nic persinger

Mr. Persinger.

Last week, I sat down for drinks with the blogs founder and good friend, Nic Persinger. With his vintage fashion taste, knowledge of photography, and witty, smartass sense of humor, Nic is a very interesting guy to sit down and listen to.

Where are you from?

Richwood, West Virginia. It’s the perfect little place, with one stoplight, a beautiful river and full of the best people I know. I love southern West Virginia, it’s the only place I feel totally at home.


I’m interested in people, style, photography, traveling through small towns, and a good cocktail.

So you studied photography in DC, what made you want to pursue photography?

It just made sense to me. I’ve always been interested in light and how it falls on things.

What type of photography do you like best?

Portraits, for sure.

And why portraits?

 I like portraits because I like to talk to people and to get to know them. After you do that, you can take such a beautiful picture of someone.

Camera you use most?

 I almost always use my Pentax 6x7. It’s a tank with a wooden handle that shoots medium format. 

Your drink of choice?

Old fashioned with bourbon. 

What is the worst fashion choice a girl can make?

I’m not a fan of the leggings movement. It’s really taken over Morgantown. I never thought seeing a girl in actually pants would be an attraction, but it is now.

And men?

Simple, Affliction and Ed Hardy.

Your Fashion inspiration?

The actor Gary Cooper, at the moment. I got the new book about his style for Christmas from someone very important to me. He was quite the dresser back in the day.

Favorite purchase this year?

My WWII reissue Bulova army watch I picked up at Joyce’s Jewelry in town. I love that thing. I can wear it with a suit or if I’m hiking through the woods. 

Your most unique procession?

A casio film watch that my uncle got me for my birthday when I was 15. I saw that the guitarist from the strokes, Albert Hammond, Jr., was wearing the watch on one of the band’s music videos.I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I got it and loved it, but I never wore it. then about 2 years ago I got it resized and it’s on my wrist about 3 times a week now. They don’t make them anymore, nor is it worth a dime but every time I wear it I get complimented. 

What made you start this blog?

I started this blog because I really like Morgantown, and underneath it all Morgantown is lacking relationships. There’s all the students, the locals, and businesses but no connections and camaraderie between these things. Morgantown seems like a big busy city sometimes with all the people in it, the traffic, and nightlife, but it’s really just a small town when you step back and look at it. So I thought why not bring those things together? I want this to be a part of the community and the community to be a part of this blog. There’s going to be all local people featured on here for the most part. All local contributors, too. And I’m in the process of starting a social club that folks can come to and meet all the people involved with this whole thing–and of course look sharp and have a few good drinks too.

And last, but definitely not least, what will we never see you in?

Sweatpants. Ever.

A big thank you to Nic! If you’d like to help an any way, or find out any information regarding his ideas with this blog, feel free to email him at

words and images by April Rich


With the end of summer came our move to a new apartment. We settled into the historical neighborhood of Morgantown and the place has really inspired me. The light is perfect around the block throughout any given day and the scenery only adds to the allure. Another perk was our neighbors, Peter and Mary. Both are doctors and they have two boys, Rohan and Cormac (who was born today!). Peter and I have made a really great friendship because of his interest in art. Before med school he studied sculpture. Another thing that has sparked our friendship is Peter’s dad Volkmar. The late Volkmar Wentzel was a National Geograpic photographer who traveled the world helping explore and document cultures for the award winning publication from 1937-1985. Though you may not know of his name, chances are you’ve seen one of his photographs. Whether it’s his images from rural Appalachia of miners to Capt. Joseph Kittinger’s record-setting high altitude parachute jump from the edge of Earth—his work was astounding. After getting lost in the endless stories Peter had about his Dad, I decided I wanted to do something with his amazing legacy. I talked to Peter about exploring the idea of using Volkmar’s cameras to document some of the places at home that meant something to him—and the people too. Rohan and Cormac never met their grandfather and never had the opportunity to be photographed by him. Viola, Peter’s mother, has recently moved to Aurora, WV—the place that Volkmar fell in love with and got his early start in photography. Today I sat down with Viola to talk with her and to take her portrait. She came to Peter and Mary’s for the birth of Cormac and to keep an eye on Rohan. After chatting with her about Volkmar and my ideas, we were both very happy with the direction it could go. To give Volkmar’s cameras a new life by capturing things that would have meant so much to him. These photos were taken with Volkmar’s Polaroid 195 Land Camera. After years of collecting dust, I cleaned, oiled, and polished up the old camera and it’s working like a charm. This is the start to my project “V.K.W.,” and who knows where it’s going to end. 

Viola Kiesinger Wentzel, in Peter & Mary’s dining room, 2014.

Viola Kiesinger Wentzel, in Peter & Mary’s dining room, 2014.

Volkmar Wentzel’s Polaroid 195 Land Camera

Rohan Wentzel, in the kitchen, 2014.