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Ouija - (H/M)

This turned out A LOT longer than @dont-run-up and I first intended, but hopefully, everyone enjoys! Leave some comments letting us know what you thought of Incubus!Yoongi~~

Genre; Horror with that good S M UT 

Length; long af- 9,800+ words

Kink(s); A sprinkle of Master/Pet, impact play, oral (giving and receiving), creampie, light bondage, etc.

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12:00 a.m.
The time blared on your friend, Hee Young’s, phone screen. “Come on Y/n,” She jeered, keeping that eager grin and puppy-dog look in her eyes as she gently grasped your biceps, swaying you from side to side. “I wanna play! It’s just a game-” She added, pointing towards the newly purchased Ouija board that sat on your coffee table. Just the sight of it rushed a wave of uneasiness over you.

Shaking your head, your brows furrowed slightly, “I don’t know-” You replied, as anxiety laced your words. “My grandma always told me to steer clear of them, they could allow things into your home and life.”

“Oh my gosh, you don’t really believe all that nonsense, do you?” She asked, giggling through her words while she began to open the board’s box. Unlike you, she was a full-blown skeptic; she wasn’t a believer in anything paranormal, so Ouija was just a game to her and nothing more than that.

God did you wish you could dismiss it the way she could.
Though you had never personally experienced anything ghost-wise, you knew plenty of people that had. “Ahh I do, but..” You began, sighing as you decided to give in despite your better judgment, “But I guess we can play, just for a little, at least.”

Heeyoung excitedly clapped while smiling like a dork as she lifted the onyx and pearl colored board and planchette out. “Don’t worry,” She sweetly said, recognizing the nervous expression that painted your face as she placed it onto the glass. “It’s just a game.”

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Bucky X Reader

Summary: he was your everything but apparently you weren’t his. Left with nothing but some memories where will life take you?

Warnings: Super angst right from the first sentence, Sam being awesome

A/N: ok I know I shouldn’t be starting something new when I’m working on something but this can to me and I needed to write it out before it left me. I’m tagging some people that have helped me write and make a better story. I hope I have put all your advice to good work. @annadier @marvelous-imagining and @metalarmproblems And the always amazing @veronicalei

“You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I do? I don’t know what I did wrong, not to make you leave me.”

“I know she’s perfect, she’s everything you deserve but I thought, maybe for once, I could be enough for someone, for you. You said I was everything you could ever need. Did you ever want me though? If you only needed me, you could have needed me and just been my friend. Why drag me through this and give me so much, only to say none of it was real?” Your cries have fallen on deaf ears. His back is now turned from you shutting you out once more.

The words were echoing in your head they were the first moments of everything crumbling down around you. You couldn’t stay here anymore. He wanted you gone.

You hastily scribbled out a note it was written on the back of one of your pictures making it hard to write on and puncturing the photo at times. Your hand was shaky and tears blurred you vision. You were determined however to get this out and send it to him.

“I’m sorry. I should have seen the signs earlier, but then again I guess I did. I was just fooling myself into thinking I could hold on to you longer when that’s probably when I already lost you. I’m sorry I kept you from her, I won’t bother you anymore. I hope one day you’ll forgive me for keeping you from her for so long.“

You write Love before scribbling it out and simply put your name.

You slide it under the door and walk away. He wouldn’t get it for a few days as he was gone on a mission. That left you with enough time to make a clean get away, not that anyone was going to come after you.

You weren’t a part of the team, didn’t work with them, didn’t technically live with them either. You were just dating one of the members. Well dated one of them. In fact if he hasn’t said anything they may not notice your absence for awhile thinking you were busy or something.

You had come to collect everything that you had left here. The clothes, the nic-nacs you had collected over time, photos, really anything that could remind him of you. He moved on and didn’t need your junk in the way. Carting it all away you drop most of it down the garbage shoot putting an end to that. You walked into the main lounge and collected a couple more things. With a final look around you said goodbye and the door shut it all from your view.

“FRIDAY, I’m leaving now you can revoke my access privileges as per his request.”

“All right, Miss (Y/L). It has been nice knowing you. Have a pleasant day.”

“I’ll try FRIDAY.”

Stepping out of the building you head out not quite knowing where you were going but knowing it was far away from here.

The team had gotten back from a grueling mission, they were all banged up and suffering from an arrangement of injuries but none needed professional medical help. A couple bandaids would do the trick and a hot shower for everything else. They filed out of the quinjet; to their surprise you weren’t waiting there for them. Usually you would be fidgeting waiting to see that each one was back and relatively unharmed.

Sam was the first to speak up “Hey man where is (Y/N)?” He asks Bucky. “She knew we were coming back today, yes? You text her?”

Bucky stiffens forgetting that you wouldn’t be here any more. He shrugs attempting to take the subject off you and more so him.

“Man, I could really use a hug from her right now. You know check over my injuries, berate me for getting injured in the first place.” He jokes with the others. They all chuckle knowing that is exactly what you would do to all of them. Well except Bucky, you would be pampering and nitpicking his every move just to reassure yourself that he was safe.

“Maybe she fell asleep waiting for us. FRIDAY, we’re back, is (Y/N) in the building?” Tony asks, you had done that a couple times before because of the lateness of a mission.

“No Sir she is not. She has not been back since two days ago. She collected some of her stuff and hasn’t been back since.”

“Oh, alright I’ll just have to text her since other people seem to have forgotten.” He says shooting Bucky a glare. Bucky can’t meet his eyes knowing the true reason to why you weren’t there.

They shuffle to their separate rooms to shower and change. They all eventually drift back to the kitchen when their stomachs announce their need for food. All but Bucky had come down, Steve the concerned friend he always was went to get him. Knocking on the door he found Bucky standing in his room showered but staring at the bed. It was nicely made the grey comforter pulled up and the pillows tucked under and plumped. The room was perfectly squared away not a thing out if place it seemed odd but Steve shrugged it off and continued in to the room.

He places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder causing him to jump at the touch. “Hey just wanted to let you know that there is dinner in the kitchen everyone is waiting for you. Have you heard anything from (Y/N) yet?” Bucky shakes his head. “Hey what’s up with you you’ve been weird for this whole mission and even now?”

“Its nothing Steve, I just been dying to sleep in my own bed now.”

He rolls his shoulder pushing Steve’s hand off of him. He heads out leaving Steve behind, Steve takes a deep breath and drops his head. He was only trying to help. A picture on the ground catches his eyes, he stoops down to pick it up. It’s the picture from one of your days on the beach together. Bucky and You had romped along the beach all day playing in the water and building numerous sand castles only to have the other knock it down. Here though you both had laid down tired from the day, your head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around you both sleeping under an umbrella. It was one of your favorites, flipping it over he reads your words.

His heart breaks, suddenly everything makes sense. Bucky’s attitude, he wouldn’t focus to save his life missing quite a few easy shots during the mission; the room, he looks up none of your personal things could be seen, there was nothing scattered about like you usually have. So thats what happened, he whips around and chases Bucky down. He starts waving the photo as he sees him sitting at the kitchen counter, not fully taking in his surroundings.

“What the heck is this?” Shoving it in his face. Bucky grabs it and looks at the photo before turning it over. He reads the words but doesn’t quite comprehend it all, so he sits and stare trying to make it say something else. He thought he wanted to move on from you that you weren’t enough but now, he wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t cared while you had screamed at him and begged him to explain.

“Answer me Bucky what happened between you and (Y/N)? Why isn’t she coming back?” You could here a pin drop it was so silent in the room all gaping at Bucky.

“That’s why she is not here?“ Tony half standing now from where he had been sitting on the couch.

“Tell me!” Steve snaps. Taking Bucky by the collar and forcing him to look him in the eye.

“I….I broke up with her.” He whispers, “Right before the mission.” His voice keeps getting smaller.

“Why? Why would you ever want to do that?” Steve pleads. “She was your everything. You couldn’t stop talking about her when she wasn’t with you and when she was you were attached at the hip. She’s your best friend, a kind of friend I can never be.”

“I thought…” He trails off not wanting to phrase the next part wrong . “I thought I wanted something else… someone else.”

“You arrogant son of a… Did you cheat on her?” Tony growls.

“No I couldn’t do that. Not to her.”

“But you could break up with her out of the blue after she gave you everything!”

“Hey whoa back up, now let’s calm down and talk it out” Sam is standing pulling Tony back by the shoulder trying to mediate before tensions could rise further. “Sit down Tony this isn’t going to help anything.”

Tony sits with a huff. Sam faces Bucky meeting his eyes. “Bucky I’m guessing you’re regreting breaking up with her now. Why?”

“I walked in the room and nothing felt right it wasn’t home, I looked for anything to hold on to buts all gone. She took everything of hers is gone even out here. The book she kept on the side table. The bankets, even the pillows every single one is gone. She disappeared and it like I’m missing a part of myself. I don’t know what to do.“

“And this person you were leaving her for, she doesn’t make you feel this way? Does she make you happy? Maybe you just need to get used to the idea that (Y/N) is gone.”

Protests were heard all around. Sam held up his hands shushing them as he went to explain himself. Bucky was looking even more confused staring now down at his hands like they held the answer.

“All I’m saying is I don’t want you trying to get her back just because you are used to her being there. She was a constant but you drifted away from her for a reason. I want you to decide whether she is everything you could ever want and need now and forever. That she is going to be the only one always. Or you can let her go and you both move on with your lives. You need to know she is not just going to let you back in after what you did to her. You are going to have to fight to get her back. It may take a long while longer than either of you may like but you have left a very broken girl in your wake. I want to you to be absolutely certain you love her with all you have.”

Now everyone is staring at Sam. They tend to forget he is a councillor for the VA so everything that he just said made so much sense and very true. Now the question was he willing to fight for you?

To be continued……

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Am I Enough PT 2

Bucky X Reader 

Summary: An unexpected turn in your relationship with Bucky sends you on a journey that will hopefully find you back home one day.

Warnings: angst 

A/N: Hello everyone, I just wanted to start out with how thrilled and honored I was to have all of you read my new story. I am still getting the jitters from it all. Sorry it took so long but here it is. This chapter is more of a stage setter for what is to come and no bucky we catch up with where the reader is now.  

“When did this start between you two? How long has it been? Did it gradually come to be or did it just hit you one day? I asked if you had ever thought about the others, in a I-could-possibly-date way. Wait, was that when it all began? You actually thought about it and realized she would be better for you. I shouldn’t have asked, I mean I was so happy that you chose me over them but I brought this on myself didn’t I?“ 

“Can’t you just tell me? Answer me, dang It! Do I now mean so little you can’t even give me a proper answer. I love you with everything I have in me, but that’s not enough for you is it? I wanted to believe that this would last forever but….“ 

Two weeks that’s how long it had been since you left. The road had taken you out through several states till you stopped at a quaint town. Big enough that you could get confused but small enough for people to know almost eberyone and of all things it was call Normal, Illinois, because heavens knew you could use all the normal you could get. You managed to snag a place to stay at least for now and a job as well. Lucky for you the college had just gotten out so you found a room to rent for the next 2 months before school came back. 

It’s funny how in the movies people can just up and run away from their previous lives but not for you. The one plus side was that You could avoid all other text and calls from the team. It also kept your mind off if him. You spent part of your car ride on the phone with your boss telling, well lying that you had a family emergency that would take you away for a while. Luck struck again as she gave you the two months you asked for. The only problem now was your apartment. You couldn’t afford 2 rents. The rent in normal was about half it was in new York but still. This had taken quite a few more phone calls until you found a few friends that wanted to rent it out for a couple weeks at a time. It would be risky especially if they cancelled but you had a smidge of faith left that it would work out. 

Now that you were at least for the foreseeable future to remain here, you focus on your new job, mostly because the other option is soul sucking grief. It was a standard retail job in Uptown Normal, a little boutique that sold nic-nacs. It got you through the day and you made money. You threw yourself into it taking extra shifts and doing whatever necessary for the job. Anything to keep you from going home at night. 

The problem now was the nights, with nothing to occupy your thoughts, no tv or computer, you focused on what had happened. You had thought maybe the whole thing was a misunderstanding that Bucky would chase after you and explain. As each day went by your hope faded piece by piece. You weren’t hiding you still used your credit cards, your drivers license, he could find you, any one could find you. But no one came, you must have been right in everything you said. You would have at least expected one of the others Steve or Tony at least, but you guess that was too good to be trhe friendship as well. How did this happen you had always prided yourself on being a decent judge in character, but apparently not the people you were those closest to you. 

It turns out it was good you left. You would feel bad for ever forcing yourself onto others. When you thought this there was a knock on the door. Your head jerked up, zeroing in on the door, you weren’t expecting any one. Maybe it was a simple case of wrong door. Again the knock, but this time it was followed up with, ”(Y/N), I know you’re in there please just open up.“ 

Gah, it was Steve. You start to have a mixture of feelings the first was surprised, he had come to get you. You were great friends so why not but you would have thought he would stay with Bucky, support him in this time. This led to sadness, tears picking your eyes because Bucky couldn’t even come himself, he must have sent Steve. Which then provoked anger, that stupid pompous man couldn’t even take the time to come find you and fix things himself. When that thought hit you, grief ran through you wrapping it’s way through, making your limbs heavy and your breathing shallow. 

That was it Steve had come to say that Bucky didn’t want you back that you could stay right where you were. Far away from him, he didn’t need some has been hanging around his new girl. Once more the knocking began, “I’m coming in we need to talk." 

With that he quickly dismantled the lock and stepped in. You stare at him while he approaches, but as he gets closer you get scared you didn’t want to hear it. No you could move on right now, you could pretend this whole thing never happened. You scoot away from him whimpering slightly and shaking your head. 

"Whoa hey, I just want to talk.” He raises his hands, halting all forward movement. 

“No,” you shudder out, your voice weak. “I know what you want to say and I don’t want to hear it. I get it he doesn’t want me. I’ll stay away I promise.” At this point your voice has broken and tears run down your face. You keep shaking your head keeping Steve at bay. 

Steve heart breaks even more, his friend has done a real number on this girl. You were still huddled against the wall but now you had your hands over your ears, refusing anything he had to say. He sighed, kneeling down before you and wrapping his arms around you pulling you to his chest. For a moment, you resisted pushing against him, didn’t work very well as he continued to hold you in place. 

Finally you fell into him allowing his comfort, you start to cry, aobs that wrenched through your body. For you it was finally accepting everything that had happened to you. Taking in every feeling that you had held back through this whole thing. All this time you had refused to accept them, that everything that was happening you deserved, so you didn’t have the right to feel emotional about it. You were though, sad, angry the basic but fierce emotions held you. All you could do was cry while Steve held you. 

Eventually the tears took their toll rendering you exhausted and quickly sliding into sleep. Steve felt you go limp against him. Glancing down he took in the tracks from the tears on your face, carefully wiping a few more away. He couldn’t even imagine what you were going through, he knew in some sense, had seen and talked with you, about how much Bucky had meant. You had discussed hopes and dreams, what the future would look like and how much Bucky had changed you for the better. To have all that taken away would make anyone’s heart shatter. He still didn’t fully understand what would make Bucky do this to you. 

You shiver slightly more from the lingering fear than the cold. He finally took in the apartment while looking for a blanket to wrap you in. It was sparse to say the least you hadn’t taken much with you when you left. A small studio, no bed, no dresser just an open suitcase with your clothes spilling out of it. In your haste you hadn’t taken what you needed just enough to escape. From the info they had gathered they learned about your new situation and from what they could see you didn’t plan on coming back to New York anytime soon. 

He scoops your legs up draping you over him, but still firmly in his grasp. He pulls the blanket from your small blowup bed and wraps you in it. Looking down once more, he knows you intend to stay but not if the team and him have anything to do with it.

Lifting his hand up he whispers, “Guys, we have things to do. Let’s get started." 

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Aces Over Eights (Chanyeol Mafia!au Fic) Chapter 6 - Part Of The Job Description

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6,

“As for who we are…we are EXO…”

I gulped before letting out a nervous laugh. “I wouldn’t by chance have the luck that you happen to be a boy band named EXO and not the EXO that I’ve read about in the papers being suspected of some unsavory things…”

“You saw me kill three men and I bought you at an auction, what do you think?” the red headed man replied.

“This is some sort of sick nightmare and I’ll wake up in my bed, probably in tears, hoping that this never happens….right? Right…now wake up!” I said slapping my cheeks. As I did so the men in the room just stared at me like I was a lunatic. “Okay…not a nightmare…can I go home…please…”

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Event: Nessi’s Writing Challenge


Title: The Beast Within

Character: John Winchester

TV: Supernatural

Warnings: Demon John SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

“As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?”    -Beauty and the Beast

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Co Workers (Part Two)

Chapter Summary: You an Andrew get into a disagreement about you moving to Vancouver, you leave anyway.

A/N: There’s still plenty of room on my tag lists so shoot me an ask or a message if you’d like to be tagged in anything!

Warnings: None for now

Pairing: Andrew x Reader, Misha x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1.3k

Read Part One HERE

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

The few weeks that you had spent on set were the best weeks of your life. You had been back home with Andrew for a couple of weeks. It was almost Christmas time. You had been hoping and praying since you got home that you would get to go back on the show. You loved everything about it. Besides the fact that you were a guest star on your favorite tv show, you loved Vancouver, it was a wonderful city. You also loved everyone that you had the pleasure of working with while filming, especially Misha. You and Misha became friends quickly. He was kind, and helped you a lot with your acting skills, he even helped you practice scenes that you were unsure of.

The mid-season finale was tonight, and you were excited to watch it, yet slightly nervous. Your character, Blair, kissed Castiel in this episode, and you hadn’t warned Andrew. He had been seemingly standoffish since you got home, you didn’t really understand why, but it wasn’t like you to push the issue, you thought maybe the fact that you were gone for a month was a little bit hard on him, he had more of a dependant personality than you did.

Just before Andrew was due to be home from work, you got the phone call you had been longing for. The producers wanted you to come back. Not only did they want you to come back, they wanted you to sign a contract with them. You would be living in Canada during filming season. Without a second thought you said yes. You thought of course that Andrew would come with you. He would love it in Vancouver and he could finish his schooling there as well.

You ordered pizza for dinner, and Andrew got home right after the pizza arrived. You had a few minutes before the show started, so you decided to tell Andrew the good news. You both got settled on the couch with your food and some wine.

“So,” you began, turning to Andrew. “The producers from the show called me today,”

“And?” Andrew answered

“They want me to come back.”

“For how many episodes?” He sounded slightly annoyed.

“They uh, they actually want me to sign a contract with them, which means they want to keep me.” You couldn’t contain the excitement in your voice. This was everything you never knew you wanted.

“I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t go back.” This came as a slight shock to you. You noticing that Andrew was slightly distant, but you really didn’t think he would have a problem with you going back, considering he would be able to come with you.

“I never agreed to that babe, I said I wouldn’t go back without you, and with a contract, you’d be able to move up there with me, finish school there, even.” He just looked at you, almost as if you had just broken his heart. You didn’t know why, your relationship was and always had been stronger than this.

“Look, Y/N, I love you. I always have. But I want to finish school here in LA.”

“What’s the big deal about finishing school here? I’ve heard that they have good schools there too”

“No, I-it’s not just that Y/N.”

“Well then what is it?”

“I don’t know, it’s just too far away from home I guess.” He sounded unsure of himself.

“You know we could come home whenever we want. It’s not like we wouldn’t have the money, the show pays well..” You were trying to make your case as best as you could, but you could sense that this wasn’t going to have the outcome that you wanted.

“Can you turn down the contract?” He seemed confident in asking you this. Like he had been practicing it if it were to happen.

“Andrew I…I already said yes. I’m going.”

He just looked at you and shook his head. As if he were disappointed.  

You mumbled a, ‘whatever’ and turned the tv, THE argument causing you to miss the first couple of minutes of the show, which meant the first thing you saw was the kiss that you had been so nervous about Andrew seeing. Honestly, you shouldn’t have been nervous. It was just acting.

“Is this why you want to go back so bad? Finally get to make out with your celebrity crush?” Andrew snapped.

“Seriously? You do know that it’s just acting right?”

“Yeah, I get it.” What? You thought. He really wasn’t making much sense. As you just sat there sort of dumbfounded, he got up and went to your guys’ bedroom. You heard the door lock. This was not your Andrew. You didn’t even want to try to talk to him. So you decided to just enjoy the rest of your wine, and watch the show that you were incredibly proud of.

When the show was over you just decided to shut the tv off and lay on the couch so that you could enjoy your buzz. You finishing off the last of your wine when your phone dinged. You got a text from Misha.

Misha: You did a great job on that tonight’s episode. I hope you get to come back!

Y/N: Thanks Mish, I think I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back tho :)

Misha: What makes you say that?

Y/N: I got a call today offering me a contract.

Misha: That’s awesome! I wonder what this means for Cas and Blair ;)

That last text was a bit of a surprise. That was definitely a flirty text. He had a girlfriend. Either way, you were buzzed and not on good terms with Andrew, and a little flirting never hurt anyone. Besides, you were both in relationships. Where could it possibly go?

Y/N: I hope it means something good :)

Maybe that wasn’t the best response, but hey, you were pretty buzzed.

Misha: What kind of good?

Y/N: I’m not sure lol

You just laid there as you waited for him to text you back. You then made the decision to go back to Vancouver in the morning. You didn’t care if you didn’t need to be back on set for a few weeks. You could just enjoy the city and find an apartment. If Andrew wasn’t willing to accept your decision to go back, then maybe the two of you should rethink your relationship.

You fell asleep before you got the chance to read Misha’s last text.

When you woke up the next morning Andrew had already left for his morning class. It was his last day of classes before Christmas. So you took this time to book a plane ticket and pack your bags. You took one last look around your small apartment. You left a note for Andrew explaining that being on the show was what made you happy, and that you weren’t leaving him. On the note you encouraged to him to call you later and told him that you loved him.

It was after the new year now, and you were settled into your new one bedroom apartment. Most of the cast was back in Vancouver now as well, and filming was beginning next week. You and Andrew had worked through what problems you had from before. You got to know as much of the city as you could, and were now working on filling your apartment with paintings, pictures of your family, candles, nic nacs, whatever you could find. It already felt like home.

It was early evening and you were getting ready to make dinner for yourself when you heard at at knock at the door. Which was weird, you hadn’t told anyone where you lived yet. You set down the hammer and nail you were using to hang one last painting before you cooked and opened the door.

“Hey Y/N, looks like we’re neighbors.”

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Am I Enough PT 12

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Things can’t go on like they have it’s time to change some things.

A/N: Hello All, I have had a rough month with writing no real motivation. But as today was my birthday today so I got my butt in gear and write this chapter enjoy. Also get ready for confrontations.


Getting out of the tower turned out to be the greatest idea ever. Especially when it was with someone that you weren’t mad at. Steve and you spent the day galavanting about the city. You went sightseeing, Steve explained how things were back then, everything had changed of course. There was of course some shopping to be done, but it was nic-nacs little souvenirs from today’s travels. Your biggest find was a stuffed plush you had gotten from the aquarium, your favorite sea creature. The best find though was from a little shop that carried Avengers items. You had found it tucked in the back of the shop on the clearance rack. It had Tony written all over it, a red and gold mug stating The Stark Truth: Party All Night, Invent All Day, and A Little Love In Between with a picture of Iron Man on the other side. You had giggled the while time. You couldn’t wait to give it to him when you got back.

It must have been a sight seeing Steve carrying this ginormous stuff you through the main lobby of the Avengers Tower. You had caught a few bug eyes yourself, you merely giggled while pulling Steve along a little faster eager to get home. The elevator ride was animated as you discussed the success of your day. You were both struggling to breath, you were laughing so hard, when the doors opened to the main living room. Clint was lounging with Natasha on the couch flipping through channels. Sam was talking to Wanda while pulling a massive sandwich towards him. He stopped it half way there when you entered, letting lettuce and tomatoes fall out the back.

“What the heck is that?” Clint flips around on the couch leaning towards it. He is making grabby hands at it.

“This,” you say setting your other bags down to take the stuffy from Steve, keeping it well away from Clint. “This is my new boyfriend, Mr. Snickelfrits.” You pull him in and cuddle your face in the fur.

“Oh, given up on the human race I see, well darn shame. Let me see him. Wanna make sure he’s good enough for my girl.” He reaches out again to inspect the new boyfriend.

You can’t help but giggle handing the plush over. Clint takes the animal and gives it a few squeezes testing his worth. Then he straightens his are to get a good frontal look. “Hmm, good bone structure, clear eyes, don’t see nothing crazy here. Sufficiently lean for now, might want to keep an eye out on it though. I know his kind.” He thrusts Mr. Snicklefrits down on the coffee table. “Now see here young man, you got yourself a good woman here. I don’t want to hear about any slacking off on your part you hear. I know how your kind works, getting a lumpy and popping stitches after so long. Well I won’t hear of it.”

He continues to educating him while the others laugh. You’re laughing the hardest by far loving every moment. You’re so caught up you don’t see the others gazes meeting around you. It was good to hear that laugh again to see the smile that splits your face. It had been to long for any of them.

You finally catch your breath and save your poor boyfriend from Clints grasp. “All right leave him alone. He will take perfect care of me. Now if you will excuse me for a moment I need to get him comfy in my room.”

“Wow, at that stage already. Moving pretty quick don’t you think?” Clint called after you. You merely stuck your tongue out at him, continuing to your room.

Mr Snicklefrits settled you head back to the living room, where you find the group chatting quietly to each other. Natasha sees you first and quickly changes whatever subject they were talking about. You decide to ignore it for now. They had been meddling a lot recently but maybe they were finally catching on that it wasn’t going to end well. Marching up you through yourself onto the couch between them.

“OK weirdos, what are we doing tonight?” You shift your head from side to side searching for answers in their faces. Most looked down looking slightly guilty, some attempting to pull off the innocent look. It was not working, you were however going to let it slide for now.

“Hey ho, people,” Tony storms into the room comoletely missing the atmosphere. “It’s time to get our groove on we having a game night! Go get ready!” He starts to shu people out of the room. They were all more than eager to escape the room with a good excuse to leave.

“Tony!” You get up skittering over to the side table for his gift. “I got you something while we were out.” You thrust the package into his hands as you approached him. You watched him unwrap it while bouncing on your toes, hardly containing the excitment of seeing his reaction.

He pulled out, taking a moment before throwing his head back in a full belly laugh. You couldn’t help but giggle along with him, knowing you hit the jackpot with the gift. He quickly grabs you into a hug, forcing all air out of your lungs. You squeeze him back for a second before tapping his back indicating your need to breath.

“Well I totally won that one.” You say with a giant smirk on your face.

“You did indeed! Now anything you need to make your self more comfortable?” He said morning to your current attire. You nod and head back to your room changing into one of your comfiest pair of yoga pants and a loose t-shirt.

Heading back to the living room you see a giant stack of games have been set on a table along with snacks galore on another. The group was chatting around the bar each grabbing drinks and chatting. Joining them you go to fix yourself a drink when a glass is slide in front of you already full and rest to go. You send a side long glance towards the person to bequeath you the drink. Bucky sends you a small smile, you can see the hope in his eyes silently pleading for you to take the drink as a show of peace for the evening. You pick it up and sip, of course it is perfect, just like every time before. You nod to him accepting.

Turning you find the majority have sat down and munching on snacks. They had left 2 seats open of course right next to each other. You sigh shaking your head while grabbing a plate of food for yourself. You sit and join the current argument on which games are to be played. Nat and Bucky are arguing for a card game, which came with protests of them being really good at cheating. Bruce and Tony also being able to count cards. Thor was confused and called for the simple games like the Go of Fish and Finding the Old Maid with no name.

You laugh at their antics while quietly getting up and choosing a board game. Selecting your favorite you quickly return and set the box down. The others continue to rant while Bucky send you another smile helping you set up the game and get all the appropriate pieces. They have finally noticed that a game has appeared before them and you and Bucky are quietly chatting over your cards. A little trash talk and a little plan of action.

Noises of agreement go around all once again sharing looks of accomplishment with each other. The game begins and you rotate through your turns. Throughout you find the usual stubborn people are giving in a little too quickly and Bucky is standing up for your choices a little too often. You feel a small twitch growing in your eye.

Games get traded for others, while funny stories get passed around. It’s pretty much how all your game night go. Bucky is practically your butler waiting on you hand and foot. Drink need to be refilled, done. More food, done. Piece or card on the floor, not even a chance to bend over before Bucky has returned it to you. The first twitch goes off after about the 6th time he asks if you need anything in an hour. You merely shake your head at him.

On the 4th game for the night, you’ve noticed a shift in the stories. Most of them containing time when Bucky and yourself were together. Everyone just keeps going, building it up. The twitch gets worse, the sighs more frequent.

It wasn’t that they weren’t good stories but did they have to be so obvious about their plan to get you and Bucky back together. It was the final straw when you got up to pick a new game. You headed to the table glancing at each trying to pick. You heard whispering behind you followed by a scrape from a chair. Bucky had joined you in picking a game.

“Do you need any help?” He whispers. You grip the table, while dropping your head to the table in a vain attempt to calm yourself down. Muttering that he was just trying to help and the others were forcing him. You catch him shooting a look back towards the main table.

They must have signalled at him because he followed with, “Are you feeling ok?” You felt the snap, heck Bucky probably heard it. He could see the way your back went ram rod straight and your breathing became heavy.

“Go sit down.” It was more of a mumble really, your last ditch effort to remain calm. Of course this is not understood by the super solider. He reaches a hand out placing it upon your shoulder. You flip around knocking it off you while turning to the group. Of course this would have been easier if it wasn’t his metal arm on you. You had swung so fast you were sure a bruise and maybe a cracked bone in your hand now. You clutch your hand to your chest, bouncing on your toes like it would alleviate some of the pain.

Bucky began to fuss, focusing on making the pain go away, eyes panicked with raised eyebrows. His hand flirted about you looking for a place to hold. Since the group had already been blatantly staring anyway they rose to assist.

“Sit down, damn it.” You scream at them, finally coming to a stand still. No one headed your words, still coming towards you. You shuffle backwards. “I said sit down, now sit! You as well.” You motion to Bucky. He carefully retreats not wishing to anger you further.

“I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I can pick a game out on my own. I am quite good at obtaining my own food. I don’t need to be waited on hand and foot. I’m not broken anymore.” There was a collective in draw of air. You shoot all of them a glare freezing any words about to come out. “No, nope don’t even speak right now. I am so frustrated with you all right now.” You point your finger at Bucky staring him down making sure he would understand what you were about to say next. “You best make note of everything I’m about to say cause this is where we stand right now.” You scan over the rest of the group, some were innocent in all this but best get it all out at once to prevent future issues.

“Yes Bucky and I have broken up. Yes he did cheat on me with Natasha. Yes I did run away for a little while. Yes I was broken and confused on how to go on with my life. It seemed like the best choice at the time. Even though none of you listened to me you still came after me and I thank you for that. Who knows what would be happening right now if you didn’t. That being said I’m doing alright, I’m working through it with the help of you guys keeping me busy and entertained. The meddling has to stop.” There was a chorus of protests going up, but you shushed them. “Yes you are don’t try to deny it. For a group of superheroes and spys you aren’t good at hiding this kind of things. You’re so obvious about it, especially tonight. I need you guys to stop now. I need Bucky to show me himself that he is capable of fixing this, whatever this ends up being. Let him prove it on his own.” You glance at the man himself. “I’m not saying you can’t get advice or ideas from them, but I want it to be you. I’m tired of every single meal or event having to be some staged intervention. Tony is a perfect example, forcing Nat and I to go on one of the most awkward lunches ever. I’m not ready for that yet, yes I may need a shove eventually but that is on Natasha and how much she may or may not value our friendship. Just stop please with the plans. It’s their mistake to fix not yours.”

You huff once more before turning back to the table to blink the tears out of your eyes, your hand still throbbing. You loved them all to death, it just killed you that they couldn’t seem to understand how much this hurt you. You feel a hand upon your shoulder, Tony slowly turns you into his chest resting his chin on your head.

“Sorry Kiddo, we didn’t mean to make you feel this way. We’ll stop interfering and let whatever happens happen. Now can we check out your hand, you’re bleeding.”

You pull your hand up to see the top scrapped up and a blueish purple tint forming. You pull a sheepish smile, nodding in agreement. Bruce and Tony lead you away to med lab for a quick look. The doctor looks you over and tells you, you’ve cracked the 3 middle fingers in your hand. He gives you some pain. Meds and instructions to proper care for your brace and sends you off.

It’s now about 2 am and people are still lounging around playing games. Sam sees you exit the elevator, quickly running over pulling you into a hug.

“Man I knew you were a special kinda stupid but really, thought you could beat Bucky’s arm in a slap fight.” Pushing you away to examine the rest of you. You shack tour head with a laugh. One by one they all get a hug followed by an apology, though Thor apologized for no reason other than eatting your snacks.

“Alright, I think we’ve had enough excitement for tonight let’s all get to bed. Including you Kiddo.”

You’re left with a squirming Natasha and Bucky. You couldn’t help but fidget as well this was the first time you had been alone with the both of them.

“I’m sorry,” Bucky speaks up first. “I just didn’t want to screw up the chance your giving me. You’re right though this is my problem and I want to fix it. I shouldn’t have related on them to fix it for me.”

“It’s alright I know why you did it, you know how they like to go over board with things.” He chuckles and nods. “Bucky,” He lifts his head eager to please you. “I know you can do it, you did it the first time you can do it again.” He nods once more and passes you gently patting your shoulder.

“Oh and Bucky, this” you raise your hand and indicate the bandages, “not your fault. You do have a tendency to take blame for things that can’t be helped. I shouldn’t have lashed out as I did. My temper got the best of me.” He gives his now signature nod and continues towards his room.

Going back to Nat, you take a small breath. She though beat you to the punch. “Thank you, for giving me another shot, I don’t know why in my ever mind I thought separating you two was a good idea.” You go to interupt her. She holds up her hand halting all protests. “Please just let me get this out.” You nod signalling her to continue. “I…I was jealous pure and simple. You had everything I wanted, down to the stupid little problems and I wanted that. Your relationship with Bucky and just complaining about little things from the office. I’ve never been jealous like this before, not with something so pure. I guess I was of you both. Bucky got the perfect relationship, with the normal love. I wanted it so bad it hurt. You had the guy who treated you like you were a Goddess and I wanted that. I’m not trying to reason with you make you forgive me. I want you to know how grateful I am that you still let me in your life and are giving me a chance to prove I was and am your friend and I will do anything to get that back with you. Please just tell me what to do to make it possible.” She had tears building in her eyes, her voice cracking several times while speaking.

Emotion runs through you, you want your best friend back. Every piece that made up it’s crazy self. From the shopping to late night talks with mountains of candy. Heck you would even take being thrown to the mats a few times. There was this fear though that what happened before would happen again. You couldn’t just throw yourself whole heartedly in it again.

“Its like I’ve told Bucky and the others, I need time. I can’t go straight back but I’m willing to try take small steps. Maybe a couple lunches with Wanda or the others. I want my friend back, someone to talk to and gossip with I miss you but I can’t commit right now.”

She nods her head eager just like Bucky to make up. “I’ll do it anything and I’ll do it myself.”

She rushes up to you, pulling you into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you for the chance.” Letting you go she retreats to her room. Sam comes out a few seconds later wrapping an arm around you.

“That was very brave, few would be willing to give it a shot like you have.” You shift to wrap your arms around his waist pulling yourself close.

“Just tell me I’m not making a mistake with this. I don’t want to hurt again but I want what I had before.”

He runs his hands up and down your back soothing your nerves. “I can’t, but I think you have two people that also want that just as much and are willing to work for it. You can’t take that for granted. It will all work out in the end. Life doesn’t come without pain though I can tell you that.”

Giving your arms a pat he leads you to the couch. Pulling up a movie you both cuddle into each other. You are quick to drift off, pain meds pulling you under quickly. You find yourself stretches out next to Sam, with the opening credits to whatever chosen movie begin to play.

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Scammy Customers!!

It’s always so fun to read the stories on here but I never thought I would be the one posting my story. I’m still mad at myself for what just happened.

So I work at a really high end fashion retail store. I work in the Home department which is basically a department that has pillows sheets bedding and Nic nacs. It was closing time and at my store we have to service the last customer before we close. So it was a boring day and I was just waiting for customer service to say Time to close. Just then a woman comes up to me with kids clothes for me to ring up. No red flags yet. So I was about to ring her up but then she goes. “ before you ring me up can I return this first”. It was a cosmetic item in a box. That’s when I started to feel off. In fact this situation felt familiar because I have delt with this customer before. The year before where she also scammed with the same items. At this moment I should of just told her to go upstairs where the cosmetics department is and also let them ring up the stuff. But I was nervous and a little scared. The cosmetic item was not coming up at the register like I knew it wouldn’t. So I had to overide the register to give her a gift card, worth $225.At this point
There is a security. L.p. button is on or keybaord so i pressed it while she was distracted. Security l.p. called and asked if everything was Ok.
What was I supposed to say.
She was right there. So I told l.p. everything was fine and to come down later. Then the manger in charge came down to ask if everything was alrigt, right in front of the scammy customer. All I could say was yeah eveything was just fine. Meanwhile I’m screaming on the inside. The manger in charge leaves. I take the darn cosmetic item as a return she then uses that same $225 gift card to buy expensive kids clothes and procedes to pay the rest with more gift cards. At least 3 more gift cards to be exact.

So there you have it. A sitution I could of avoided but too dumb and scared to.

A Magic Writings Prompt

Magic Filled…

As you walk in, its a sight to behold. More wonder to leave you reeling than you were ever told. Shelves hold tonics, spells and potions; tables are overflowing with writings and scrolls. Incantations, charms and graphics are etched in the walls; to keep one protected from unwanted harm, as things are used by someone so bold. So much wisdom of the unknown for one place to contain, to try to take it all in in one sitting, you’ll have to be insane. Candles placed all around, with one breath they could be lit or blown out. Chests and baskets hold nic-nacs, keepsakes and metals; things no thief would or should ever try to take or carelessly petal. This place is a treasure, its value no one can measure.

Yet, the true key, the true piece to the scene is a book on a petal stool polished and clean. Moving towards it the very pages move, as if it knows who you are thus, that magic is your tool. Bent to your will, no need for pointy hats or crooked brooms, all this is yours thanks to family past, now resting in crypts and tombs. The book feels your essence to be used for good or evil; do you wish to harm or help other people? A cat of the black variety walks in by whom you are familiar, lets begin as you turn the first page, I can feel the power surge through me like electricity from my heart to my fingers.

Let me know what you think and pass the thought along.

Close As Strangers 4

Ta da it’s finally here! You guys have been requesting this so much and I could not be happier with the love that has been poured out for this story, so thank you so much! And, special shout out to those who have given me ideas for this chapter (aesthetic-michael and smolblondeash and musicismydrug2418) it helped spark ideas for me! Now this could be the last part, but read my announcement and send in requests for a full blown fanfic!

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Close As Strangers 4

Requested; again, highly (thank you so much!)

Luke x Reader

Luke’s POV

The weekend after that phone call with Y/N was a weekend off for the boys and I, and decided I would fly home to confront my relationship with her. I couldn’t let it end that way. The boys decided they’d just party it up near the next venue that we were playing it, and wanted me to keep them updated on things once I got there. With black sunglasses and my black leather jacket, I sat in the back of a taxi frantically texting Y/N telling her I was back home, and that we needed to talk. My phone was saying the messages were delivered but I didn’t know if she turned off her read receipts or if she really wasn’t getting the messages. My heart beat quickened as I approached our apartment and practically ran out of the taxi carrying my duffle bag and pushed the button many times to get up to my floor as fast as I could.

I tried calling her phone upon coming to our door, and my fingers shook and fumbled with my keys. I slammed the door opened and looked all throughout the apartment, calling out her name.

“Y/N! Y/N! Oh my god please still be here…” But she wasn’t. Our furniture, pictures, kitchen appliances, and nic nacs were still in tact, but all of her clothes, beauty things, and other necessities were gone, and the place was still spotless. It was earily quiet, and the heaviness of the room weighed in on my chest as I sank down to my knees. In front of my face I saw a piece of paper, and quickly scooted closer to grab it. It was Y/N’s handwriting, I could spot it a mile away.

Luke, if you’re reading this then that means you’ve realized I’ve left you. Things haven’t been going well for us for a long time, ever since you left actually. It’s been getting harder and harder to stay away from you, and I was beginning to think we were only wasting time. But I just want you know, I never was unfaithful to you. When Andrew came over and told me he loved me, I realized that day that I will always want you no matter who comes into my life. You never let me finish that explanation and then you told me about Arzaylea. I just hope you guys have a good relationship going for you, and I only wish you happiness and success with your band. Tell the boys I miss them. And I miss you, so much. I’ll always love you Luke, but we have to move on. Now it just feels like you’re a stranger. Goodbye Luke.

I crumpled up the paper in my hand as the tears welled up in my eyes. I soft sob came out of my lips, and I threw the paper in the trashcan, only for my eyes to be stopped by something else again. Something that made my heart stop, seriously.

It was a white and pink stick sticking out of the trash can, with two lines etched into it. My arm, without even hesitating, slowly went to pick it up and look at it closer to see if this thing was even real. My chest sank bringing it closer to my eyes and seeing the positive lines. She was pregnant.

My body was feeling so many emotions at this point that I didn’t know what to think; I didn’t know what was true and what was false. Y/N said she wasn’t unfaithful to me, but my mind was going in all different directions and the first thought that popped up in my head was her sleeping with Andrew. And that she was pregnant with his kid. In the back of another taxi, I was huffing and puffing still trying to desperately get a hold of my girl, but still nothing. I was on the way to Andrew’s place since that was the only place I was sure Y/N was. Her parents didn’t live close enough to us and she didn’t trust her other friends the way she trusted Andrew. I’ve driven her there enough times before to remember where he lived.

Once I got to his house I banged onto the door as hard as I could multiple times, the anger coming out in me. I was scared that if I didn’t calm down, I’d do something detremental, and wouldn’t forgive myself if I did. Andrew opened the door first with an annoyed face but once he saw me his face went pale and his eyes wide. I grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall behind him. He started breathing rapidly and his muscles tensed.

“Who the hell do you think you are coming into my apartment, telling my girlfriend you love her, then getting her pregnant! That’s low man! I trusted you! I trusted you to take care of my girlfriend and be her best friend while I was away, not to try and move in on her all of a sudden!”

“Luke!” That voice. That heavenly, beautiful voice, even though she was yelling. Her small figure emerged from his kitchen, pulling off yellow gloves, the ones you use to wash dishes. She chucked them onto the counter and rushed to pull me off of Andrew.

“Don’t hurt him! He didn’t do anything for you to be angry with him!” My body softened at her finally being in front of me, trying to calm down my anger behavior. She seemed slightly frightened by me, but still tried to have confidence as she yelled at me. She sighed, and faced Andrew.

“Give us some time to talk.” She turned to look back at me for a second, then at the ground. “Please.” Andrew gave me a deadly look before rubbing Y/N’s arms then walking out of the living room slowly. Without looking at me, she started walking over towards his couches and sat down still staring at her feet. Her fingers on her temples, and mine rubbing my chin as I sat down next to her.

“How’d you find out…”

“I read your stupid note that about made me lose my mind. And when I threw it away, I saw test. Just tell me Y/N, are you really pregnant?” I heard her sniffle and her hands made their way to her eyes trying to stop the tears from dripping. I could only take that response as a yes.

“Well, Andrew’s a lucky-“

“It’s not Andrew!” she screamed looking up in my eyes finally. I gulped and felt my lungs tightened before I could utter a response.

“T-Then…” she nodded, only causing her to cry harder and this time she didn’t care about letting me see her walls break. This was the saddest I’ve ever seen her. She was broken, confused, terrified, every bad emotion put into one person, and I only wish I could take all of that away from her, but this was the only thing I couldn’t help her with physically.

“B-But…how, I mean it’s been so long since…”

“Luke it hasn’t been that long. I didn’t want to tell you but…the day after you left for tour I was feeling really sick and really down. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t go out a lot. I was throwing up for days and didn’t eat because nothing looked appetizing to me, it all made me sick. And my moods had been changing. One second I’d be so happy then the next I’d start crying into my dinner. I’m guessing that’s why I was so mean to you sometimes. I was just too scared to test out the possibility of being pregnant so I waited until I knew for sure. Then, my period didn’t come, and I just had to finally test out the theory.” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her growing tummy. She wasnt showing yet, but I could already feel something different, something I’d give my whole life to.

I smiled and rubbed her belly, and she giggled at my touch, before having a straight face again.

“Luke, I don’t expect you to be a huge part of this baby’s life…and mine. I know you got Arzaylea and I know for a fact she isn’t going to be happy about this so, just take care of her and I can take care of this baby.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I want this baby more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I can’t wait to deal with your mood changes and food cravings. To take care of you when you’re feeling sick and going shopping with you for baby goodies. Y/N…let me be a part of this journey. You can even come on tour with me. I don’t want to miss a single second of this any further.”

“But Arzaylea, you guys are together now I can’t pull you away from that.”

“Y/N I was lying. I only said I loved her because I thought you loved Andrew. It was my way of coping with pain but I know now that wasn’t the way to do it. I’m so sorry Y/N, please let me be a part of your life again, and our little munchin.”

Her hand fell on top of mine on her stomach and began rubbing circles on her smooth skin. I could tell she was thinking hard about this decision. This wasn’t just a makeup or breakup thing anymore, this was about bringing in another human being together and being responsible adults.

“I know this decision is going to be hard for you, but I love you so much, and now, I love this little baby more than I ever knew I could love anything. You don’t have to forgive me right now, but let me be in my childs life.” She looked up at me with hopefuly eyes, and her lips soon fell on mine. I was shocked, I didn’t expect her to even want me anymore since Andrew has been the one doing my part since tour started. But I wasn’t going to complain, so I picked up her face in hands and deepened our kiss, giving her all the love and passion I had inside of me that I couldn’t and wouldn’t give to anyone else. She smiled as I kissed her, and I pulled away staring into her gorgeous hazel eyes that I missed so much.

“Come on tour with me, we’ll leave tomorrow babe. The boys are going to be so happy that they’re going to be uncles.” She smiled big and nodded, giving me a sigh of relief. I was going to be a father, and I got my girl back. Life just couldn’t get better.

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Commander Repard was under disguise not wearing his traditional galra uniform at the Space Mall. He was wearing a button down shirt, pants,and regular universal shoes. The Galra Commander had wanted some time to be himself and with the request of some time off the mall itself was a good break to get some shopping done as well as find unique shops that had interesting nic nacs that were often very pricey or hard to find in the Galra Empire alone. Upon sitting down on a bench looking at the map he didn’t notice at first that he was by another galra until he saw her long hair. “Say, what brings you hear to Space Mall, miss?” The forest galra asked out of courtesy.