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April Fool’s Headcanons

All of the Amis participate, but every year, Bousset, Grantaire, Bahorel, and Courf go all out. 

  • Bousset filled all the Oreos at a meeting with toothpaste
  • Courf covered every surface in Enjolras’s apartment in aluminum foil
  • Bousset somehow got his hands on thirty seven air horns, and placed them behind doors, under chairs, even under the gas pedal in Grantaire’s car (which he didn’t find for another week because he almost never drives it)
  • Bahorel printed out several hundred pictures of Nic Cage and hid them. Jehan found one in his shoe, Combeferre opened his microwave and saw Nic cage smiling at him from inside, and screamed so loudly Courf thought he was dying. Feuilly found one every time he opened a cabinet or door. The Amis are still finding them in increasingly bizarre placed months afterward
  • Feuilly set Baz’s autocorrect to an eggplant emoji. Every single word was autocorrected to an eggplant. What even is Feuilly
  • Musichetta bought Joly and Bousset donut that were filled with mayonnaise
  • Grantaire and Combeferre filled Enjolras’s computer keyboard with seeds a few days before, and Enj was greeted at work by several dozen plants growing in his keyboard
  • Joly filled Courf’s car with packing peanuts
  • Cosette and Eponine hired a Mariachi band to walk behind Marius for the entire day
  • Marius and Jehan changed the language settings on everyone’s phones, computers, and TV’s
  • Enjolras filled Grantaire’s hair dryer with baby powder, and then forgot about it when he went to dry his hair. He was not amused, but Grantaire definitely was
Lady Raptors Part 6---

The sun shone through the open curtains, bouncing its rays across Drake’s face. With a loud yawn he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He stretched out his limbs and heard a noise followed by something pulling him closer. He looked down examined the small figure on his lower torso with a smile.

Nic’s chest rose and fell steadily as her lips parted in deep sleep. The sun threw a glow over her body and Drake rose up slowly, not to wake her. Carefully, he eased her neck against the ripped pillow. She sighed and tangled her legs with his. Drake touched her face softly, mesmerized by her beauty.

After pecking her lips, he kissed down her body and spread her legs. Licking her clit lightly, she sighed. He tilted her lower body up slightly and sucked her clit into his mouth. Nic stirred and moaned. Drake flicked and licked his tongue all over her and pressed his tongue against her damp slit. Nic finally opened her eyes and was met with his hungry hazel ones.

“Did you not get enough pretty boy?” She laughed.

Drake growled and yanked her body towards him burying his tongue deep inside her. Her back arched up to the sky and she gripped his head.

“Drake.” She whimpered. He worked his fingers into her feeling her tighten around them quickly. He looked up at her and smirked.

She cried out pulling his curls. And Drake gripped her thighs until he swallowed every last drop. He was becoming addicted to her, and quickly.
He kissed up her body and wrapped his arms tight around her. Nic’s small fingers drew circles on his chest.

“That was amazing.” Nic murmured.

“Well, you know.” He said in a cocky tone. He flipped her over and settled between her legs. She rolled her eyes, but pulled him closer.

“You think you can handle round two?”

Nic giggled at him and pushed him off. 

“Don’t go getting sprung pretty boy." 

He released her and watched her contently as her naked body eased off the bed. Laughing as a quiet string of curse words left her mouth. When she made it to her bathroom door she turned around. Drake looked at her waiting for her to speak.

She lifted her hand and made a beckoning motion with her index finger before walking off.

Nic groaned softly as her back pressed firmly against the wet glass. His hands grabbed her tightly as the water ran down his back.

"Shit baby…” She panted through the fog.

“You like this shit Nic?” She nodded holding his back. He pulled out slowly and let himself rest against her heaving belly. She made a noise of protest and squirmed.

“I want to hear you beg for it.” He said biting her neck, sending shivers throughout her body. She arched an eyebrow at him and reached down, taking him into her hand. Drake grabbed her hand and pressed it into the cold tiles. Giving her a look.

“I knew you would try to assert your male dominance pretty boy.” She tried to sound nonchalant. She wanted him inside her, desperately. But she wasn’t going to tell him. Where’s the fun in that?

Drake chuckled at her and unwrapped her legs from his waist.

“Look, I was just-” She broke off mid-laugh.

“Oh my God!” She screamed.

“You were just what?” Drake spoke smugly from between her legs. Fingers curled inside her. A tremor raked through her and Nic struggled to find her balance. She gripped his curls and locked her thighs around his neck.

“You were just what!?” He smacked her butt before squeezing it roughly.

“I was just playing Papi!”

“Tell me what I want to hear.” Nic bit her lip and leaned against the wall. Drake hefted her light body up and moved away from the wall. Nic called out and held on to his head, hoping to relieve some of the pressure as he worked her over relentlessly.

Drake locked an arm around her waist and reached up to grab her wrists. He held them up and Nic began to writhe even more than before. Her ankles curled together between his shoulder blades. Drake looked up to her and pressed his wet lips to her already swollen clit. She also looked down to him and said what he wanted to hear.

“Drake, fuck me. Please.” In short panted breaths.

He dropped her back into his arms and inserted himself back into her swiftly.

“Right there! Please.” She begged bucking her hips quickly. He smirked while he did as asked.

The back of her thigh moved against the wall as he buried himself inside her deeper. His muscles bunched up over and over as she scratched him due to the pressure.

Lady Raptors 2---


Drake sat on his couch with a glass of white wine sprizter. He was trying to build up the courage to call the woman that plagued his thoughts day in and day out. Ever since that game Nic has been all he could think about. Her smile, her laugh, the way she talked shit to him. And her body….

“Mmmmm.” He hummed.

Now a days all it took was one thought to send his mind reeling with thoughts. All centered around her. How tight he knew she was. How she would scream his name. How her lips would part when she reached that perfect peak of pleasure. He couldn’t think straight.

With those thoughts in mind, he went to the following game, clearly hoping to see her again. The whole night consisted of him staring at her intently and she stealing glances. With the fast-paced game, they didn’t have a chance to talk, but their actions spoke louder.

Everytime she walked past him, she winked at his apparent interest. Nic had enough sense to know why he was there and took great pleasure in being a tease. Never had Drake found a woman that had so much control over him or his actions. And that alone shocked him and also drew him in.

So he pulled a few strings with a few higherups and got a hold to her number.

And here he sat, nervous like a teenage boy. He gulped down his glass and dialed her number.

“Hello?” Her voice rang out in question. It was like music to his ears and he immediately smiled.

“Hey baby.” He said deeply, pouring some more wine.

Nic removed her phone from her ear and looked at it. With a smirk she brought it back up to her ear.

“Who told you you could call me ‘baby’?”

“I did.” He stated. Nic laughed causing Drake’s nervousness to ease.

“So baby,” he sipped his drink. “Any plans for today?”

“Nah. Why?”

“I want to spend some time with you.”

He licked his lips.

“You tryna get some pussy ain’t you?”

“I’m not even going to lie Nic.” He laughed.

“At least you’re honest.”

“Yeah. Where you stay so I can come through?” He persuaded hoping she was down. He stood up and grabbed his keys. Nic laughed sarcastically.

“You persistent huh pretty boy?”

“Address.” He said flatly. Nic sat up on her unmade bed and jogged down her stairs. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and her keys.

“Text me yours and I’ll come to you.”

  She walked out her door and unlocked her car, cranking it up.

“You’ll come alright baby.” He spoke licking his lips.

“Bye Drake.” She laughed hanging up the phone. Pulling out of the driveway she felt her phone buzz and Beyonce’s sultry voice filled the car.

Unknown: 5841 Round Meadow Road 😘😏

Nic laughed at the message and tossed her phone in the passenger seat.

Thirty-minutes later she pulled up in front of his house. Turning down her radio, she grabbed her phone and sent him a text.

Nic: Bring ya ass😎

Drake read her text and chuckled. He grabbed his snapback and stepped out the house. He rounded her car, playing it cool. Sliding in, he looked over at her at her shielded eyes. He removed his snapback and placed it on the leather dashboard. Drake shamelessly let his eyes roam her body. Her snug-fitting tank and shorts showing off her glowing caramel skin.

“I’m up here.” Drake smiled charmingly up at her.

It threw Nic for a loop. His smile was so bright and warm. The way his eyes crinkled and left little dents in his cheeks. She couldn’t help staring at him.

“I figured we could go for a drive.” She smirked gauging his reaction.

“Sure, that’s fine.” He lied leaning in smoothly. “As long as I get a kiss.” He grabbed her slim jaw and pursed his lips sexily. Nic darted up and kissed him on his nose. She laughed at his sour expression and backed the car up.

“You think you slick.” He leaned back.

“Pretty boy I know I’m slick.” She looked over at him quickly biting her lip.

“You don’t though.”

He stared at her with his eyebrow arched.

They talked about themselves and their careers and ambitions. What they wanted from the world and out of life. Both of them becoming quickly comfortable with the other. After that they just chilled in comfortable silence.

It was a beautiful day in California. The sun was shining illuminating everything in its path. The warm light graced Nic’s skin and practically radiated off of her. Her hair, that was pent up in a messy but cute bun, was dancing in the breeze. She had long removed her sunglasses, the chocolate of her eyes shining. She was utterly breathtaking and Drake was starstruck.

Getting bold, he reached over and rubbed her thigh. Pleased at how smooth and soft her skin felt under his touch.

“You’re very forward aren’t you?” She laughed. He could listen to her laugh all day, it made him smile.

“I just know what I want.”

“And what is it that you want?” She asked. Drake noticed she hadn’t moved his hand and rubbed small circles on the skin.

“You screaming my name.” He stated while inching his hand up her leg.

Nic leaned her head back against the headrest and gave him a side eye. She grasped his hand and dropped it on his lap. He reached over again and grabbed her hand.

“This would work too.”

He intertwined their hands and sucked in her index finger, letting his tongue lick it sensually. Nic squealed and drew her hand back.

“You’re such a hornball!”

Minutes later, they pulled up in front of his house. Nic looked around admiring the scenery.

Damn. How long did we talk? She thought.

The sun overlooking Drake’s hillside house was setting. The orange sphere unknowingly brought out the golden specks in Drake’s eyes. He looked over at her with mischievous eyes.

“We can talk inside.” He tried.

“Really smooth Graham.” She smiled.

“It was worth a shot.” He grabbed the door handle. “I really enjoyed this.” He stared at her, eyes boring into hers.

“Me too. It’s good to know you’re not an asshole.” She rubbed his hand. Drake laughed and kissed hers.

“Have a good night Nic.”

He opened the door and Nic reached out grabbing his face. He turned his head around. She ran her thumb over his lips and leaned in, pressing her lips to his softly. She pulled away slowly smiling slightly.

“Good night Drake.”


Tilting her head back against Nic’s chest Ella tried to look up at him with a raised eyebrow before turning in his arms so she could wrap her arms around his waist as well. Nodding she smiled up at him. “I’d love to.”

Nic smiled as she turned around in his arms and he planted a kiss on her forehead. “Alright. Let’s go, then.” He said, leaning down to kiss her properly this time, their lips meeting. He pulled away and took her hand. “How are you feeling?”