nice and neat

Dead Sea has nice, neat handwriting. Like, REALLY neat. His threat letters to Forlorn Hope do baffle people because ‘damn the brutes writing is really nice’

okay but have you considered: Hamilton and Eliza’s relationship in “The Last Five Years order” (Eliza’s storyline starting at the end and moving backward, Hamilton’s storyline starting at the beginning and moving forward)

  1. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? – Eliza
  2. A Winter’s Ball – Hamilton
  3. Burn – Eliza
  4. Story of Tonight (reprise) – Hamilton
  5. Take a Break – Both
  6. That Would Be Enough – Eliza
  7. Say No to This – Hamilton
  8. Helpless – Eliza
  9. Best of Wives and Best of Women – Hamilton

I put it into a nice neat playlist for you all to listen and cry along [x]

I’m sorry and you’re welcome.



part 1 |  part 2 | part 3

the!! final!! installment!! i got lazy about tracing the vongola emblem (yes i admit to tracing it, damn you amano for making elaborate emblems) and then got less lazy about making the rest of the pages look nice and neat, so the quality jumps from part to part haha. anyway. it’s done. aw ye.




2- @steelsoldier, the guy who makes all the animations in my comics and gifs for the blog. THUMBS UP FOR YOU, I AM YOUR FAN, thank you for everything you do ;v;<3333

3- @ask-edgykids, New askblog around with nice art and neat character designs, i like uvu

4- @second-chanceau, Zi, your determination to improve your art and learn new things always inspires me and makes me want to draw more! You’re really sweet bro uvu//

Yes I did one of those things. But the point is to study by making nice notes! Notes that are neat and organized. I used the green highlighter to make a box indicating words I’ve memorized. I just bought this graph paper note pad and I like how it makes everything super neat and straight. Find what helps you learn and keep studying!!

Thanksgiving Headcanons!
  • Darry is in charge of the turkey because no one else is trusted to make it right
  • Twobit is in charge of the cranberries
    • he literally forgot them one year and pony made a big deal even though no one eats them
  • Johnny sets the table nice and neat for everyone
  • Somehow everyone drinks atleast a glass of eggnog?
  • Dally is always late to dinner but makes up for it by bringing dessert
  • Soda’s fav thing is his moms gravy recipe that darry now uses
  • Sometimes while dinners cooking theyll play football outside
  • Pony makes caserole 
  • Everyone loves it but doesnt want to admit it 
  • Steve will sometimes help clean up 
    • Darry is always somehow stuck doing it 


  • Black friday is actual hell
  • Usually Darry goes by himself but ends up calling two or Dal for extra help
  • Soda waits for the parade all day hes literally 6 
  • They all go and see the colored turkeys 
    • Two tried to steal a blue one once
  • The brothers carry out traditions they had with their parents

cuddly boyfriends inspired by the ask in a box video 💕 (i’ll try and draw the actual hand comparing bit later)

(((and why did they have to both wear black jfc)))

Pop’s new boots don’t smell of me
I could fix that with some pee
A little tinkle inside the laces
And he’ll smell me in many places.
The bed sheets have been freshly cleaned
And replaced nice and neat
If I step in the litter and pounce on them
I’ll make the sheets smell like my feet
And that new sweater Mom left by the door
It still has that new smelling smell from the store
I’ll need to work extra hard on that
A little poop and it will smell like her cat!


/// January 7, 2:03 pm, day 1/100 ///
I’m starting the 100 days of productivity challenge today! I’ve tried it once before on my old studyblr but then I forgot to continue after break so I’m trying again
Began the day with chocolate overnight oats and a glass of milk because I’m kind of sick and it feels good on a sore throat. I have so much homework to do but I’m not letting any illness stop me ✨

TMNT Christmas headcanons

Its that time of year, so why not?

-Wraps his presents really beautifully, like nice paper, ribbon, neat little name tags
-But he’s actually TERRIBLE at buying gifts. Like, he tries so hard, but he always accidently gets someone something they already own, or just something they’re not actually interested in
-Rewatches the Space Heroes Christmas special every year, makes everyone else watch it too
-Is not allowed anywhere near the kitchen when dinner is being made

-1000% done with Mikey constantly singing Christmas carols
-Generally wraps presents in newspaper
-Actually surprisingly good at gift-buying
-Secretly loves watching all the cute Christmas films

-Wraps his presents in newspaper like Raph
-Generally makes his own gifts, designs neat gadgets for his friends and family
-His family refuse to let him do any work in the lab on Christmas. He gets to chill out with hot chocolate all day. He generally falls asleep really early, cos he’s warm and happy and ate a lot at dinner

-Wants to start decorating on November 1st
-Tries to wake everyone up at like 6 in the morning
-Gets people really wacky and fun presents. He totally gets gag gifts and stuff
-Goes overboard wrapping presents. Ribbons, bows, glitter, the whole shebang
-He is the master of Christmas dinner. Three types of potatoes, giant turkey, over the top gingerbread house. Christmas dinner is not a fucking game

-Probably spends Christmas day at home with her dad, but she sees the turtles on Christmas eve
-Definitely wears ugly Christmas sweaters
-Maybe she and her dad used to go to church on Christmas, but they fell out of the habit
-Maybe she and her dad volunteer at a homeless shelter? Perhaps not on Christmas Day, but sometime in the holiday season

-Sees the turtles on boxing day, not sure when he meets up with April. Maybe he brings some alcohol, and they all get tipsy before Splinter confiscates the bottle
-Christmas at the Jones is pretty chill. They sleep late, bundle up in blankets and watch movies all day
-Maybe his dad works a lot over Christmas, so Casey does most of the decorating and cooking
-Casey tries to get nice presents for his friends, bit they’re generally pretty small and simple because he spends most of the cash he has saved on his sister
-They don’t have a big Christmas dinner, neither Casey or his dad are great cooks. Maybe they just have a roast chicken, with store bought mince pies after

Karai and Shini:
-They probably visit with the turtles, but they spend most of the day cuddled up in their new Foot headquarters watching the crappy Christmas specials and folding paper cranes -Maybe Shini jokingly wears mistletoe behind her ear, and keeps pulling Karai in for kisses