,’ you said quietly. She winked and put an arm around you, dragging you towards the opening of the tent. 'Well, come on! We have a party to get to.’


The party had started out way better than you could ever imagine. One of your friends had made an enourmous birthday cake with the cutest decoration you’d ever saw. It was edible, but it was almost a shame to eat it, so much effort she had put into the details.

After you all had eaten a piece of the amazing cake you watched the sunset together, talking and laughing and acting like the world was at your feet. There was a bonfire and a volleyball net, which of course was very inviting to you and your friends to play a few games. It was a very fun night and you couldn’t remember the last time you had such a good time and your stomach hurted from laughing too much.

When the sun had gone down and all of your friends had gathered around the bonfire to roast marshmallows, you sat down and looked around you. You felt very happy to have all these amazing people in your life, and sometimes you weren’t appreciating them enough.

When your eyes had passed all of the faces which where lightened up by the fire, you couldn’t ignore the fact that Ethan wasn’t here. He had been flirting with you all night and he even insisted on being in the same team as you with volleyball, which meant more to you than you wanted to admit. But of course you weren’t complaining.

Just when decided to excuse yourself and go look for him, someone laid a hand on your upper back and sat down on the treetrunk next to you. Before you even saw who it could be you knew it was Ethan. No one else smelled the way he did; so good and manlike.

'Ethan,’ you breathed out. 'That’s me,’ he said and grinned. 'How are you?’ 'I’m good, thanks,’ you responded. It was quiet between the two of you after that, the only sounds coming from the crackling bonfire and the giggling people around you.

You noticed your friend at the other side of the bonfire, staring at you with a meaningful look. You could slap yourself in the face for the fact you didn’t know what you could say to him. Everything that crossed your mind right now seemed so unimportant right now.

'Eh, are you having a good time?’ You asked, looking at him. He looked so insanely gorgeous. His eyes looked like they were made out of gold in the light of the fire; they had his hazy glow which was very beautiful. His hair was a bit messy from playing volleyball and his attempts to fix it with his also beautiful hands made your knees go weak.

'Yes, I’m having a great time. Thank you for inviting me,’ he responded. 'Of course, E.’ It was the first time you called him E, and you weren’t sure if he liked that. It sounded good in your ears, though.

It was quiet again between you two, but Ethan didn’t seem to mind. You saw him looking at your thighs and before he could stop himself he absently wiped the sand from your naked legs. You watched his big hand gently touching your skin. He saw you looking and immediately pulled his hand back, as if he just now realized what he was doing.

'Oh, eh, I’m sorry… I-’ he started, but you just giggled. Even in this light you could see his cheeks getting a little red. 'It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.’ You glanced up to at his face and saw he was already looking at you. 'Do you want to go for a walk?’ he asked all of a sudden.

You were caught off guard, not expecting him to ask that. You hesitated. Wouldn’t it be weird to leave at your own party?  Ethan noticed you were doubting. 'We won’t be gone for long, I promise.’ You knew Ethan always had good intentions; you trusted him. 'Okay. Sure,’ you responded.

Ethan got up and grabbed your hand to stand up, even though you could easily stand up without any help. You expected him to let go of your hand, but as you started walking you realized to your surprise that he didn’t.

The softness of his hands kept reminding you an angel was walking at your side and all you could hope was that yours weren’t sweaty, which was usual the case if you were feeling a little nervous.

Maybe it was because of the few drinks you had drank tonight or maybe it was something else, but it felt like everything had changed and everything was possible. You weren’t sure, but you did know that you needed to cherish this moment.

As you guys were walking and the tension had finally dropped from your shoulders, you started talking. And he started talking. And making you laugh. And you made him laugh as well. If it was possible to listen to his laugh forever, you definitely would. It was your favourite sound in the whole wide world.

It wasn’t long before you were so far away from the bonfire that it was just a tiny dot, far behind you. 'Do you want to go for a swim?’ Ethan asked casually. You smiled and squeezed his hand gently. 'I would love to, but I don’t have my swimsuit with me.’

'Who says you need a swimsuit?’ Ethan asked, and the tone of his voice betrayed he was up to something. Up to no good. You stopped so abruptly that Ethan let go of your hand. 'What do you mean?’ you asked, your voice almost inaudible with the sounds of the waves in the background.

'I mean… maybe we can go skinny dipping,’ he said cheeky. You giggled. 'What?’ Ethan was smiling his beautiful smile now. 'Why not? I have known you for so long, it doesn’t have to be weird.’

You looked at him for a moment and in that short moment, you knew you were in love. And maybe this would ruin everything, but you couldn’t keep lying to yourself. You loved him. More than just a friend.

'Okay,’ you responded simply and before Ethan could say anything else, you quickly took of your shirt. Luckily you had put on one of the nicest bras you had, in case Ethan was looking. He took of his shirt as well, revealing his toned torso and muscly arms.

You took of your shorts and Ethan mirrored your actions. You sucked in a deep breath as you undid yourself from your underwear. Ethan kept looking into your eyes while he took of his boxers. The soft breeze that was playing with your hair felt nice and warm on your skin, but it still made your nipples hard, for a reason you didn’t know yet.

You had never felt so exposed in your life, but for some reason you weren’t nervous or scared for him to see you naked. But still, you appreciated Ethan didn’t look at your body right away, although he probably had when you stripped yourself down in front of him.

One of the things you adored about him was that he always tried to make you comfortable, and it didn’t matter in which situation you were in. He made a funny face before he turned around to run and jump into the water, making you laugh.

You could see his bare butt before he disappeared into the darkness. You followed him instanttly and to your pleasant surprise the water wasn’t cold at all. The night air was still warm and the water was very refreshing.


After some plashing and playing around you swam to Ethan. He watched you with a look you had never seen before, but one that made your heart skip a few beats. You had never gone skinny dipping but for some reason it felt very freeing, like you were one with the water.

Ethan was standing in the water now and his feet were able to touch the bottom. He laughed when you tried to put your feet down but accidently submerged. Ethan was at least twenty centimeters taller than you and this was his chance to use that in his advantage.

'Are you okay?’ he asked when you came to the surface again, coughing. When you went down you accidently swallowed a lot of water. You couldn’t respond while you were still coughing, trying to get the salty water out of your lungs.

Ethan swam quickly to you and suddenly a pair of strong arms grabbed your back and legs. Within a second you were floating in his arms, Ethan holding you like a baby. You looked up to his beautiful face and were so amazed by his beauty that you couldn’t bring out a word.

'Did you forgot how to swim, huh?’ Ethan joked, but you could hear in his voice he was still a bit concerned. 'Luckily you were there to save me, or else I would have drowned at my own birthday party.’ Ethan grinned and slowly leaned in to press a wet but chast kiss on your forehead.

'Ethan…’ you started, feeling confused. 'I know, I know… But Y/N, I can’t lie to you anymore. Or to myself.’ 'What?’ you whispered. 'Isn’t it obvious? I freaking like you, Y/N. And if you don’t like me back then we’ll just go back to being friends again and forget this ever happened. But I have to be honest with you.’

You were almost unable to speak. What this a dream? 'I-I don’t want to go back to being your friend again…’ you said, your voice sounding raspy. Maybe it was because of the salt in your throat or the fact you were feeling emotional with Ethan admitting his feelings for you.

Ethan was quiet, waiting for you to say something else. 'All I want to do is this,’ you whispered and grabbed his jaw, gently but needy pulling him to your face. And then you kissed him.

Ethan freezed for a moment but when he realized what you were doing, he leaned in even closer and parted your lips, discovering your mouth with his tongue. A quiet moan left your mouth when you felt a tingly sensation going down your spine. You twirled your fingers in his wet curls.

Everything was so good, so perfect. When Ethan pulled back and broke the kiss, you knew it was only because he was out of breath. And when he licked his lips and leaned in again, you hoped this time it would last forever.

touka writing down baby names she thinks sound nice, kaneki takes one glance and cringes- all the kanji she’s chosen have awful alternate readings

he tentatively brings it up…

touka: you can’t talk, you named your organisation ‘goat’ after your favourite book, what are you gonna call the baby- monochrome rainbow?

Hwang Minhyun: my rival to my husband

Originally posted by oneminhyun

member: hwang minhyun
genre: fluffy
summary: you and minhyun started off as rival co workers fighting for the CEO position and end up dating and eventually getting married
requested: yes

  • you were part of a super successful law firm
  • there were two sections of the law firm, one for big businesses which took care of contracts and a bit of finance and another for private expensive lawsuits and you were the head of the private lawsuits
  • then there was your boss who was the CEO of the whole firm
  • when he decided to retire, the heads of the two sections basically had to battle it out for the CEO position
  • the other head was a polite but cold man, his name was
  • Hwang Minhyun
  • you and minhyun always had a tense relationship always trying to be better than one another because of the competition between the sections
  • that competition only increased as the CEO position was up for grabs
  • instead of exchanging your normal somewhat friendly greetings and making small talk when you have to talk to each other
  • it ended up being awkward silences, a few glares and tight lipped smiles
  • both of you were working your asses off to get this position but the CEO had such a hard time choosing because
  • you were known to be super friendly and outgoing, being a great head since you were nice but you were also very organised and made sure everyone did their work
  • but since you were more understanding and caring it was hard for you to fire people even if they were slacking off on their work especially because most people just had things that have to do with family
  • minhyun had a different way of running his section
  • he was extremely organised, through and strict
  • he was polite but very quiet, he was also extremely handsome
  • you heard many of your co workers fan over him
  • you understood where they were coming from, with his perfect skin, jet black hair, pink lips, a tall frame all wrapped up in a black suit day in and out
  • but you didn’t have time for a man at all, you were completely focused on your career and no guy you’ve met could understand that
  • you haven’t gone a date since college which was 3 years ago
  • your career was skyrocketing and now the CEO position was open with only one person between you and that position you were determined to get it
  • one day your CEO called you into his office, as you entered you saw minhyun but you knew your CEO wasn’t telling you who’s replacing him because he said he’ll announce it in a month
  • as you enter your eye catches minhyun’s and for a split second you felt butterflies, you brush it off thinking it’s just nerves
  • your CEO for your final assignment it’s decided that you and minhyun would work on a case together
  • you were about to protest but looking at minhyun smiling politely and saying it was a great idea and that he’d love to work with you
  • you whispered under your breath “suck up”
  • but you gritted your teeth and smiled and said half heartedly that it’s a great idea
  • as you were leaving you heard minhyun say quietly to you “i might be a suck up but you’re completely incompetent which means i’m definitely getting this position”
  • he smirks at you arrogantly and leaves quickly
  • you look at him leaving incredulously not believing how rude he was but you also admit you were a bit of a bitch saying he was a suck up
  • you also thought you said it quietly enough for you to hear and no one else
  • but you didn’t know how much you hurt his pride by saying he was a suck up, he just wanted to do well
  • you’re standing there dumbfounded but also hurt that he said you were incompetent especially because of how much work you put in
  • you kept what he said to yourself feeling extremely embarrassed that he said that
  • but minhyun on the other hand ranted to minki, jonghyun, dongho and youngmin
  • “she’s so annoying and rude, like calling me a suck up really?! like i’m not am i?” dongho just said that he was smirking and minhyun rolled his eyes
  • “but afterwards i was bit too harsh to her like i called her incompetent”
  • he basically went back and forward of being mad at you and feeling bad
  • anyways you end up seeing minhyun a lot because of the case
  • you guys just split the work in half and decided to meet up when it was necessary
  • it was always strained, cold and extremely short meetings but one night everyone had left except for you and him
  • you both still had to finish all your work as heads and then work on the case on top of it all
  • you end up working in the same meeting room because you need to ask each other a few things about the case and then you both would go back to typing super fast
  • you get a notification that your pizza arrived, and you’re so happy you needed pizza you were sooo hungry 
  • you dash out of meeting room as fast you can while taking off your heels, so you can run, flinging them behind you
  • minhyun is just extremely confused as he sees you bolt out of the room
  • you come back with a pizza box which smells amazing to him since he still hasn’t eaten dinner and it was 10pm
  • you also have two cans of soda with you
  • he looks at you in shock and surprise, knowing one’s for him
  • you smile brightly at him, not caring about the rude comment he made or the strained conversations because he’s working as late as you and you knew he had no dinner
  • plus he’s doing so much work, you really admire his determination and work ethic, and he really shouldn’t do it on an empty stomach
  • you say to him sweetly “here’s some pizza, i know you haven’t eaten all night and if you’re like me, you’re gonna be here for a few more hours”
  • you add apologetically “sorry it’s not beer, I don’t really drink”
  • he shyly smiles at you being taken aback from your kindness being extremely surprised by who you actually were
  • before he thought you slacked off on your work, socialised too much, and was also rude from the comment you made
  • you completely dismissed those thoughts from him, working as much as he did and really long hours as well, he saw how well organised you were and you got him some pizza even after what he said to you
  • his heart can’t help but get suddenly quicker as he looked at you and realised how pretty you are
  • how your eyes lighted up when you smiled and how you look so cute with you hair in a bit of a mess and small coffee stains on your shirt
  • he finally finds his words “oh no, i don’t really drink either, there was this one time i tried beer and i nearly choked” he ended with a chuckle
  • your heart unexpectedly flutters as you hear his soft laugh you scold yourself telling yourself you can’t like him you’re competing with him
  • plus you needed to be focused on your career and a guy can not come into the equation 
  • anyways you both eat pizza and drink soda and just have a great time, talking about work, hobbies, family, friends, your old schools
  • you both ended up sitting next to each other, helping each other with the different parts of the case
  • whenever your hands brushed against each other or you super close with each other both of your hearts speed up
  • and minhyun blushing lightly saying how hot it was in the room
  • you both end up leaving at 2am, spending a few more hours to talk than you both planned
  • as you get home you called your best friend and talk about how such an amazing guy minhyun is and how he completely understands you
  • and she’s like what?? isn’t this the guy you hated like a day ago and you were like whatever he’s amazing now
  • minhyun gets back to his apartment where minki was sprawled over the couch since he just got back from a party
  • minki looks at him for a second confused then screams ‘WHO IS SHE???”
  • minhyun replies “what, she? i’m confused”
  • minki rolls his eyes and says “the girl who’s making you like a lovesick puppy”
  • “seriously minki i do not look like a lovesick puppy but it’s the girl i was complaining about earlier, we spent the night-NO NOT IN THAT WAY WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE- but she’s super sweet and just beautiful”
  • “whatever you say minhyun-ah, but she got you wrapped around her finger” minki teased
  • “arghhhh, minkiiii, i’m just gonna go to bed” minhyun said while ruffling his hair in frustration
  • anyways
  • these sort of nights become a regular thing for you two
  • you both end up falling for each other, like a lot a lot 
  • you literally stare at each other in meetings, and when you meet eye contact both of you blush or it’s like you guys making funny faces the whole time
  • the thing is both of you know you like each other but it’s just something you both don’t talk about LIKE NEVER cause you’re shy beans
  • you guys finish the case and it ends up being such a success
  • the CEOnim asks you two since you both performed so well you both could have a joint CEO position
  • you two both agree happily and after all the papers are signed
  • you jump into minhyun’s arms exclaiming how happy you are and he beams back at you saying he’s so glad that you can share the position to
  • you both suddenly realise how close you are to each other
  • he whispers to you “y/n can i kiss you?”
  • your heart explodes and you give him a small nod and a smile
  • he gives you a sweet and soft kiss on the lips it was short but you loved it  it felt so right and you felt all warm and fuzzy inside
  • he starts speaking again “as you can tell i like you, like so much and i have since the night you brought me pizza, so will you be my girlfriend?”
  • he can’t meet your eyes and is face his bright red you giggle softly at the sight
  • you cups his face gently and look at him directly in the eye
  • “i’d love to be your girlfriend minhyun.”
  • he smiles a bright smile and you can’t help but admire the way his eyes crinkle up as he does
  • he hugs you tightly, him remembering the scent of you and how you fit perfectly in his arms
  • anyways you guys date for about a year before he pops the question
  • lol don’t kill me for skipping so much it’s gonna be too long if i do it all
  • you guys end up moving in together in the apartment which is provided for the CEO of the company
  • dates with him consisted of like amazing dinner and movie dates, walks and picnics in the park, or just cuddling up on the sofa with your favourite pizza and soda
  • the whole joint CEO system worked super well
  • your personalities balanced each others perfectly
  • minhyun also became much more friendly and open because of you
  • you were like a little sister to all the nu’est guys and they always sided with you instead of minhyun
  • “youngmin oppaaaa minhyun won’t let me eat his chocolate” you say pouting to youngmin
  • “HYUNGGG WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TAKE HER SIDE??” minhyun complains
  • “BECAUSE I LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU” youngmin retorts while scoffing
  • you open your mouth cutely and minhyun feeds you a chocolate trying to be pissed off but he fails at not smiling when he saw you moan how good it was he laughed super loudly
  • anyways it was just a random night and you and minhyun doing your favourite date, cuddling, eating pizza and watching netflix
  • as you were on the couch, you notice there was no pizza and you asked minhyun where the pizza box was and he replied “this box?”
  • you gasp as you saw the small velvet box
  • he got down on one knee and smiles at you he starts to talk sweetly to you
  • “y/n exactly one year ago, i fell in love with you, you brought me pizza and a can of soda remember? so a year later here i am completely devoted and madly in love with you. you are my other half and i can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else so y/n will you be my wife, mrs minhyun hwang?”
  • as he finished, you started crying and said “YES! YES! YES! minhyun i love you so much, i truly couldn’t imagine my life without you”
  • he slides the ring up your fourth finger
  • your hug him super tightly feeling like the happiest person in the world
  • time skip after the wedding cause you’re really lazy author is NOT BOTHERED i’m sorry okayyyy still love meee
  • your wedding was amazing, it was super small and very low key, with only your closest friends and family for a short ceremony and the reception was a fancy meal
  • the vows exchanged were super sweet and everyone at the wedding could see the love radiating from you two
  • you decided not to go on a honeymoon because of how busy you were both at the company
  • your marriage was amazing the best way to describe it is comfortable
  • you both helped each other so much at work and at home
  • you would work like such a well oiled machine at work you’d be across from each other offices
  • always bringing each other coffee and drinks
  • being the ultimate couple in your company
  • doing like work 2x faster because of each other
  • you’d both get to work and drive back at home at the same time since minhyun loves driving you two
  • you’d sometimes just go on a detour to like mcdonalds to get dinner
  • or like drive around the city
  • at home everything is super nice like you’d do the chores together (mostly minhyun tbh) and like have so much fun doing it
  • cooking was extremely simple because both of you didn’t know how to cook
  • when both of you tried to cook it would be a complete disaster which ended up both of you getting head to toe covered in different ingredients or something burning
  • “oopsie, would a kiss make it better?” he would say cutely
  • “no, make it again, i don’t want your kisses” you’d say jokingly pissed off
  • he’d wrap your arms around you giving you a back hug
  • “ohhhh come onnn, hmmm how about tickling?” then he’d tickle you and you’d burst out laughing
  • he’d tickle you so much you end up spilling the cake batter all over you him
  • “oopsieee” you say sweetly, smiling cheekily
  • and minhyun looks at you in disbelief and then he throws an egg at you smirking at you as you look at him in fake shock
  • which basically ends up into a huge food fight
  • moving on
  • you guys love cuddling up on the couch whether it ended up with you two doing work or just watching netflix it was just nice to have each other there
  • the favourite bit of your day was when both of you were about to sleep
  • and you’d just be in minhyun’s arms and you could hear his steady heartbeat
  • you just felt so loved and happy when you were with him
  • whether that was at work or at home, night or day it really didn’t matter because he was so completely in love with you and you were too
  • you knew that you would be one of those lucky couples which grew old together not only because of your love but how you guys were best friends and how comfortable you guys were with each other
  • you knew
  • hwang minhyun will forever and always be your husband and you will always be his wife

IM SORRY FOR LIKE SKIPPING THE WEDDING & LIKE A LOT OF THE DATING. I HAVE A MAJOR MATHS TEST TOMORROW AND LIKE I DIDN’T REVISE AND WROTE INSTEAD lmao next few hours just gonna be revision.  I hope y’all still liked it tho even tho it was pre rushed. The request was actually just marriage life with minhyun but like i basically made it into an enemy to lovers to married couple so whoopsss. anon who requested hope you still like it!!! 

All yours

Request: I like your writing so much! Could you write something where the reader and Peter Parker fight, but he apologises and they end up together or something like that?

Note: I love working on your requests, so don’t be afraid to send me more. I also appreciate every single like or reblog my posts get, it makes me so happy that people actually read my stuff . Enjoy !


,,How long are you planning to ignore him?“ MJ asks you while hiding her face behind one of her many books. You just shrug your shoulders and continue picking on your food, not feeling hungry at all. Normally you would sit with Ned and Peter, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Sometimes each of you would just enjoy their food in a comfortable silence, on other days you would joke around so much that your whole stomach hurts from laughing too much. Those are your favourite days, because it made you forget how distant Peter has been lately and how many times he denied your offer for watching a movie or to study together.
Since Peter and you got into a huge fight two weeks ago, none of you talked to each other and you started to spent your lunchtime with MJ, who is also a nice company. She doesn’t talk much but she’s always listening and probably gives the most honest answers you’ve ever heard.
,,I don’t know, I have to get over him and I know exactly that I can’t do that if I talk to him everyday.” You finally answer while thinking about his smile, and how much you miss to see it. Even Ned noticed the tension between Peter and you, giving you confused glances but you’d always shrug it off. Ned is more a best friend and loyal to Peter than to you, which is totally okay but you don’t want to tell him anything cause otherwise Peter is going to know it too.
You still remember how everything started, how stressed and grumpy Peter was. He came to school, big backs under his eyes from sleepless nights. He didn’t say Hi to you, treating you like air. You thought he just had a bad day and let it pass, but when he started to ignore you more often you confronted him. He said he was tired and wanted to be alone, something your best friend never said before. He never pushed you away like that, and seeing him in school laughing with Ned made you so mad.
So you tried to talk to him again, and this time he used his internship as an excuse and that he is sorry but has no time to hang out.
That was two weeks ago, and since that day none of you have spoken a word.
It brakes your heart to not hear his voice anymore or to laugh with him about some stupid comment Ned made.
When you see him in school, you always try to walk past him without making eye contact, deciding he can come to you this time. But nothing happens, and day after day you feel your heart breaking more. You thought that Peter liked you too, at least like a friend.
You started to make new friends at school, something you never considered as an option before. It has always been Peter and you.
You even hang out with Flash a few times during lunch, but you hated it.
,,You two are friends, don’t be so stubborn and ruin your friendship with him just because he’s treating you like shit. He will come and apologise sooner or later, can’t you see how he looks at you?“ MJ looks up from her chemistry Book and turns to the next page, eyes already glued on the paper.
,,There’s the point, he’s not looking at me at all.” You mumble frustrated before getting up and leaving an eye rolling MJ behind. You decide to spend the rest of your break on your locker, to make it more organised and nice.
You order your books in silence when you suddenly hear someone walking down the hall, turning your head into the direction.
Standing there is no one else than Peter Parker himself, with his hands next to his side and a clenched Jaw.
,,Y/N we have to talk.“ He sounds so confident and serious, something Peter normally struggles with. He always sounded shy but smart, choosing his words carefully.
,,I don’t think so.” You shut your locker and start to walk into the other direction, not feeling ready to face and forgive Peter yet. It kills you to leave him behind, but you felt so sad and lonely the last weeks, all because of him.
,,You can’t just ignore me !“ He shouts and you freeze, taking a deep breath.
,,Oh I can’t? And what about you? What gave you the right to ignore me !” You shout back, getting angrier the more you think about it.
Peter doesn’t move as well but his eyes never leave yours.
,,I had my reasons and you know that! You’re acting like a child, it’s ridiculous.“ He shakes his head and you start to walk towards him, your knuckles white from digging your nails into your palm.
,,I can’t believe you’re really saying that. No reason can be good enough to hurt his best friend like that! Do you know how lonely I felt? I don’t think anyone ever hurt me that much, and I expected someone else to do that but not you!” You are no longer shouting, but the disappointment and anger lingers in your voice and clearly can not be overheard.
,,I already apologised and explained to you that I can’t hang out because of the internship, you don’t understand how-“
,,No.” You interrupt him coldly.
,,I truly don’t understand. I don’t understand how you can ignore me, but laugh with Ned as if nothing happened. And I can’t understand why an internship is stopping you from talking to me in school, or even looking at me. If you don’t want to hang out with me, have the guts and say it straight away instead of making such a lame excuse.“ You swallowed hard and bite your lip, finger pointing to his chest. you don’t like the way this conversation is going but Peter sounds so egoistic and ignorant. You feel like he doesn’t like you anymore.
,,Why don’t you go to Flash and hang out with him then? Looks like I’m not longer enough for you anyway. ” Peters veins start to grow with every minute you’re arguing and his head turns a light shade of red.
,,What?“ You stumble in disbelieve.
,,Do you really think I don’t see how you two look at each other? You ditched me to show him something ! And than you’re mad at me for ignoring you? I have better stuff to do than watching the girl I love smiling for a guy who doesn’t deserve her! ” Peters whole body is tensed and you’re taken back by his words, mouth slightly open but no words come out. You have never seen Peter like that before, he never shouted at you or gave you the fault for something. His harsh tone makes you completely forget that he said that he loves you, something you’ve been dying to hear.
,,That was weeks ago! and I’m not hanging out with Flash, well at least I wasn’t before you cut me out of your life.“ Your hands gesture wild between the two of you and your voice cracks at the end, you are tired of fighting and are close to crying.
,,I ignored you because I had to! You don’t understand. Do you think it’s easy for me to not look at you, listen to your voice and laugh at your stupid jokes? You are all I think about, I can never get you out of my mind. But I can’t risk loosing you as friend, I had to get away from you to clear my mind. How am I supposed to get over you when we are always together?” He sinks his head and runs a hand threw his messy curls.
,,You never lost me until now.“
Your answer makes his head pop up again and he narrows his eyes, this time he is the one to question your words.
,,You heard right. I want you, I want you so bad. I want us to be more than friends, more than this.” You show between the two of you before continuing.
,,but I am so hurt. I still can’t understand how you could do that to me. Even when you were all over Liz I stood by your side, supporting you with all my heart even tho it was killing me! How can you be so selfish, the Peter I know would have never done that.“ A single tear slips out of your eye and you rub it away, but it doesn’t goes unnoticed by the boy in front of you. His face softens instantly and the bad feeling in his stomach increases by ten. He hates to see you cry, and knowing that he is the reason for it makes him feel like the baddest person alive.
,,I’m sorry Y/N. But Stark told me to get over you so I could concentrate on my work again. I messed everything up that I touched because my mind was always stuck on you. I know it’s no excuse to end the contact with you, but I had to get away from you. I never planned for it to go that way, but I, I just didn’t know how I should concentrate on anything else when I’m hanging out with you. When I saw you with Flash I felt so jealous and hurt that I said some things I didn’t meant that way, but I was too stubborn to apologise. And that was so, so wrong of me. Even now, I never wanted to shout at you but you drive me insane. I can’t have you as my friend any longer, it’s killing me to be close to you without being able to kiss, less touching you. I know I screwed up, but I hope you feel the same and forgive me someday. I just want you to know that I am truly sorry and realised I was wrong.” He looks you in the eyes one last time before turning around to make his way into his next class, and the chaos in your head is getting the best out of you. Your mind is racing and processing everything Peter just said. Peter Parker, your crush since primary school confessed his feelings to you. Your head feels dizzy from all the arguing, but before Peter complete disappeared from your view you made up your mind.
,,Parker.“ Is all you say. He stops in his tracks, eyes looking at you from over his hanging shoulders.
,,I forgive you.” The words slip out of your mouth and all your anger is gone, remembering MJ’s words to not be stubborn. Peter apologised and opened up to you. He might made a mistake, but your heart craves for him too much to not forgive him.
,,Are you s-sure?“ Suddenly the shy Peter is back and his eyes widen in shock, face all pale.
,,Yeah. I can understand how you feel, but it’s still no apology for how you treated me. But you apologised and try to make up for your mistake, and we’ve gone threw too much to end things like that. Plus you can be extremely lucky that I fell for you as well, otherwise I would still be mad. ” you cross your arms over your chest and observe the boy in front of you.
,,I will never do that again.“ He whispers while slowly walking towards you, every step taken with care.
,,so you really want to be mine?” He asks insecure while taking your hand. His hands feel a bit sweaty and warm, but you still take it with excitement in your stomach, yours not feeling any better.
,,If you claim me as an object, yes.“ You joke to brake the tensed atmosphere and Peter lets out a shaky laugh while giving you his prettiest smile you’ve ever seen, because it is only for you.
Your eyes wander from his lovely brown eyes to his lips who are slightly chapped.
His eyes do the same, and before you two have any time to adore the others faces more you feel his lips on yours.
He kisses you so carefully that your lips barely touch, more stroking each other. Both of your eyes are closed and you enjoy the feeling of Peter being this close, taking his scent in.
Your one hand grabs the fabric of his sweater while your other hand wanders up to his neck, finding the right place to rest on.
His hands do the same by cupping your face and feeling your hot skin.
Peter tastes like peppermint gum and you welcome his attempt to kiss you by deepening it. Peter gets your signal and takes all his courage by fighting for dominance, wanting the kiss to feel as perfect for you as it does to him.
After some time you two pull away to catch your breaths, your noses touching while your lips are only inches apart.
,,Miss Y/L/N and Mister Parker aren’t you two supposed to be somewhere else than kissing here?” One of your teachers approaches you two and you instantly blush, hiding yourself behind Peter.
He is embarrassed as well, but just nods.
,,Yes we are, and I am sorry for that. We will go to our lessons now.“ Peter grabs your hand and gently intertwines your fingers with his before walking the long corridor down.
,,By the way I am not sorry.” He makes a corny remark that makes you laugh and you just kiss his lips once more, not getting enough of them like an addict.
Luckily you two have physics together and your teacher is always late, so there is a light chance of staying out of trouble.
But even if you’d get caught, you don’t mind.
You’re finally with the boy you love, being able to call Peter Parker all yours.

Dear Baby Studyblrs...

I’ve noticed some studyblrs confess that they feel a pressure to have it together and live up to the perfectly organised studyblr aesthetic. This is a new pressure; before instagramming our daily lives became ubiquitous nobody would see your notes but yourself. And whilst it’s nice to feel like your notes are beautiful, they don’t have to be to get the job done. And I speak as someone who has made some pretty gorgeous notes, and also some that are completely incomprehensible to all except myself.

So here goes…

It doesn’t matter if your study space isn’t picture perfect as long as it works for you. It doesn’t matter if your notes are neat, perfectly written in 5968 colours of sparkly pen, or messy biro on loose sheets of paper. As long as it works for you. It doesn’t matter if you buy branded stationery or use whatever you could get your hands on. As long as it serves the purpose of helping you learn.

Pretty spaces and neat notes are lovely, but you do not necessarily need these things to study effectively. There are as many different ways to study as there are people doing said studying. There’s no need to feel pressured to buy stationery you can’t afford. There’s no need to feel bad about  having a less-than-picture-perfect setup. Don’t feel like you have to spend an age crafting perfect- looking notes, if that time would be better spent moving onto the next study topic. You may prefer one approach at one point in the process, and a completely different approach closer to exam time.

The aim of studying is to learn effectively. Preferably whilst enjoying it, of course. Sometimes it is enjoyable and effective to make pretty notes. At other times, making perfect notes is literally the most useless and stressful thing compared to just reading through material at a more reasonable pace.  Like making perfect notes? Awesome. Need your messy chaos? Also awesome.

Recent Larry and 1D updates (Liam’s recent interview response)

Here is a very brief summary of some of the Larry related occurrences that I can remember happening since I finished my main Larry proof essay, but I mainly discuss Liam’s recent interview describing the lack of freedom in One Direction and how I hope we can all react to it. *


Since Harry’s yellow trousers with black stripes Louis has also worn yellow trousers with black stripes and Harry has worn another yellow and black stripy jumper (bee symbolism) Zayn got a bear tattoo heavily resembling RBB and made sure it was visible in the rip of his jeans for paparazzi to photograph. Louis got a tattoo of an ‘E’ on his hand and Eleanor got an ‘L’ tattoo on her hand, however there have been subsequent videos and photos of both of them without the letters on their hands. Louis was in LA only for the duration that Harry was in LA then went back to London when Harry also went back to London. Louis has worn nothing but white shirts right up until Two Ghosts was announced as Harry’s next single (the song where he sings about Louis in white shirts)

* Most notably, Liam has continued to reveal how restricted him and the other boys were in One Direction. He’s been explaining that his lyric “I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free” references how Harry wasn’t allowed to wear high waisted, bell bottom trousers and Zayn wasn’t allowed to dye his hair. Louis has also discussed at length how he was constantly made to feel like “the one at the back” of the band who didn’t get a single solo in the entirety of The X Factor, and didn’t have the confidence to ever see what it was that he was contributing to the band. It is also known that Niall barely had any solos either, and was forced to perform with a broken leg. Harry was forced to perform with a constantly bad back, and him and the other boys would still perform even when they lost their voices or were unwell, and Zayn obviously left the band due his lack of input in the music and the effect the entire thing had on his anxiety and his eating habits. It has also recently come out that someone spent 20 minutes pleading with Harry to not go on TV with lipstick on. One Direction’s make-up artist even said that she thought men should look like men and not be feminine and that if the 1D boys even requested their eyebrows to be slightly plucked that she would refuse to do it. I also recently learnt that Liam even had to spend time in hospital because of the impact that an alcohol problem was having on his health.

I’m bringing this news up and discussing it for a few reasons – we knew that One Direction were under heavy professional control with their gruelling schedules and the fact that they did an album and a world tour every year for five years with basically no break, but learning more specifically about just how severe their personal control was, has been shocking. These boys were as young as 16, and for them to be manipulated and pushed to the point of alcoholism, eating disorders, anxiety and hospitalisation, and for them to be so forcefully gendered, is disgraceful. I’m writing about this to process it myself. I could link it back to Larry and say that if management spent an entire 20 minutes begging Harry to take lipstick off and forcing him to wear more masculine clothes then why is it a surprise that they would closet his and Louis sexuality and relationship, as much as I believe that I’m more so bringing this up to try and calm people down.

Everyone has understandably been very upset to hear that Harry wasn’t allowed to dress how he wanted or wear make-up if he wanted to, and I am really shocked and saddened to only just learn about how terrible things got for Liam, but I just wanted to try and reassure people to not let this news affect us too much. It’s obviously heart-breaking. No one should be made to feel like who they are is not enough or is somehow wrong. No one should be forcefully told how to dress, how to look, how to act, what to say, who to love, or who to be, especially not at such an important and impressionable age when they are only just learning these things about themselves anyway. No one should be pressured and overworked and controlled to the point where it impacts their own physical and mental health or their own opinions about themselves. Especially not for up to 7 years. And most of all, none of these things should have been inflicted for somebody else to profit from.

BUT, however sad and unfair and wrong this is, we must absolutely not let this negatively affect our own emotions. As hard as this may be to hear, there is not much we can do about it. This is not necessarily our fight. All we can do is continue to love and support all the boys. We can do this the same way we always have - by sending nice messages on social media, listening to their music, being kind to them if we meet them, organising fan projects when we can, and reminding them that we value and respect them for who they are. That might not sound like much, but it is. We know that they appreciate this, because they always tell us that they do.

And if all this gets too much for you, then never forget that you are always allowed to take a step back and you should always look after yourself first. The boys wouldn’t want you to be upset. There are enough of us out there to keep supporting One Direction if some of us need a break, and the lads themselves have each other and their friends and families to support them too. Being a fan is meant to be fun and enjoyable. And the boys themselves have still had an absolutely amazing time and have been happy and made such valuable friendships with each other and have not given up. They are strong. And so are we. And as they say - just hold on, remember everything will be alright, we’re fireproof and nobody can drag us down.

And lastly, here are all the positive and beautiful things we should focus on –

Harry is out there right now finally able to openly wearing pink, satin, velvet, golden, embellished, sequin, high waisted, flared, women’s trousers, lilac, pink ruffled, women’s blouses, fully painted nails, probably some lipstick every now and again, in public, looking amazing, with a real smile on his face, and being continuously respected and accepted for it, by the fashion world and the general public, as well as writing his own honest and personal music that he is proud of. Harry covering his ‘things I can’t’ tattoo with an eagle tattoo shortly after One Direction’s hiatus is surely a metaphor for this freedom.

Louis got a serious and honest solo interview with a respected journalist which won him enormous love, respect and acknowledgement from the general public. There have been articles written solely about his music and not just his private life and the promotion for his new single is much better than it was for his first single. He is writing his own solo album and is finally feeling really confident and excited about his own abilities as a singer.

Niall is also writing his own solo album under his own conditions and in his own time and is also feeling confident in his own abilities as a singer and songwriter, and out of all the boys he now has the most followers on Twitter, which has happened purely as a result of good music and good promotion for it.

Zayn was able to finally make the type of music that he wanted to make, can dye and cut and style his hair however he wants and has had quiet time to himself to deal with his anxiety and his eating, as well as be honest and open about it.

Liam seems happy and healthy, his music is being is really well received and he has more control over his own words and the freedom to sing honestly about what he wants to say, and most of all, the fact that Liam is able to finally talk so openly about the lack of freedom in One Direction is a positive indicator at the increasing distance between them and 1D’s management.

Since the hiatus, all the boys have been doing what they want for themselves and have been genuinely happy, and have been constantly supporting each other publicly. As much as I miss them together and I do want them to come back, I want it to happen under the best possible circumstances, at the time that they want it to, and if they all definitely do want it. Although, as mentioned in my main essay, there is so much we don’t know, it seems like although things aren’t perfect and there is still a long way to go and they are still under control, things are the best they can be, and they are maybe the best they have been.

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn seem happy at the minute and they have more freedom than they have had since 1D began. No matter what they’ve gone through and although they aren’t perfect and we don’t know them personally, the boys are still true to themselves and their work, they’re doing brilliantly on their own and they continue to inspire and encourage people to stay strong and be themselves – if that’s not something to celebrate then I don’t know what is.

Finally, without wanting to sound like I’m telling you how to feel or that I would even have any right to do that, I would just like to advise you to please try not to worry or to get too emotional, and please try to always see the positives. Put yourself, your own feelings and your own life first and just enjoy being a fan :) 

Radiance Book Club Pre-launch News!

Yeah I know not everyone has the hard copy yet (come on DHL!!! They’re coming next Tuesday! They better be.)


Once the electronic version is out you’ll find multiple things happening here on the book club site!

Here’s a taster….

*tumblr bookclub with weekly kick off queries

*Interviews with artists and authors!

*Fandom feedback! I’ve seen some lovely stuff on Twitter!

*Links to new work inspired by the anthology (inameitlater and Electrarhodes are organising a collection over on AO3 - ‘Fuel_for_Radiance’).

*Advice on how to run a book club on slack or similar, on skype, on twitter, and face to face!

*Book club questions for specific pieces of art and fic.

*A year’s worth of activities and prompts to get you thinking about the anthology, the fandom, meta, the series, cons, and other gorgeous stuff.

*Other exciting (?) and possibly relevant (hmm) re-blogs and posting…

We might have a little bit of time before season four, but really, it will just fly!

( @wraithsonwingsposts and @radiance-anthology ) it’d be lovely if you spread the word!

Just chuckin @radiancebookclub on your post and I’ll find it! And re-blog…

In case anyone is wondering or worrying this is all done with permission from the anthology organisers.. participation is entirely voluntary on the part of artists and writers… 👋🏽 oh and general principle for posts? Play nice.. we eat the rude etc etc. You don’t like some fic or art? No problem (though the whole thing about pay attention to tags, you don’t like it, don’t read it etc applies here.) You want to bitch about the artist or writer personally? Not so much.

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Fuck Boy (Skate Maloley)

Synopsis: After getting invited to Skate’s bedroom, things get a little intense, and you don’t mind. 

“Who’s this?” His dark eyes glaze over your body, stopping just at the right spots before meeting your gaze with his own. 

“This is, Y/N.” Derek Luh answers his question, “Y/N, this is Skate.” The boy was covered in tattoos and smelt highly of alcohol and weed. He had a sense of danger that sent your mind into overdrive. 

You smile at Skate, “nice to meet you,” his gaze meets yours once more and a coy smile appears on his lips. 

“I know, right,” he chuckles, all while checking out your figure, “you should come with me.” He gestures with his head to the bedroom upstairs. Your eyes walk up every step as you contemplate your decision. 

You shrug, “sure,” his arm extends and his hand finds yours, the pair of you climb the stairs leaving Derek Luh at the bottom questioning what had just happened. You enter his bedroom, it was messy, but it looked like the kind of mess that was organised. There were polaroids of girls hung up on his wall, it looked like there was enough for a new girl every day of the year. 

“Another notch on your bed post?” You question at the girls on his wall. 

He shrugs, “maybe one or two,” he was lying, he had slept with every single one of them. They were pretty girls, ranging from all different sizes and ethnicities. He really didn’t have a ‘type’ per say. 

You sigh, fingers drawing over the books on his self, it looked like they were all of the required readings he had to do in high-school as well as a few comic books and music books, “you like to snoop,” he comments, coming up behind you his arms find your waste and his lips find your shoulder. He was highly intoxicated and you were just under the limit. 

“Maybe once or twice,” you breathe, countering his observation, his lips go to work on your neck sucking and nibbling, leaving goosebumps all of your body. His hands travel up to your breasts and he squeezes them in his hand before turning you around and pressing you up against the bookshelf. 

“I think that’s enough small talk,” he whispers against your lips, slowly and surely pressing a kiss to your plump bottom lip. Your fingers tangle in his long hair as you taste the last joint he smoked twenty minutes before the encounter. 

His hands travel to your ass and he squeezes it in the same way that he squeezed your breasts just before, he lifts you up and wraps your legs around his waist, making his way over to his bed with you in his grasp. 

Within a few moments, your clothes were off and on the floor and you were dressed only in your pretty little lingerie. As he kisses you, you feel him reach for his camera on the table beside his bed. 

“What are you doing?” You whisper, wondering how you were okay with this situation but something about it felt so good. 

He chuckles, snaps a picture and smiles at you, “just another notch on my bedpost,” before pressing his body into yours again to escalate the situation. 

This makes Nate look so bad, but I’m kind of digging it tbh. If you want a pt. 2 lemme know! - Bri x

For @kkkkkelsy who asked;

Hello!☺️ It’s so nice to visit your studyblr. I think your studyblr and notes are so awesome. 😍 And I wonder how to take notes with color pens. Because my notes are always too colorful to review but if I only write in black, I can’t find the key point easily.

Hey! Oh god yes, sometimes I’ll be so engrossed with annotating or highlighting with different colours that when I step back to review my notes, it looks as if someone’s vomited a rainbow over my page.

Here are my three tips to avoid looking like your page has been destroyed;

1. Create a legend

  • Useful for 
    • Note taking
    • Annotating articles/notebooks/journal articles/ cases ○
    • Language Study 
    • Speed reading large chunks of text 
  • Method 
    • Assign a label to each colour
    • Each colour will correspond to a category of information
    • This will help you find all the key points related to a particular topic
    • (So if you write in black, you can write all your keywords/ definitions in colour)
  • Examples
    • Here: yellow=section, blue = grammar structure, orange = particle, pink = new vocabulary, green = things I already know. 
    • Here green = legal issue , yellow = legal principle, blue= argument, pink = application to facts

2. Limit the colours you use

  • Useful for 
    • Review sheets
    • Chapters/ large topics
  • Method 
    • Pick 2-3 colours for each chapter 
    • Write all the sub points in the other colour / black or blue pen
    • When you change chapter, change to different set of colours.
    • The key is to limit the colours you use per page, thus making it easier to read
    • Useful for exam revision - in theory, the headings are used as memory prompts
  • Example
    •  Here: three branches of government, three different colour schemes for each one

3. Colour each section or heading in a completely different colour

  • Useful for 
    • Comparing /Contrasting perspectives 
    • Timelines
    • Essay plans 
  • Method 
    • Colour each paragraph/chunk of notes/ section in a completely different colour 
    • Each viewpoint has a different colour 
    • Each time period has a different colour 
  • Examples 

Which one should I use?

The method I choose will depend on the subject, the type of content, and what I’m going to do with those notes (e.g. use them as revision, exam notes, or use them to write an essay). I will also combine two methods.

Why bother colour coding?

It may prompt your memory. When you have 200+ pages of notes for exams, its easier to locate key points. It makes it easier to organise and plan an essay.

What if I don’t have colourful pens?

Don’t fret! Got a pen and a pencil? Alternate between the two. Underline key points. Write keywords, headings etc in UPPERCASE and associated points in lower case. Experiment with different handwriting styles and sizes.

This is all nice and well, but I type my notes!

So do I! The heading options, customising my keyboard, shortcuts and the ToC have been my bffl throughout law school. Seriously.

Other tips I have found useful: 

In the end, its not the sheer number of colours you use but the ease of access that’s important.

If you have any questions about this feel free to ask here!

Hope this helps!

- fuckstudy.

*the notes supplied are for demonstrational purposes only. TL;DR these notes are old as fuck, there will be errors, and are used for example purposes only


Image 1:

Text says “but why don’t you just tell me how to make it accessible?”

Image 2:

Text says
I just want to exist
Without having to teach you

Sometimes it is just very nice
To be A person and not THE person
The one who needs the accommodations

Sometimes I wish I could be!
Be without having to fight
Be, without having to explain

Be who I am
Just be me
Just be”


I do a HECK OF A LOT of free labour around disability. Here I’m trying to look at access in general, mostly relating to events though.

Some of the advocacy and activism I do is brought on from my own needs and necessities of life, but I always try to generalise and emphasise it’s not just about me, and that it shouldn’t take the one person who’s trying to take on this big task for them to consider disabled people (because, often, you’d think I’m the first disabled person to say “hello, I have access needs”, seriously).

I emphasise that my needs are my needs, and that I’m not The Voice of Accommodations.

Some of it also comes in more roundabouts ways. It’s me purposefully saying “hey, there’s no info about access for your event” or “I’m not answering these questions about access because you’re asking me how long a piece of string is” or saying “I won’t be doing this, because it’s not accessible to me”.

And regularly people do say “oh, what can we do then?”

And sometimes I try and help a bit.

And sometimes I just want to say: you know what? You’re an event organiser. Or a This. Or a That. It’s also your job to figure this out. Asking what you can do to help is literally the bare minimum. You’re still asking me to do all the work.

And you might think I know how to help.

But I don’t.

I sometimes don’t even know what *I* need.

I’m not the voice of access by virtue of being disabled.

Heck, after organising an event myself, with other disabled people, we focussed so much time and energy on accessibility and we still fucked up some aspects, because despite having varied disabilities, not all of us are able to voice our needs. And it’s not surprising because, after all, many of us just never have our needs met! So it becomes hard to know what would help, because we’ve been taught to overcompensate. To do without. To struggle.

So. I empathise with those people who think they’re being very nice and accommodating by saying “what do you need?”

But I also think my time and energy are worth something, and if you’re the one being paid to do the thing, then do your own work too. Because otherwise you’re asking a marginalised person who has many struggles to do your job for you, and you get to pat yourself on the back by saying “I consulted someone on this”.

Well don’t pat yourself on the back so fast.

If I don’t respond to your demands yet complain later that your event wasn’t accessible, don’t think I’m ungrateful because you did ask.

Asking isn’t enough.

Shore Leave

Jim Kirk X female Reader

Summary: You go on shore leave with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and your best friend Nyota tries to convince you to ask your crush, Jim Kirk, on a date.

Word Count: 2,296

Characters: Reader, Jim Kirk, Nyota Uhura, Leonard McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Spock (mentioned), Christine Chapel (mentioned)

Warnings: Kissing, slight flirting, the ocean, okay-ish writing

Author’s Note: I started this as a way to break writer’s block, but it turns out this is the longest fic I’ve written to date. I really hope you like it, I tried not to be too out of character, please tell me if you think I’ve failed at that. Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. I am not good at writing endings, so sorry ‘bout that. I used the prompt “Don’t get your hopes up” as a starting point on this.


Also, for some reason I see the song Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant fitting in here somewhere.

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(Gif credit belongs to owner)

“He’s staring at you again,” your best friend Nyota told you, gesturing behind you to the captain. You were eating lunch in the commissary when she spoke up.

“Are you serious? Ugh, Ny, what am I supposed to do,” you ask desperately.

“Ask him out? Come on, we both know you like him too.”

“Even if that were true, I can’t just ask Kirk on a date! He’s captain of the freaking ship, I’m just a lieutenant. And we’re only on year one of a five year mission. Things could go horribly!” you exasperate.

“(Y/N) calm down. It was just a suggestion,” Nyota says placatingly.

Wanting to change the subject, you asked a question. “What are you and Spock planning to do while on shore leave? I heard Risa is a very beautiful class M planet.”

“I read about a few interesting places. Luckily we’ll be there during the Luhlanat, or festival of moons, so I think Spock and I are going to that. What about you?” Uhura decides to go along with the shift in conversation.

“Probably just soaking up the sun on the beach. You have no idea how much I miss being able to feel the organic, solar heat. Which reminds me, I need to replicate a cute swimsuit.” You make a mental note to do that later.

“Is there anybody special that you need a cute swimsuit for?” your friend questions playfully. You scowl at her as way of reply and continue to eat your synthesized food.

A few moments later when you’re about to leave, a yellow shirt enters your field of sight. You sigh inwardly as you already know who it is. “Mind if I walk down to Med-bay with you? I’m on my way to see Bones.”

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What is Camp Dan and Phil?

Hello and welcome to Dan and Phil camp, a summer camp lasting one week for all the nerds in the phandom that don’t like going outside!

I, ( @phlanetary ), thought I could answer some questions I’ve received about the event!

1: What the heck is this?
Camp Dan and Phil is an event lasting one week during the summer (dates are not decided yet!) where the goal is to have a nice time and meet new friends. The week is going to be full of little camp activities, such as storytelling (writing/recommending phanfics), movie night ( dnp videos) and maybe some little competitions here and there!

2: Is the camp going to be online?
Yes! No irl socialising required.

3: Do I need to be active to participate?
Not at all. All the activities are optional and it’s meant to be a fun, relaxing event for anyone to enjoy.

4: Can I help organising the event?
If you want to help with the event you can sign up to be an admin

5: How do I sign up as a participant/camper?
Sign-ups will open when admins have been selected and we’ve got the blog and most of the activities planned!

6: How many people can participate?
Everyone who signs up will get a camping spot, no matter how many there are.

7: Where is this happening?
The main place where you’ll be hanging out the most is your ‘tent’ (which is essentially a group chat with a couple of other campers, your ‘squad’). Then there’s this blog which is going to contain all the activities and updates. Some of the activities might take place on other websites such as various online games or streaming websites but we’ll make sure to inform you beforehand!

If you have any more questions I’m happy to answer them!

— Simon