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Will.I.Am feat Nicci Sundae aka Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) - Hoola Hoop 

For those who haven’t paid much attention to the latest scoop I should remind you that Nicole was seen wearing a blond, short wig months ago. Back then no one knew the reason behind such transformation until now when we see it was to create Nicole’s alter ego Nicci Sundae.

But that’s not all, this video has made quite a fuss about it, or more precisely - the way how it was released to the world. See, earlier this month Nicole and Will.I.Am attended #willpower release party during which Will’s car got stolen. It was later found and nothing was missing except a CD containing this specific video and other tracks. And now those who have the CD are threatening to leak all of the contents online starting with Hoola Hoop video.

While people are debating whether or not this whole situation is a well planned marketing stunt or if it’s legit, we can only offer you to take a look at the video and enjoy the damn good track!



Only yesterday he premiered his new track 'Reach For The Stars’ on Mars but, as if becoming the first artist in history to have a song played on another planet wasn’t enough for one day, decided to drop another track too.

The song in question is 'Hoola Hoop’ and appeared on William Willitleak’s YouTube channel shortly after his interplanetary premiere was broadcast.

And who is this female bandit Nicci Sundae in the video? Well, it’s only a pseudonym for PCD frontwoman/X Factor UK judge/child contestant-tormentor Nicole Scherzinger.

The duo’s collaboration for Will’s forthcoming album ’#Willpower’ was rumoured to be called 'Mona Lisa Smile’ but that could easily be a ruse to cover for the energetic and entertaining 'Hoola’, already a vast improvement on the Black Eyed Peas rapper’s NASA release.