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Here is a short documentation of our hour long Filipino dance & music performance in Hilo, Hawaii, for the 52nd Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. I was part of the FIRST EVER Filipino group to ever perform for the prestigious Merrie Monarch festival. Our float even won 2nd place in the parade! We made history in Hawaii & we are ambassadors of our rich culture. I’m proud, lucky & happy to have shared a special stage with so many talented & beautiful performers.


Just dropped off rolls & rolls of film… Some from last year, even. They’ll be ready for me to pick up on Thursday. I’m nervous, because I’m thinking about the hours & hours it’s gonna take me to scan all this film… But excited to post up new work. I’ve been so devoured by work & prepping for the big show in Hawaii, that I haven’t had time to pay attention to my own personal art work… Apologies on the delay for updating this blog. You will have plenty to scope out within the next week, or so. :))))


Happy PFAD! I’m Nica Aquino; first generation Filipina (Ilokano)-American, analog photographer & multidisciplinary artist currently based in Manchester, United Kingdom & originally from Los Angeles, CA. I am pursuing my MFA in Visual Culture at the School of Art in Manchester Metropolitan University.

👆🏽Today, I celebrate the 12th of June with the completion of one of my pieces I made as part of a larger series of works for my dissertation, due this coming September! It is a Cordillera (Northern Philippines) inspired crochet blanket/skirt made from wool yarn, acrylic yarn, glass beads & mother of pearl.

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work & the progress of my MFA, you can follow me at:





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