nice and firm

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15, 22, 32, 47 plois ;3

22. description of crush. - Cute as heck and seriously way too cool for me. I would never in a million years deserve her.

32. are your friends mainly girls or guys? - Implying I have friends :V

47. turn ons - I am really into collarbones for some reason, I really love a nice firm booty - makes me all melty and at the same time I just find it so incredibly sexy to get infodumped by someone I am into. Hearing them really care about something just makes me so so so attracted to them.

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Cuddling in your underwear. Like, nothing sexual, just being able to feel the texture of your monster bf/gf against your skin and being lulled to sleep by each other's breathing <3

oh heck yes that sounds nice. talking texture for a sec, i always thought scales would be real nice to touch. like, firm but smooth.

Yuuri In Wonderland

So I’m dipping my foot into new waters! I’m gonna write a fic about YOI in Wonderland. This is also gonna be used for my fiction writing classes so it’s gonna be a long one. Anyways, after the podium family, I need suggestions for who is who! Obviously:
Yuuri: Alice
Viktor: White Rabbit
Yurio: Cheshire Cat

If anyone can give me some help on who the other characters should be, that would be such a great help! And I’ll be sure to post it here for all to read! (Be nice but firm xP)