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X-Men: Days of Future Past cast at the world premiere in New York City

I am happy to say that I was one of the lucky few who made it into the X-Men X-perience and DOFP premiere at the Javits Center in New York City. I got to meet most of the cast in attendance. Jennifer Lawrence, Nic Hoult, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, and all of the new character cast were very gracious and signed autographs and took pics with fans on the red carpet. Sadly, Michael Fassbender was one of the few actors who did not walk the fan pit on the red carpet. I think he wasn’t aware that the group of fans on the red carpet—500 of us—were the ones who waited longest (a lot of people camped out overnight in a rainstorm) to win access to the red carpet. There was another area in the building where fans were allowed to watch cast arrivals; these people did not put in the effort to get into the event like the group I was a part of. From pics, I see that Fassbender signed autographs for this other group. On the red carpet, my group only got to see him do press interviews. We did chant “Magneto! Magneto!” to get him to acknowledge us. I’m disappointed he skipped our group, but I’ve met him before multiple times so I shouldn’t be greedy for more.

I got to see Fassbender hug Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, and Hugh Jackman and also gentlemanly hold out his hand to Bingbing Fan as she climbed down steps in super high heels (I saw him do this for Lupita Nyong'o at the 12 Years a Slave New York premiere too).

On to the film (no spoilers)…

Let me simply say that you MUST see the film. It is a much darker story than any of the other X-Men films. The story is centered around Mystique (Lawrence). Unlike the last X-Men film (First Class), where Professor X and Magneto were the central characters, there is no central character in DOFP. Each character is equally significant. No character gets more screen time than another, except perhaps Wolverine who gets to be in both the future and past. I would have liked Magneto’s line in the story to have been more predominant, but, of course, that’s only because I like Fassbender so much.

Very important to share: There is a scene in which Fassbender is shirtless briefly. Woohoo!

The kitchen scene, which Fassbender said was his favorite scene in the X-Men Twitter chat, is the standout scene in the film. It also happens to be the funniest scene. Evan Peters (Quicksilver) steals the film in this scene.

There is zero romance to the story, which was surprising. There are only references to past relationships (Magneto/Mystique, Wolverine/Jean Grey, Beast/Mystique).

I think someone who has not seen the previous X-Men films would be lost watching this film because a lot of the story is dependent on understanding the characters’ relationships. Because the plot is so involved, the story doesn’t try to cover what happened in the previous X-Men films and explain the character connections.

In summary, go see this action-packed film. It is guaranteed to be the blockbuster of the year.