nic nat

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: i just think it’s funny how vic can have a crush on, and flirt with nicole when she’s in a showmance, and no one talks bad about him and he gets a cute edit for it. but if any woman in the house had a crush on, and flirted with corey while he was in a showmance, everyone in the house would rip the girl apart and she’d get a bad edit for it.

Laughing because every time he’s mad, Z’s going on the block but Paulie talked to James and Corey about getting Nicole or Natalie on the block next to Bridgette then pretended he was going to talk to Z about going up, but all he did was tell her his ultimate goal for the week and tell her to sleep while he worked on getting one of the other girls up. 


Nic Naitanui, West Coast Eagles vs Carlton, Round 14 2011

This is why we love AFL. Seriously, how can we not?

I remember watching NicNat take a hanger at this same ground in his debut game vs Richmond in 2009. And as long as he plays, people will turn up and tune in to catch more highlights like this. Just outstanding.


Chris Murphy’s song about Nic Nat :D