THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH (BUT IT’LL DO FOR NOW): a snow white/ravenna minimix for niccoay (based in my au fantasy land where snow white became her huntsman and fuck this concept sounded better in my head)

the ruler and the killer / kid cudi
When I talk you should listen
All of you belong to me.

remain nameless / florence + the machine
I know everybody lets you down
And I’ll do the same
But know I’ll always be around
This can remain the same
(Darling believe me)

ura fever / the kills
We are a fever
We are a fever
We ain’t born typical

jawbreaker / the dead weather
You’re a real jawbreaker
A real crook, obscene
I’d call you a heartbreaker
But I reserve that for nicer things.

the world is not enough / garbage
The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start my love
And if you’re strong enough
Together we can take the world apart my love.

niccoay  asked:

Hey, I don't want to get in on all the drama, I just want to know what you're talking about. I think I must have missed something. What happened at Con? Did Lana say something negative about Swan Queen? Thanks for taking the time to read this. = )

Hey ! No she did not, and I don’t think she ever would. A SQ question was asked to her and Jared, and she answered robotically and (it’s up to interpretation, but I was in the room when it happened so my feelings about it are quite strong) coldly that “they are actors, that’s not up to them.” etc, when the quesiton could easily could have been answered lightly, with humor, or just normaly.

I personally don’t think she meant any harm, but a lot of people got hurt by it, starting by the person who asked the question. Not because she wasn’t all “YAY SWAN QUEEN”, but because people felt like something was off, and she made a lot of people feel bad, guilty. I was the first to cry, and wanting to remove my Swan Queen badges before going to autographs session with her. Maybe she had orders to answer that way, maybe not. I believe so since she said at a previous Con that she will without problem portrait a Swan Queen relationship if that was scripted, and used to talk about it without problem too. 

Things always get worst when it got on tumblr, so now people are fighting each other about whether yes or no what she did was wrong and whether yes or no the pain of SWEN, the people who were there and the person who asked the question is legit. After talking a bit with someone who finally accepted to share its point of view towards mine, I understand better.

I don’t think she was wrong for answering that way, but something definetly was. And since we can’t know what it is but just speculate about it, it’s better to stop arguing, let people be, don’t send hate to her or the person who asked the SQ question (anyone that have done that is the king/queen of morons), and not try to erase the sadness and hurt that some of us are feeling, especially those who were at the Con. 

I love Lana deeply and was hurt by what happened, I won’t take that back. But what I will take back is that what happened is utterly and one hundred percent her fault, because it’s not, probably not ; I hope not. But what we all need to learn is that one is never perfect, even the Queen of our hearts, and we shouldn’t get that angry at things we don’t know everything about. Like why did she answered that way. 

We just need to stop fighting, stop hating, and let things calm down.

(Sorry, I got a little off topic of what you asked me. Stay out of drama, you’re absolutly right. If you are uncomfortable with me posting this answer, just let me know and I’ll delete it. ♥)

One Step Closer

Okay, so Kay convinced me to post this up, too. Not big on posting my work, but here goes nothing. And you will really want to listen to Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ before reading this fic. It’ll make more sense then. Also, yes, there IS a reference to The Proposal in here. Bonus points if you spot it.


She didn’t want to do this. She really didn’t. But Emma Swan had forced her hand. That infernal woman had been a thorn in her side since the moment she set foot in Storybrooke. Though Emma claimed she wasn’t here to cause trouble, it seemed all the Sheriff was capable of doing. In the past year alone, Emma had stirred up more problems for Regina than she’d had to deal with in all of Storybrooke’s 28 years combined. Worse yet, a lot of these problems hit a bit too close to home. Starting with Henry, running through Graham and the curse and so many secrets Regina would rather stay secrets, and ending with… Well, with something that Regina was less equipped to handle than any of those other problems.

And so here she was, knuckles white against the steering wheel and an uneasy expression on her face as she drove down Main Street. Things had gotten out of hand and now she was desperate. If she didn’t act soon, she knew she could lose everything that mattered to her. She was still trying to wrap her mind around what some of those things were and what that meant, but right now all she cared about was saving what she could no longer live without.

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Regina & Mr. Gold's Night on the Town

Okay, so my fellow Evil Regals convinced me to post up a teaser for the crackiest fic ever, which I’m writing. I hate posting my work, but since it’s crack I figure I’ll be able to be less worried about it. Anyway, here ya go. A little taste of what’s to come. 

Summary: Regina’s depressed and drinking at Granny’s Diner. Gold comes in and then Regina says something and he gets depressed and starts drinking. You end up with a very drunk Regina and Mr. Gold causing havoc in Storybrooke and Emma’s failed attempts to arrest them. Also known as “The Best Possible Way for Emma to find out About the Curse.”



“Something wrong, dearie?” Mr. Gold’s condescending tone won a venomous glare from the agitated mayor. Most men would have withered under such a look, but the shopowner held Regina’s gaze until she finally glanced away and returned to the glass in her hand.

“I’m not in the mood for your games, Mr. Gold.” Regina remarked bitterly as she finished what was left of her drink and moved to pour another one. There was no way of knowing how many glasses she’d had so far, but it was clear this wasn’t her first.

Ignoring Regina’s obvious desire to be alone, Mr. Gold slipped into the booth across from her and pulled the bottle out of her reach. It was a good thing they were in the very back of the diner, because he doubted anyone would appreciate the words that sprang from the Mayor. ”Drowning our sorrows, are we? What, pray tell, could have the illustrious mayor so upset?”

”I don’t recall giving you permission to sit down.”

”I don’t recall asking.”

Regina rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically as she swiped for the bottle. Claiming the half-empty treasure, she poured herself another glass and downed half of it in one gulp. This day had been long enough without Mr. Gold’s mocking presence.

——————– (Skipping what has yet to be written)

Gold didn’t know what he’d said to set her off, but Regina was now swaying towards the door of the diner pointing at each customer in turn and muttering, ”I cursed you, and I cursed you, and you, and I cursed you, and oh, I cursed you, too.” Gold would have laughed, but he was too busy being impressed that she was managing to walk a fairly straight line to the door. He didn’t know how she was able to hold her balance for the full twenty foot journey, but he was completely caught off guard when she hit the door and suddenly spun around. Throwing out her arms dramatically, she proclaimed. ”I cursed all you bitches!”

Gold couldn’t hold his laughter any longer as Regina stumbled out the door and disappeared from sight. He knew he should stay here and try to keep up appearances, try to distance himself from the rambling drunk that had just confessed to cursing half the town. And yet, part of him was curious to see just how far this night could go. If Regina was drunk enough to openly admit to the curse, then just how much trouble could she get herself into tonight? That was a one-time show Gold wasn’t willing to miss.

With much more control than the mayor’s shambling performance (the cane helped), Gold grabbed two more bottles on the way to the door and followed Regina out into the street. 

Okay, after seeing these spoiler pics for the Finale, I suddenly feel pretty confident that August is going to be the character who ‘dies.’ I hadn’t really though of him before, but this is clearly Emma in August’s room (the Pinocchio hat is a tip off) and her reaction. Well, I just can’t understand why else she would be looking that way unless she was looking at wooden, puppet August. So, my theory? August turns into a puppet in the finale.

I got into the Disney College Program! I’ll be spending my next semester down in Orlando. I start January 17th and go through May 24th. I’m so excited! And guess what? I get free passes for my friends. And guess what else?  That includes all my fabulous Evil Regals. Feel free to shoot me a message if you’ll be around Orlando during that time and want to hang out in Disney for a day. = )