Live Drunk Watch of Sherlock s01e03 "The Great Game"

From the studio that drunk-watched TSoT, TRF, and TSoT again, we bring you: “The Great Game that Made Sherlock Realize He Loved John, like Love Loved Him. Also There’s a Moriarty”

This round, the rules are as follows: Drink every time you want to smack their heads together, lips first.

Here we go!

- I really dont get the point of this Belarus scene except to point out that Sherlock hates bad grammar. He flew all the way for this? Drove? Where’s Belarus?

- God, has his voice always been this deep? I’ve been reading fic all wrong.

- Drink every time a scene opens with making you think sherlock is getting a blowjob

- Oh my god John is all shy when he asks if he liked his first case blog entry.

- disclaimer i have read a thousand fics amd watched zero episodes in months, so actually seeing them on screen is a bit of a trip and i should not have mixed this with alcohol i am not prepared send help send

- Newsflash john aint mad cuz you insulted his blog, hes mad cuz you said nothing else matters but the work. NEW MIRROR: JOHN = SOLAR SYSTEM. THATS WHY LATER SHERLICK,CALLS THE STARS BEAUTIFUL. JOHN THOUGHT SHERLOCK WOULD DELETE HIM BUT HE DIDNT. IM DYING.

- oh my god instead of greeting mrs h he just spreads out on the couch like a cat, oh my god

- ok plot hole, john was literally thirty yards from the flat when it exploded. There’s no way he didnt hear it. By the timing of the scene, he coulda been in the blast. Everything from the flat exploding on is in Johns mind bungalow. Explosion Mind Palace.

- What the hell is a lilow, why wont anyone tell me. is it the same as a “lino”?

- There are 0.000009 reasons why John didnt sleep in Sarah’s bed and all of them are named Just Had a Domestic with my Boyfriend.

- Say hi to Travis, hes the one guy in Production that has to light John’s eyelashes at all time. He gets paid more than Sue.

- I want the inner monologue of johns self fladjulating tube ride


- Did he say Battersea station for the smashed in head guy? Is that important?

- I want to marry Johns hair in this episode. Sherlocks hair can officiate.

- Theres so much exposition. This is episode 3.

- My favorite thing about the Speedys sign is that it implies the three meals of the day are Breakfast, Lunch, and Pasta.

- I love how John does his shoulder walk as soon as sherlock says to get his phone out of his pocket. He’s not tense cuz he’s annoyed, he’s tense because he’s summoning the memory of Afghanistan to avoid a boner. Shameful

- Oh gawd it’s trainer deducing time. I need another drink.

- This whole show is Sgerlock making john do things he doeznt wanna do. Like confront his sexuality.

- Carl powers, child with big feet, is sherlock. Stay with me here. Big feet equals libido. Carl came from Sussex (sussex is where shelrock’s crime brain retires and his heartslashdick takes over). Suffered from exzema = discomfort with skin (outer visibility, opinions of the masses). Carl is also a symbol of sherlock before trauma, wbere he began supressing his humanity. Drowned in the pool (emotion). Only moriarty remembers (he knows where sherlocks heart is). The shoes are john because they reopen the case. Also they are an old soul/sole but well loved. Nibody noticed they were missing except Sherlock. And he found them in Baker st. Is this a meta? Or am i drunk?

- Why does their kitchen door slide.

- “I’m not ignoring it. Putting my BEST MAN onto it right now.”
“Good. Who’s that?”
Ummm hiii TSoT, how are you. Leave please.

- Did john wear a suit and tie just to see mycroft??? Cuuuute season 1 babyyyy

- I love how they call businessmen City Boys. Why is everything British so much cuter/pornier.

- Sally shouts “Fishing. Try fishing,” at John and then he immediately grabs Sherlock’s card and follows him. Honey i think John is the fish.

- I misremembered the Height of his Cheekbones

- Connie Prince is Culverton Smith, pass it on. This started out drunk and fun but now its all wild hair and peanuts.

- Around the world is Czech Republic, Cornwall, and Yorkshire.

- John doesn’t like pussy.

- I have drank too much

- Mrs. H said “I should never wear cerise. It drains me.” LOOK UP THE COLOR CERISE. Is that not the exact color the pink lady was wearing? Is mrs H the pink lady cuz she brought them together?


- Travis had to work hard during the Prince house scene.

- House boy???? Seriously britain???

- When sherlock sends the blog posts it sounds like a man breathing in. Like irenes texts are a woman breathing out. Somethin there. Lazy.

- Old lady got shot for saying moriarty sounded “so soft.” Ha. Nothing there to analyze, i imagine. Carrybon.

- My favorite thing in tjis epsiode are lazy news graphics and lestrades dad tummy


- Sherlock is passive aggressive and john falls for it. Every. Time.

- John is Peak Bangs here. Peak Bangs.
(Fringe, sorry lie lows)

- You can see the Golem’s shadow for a second while Sherlock is explaining him to Lestrade. And these people “accidentally” let John’s hair grow 12 inches in an hour in s4.

- Lestrade saying “and happy new year” after sherlock says “meritricious” is the new “God bless you” after a sneeze. Pass it on.

- The painting is a fake. The old art is a lie. You can tell because the stars are new. HINT HINT.

- “Strawberry jam on the line” is sherlock in TRF, ya welcome.

- Memory stick seems important but turns out to be meaningless to the villain. HMMM SEEMS INSIGNIFICANT AND NONE OF SEASON 4 IS IN SHERLICKS HEAD

- “What would you like me to make him say next?” HOW ABOUT ITS NOT ALL FINE I WANT YOU

- God, you guys, just kiss

- Seirously, all it would take is a little pencil on top of Moriarty’s arches and then brush a brow gel upward. He has a good shape and density already, he just needs the thickness.

- - I loce.johns little nod at sherlock befor ehe pointed the gun at the jacket. One inch of chin movement = go ahead, kill us all. Like an old marrie dcouple, these two.