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Headcanon: Dragon Age Inquisition Romanced Characters during St. Valentine’s day

Cullen: he organizes a wonderful dinner in the gazebo in the garden, after asking Josephine to keep the place just for him and his Inquisitor. The Inquisitor thinks that’s the present, but he smiles, blushing and rubbing his neck, holding out a packet. It’s wrapped simply, with a little bunch of her favorite flowers carefully tied there. “I hope you like it, I wasn’t sure… I can buy you something different if you don’t like it!”. Inside an exquisite leather bag, there is compass “For when you’re far away, so you’ll always find your way back to me.” he explains, smiling while she kisses him.

Cassandra: she blushes furiously, handing out to the Inquisitor a little packet, clumsily wrapped in an adorably cheesy pink paper printed with hearts. “It’s just a little thing.” she mumbles, shifting on her feet “If you don’t like it, tell me. I wasn’t sure what you might prefer.”. It’s a book. A book of love poems. Her own copy. The inscription tells simply “To my beloved.”, but the Inquisitor knows she spent hours thinking about it, pouring all her affection in the words.

Dorian: he gives the Inquisitor his present during the breakfast, as if it isn’t such a matter. But he’s holding his breath, and when his amatus opens his mouth, surprised and delighted, Dorian is radiant. In an elegant jewelry box, there is a solid gold bracelet, composed of two snakes wrapped together “I enchanted it.” Dorian smiles, smug “It’ll keep you warm when you are in cold places and vice versa. And look inside!” he urged. Where he points there is a single word “Together”.

Blackwall: of course he has carved something. It’s a little chest, easily transportable during her travels. He has surely worked for weeks, the Inquisitor realizes, looking at the complicated arabesques carved all over it. “I thought you might like something useful.” he explains, with an embarassed laugh. Inside, the wooden trunk has different compartments, and a secret one that he shows excited. Carefully carved in the precious wood, it’s written “My heart lies in your hands.”.

The Iron Bull: he gives to the Inquisitor two gifts. The first one is for both of them and the Inqusitor smirks seeing the complicated underwear, all laces and buckles. “Well, this is just for you instead, kadan.”. It’s a little dragon, made by a shining ruby. As little as the sculture is, it’s extraordinary detailed, but the Inquisitor can’t recognise the race. Bull smiles “It’s not one of the ones we fought. This is you. Well, you as I think you’d be in that form.”.

Solas: the packet is perfectly wrapped, with a sober cream paper. He smirks, when the Inquisitior opens it, finding an agenda. It’s handcrafted, with the Inquisitor’s favourite flowers dried and pressed on the cover. Inside, he has left some pages for her to full as she prefers, but the others are drawn. Flowers, scene from ancient places, and suddenly her portrait. She’s beautiful, radiant, and he caresses slowly her face “It’s how I see you, venhan.”.

Sera: she is super nervous, almost throwing her present to the Inquisitor. It’s a series of little notes, carefully tied with strings in the Inquisitor’s favorite color, placed inside a basket full of fresh flowers. “Look, I don’t say smoochy things. So I wrote them.” she mutters, blushing. Every note has a compliment or a witty consideration about the Inquisitor. Sera kisses her “I wrote everything I like about you.”.

Josephine: she has a little present, of course, a marvellous embroided new coat for them when they travel, but her true gift is a day to spend together. They have a lovely pic nic full of smiles, kisses and delicious dishes she serves personally. Josephine has made sure to have cooked all the Inquisitor’s favorite foods, as a bottle of the finest Antivan wine is ready to be shared.    “I thought the most precious present is giving you a break from our busy life.” she blushes, kissing their cheek.

April Fool’s Headcanons

All of the Amis participate, but every year, Bousset, Grantaire, Bahorel, and Courf go all out. 

  • Bousset filled all the Oreos at a meeting with toothpaste
  • Courf covered every surface in Enjolras’s apartment in aluminum foil
  • Bousset somehow got his hands on thirty seven air horns, and placed them behind doors, under chairs, even under the gas pedal in Grantaire’s car (which he didn’t find for another week because he almost never drives it)
  • Bahorel printed out several hundred pictures of Nic Cage and hid them. Jehan found one in his shoe, Combeferre opened his microwave and saw Nic cage smiling at him from inside, and screamed so loudly Courf thought he was dying. Feuilly found one every time he opened a cabinet or door. The Amis are still finding them in increasingly bizarre placed months afterward
  • Feuilly set Baz’s autocorrect to an eggplant emoji. Every single word was autocorrected to an eggplant. What even is Feuilly
  • Musichetta bought Joly and Bousset donut that were filled with mayonnaise
  • Grantaire and Combeferre filled Enjolras’s computer keyboard with seeds a few days before, and Enj was greeted at work by several dozen plants growing in his keyboard
  • Joly filled Courf’s car with packing peanuts
  • Cosette and Eponine hired a Mariachi band to walk behind Marius for the entire day
  • Marius and Jehan changed the language settings on everyone’s phones, computers, and TV’s
  • Enjolras filled Grantaire’s hair dryer with baby powder, and then forgot about it when he went to dry his hair. He was not amused, but Grantaire definitely was
The Game of Love Life!

day one ─ au day. 

pairing ; lin x reader

summary ; your students decide to play the game of love life with you, ultimately leading to a life changing kiss. (i can’t summarize for shit i apologize.)

words ; 1877 

warnings ; nope!

note ; this is for day one of the write-a-thon! i’m really excited to do this, so let’s hope i can keep up schedule!

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Teaching high schoolers who were forever in the business of your love life wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Ever since the beginning of the second semester, they had all become obsessed with your relationship status. Why? You weren’t sure. But when you had free-time in class, Jaylon, one of your tenth graders, would get up from his desk, grab an Expo marker from the whiteboard, and say, “Who’s ready for the game of… Love Life!?”

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Waverly’s Birthday (part 1)

“Waaaves.” She could hear a soft voice singing her awake. “Baby, wake up.” The soft voice giggled and then a pair of lips kissed a spot on her neck. She took a deep breath in and a sweet smell invaded her senses. She slowly opened her eyes. Nicole was hovering above her, a tray in her right hand. “Morning beautiful.” She smiled. The sun was shining through the window, landing right on her. The way the beams bounced off of her red hair, creating a halo like glow around her, made her look other worldly. Waverly couldn’t help but smile, because wow this woman is hers.

“Good morning.” She grinned as she stretched and then let her hands rest on her girlfriends thighs. “What’s that?” She asked, still a bit groggy.

“These….” Nicole lowered the tray so Waverly could see, and smell the contents “are chocolate chip pancakes. Home made whip cream, a side of strawberries, and almond milk.” Waverly sat up and rested her back against the headboard. Nicole placed the tray on her lap and then leaned forward so her lips were inches from Waverly. “Only the best for the birthday girl.”

“You remembered?” Waverly asked. Tears filled her eyes. It broke Nicole’s heart because it wasn’t a big thing, it wasn’t hard to do. It was such a small act, remembering, and yet it was something Waverly never got to enjoy. Well now she would.

“Baby of course I remembered.” Nicole gave her a quick kiss. “Today is all about my little Virgo. Now eat up because we have quite the day ahead of us.”

“Oh yeah?” Waverly smiled as she grabbed the fork. “What are we doing?”

“It’s cute that you actually think I’m gonna tell you.” Nicole laughed.

“I knew you wouldn’t but I figured I’d try.” Waverly shrugged and stabbed a piece of pancake with her fork. One taste and her eyes were rolling behind her head. “God, babe you made these?”

“From scratch.” Nicole sat up, proud of her work. “You like em’?”

Waverly nodded her head and took another bite. “Es really good.” She smiled with her mouth full of pancake.

“Good.” Nicole laughed as she watch Waverly scarf down the rest of the pancake in record time. A few bites of the strawberries and whip cream and Waverly was nearly pushing the tray aside.

“Thank you. That was delicious Nicole.” Waverly smiled. “So what’s next on today’s plan?”

“Well, first this.” Nicole leaned in again, this time with no tray between them, and kissed Waverly. She let her tongue taste the sweetness of the strawberries and syrup. Her lips traveled down quickly until they were by Waverly’s pelvis.

“Is this one of my presents?” Waverly giggled as laid back and she made herself more comfortable. Nicole shifted with her.

“One of many, yes.” Nicole’s grinned up at her. “But this is more like a present to both of us.”

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REQUESTED-Hope you guys enjoy!!

“We could just relax today.” I said laying in the bed.

“I have a meeting with the council this morning.” Elijah spoke tying his tie in front of a mirror, “after that, I’m all yours.” He still struggled with his tie.

“Here.” I hopped out of bed and went to help Elijah with his tie.

“Thank you.” Elijah smiled at me before kissing my forehead, “I’ll be back in a while.”

“I’ll be here.” I walked into the bathroom as he left.
“Want to go shopping?” Rebekah peeked her head into my room.

“Sure.” I hopped off the bed grabbing my purse, “bored are we?”

“You have no idea.” She sighed, “plus I need more new clothing.”
I chuckled and nodded. The house was empty.

“Where is everyone?” I asked looking around.

“Klaus went with Elijah to some sort of meeting. Hayley is with Jackson somewhere.” Rebekah replied climbing into the car.

“So what’s up with this meeting?” I questioned watching out the window.

“Not sure. Nick didn’t say anything, just left this morning.” She answered shrugging, “what store do you want to go to?”

“Don’t care, which ever one is your favorite.”

“How about the one by the coffee shop?” Rebekah wondered keeping her eyes on the road.

“Sure, some coffee wouldn’t go amiss either.” I smiled.

“Deal.” Rebekah smiled.

“What about this one?” Rebekah walked out in a blue dress. I shook my head.

“Red is more your color. Try that one.” I pointed towards another dress she had chosen to try on.

“Alright…you need to try on a dress, get one.” She grabbed the dress and went back into the changing room. I got up and began to browse the clothing. I found a nice plain light blue summer dress that went over the knees.

“That one’s cute.” Rebekah’s voice chimed, “you should get it.”

“As long as you get the red one.” I looked at the one she has on.

“Great!” She smiled, “I’ll get changed and then we can go.”
I waited for Rebekah at the car.

“What took you so long?” I asked waving my bag in the air.

“They had sunglasses on sale.” Rebekah smiled, “come on, let’s go home.”
We talked on the car ride home, mainly about the events going on in New Orleans.

“Yes well, things seem to be under control at the moment, so I say we celebrate.”

“Nothing here stays calm for long.” I laughed following her into the house. Immediately I felt something was off. Klaus and Elijah were talking quietly, but they stopped and looked at us as we entered.

“What’s wrong?” Rebekah asked immediately, “what happened?”

“We…ran into a complication.” Klaus sighed holding his hands on his hips.

“What is this about?” I looked at the both of them. Elijah looked at me with sad eyes, and my stomach twisted.
I opened my mouth but no words came out. Klaus was talking, but I couldn’t hear anymore.


I looked over at Elijah as he said my name.

“Why?” I looked back up at Klaus.

“It was a complication. We had to.” He spoke sadly.

“This hasn’t been in the negotiations before.” I blurted out looking between the two brothers.

“It’s a way to ensure peace.” Klaus added.

“Marrying Elijah off to a witch is peace?” Rebekah crossed her arms, “why don’t you marry the witch Klaus?”

“I have a daughter.” Klaus turned to Rebekah.

“And Elijah has (y/n), are they just suppose to give each other up?” Rebekah continued to argue, “and why doesn’t (y/n) have a say in this?”

“It is already done, Rebekah.” Klaus sighed regretfully.
My stomach turned and I felt like I was going to be sick.

“I-I need some air.” I got up and left quickly running outside. My breathing was ragged and thoughts were running through my head, my heart was breaking.

“(Y/n).” Elijah spoke softly walking over to me.

“You’re getting married.” I breathed out facing him, my voice was beginning to shake, “you’re getting married…but not to me.”

“There wasn’t anything I could do.” Elijah came closer and grabbed my arms gently, “I’m so sorry. This isn’t what I wanted. We tried to find another way around it…” He touched my cheek.

“All I wanted was you.” I croaked out, “I just wanted you, I can deal with murdering witches, vampires that want revenge…because I had you. And-and now…” I slumped down against the house. I looked over at him as he sat next to me.

“Is there any way to get out of this?” I mumbled leaning my head on his shoulder. He didn’t answer, I closed my eyes and sighed.

“I wish there was.” He kissed the top of my head.
I stared at the ceiling, light was beginning to flood in the room. I didn’t want to get up, or move. I could feel people moving around in the house, getting ready for the arrival of the witch Elijah was going to marry: Meg.
I finally got up when the sun had risen a bit more, although it was still early. I took my time getting ready in on hurry to go downstairs. I slipped on a white blouse with jeans, and put my hair into a ponytail. I can do this… I repeated in my head as I walked out the door. I could hear Klaus talking to people, ordering them around. There was also a new voice, one of a women with authority. Gazing over the railing I found people rushing about getting ready for the ceremony this evening. My stomach turned. Through the chaos, Elijah’s faint voice reached my ears, he was talking with his bride to be, whom had shown up three days ago.

“You know Klaus has been bossing people around all morning? He’s having a cow.” Rebekah came up next to me.

“It’s a lot of pressure.” I nodded.

“You don’t have to go it you don’t want to.” She glanced at me.

“I know.” I sucked in a breath, “but if I don’t do this, then I won’t be able to face them for the rest of my immortal life.”

“Well, how about we help each other get ready?” Rebekah grabbed my arm and began to walk be down the stairs.

“Why are we going down the stairs?” I asked looking around.

“We need wine.” Rebekah pulled me towards the kitchen. We stopped as someone bumped.

“Sorry…” I looked up to see Elijah’s betrothed: Cleo.

“Our bad.” I stepped out of the way. She nodded and continued pass.

“Like I said, we need wine.” Rebekah grabbed some from the kitchen then we retreated back to Rebekah’s room to get ready.

“I think you should wear your hair down.” Rebekah said as she did she finished styling hers off her neck.

“I think I wanna pull the front back.” I pulled the front of my hair back clapping it in the back then adding beaded hairpins.

“Alright, dress, then the makeup.” Rebekah smiled handing me my dress. I nodded and took the dress into the bathroom to change. The dress I had gotten was mint green with a simple long bottom, the top going over the shoulder with a lace pattern.

“Beautiful.” Rebekah smiled as I came out.

“Thanks.” I swallowed. She already had on a shimmering gold dress with her hair in a braided fashion.

“You look stunning as usual.” I smiled lightly.

“Well I try.” She smiled picking up her make up bag, “well come on, sit down.” I sat down in the chair and Rebekah began to help me with my makeup.

“What if I just stay up here?” I looked at myself in the mirror.

“You said earlier that this was something you had to do.” Rebekah began on her own makeup.

“I was just trying to convince myself to go down the stairs… it’s not working.” I set my head in my hands.


“I don’t want to do this.” I sighed.

“You’ll be fine.” Rebekah tried to reassure me, “we just have to get through the…ceremony.”
Swallowing I lifted me head, “I just have to get through day…” I whispered.

“Rebekah, (Y/n), they’re ready.” Klaus’s voice came with a knock on the door.

“Yeah. Coming.” I got up slowly and opened the door.

“You two look stunning.” He smiled.

“So kind Nic.” Rebekah smiled and walked past him. He held out his hand to me, I took it gratefully. We didn’t say anything as we made it to where the ceremony was being held in the center of the house. Chairs and people filled the room. Witches, Vampires, even some Werewolves had shown up. We walked to the front and sat in chair on the right of the room. Elijah stood at the front. I glanced up at him, he looked a little nervous. Suddenly music began and everyone stood up as the bride to be began to walk down the aisle. I felt my stomach flip as I saw her smile at Elijah. He nodded to her…I swore he glanced over at me. We all sat down, and the priest began to speak. I could feel my heart beat faster.

“Are you alright love?” Klaus questioned quietly.

“I don’t know…” I answered, “I-I need to leave. I’m sorry.”
He nodded as I got up and tried to quietly walk out of the service from the side of the room.

The whole room let out a gasp. I stopped and turned around to see Elijah staring at me.

“Stop.” He spoke again looking right at me, then back at Cleo, “I’m sorry I can’t do this.” Cleo looked at him confused.

“Elijah.” Klaus stood up trying to stop him.

“I’m not doing this Niklaus.” Elijah told him sternly, “find another way.”
I watched as he walked straight over to me.

“I love you (Y/n), and the only person I ever want to marry is you.“ He breathed grabbing my hand and pulling me closer.

“I love you too.” I smiled leaning up setting my lips to his.

“Always and forever.” He smiled against the kiss.

I Know What Boys Like

Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

Rihanna crooned in my ear as I made my way from Bank Station toward Spin Gym. I’d just left work after a long day and was ready for my hour-long spin class. I stretched as I walked and continued to bop along, perhaps dancing a bit too enthusiastically and not exactly singing under my breath. In the dark of the night, did it really matter?

I couldn’t contain myself. I’d had the best day at work and I needed to celebrate. I’d been counting down the days and today was finally the day; my year long probation was up and my bosses had decided I’d done well enough—ahem, repented enough—to keep me on. Not only did they keep me on, though, which is all I had been hoping for, but also promote me to Client Manager. “Client manager?!” I had balked at Leslie, my boss, when she told.

“Well only if you want it,” she shrugged and grinned, knowing damn well I wanted it. A smile came to my lips just thinking about it. I’d thought I’d fucked myself with this job and wasn’t sure they’d even keep me after the probation period. “You’ve worked hard, babe. Tom and I see that. You’ve had great ideas and brought a lot of good things to the company as a junior assistant.”

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon I like it, like it.

Rihanna and I sang together. I fogged Leslie’s warning out of my memory, choosing to only remember the praise she gave me, because it wasn’t going to happen again. I was not going to fuck things up again.

I reached for the door handle to Spin Gym, pausing briefly to finish singing. I was startled as the door pulled back further behind me and turned to see what was happening. A guy was standing directly behind me looking bemused. Not just any guy, a really, really attractive guy I had seen only once before in class about a week prior. He had sat behind me and I may have bounced my bum around a little more than necessary on the bike throughout the duration of class.

“Sorry!” I apologized breathlessly, ripping the earbuds out. “I can’t hear with these things in; I had no idea you were behind me.”

“’S’fine,” he said quietly, yet still clearing laughing at the dance party I had been having for myself. Who knew how long he’d been following me. My face reddened at the thought of all the dancing and singing I had done the last ten minutes.

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The Car Wash - Drunk and Disorderly Ch.2

So here is the much awaited second chapter! I hope you guys enjoy! Its smutty and fluffy and just dirty! lol      

Honestly my eyes are starting to cross, so sorry for any typos!

Rating: M

As luck would have it, there was a  whole gang of teenage cow tippers, and filling out the paperwork for their catch and release took Nicole far longer than she would have liked. By the time she made it home, the clock was flirting with 8AM, and she was stifling a yawn every few minutes. God, she hated night shift.

She stumbled up the steps to the Homestead, the house dark save for the early morning sunlight filtering through the windows. She couldn’t help but grin as she thought about the last time she had been here, Waverly’s legs wrapped around her waist and her lips on her neck. A small part of her wondered if her girlfriend had managed to wait up on her, but a bigger part hoped she was already in bed warming up the covers. Sure, she was still slightly horny and frustrated from their unfinished romp earlier, but she was also exhausted, and curling up with Waverly sounded like heaven.

She silently let herself in, quietly  hanging her keys and Stetson on their designated hooks by the door. She knew the punishment for waking Wynonna up early on a Sunday morning, and she had no desire to face the elder Earp’s wrath. Rounding the corner into the living room, she saw what was quite possibly the most adorable sight she had ever seen.

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April 3, 2012


“Ebony, can you please hurry the fuck up? We’re trying to go turn up and you’re still not ready? I told you 10:30 bitch,” My best friend Mariah shouted from my living room.

“Alright and I’m coming, wait a damn minute the club aint going no damn where!” I snapped at her. She’s always rushing me some damn where like the club about to close in ten minutes or something.

I looked in the mirror at my reflection with a smile on my face, I looked damn good if I do say so myself. The soft pink body con mini dress I was wearing looked perfect on my chocolate skin. Letting down my all black 28 inch bundles I shook my head letting the soft curls I did earlier fall free.

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Koala Boy (Ravi)

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do an ultra fluffy daddy Wonsik scenario?

Summary: Things get difficult when all your child wants is dad

Nic clung to his father for who knows how long now. The little boy had woken up from his nap and just been attached to Wonshik ever since. Not that he was complaining. He was glad his son wanted to spend time with him. “Babe!” he called out from Nic’s room “yeah” you call back as you walk into the room. “What do you normally do with Nic after he wakes up?” he asks as the pair say on the small bed Wonshik patted the small boy’s back.

You took out your phone to check the time “around this time I either give him something to eat or we play a game on the iPad that’s educational” you say tucking your phone into your pocket. “Nic are you hungry” Wonshik coos as Nic smiles at him “I think that smile means food” he says as he stands up quickly. 

Wonshik got him simple crackers but they were his favorite ones. Wonshik tried to put him down but Nic whined as he clung tightly to him. “Nic you’re gonna get crumbs all over me” Wonshik whines himself as he heard little crunches and crumbs started landing on his arms. Wonshik sighed as he stood there looking down at the little boy in his arms watching him eat. He always thought his son was very adorable especially when he ate “do you want apple juice?” he asks as placed some crumbs onto the counter, promising to clean them up later.

As Wonshik went into the fridge he bent down to get a juice box Nic clung tighter to him “daddy’s little koala” he coos as he walks back to where you were. “Mama will you open this for me” Wonshik says in his baby voice “still not letting go?” you ask him as you walk over and take the box from him. “Nope” he says as he watched you stab the box with the straw before handing it back to him. He sat himself down beside you as he handed Nic the box. “Does he do this everytime for you?” he asks as he looks over to you “sometimes. He usually walks into the living room and sits on the couch til you get home. You know then he crawls all over you til you give him all of your attention” you joke.

“He’s a daddy’s boy. I would be clinging to you all the time though” he says “was that an awkward flirt there Ravi?” you ask him with a smirk. Wonshik shrugs as he smiles and glances back at your son with a smile as Nic finished the box off. Wonshik let out a gasp “all done already?” he asks before he kissed Nic’s forehead.

anonymous asked:

nic trying to be romantic for his so but failing? so likes it anyways because nic is a cutie pie

warning for descriptions of fictional violence (and vomit mention)! —ashley

Dinner and a movie… Not necessarily in that order, but that combination plus Nicolas? You didn’t think he was the romantic type. Sure, he was sweet: he held doors open for you, held an arm around your waist wherever you walked, shielded you from foes—but a date? You were shocked by his request, excited, and but, most of all, curious.

You dressed in the nicest clothes you owned and when you reached the doorway where Nic was waiting for you, he looked up and gave you a slow, openmouthed onceover. The awestruck look in his eyes made you smile. “Shall we?” you asked, holding out an arm. Nic smirked and took your hand instead, leading you down the stairs. He had cleaned up nicely, too, in his finest slacks, button-down, and suit jacket. Despite the occasion, his katana swung by his side, though you supposed it would be weirder to see him without it.

“How are we getting there, Nic?” you asked sweetly.

Nic glanced at you, his lips twitching into that terrifying slasher smile. You opened your mouth to ask again—until Nic scooped you up in his arms and shot off into the air. You yelped as he alighted on the top of the benriya household, planting his feet there for a few seconds before shooting to another building, and another, and another. You held onto Nic for dear life, trying not to scream and pressing your face into his front. You knew he’d never drop you, but the feeling of whirling through the air was making your head spin and your stomach do somersaults. You thought he only did this with Nina.

Nic hopped from roof to roof until the two of you reached the theater. It was in District 2, near Bastard. When Nic finally landed on the ground, you shrieked a little, your arms tightening around his neck. He bent down a little, holding you close to the ground, shaking you a little until you finaly released him, sliding to your feet as you tried to even your breathing.

Ready? Nic signed to you, his face calm as ever. You were ready to go off about how unexpected and scary that experience was, but the almost innocent look in Nic’s eyes made you swallow your complaints and follow him into the theater.

The film was a drama—rated R, for language and violence, Nic had told you—and was supposed to be about the lives of four soldiers turned mercenaries. No wonder it had attracted Nic’s attention. According to the young man in the ticket booth, the violence shouldn’t be too much to handle, but the excited glint in his eyes told you otherwise.

The two of you sat in the very back row with a small popcorn—didn’t want to spoil your dinner after all—and lifted the armrest between you so that you could be as close as possible. When the movie opened with a man impaled on multiple spears, you knew you were in for a treat.

The entire movie was nonstop, brutal action, with so much violence that you had a hard time understanding what the actual plot was intended to be. All you were aware of were decapitated heads thudding to the ground, dismembered limbs flying towards the audience, the slice of swords through flesh, gut-wrenching screams, actual guts spilling out for all to see. One soldier wore his enemy’s entrails like a necklace, while another actually began devouring his slewn opponent’s corpse. Your mouth stayed open in terror for at least half the film, until you had to shut it for fear of vomiting. You had retracted from Nic’s arms to huddle in a curled ball, holding onto your knees in fetal position while you stared wide-eyed at the screen.

You looked over at Nic, who was slouching in his seat, hands folded over his chest, face neutral. One of the mercenaries smashed his adversary’s face in with a rock, and Nic chuckled, the hints of a grin appearing on his lips. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself… and it was sort of adorable? Disturbing, of course, but you were glad Nic was enjoying himself. You wondered if he’d like the movie better if he could hear the screams.

Nic turned to you, his eyes widening at your look of disgust. He stood up, holding a hand out to pull you to your feet, and exited the theater with you in tow, leaving the popcorn on the floor.

You retched outside for a few minutes before going into the theater’s restroom to wash your mouth out with water. When you came out, Nic was signing to you in a hurry, his brows furrowed with concern. Do you want to go home?

You opened your mouth and held your hands up to reply, ‘Yes, please, I want to go home and lie down for years,’ but you bit your lip. You and Nic had been planning this for a week, and while it had been a trainwreck so far—for you, anyway—you didn’t want the night to end, not when the two of you could at least spend time together.

Let’s go, you signed, managing a decent smile. Nic took your hand again and led you down the street. You silently thanked the universe that the two of you wouldn’t be hopping from roof to roof again. Nic held you close under his arm; you shivered slightly, for night had fallen since the movie had started.

The restaurant was Italian, and Nic had reserved a table on the patio. You at first rubbed your goosebump-ridden arms to warm up, but as your shivers became more violent, Nic offered his jacket. You nodded, slipping your arms into it eagerly. You pulled the collar around your neck; the combination of Nic’s body heat and his lingering scent was already working to warm you up.

The food was steaming, thankfully—and your plate fell steaming into your lap, making you jump and push backward in your seat so abruptly that you almost fell.

The waiter apologized over and over, until Nic flashed him a warning look that made it clear to the frantic man that his help was appreciated but not needed any longer. The poor guy scampered away to retrieve napkins.

You went into the bathroom to clean up, and as you wiped spaghetti from your thighs, you felt tears brimming in your eyes. The roof-hopping, the movie, the spilled plate… How could this night have gone so wrong? This was supposed to be your night with Nic, but it looked lke the universe was intent on testing your limits. Testing… It was testing you. You weren’t going to cry, you weren’t going to break down. You were going to go out there and continue your romantic date with your boyfriend. Nothing was going to stop you. You wiped your tears away with a towel and mustered your best look of confidence as you headed out to meet Nic again. He watched you quietly; the shame in his eyes made your chest hurt.

The waiter offered to bring another plate of your order, but you had lost most of your appetite. You decided you could get by on breadsticks and ice water.

You were staring down at the table, listening to the music from inside the restaurant when Nic grunted. You looked up to see Nic holding out his pasta-wrapped fork to you.

You grinned and took it obligingly. Nic never shared (at least not willingly or seriously), but for him to offer you food… It meant a lot to you, and for him to feed you, well, that was ridiculously romantic. Nic watched you carefully, his brow still wrinkled with concern, but when you swallowed and asked for more in sign language, his spirits lifted. Perhaps he hadn’t completely messed up.

You managed to be hungry enough to share dessert with him, and it became a match of who could eat the dessert most seductively. You licked the spoon with a sultry wink, while he swiped his tongue over his teeth, holding your gaze. He took another “seductive” bite and a dab of whip cream stuck to his nose. You burst into laughter, drawing the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Nic stared at you, tilting his head to the side like a puzzled kitten, and when your laughter became a snort, you clamped a hand to your mouth to stifle it.

What is it? Nic signed, his eyes narrowed.

Your shoulders still trembled with laughter beneath Nic’s jacket. Giggling, you reached over with a napkin and wiped the whipped cream away. Nic wriggled under your hand, rubbing his nose afterwards. He really was like a kitten.

Let’s go,” you murmured, punctuating your words with the appropriate gestures. Nic stood, slipped an arm around your waist, and exited with you. You mentally prepared yourself for the ride home. As Nic picked you up again, you managed to relax more into his chest, closing your eyes and breathing him in.

How was it? Nic asked you when you arrived home. He had carried you all the way up the stairs, like a prince. I know it wasn’t perfect, but—

You grasped his hands in your, tugging him closer until your noses were nearly touching. “As long as I’m with you, Nic, I’ll always have a good time,” you murmured, slowly and clearly enough for him to read.

Nic smirked and sealed the distance with a kiss.

You smiled against his lips, lacing your fingers together between your chests. He’ll make it up to me later, you decided.

You pulled away a bit, wearing a stern expression. Nic stared at you in confusion. “Next time,” you said, arching an eyebrow austerely, “I’m choosing the movie.”