Three sketches from an AU I’d like to write (?)

IDK High School! AUs are so funny and I like to think about awkward teens who tries to survive the school (and also a lot of ValZhang)

I really enjoyed drawing Piper sdjbhfgdhss *-* I like her a lot <3 the same goes for Leo, even if I haven’t a cleare image of him in my mind OTL


So i did some doodles for Christmas and forgot to post them here… here have some OTPs <3

Hazel and Nico are dressed up to attend one of their father’s underworld parties. Literally–dressed up. So they’re a little uncomfortable. |D; Nico’s wearing his aviator’s jacket over his suit and musses up his hair a little bit. 

I had this idea of after Nico gets forced into the suit and stuff, he goes to find his sister–who of course, looks absolutely beautiful after the servants or so get done dressing her, even if Nico thought she looked perfect before that, too. And he tells her she looks beautiful, even if she admits she’s uncomfortable, and then gives her a necklace that either used to be Bianca’s or his biological mother’s that he found after wandering on the surface world a little bit. 

Hazel’s dress is supposed to be a shiny silver like this one. I imagine it shiny with a few jewels, given that’s her power. I tried to base their looks off of Asa Butterfield and Amandla Sternberg because they’re so PERFECT sdlkfjasd;f; 

Also I’m still quite confused on what the heck Hazel’s hair color is. Gold or brown or black–slkdfjas;dfidk