nic bonding

hey @ gangsta anime watchers just a heads up

theres a whole lot more to alexs character than this watered down version we got of her animated alright just so u kno shes cheeky n smart and not afraid to give anything a go she is funny her facial expressions are utterly amazing and her relationship with both nic and worick is a whole lot more chummy chummy than the anime shows. alex and worick literally on/off share his bed. when the people shit talk nic outside of the brothel alex speaks out. it wasnt a suprise to her when worick shot the guys that were tailing nina and nic, she was very aware of what was gunna happen n was more annoyed worick got her shirt dirty than anything. she asks granny questions- heck asks everyone questions. in the anime all the information is just given to her, or she stumbles blindly onto it,  in the manga she seeks it out. please read the manga if u care for alex

alex waking up in the middle of the night because she can’t sleep and nic notices, he probably can’t sleep much either. they both stay up in the kitchen, alex tries to teach nic a new dish she recently learned how to cook. 

they keep a cookbook that’s become used over time, and its as much treasured as their old sign language book. nic bought it for her ever since she flipped through it at the bookstore once. 

alex asks nic to crack some eggs for an omelette and he accidentally gets a bunch of eggshells in the mixture, he desperately tries to fish them out before she can see. 

alex keeping a few pots of herbs near the window, nic makes sure they get enough sunlight and water before he leaves the apartment. he likes the scent of the mint leaves the most. 

alex and nic just bonding over food makes me so happy