I was talking with Khato about Nicasio (a character of mine that I need to do more art and stuff with) and I realised I never posted this puc of him I drew back in September with the drive to just make an obligatory pic of one of my characters REALLY, really overindulging.

Nic (his default, “current” form here, albiet reeeeeally fat) is a fast food fan, absolutely loves fast food culture and his chosen diet consists hugely of burgers and such anyway so…he was a very easy and fun choice.

More stuff with Nic will come eventually, I really like this guy and need to work on more stuff that revolves around him!

September 2015 / Obligatory pic of one of my characters / Tumblr Exclusive (?)

SO, after figuring out what to do with a character I’ve sat on for a while, I’m in the process of figuring out what to do with one that I had already introduced: NICASIO, so I figured I’d post two pics that I somehow haven’t on here yet to re-introduce the character aaaaand to share how I feel he’ll be like in his 20′s.

So, top-left (1): Nicasio as a pre-teen, or his original self (as I envisioned him as that first)

Top-right (2): Nicasio as a teen

Aaaand the pic below both of them (3): Nicasio in his 20′s. (Yes, the bracelet means what it means.)

Nic is a dork who’s into fast food, cartoons and video games. This will continue to be true for him for a very, very long time.

I’m trying to trying to iron out a lot of stuff with the guy beyond his interests and some other things and I wanna make a better “ref” for his original self, so stay tuned if interested. :D More character-mumbles about him over the jump.

8th December 2014, 4th January & 25th September 2015 / Coloured Pics of a Character or Whatever / Originally posted to FA (1 & 2) and Tumblr Exclusive (3) 

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No matter when he was born, Nicasio is quite a 90′s kid. That’s his version of “cool”.

Deal with it~ B3

4th February 2016 / Some Sort of Pic Featuring an Original Character / First posted on Tumblr

I don’t have much time before I head to bed for Christmas (I’m missing half a Christmas special I traditionally watch every Christmas Eve to get this done) but yeah, JUST about finished this. It’s not perfect and there’s a few glitches, but its as “finished” as I’m gonna make this before I break off for Christmas.

Jackie and Nicasio in a living room, early Christmas morning. I finished the linework in 2014 but was unable to finish it for Christmas that year, so I tried with the limited hours I had left to get it done. 

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and if you don’t? Have fun for the rest of this year anyway! <3

December 2014 & 24th December 2015 / Special Pic with OCs with attempted fanciness and such / First uploaded to Tumblr (well, like this)