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I Don’t Disappoint [M]

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Jay was greeted by the scent of his girlfriend cooking as he entered his kitchen. He had promised you he would be home by 6 but Hyunjung’s had a few worries about her new album and so Sunghwa and Jay decided to stay back helping their newest member; more to calm her nerves than anything. Jay smiled once he saw you only clad in an oversize wife beater. He could see the side of your boobs from how low the curved of the sleeve fell. He bit his lower lips knowing you were not wearing a bra.

You glanced to look at him and returned back to cooking as if his return didn’t surprise you.

You had one hand on your hips and the other holding a spatula as you stirred the chicken in the pan. You were not the greatest cook but you could manage a few dishes without burning it and especially if its healthy food. You were never good with frying anything with oil and you have a scar just above your thumb to prove it. “Hello,” he called out from the doorway of his kitchen.

You only hummed out in reply and turned to flash him a quick smile.

“Is there a panty underneath that or have you discarded the idea of wearing anything underneath a shirt?” he continued on leaning against the doorway with a smirk beautifully carving his lips.

You tried to suppress a grin and managed to fake a small smile. “I’m not wearing a shirt.”

“You’re barely wearing anything.”

“Are you complaining?” you turned your head, perking an eyebrow at him.

Your eyes followed his tongue as it moisturizes his pink lips. You could see his eyes tracing the outline of your figure and you purposely stood up straighter pushing your lower body outwards as you leaned to take a whiff of the scent of your cooking. “Does it smell good?” he asked and you inhaled in the familiar scent of your black paper grilled chicken.

“Uh-huh.” You answered seeing he walked towards you.

“It smell better than it looks at least.” He snickered as you pointed your spatula at him threateningly and he quickly held his hands up in surrender.

“You better be careful Park. You’re late.” You waved the spatula in front of his face and his eyes followed its movement making you smile accordingly. He puts down his hands once you returned back to cooking, throwing in a few cherry tomatoes into the pan. He leaned against the counter with his palms holding him up at his sides.

“You haven’t answer my questions.” He added once the only sound in the room was the sizzling sound of the chicken you’re cooking.

“I’m wearing underwear.” You answered nonchalantly and cursed when you accidentally knocked the packed of tomatoes when you reached for the bottle of herbs. Jay let out a small laugh at how clumsy you were and you sent him a glare before kneeling down to pick up the tomatoes, but of course you had to put the accident to your advantage. You took your time kneeling down making sure that Jay’s eyes were focused on your ass. You could feel the material of your wife beater moving upwards and Jay laughed knowing your intentions. “Wait, hold up let me take a picture.”

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Jacksepticeye Fluffy college AU

Reader Insert

990(ish) words

     You hurry along the sidewalk, pulling your jacket closer to your chest. It was no match for the chilly Irish wind, but you were too stubborn to go back to your dorm and change. Shoving your hands in your pockets and blowing a h/c tuff of hair from in front of your face, you quicken your pace, hoping to warm up.
     It was a beautiful morning, bright and sunny, the sky more blue than it had been in weeks. When you looked outside the window not long ago it seemed so warm out. It had been a lie, it was colder then it has been all month. You pout, eyes on your feet as you walk, watching your shoes hit the ground. You’ve only been in Ireland a few months, studying abroad, and in that time you had thought you had gotten used to the weather. You, in fact, had not.
     "Y/n!“ You look up from your feet, then around until your e/c eyes meet crystal clear blue ones.
     "Oh, hey Jack.” You beam a smile at your friend, straightening your back and running a hand through your hair as you watch the green haired man lightly jog towards you. “Having a good morning?” You question as he closes the last few feet between the two of you. He’s in a grey hoodie, zipped up all the way with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and dark jeans. He looked amazing, as always.
     "It’s a beautiful day of course I am!“ His naturally loud voice is filled with excitement and it makes you laugh. "Much too beautiful a day to spend inside listening to a lecture.” He smiles, and it’s then you notice the dark, wicker pic-a-nic basket in his hands.
     "What are you suggesting, Mr. McLoughlin?“ You raise an eyebrow and he grins.
     "A pic-a-nic in the park.” He holds up the basket and you snort out a single laugh.
     "Jack, you know how many notes we take in lector days. If we skip today we’ll be playing catch up till Halloween" You respond.
     "We will not, i’m getting Markimoo to record the whole thing for us. We can watch it later from the comfort of your dorm. It’ll be like the worst movie night ever.“ He smiles and can’t help but do the same. "So, whatta you say?” He holds out a hand. Pressing your lips together into a line, you study him for a few moments, then take his hand and smile. His smile widens and he laughs, turning and leading you away from the school.
     "So, what have you packed for our meal in the park?“ You question, falling into step next to him as he lets your hand slip from his.
     "The good stuff.” He replied, winking at you. You laugh and roll your eyes, mostly concerned but also worried about what was inside the wicker confines of the basket. You felt a similar feeling when you first met Jack, moths ago inside your dorm. He had been playing hide and seek drunk and somehow ended up in your room.      You let him sleep on your floor, and that morning he made chocolate chip waffles. You’ve been friends ever since.
     The walk to the small park is filled with light and casual conversation, and a few selfies from both parties. In the shade of a few big trees, you help Jack spread out a blanket with an anime character on it. When it is done you drop your backpack and practically flop on the ground, letting out a painful sound as a tree root hits your tail bone.
     Jack laughs, after making sure your okay, then sits next to you with the basket on his lap. He looks at you, faking seriousness, and places his hands on the lid.
     "Do you know what the good stuff is?“ He asks, his blue eyes narrowing.
     "Cakes and cookies?” You answer his question with another.
     "Cakes and cookies.“ He repeats, smiling and flipping the lid open. You laugh, sitting up so your leg rests against his. "For you.” He hands you a large, flat box and you raise an eyebrow at him. Taking and opening the box, you look inside in confusion.
It was a single cookie, the size of your outstretched hand. And in frosting, your favorite color frosting, is says in loopy handwriting Look left.
     You look at Jack, who’s sitting on your left, and find that he’s unzipped his jacket, holding it open so you can see the neon green shirt he wore under it. On the shirt, in black sharpie, it said Will you date be my girlfriend??
Date was crossed out with one line, making it still very readable. You hold back a laugh, very aware this was not the time to start that but almost unable to keep it back.
     "Y/n are you gonna cry?“ Jack asks, letting his jacket go so the sides fall over some of the words and putting a hand on your knee.
You shake your head and look down at your knees, your jaw shaking with smothered laughter.
     "If you don’t want to you can just say no you don’t have cry-” He trails off as you meet his eyes, a face splitting smile crosses your features.
     "I would love nothing more than to date be your girlfriend.“ You fall into a gut wrenching laughing fit and he does the same, holding his sides.
     You end up laying on your back, face red and out of breath from laughing. Jack lays next to you, the occasional laugh still slipping from his lips. He slips his hand into yours, lacing your fingers together.
     "I love you.” You turn to look at him to find his gorgeous eyes already on you.
     "I love you too.“ You respond, cheeks red for another then just the laughing fit you had finished not long ago.