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Dating Sirius Black Would Involve
  • Running your fingers through his hair. When you kiss, when you cuddle, when you hug, all the time.
  • Sirius whispering in your ear a lot. He’ll nibble on your ear and kiss your neck and then whisper a random comment which would of course make you laugh. He would love your laugh.
  • Wearing his jacket because he thinks you look really hot in it.
  • He would tell you how hot you looked, a lot.
  • Sirius taking you for rides on his motorbike but he makes sure you’re safe and he makes sure you hold on tight. He loves the feeling of your arms wrapped tightly around his waist and the wind in his hair.
  • He loves that dizzy laugh you do when you stop riding on a broom or his motorbike together. He loves the way you brush your hair from your eyes and collapse against him laughing.
  • “Shhh.” kisses, “Shhh I love you.”
  • Your “reunions” after class would be so dramatic. He’d pick you up and swing you around and kiss you like he hadn’t seen you in months.
  • When you actually hadn’t seen each other for months, Sirius would be almost crying when he saw you again. He’d be overwhelmed by how beautiful you were so he’d quickly hug you to hide his tears.
  • You would be the really embarrassing, so-in-love couple.
  • Laughing so loudly when you’re together that you get told off.
  • Teasing him for “being a little baby hiding under ten pounds of black leather.”
  • He would grab you when you said this, press a sloppy kiss to your cheek and whisper in your ear, “Ten pounds? Come on, you know I wear less than that for you.”
  • Stealing his jumpers. Sirius pouts and asks for it back. “Can you give my jumper back please darling, it’s cold.” 
    A sly smirk from you then a quiet, “Make me.”
    Sirius glances at the Marauders then back at you. “Maybe later.”
  • Sirius stealing your jumper and showing up with it on one time to get back at you. 
    “Sirius! You’re going to stretch it!” You exclaim, stifling your laughter. 
    “You want me to give it back?” He says with a smirk twitching at his lips.
    “Make me.” He grins.
    “SIRIUS BLACK YOU STOLE MY LINE!” You yell, tacking him. There’s laughter from the other Marauders as Sirius is caught in a fit of laughter and half screams as you tickle him into submission (Sirius is very ticklish, especially on his stomach).
Fic Masterlist!

ok, since the lovely anon asked, here it is:

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“I need this” prompt: X

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A Sorta Fairytale: X

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angsty smutty fic(nsfw): X

“Can I tell you a secret?” prompt: X

Amongst the Quiet Things: X

Nessian :

The Killing Moon: X

Nesta feat. Suriel: X

“Person A suspect the new neighbors are serial killers. Person B attempts to placate them.” prompt: X

Drunk!Nesta: X

Lullaby: X

First time nsfw: X

“ Person A is having a phone call with their friend/boss/relative and cannot drop the call. Person B becomes impatient and starts distracting them (nibbling their ear, kissing their neck). This leads to awkward stutters and gasps over the phone. Bonus: The person over the phone understands what’s going on at the other end and tells A to ‘go enjoy themselves.’ ” prompt: X

Illyrian!Nesta wingsin: X

Wicked Games: X

First Kiss: X

Home: X

Se Trouver: X

First-time thingie number 2: X

Rixalata: X


Cassian feat.Suriel: X

Invisible!Cassian: X

A Court of Wildness and Ice: X

Wingsin: X

BTS Reacts - Drunkenly Trying To Hook Up With Them

request via dms: “a BTS react to you being drunk at a party and maybe try to hook up with him?”

Park Jimin: Would be trying it hardest to not sweep you off your feet and carry you into his bedroom. All night, you’ve been running your hand up and down his thigh, giving him promiscuous looks that give him glimpses into a promise of an unforgettable night - at a party, no less. He wants this so badly, but he doesn’t want to move things too quickly, especially since you’re friends. The last straw is when you whisper into his ear, playfully nibbling on his earlobe when no one is watching - he is just about to explode. He wets his lips and faces you, with a heavy sigh. 

“Please stop. I don’t think I can hold myself down much longer if you keep doing this.”

Kim Taehyung: Taehyung would be returning the favour of playing with your hair and running his fingers across your skin every so often, knowing well that you wanted to spend the night with him. He tells himself he won’t let it get any farther than that, but the more distance your hands cover on his body, the more difficult it gets for him to hold back. Tae values your friendship too much to risk it on a single drunken night, but does he ever want to pounce on the opportunity to sleep with you. When you bite down on your lip coyly, he turns to look up at the ceiling, chuckling to himself.

“I can’t - god, if you’re listening, please get me through this party without me giving in and doing unspeakable things.”

Min Yoongi: Pretty much wants to bone you, but this man has too much of a conscience to do it when you’re drunk, when he’s not. The situation would be different if he’s inebriated too, but Yoongi can hold his liquor well - it doesn’t stop him from thinking about the things he would do to you, and it doesn’t help that you’re begging for it, which majorly turns him on. You tug on his jacket, pulling him away from the crowd and into a hallway, pushing yourself up against his body. He smiles at your effort to hook up with him; he might just start drinking more at the next party.

“You’d better slow it down, or you’re going to regret ever coming on to me. I’m not as nice a person in bed.”

Jeon Jungkook: Being young, Jeon Jungkook can also act as brashly as you, even when he’s not under the influence. He wants to reciprocate the act of you flirting with him, but whenever he gets close enough to try anything with you, you keep him at bay. You’re playing a game that he can’t seem to win at, and Kook, more than anything, hates it when he can’t win. He feels the sexual frustration rising in the pit of his stomach. In the midst of the clamor happening around you at the party, he glares at you; the corner of his lips twitches in response to your smugness.

“Don’t tempt me. Keep it up, and you’ll see what happens when you toy with me - don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Jung Hoseok: He’s usually good at not letting his urges overcome him when he’s faced with an attractive person. However, you’re completely drunk off your ass; he sort of is too. It’s a million times harder to resist your advances. As much as he wants to treat you the way you wanted him to that night, he knows it’s wrong to act on his desires, especially in this state. Hobi tries to get away from you as you’re driving him completely nuts, so he moves to the dance floor to cool off from your little ploy - which he instantly regrets when you follow suit, swaying up against his body.

“Aish… you’re making me go crazy, you little devil. I’m not going to forget this.”

Kim Seokjin: Jin may be the nicest man on earth, but he’s still a man. He has his desires too, and you’re not exactly of any help when you propose to sleep together in the middle of a party. The lump in his throat moves subtly, wondering if it’s such an outrageous idea. He’s always looked at you with yearning eyes, so when you offer yourself on a silver platter, he has to take a second to re-evaluate the sudden thirst he feels. Jin wants this, but he has to be sure that you’re not looking for anything more than a fling - if it’s going to ruin his chances of having a proper future with you, he’ll abstain.

“You should take that back, or I won’t be able to stop myself. Let’s get you to bed. We’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Kim Namjoon: Namjoon, in truth, can be shy, often stammering and looking away when he’s complimented, let alone hit on by someone. That isn’t the case when alcohol’s involved. His hidden confidence shines through when he’s tipsy; he’s a lot more daring with his charms. When you get handsy with him under the table at a party, implying that you wanted to hook up with him, he winks at you enticingly. He knows he’s going to regret saying this (he does, and when he wakes up, he buries himself in his sheets, embarrassed that he even said it), but does so anyway:

“Baby, you know I’d want nothing more than this - but I want you to see you brave enough to come on to me when you’re sober - we’ll take it from there.”

I hope you all have had a good Valentine’s Day, by yourself or otherwise! I love each and everyone of you, remember that! If you’re ever lonely or in need of someone to talk to or listen to you, don’t be afraid to drop me a message or an ask.

In the meantime, here’s BTS struggling to keep it in their pants - because you deserve it. Enjoy this react! <3

BTS Reaction #5: Hickeys

Thank you for the request, I hope this what you meant. Enjoy!


He was usually very good with keeping his sex life on the down low. But the burgundy satin two-piece you were wearing to bed that so perfectly complimented you’re curvy, dark-skinned body made it very hard for him to control himself for bed. Embarrassed, Jin would do anything and everything to deny the marks on his neck from the younger members.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about, this is just a bruise…”

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It wasn’t his fault, I mean, you started it. He didn’t ask you to come into his personal studio last night wearing nothing but his favorite bomber jacket and your cute red lace Victoria Secret panties. He also didn’t ask you to straddle him while he was working and feel him all up while you nibbled his ear. So in retrospect, when he grabbed your thick thighs and pinned you to his desk and started to lick down your chest, he was just doing what you silently asked. In the morning, when the rest of the group saw his neck littered in hickeys, he smiled and said:

“Oh this? Heh, this nothing, you should see what I did to ___~”

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He forgot the boys said they were coming over this morning for breakfast. Which would explain why he was still bed with you humming and smiling as you drowsily ran your mahogany colored hand up and down his sculpted chest. When the doorbell rang, he slowly got up, but not before kissing your soft lips and mindlessly going to answer the door. He was shocked with reality when he answered the door and saw the entire group laughing and pointing at him. He looked toward a nearby wall mirror to see he answered the door in his underwear, hair wild and messy, and hickeys littered all over his neck and chest.

“Ya! Why do you guys treat me like this?!”

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He would be annoyed by the constant jabbing and teasing of the younger members. You had just so happened to fly to Korea yesterday evening to spend the week with him. Being that it had been forever since you guys “gotten familiar” with one another, it was safe to say that last night got a little heated between you two. Still, it didn’t give the maknae line the nerve to tease him so.

“I’m a grown ass man okay, don’t worry about what I’m doing…”

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He saw this coming. As the stylist noona was scolding him about the marks, and the other members were giggling in the background, he remembered the you two had…

As your dainty brown fingers were curling in his hair while you two were making out, you slowly rolled the two of you over so that you were on top of Jimin. You stopped kissing him, removing your face away from his to look at his dark brown eyes with your own. Then, you started trailing kisses from his cheek, down to his neck. Gasping for air, Jimin asked you not to mark him, due to a photoshoot he had the next morning. Not to sadly, you were to into it to listening, and he was in too deep to care…

In his mind, he knew it was his fault, but could honestly care less with night you two shared.

“Sorry Noona…”

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This puppy would be proud, but in a more loving way. He focus more on the fact of what happened the night before instead of the comments his friends were making. Every comment would cause him to daydream about your plumb, dark lips kissing all over his face and neck, causing him to blush.

“This is just a mark to show our love~”

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He would be filled with pride as the older members questioned and marveled over his newfound lovemarks. He would snicker as the rest of the maknae line would mutter and grumble about him being “too young” to have those kind of marks.

“You jealous? Well you should be~”

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Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it and please request more! 💕 🌹

[SUMMARY: Negan doesn’t allow his wife to work in the sanctuary on Valentine’s Day. Although she still tries to so that she can gain respect, Negan leaves the men with a warning so he could have her all to himself.]

Smut/Semi Fluff

Negan and Ebony.

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Just Imagine part 2 (Phan smut)

*daddy kink and dirty talk*


Imagine Phil pinning Dan to the wall, faces only inches apart, Dan’s breath uneven, horny and wanting his daddy to make him feel so good.

Imagine Phil leaning towards Dan’s ear, biting, nibbling and licking at Dan’s earlobe while gasps left Dan’s mouth.

Imagine Phil smirking to himself and whispering “Does my baby boy want to cum? Does he want his daddy to fuck him rough against this wall?”

Imagine Dan whimpering, eyes tightly closed and saying “fuck, yes! P-please daddy! I could cum just from your words.”

Imagine Phil raising an eyebrow. Taking what Dan said into consideration. A flash of mischief in his eyes. Telling Dan he will not touch him at all tonight, and that he wants Dan to do exactly as he said and cum from his words. Dan’s eyes filling with fear of whats to come, but also NEED.

Imagine Phil unable to control what he says, dirty words falling out of his mouth.

“I bet you’d like me to fuck you so hard you can’t even scream. You’d feel so good. tilting your head back only able to make gasping noises, breathy pleas, as i hit your spot repeatedly. Harder and deeper each time.”

“Or would you like to ride me? That’d be so hot. Your face just plastered with pleasure, red, your lip between your teeth trying to hide those moans that i love so much. Your lega trembling from the stimulation.”

Imagine Dan moaning loudly, whimpering,begging for some friction, anything. He’s soo close already.

“Phil, Phil please! Oh fuck!” Dan moaned in pure bliss loving the way Phil was talking.

“Shit Phil, p-please keep talking, don’t stop!”

Imagine Phil’s knees going weak for a second, quickly using the wall for support as the noises Dan made drove Phil crazy. He keeps talking to Dan, thinking of different scenarios.

“I bet you’d just love for me to grind into you, move my hips in circles, massaging your aching cock.”

Imagine Dan throwing his head back with a loud moan, a harsh shudder over coming his body, collapsing onto the floor out of breath, little noises of satisfaction being made unconsciously.

Imagine phil picking Dan up and placing him on his bed saying

“Now to fuck you like the slut you are.”

Just.. Imagine..

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‘Because your lips and your thighs, and your everything fine.’

Namjoon (bts)

Genre: Smut

Word count: 395

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Company | Isaac Lahey

It’s been a long time coming but here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. if you would like an explicit photo version, let me know, otherwise, enjoy.

You chose Isaac The Smooth Panty Dropper

Song inspo: Company by Tinashe

I don’t need no problems wit nobody
And I know how to get there, don’t follow me
I just need a moment, fuck and leave
You can say you had it all
No strings

Part One

Guys have the tendency to believe that girls can’t engage in sexual relationships without catching feelings of some sort. Classic guy thinking. All you wanted was to feel good tonight. Isaac has been hitting on you all throughout the game and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t turned on when he nibbled on your ear and whispered the most foul things that no one would ever think to come from a cute-scarf-wearing kid who’s practically nice to everyone. Just remembering sitting on his lap…You shifted your legs to try and get rid of the ache between them.

Isaac blew out a puff of smoke, sitting on a comfy chair out on a balcony. Time seemed to slow down just enough to still the particles in the air. The slide door behind Isaac slid open then closed.  Isaac looked at you and smiled. Instead of sitting you just leaned against the glass and stared at him. “What?” Isaac held the joint in between his fingers. You took off your shoes and walked over to him. Just as Isaac was going to bring the joint to his lips, you straddled his hips and grabbed it from his fingers, inhaled the smoke, and blew it out in his face.

The simple gesture triggered something inside Isaac. His eyes darkened with lust as he licked his lips. You did it again but this time you wrapped your arms around his neck and held the smoke as you connected your lips to his. The fiery smoke could be tasted in the intimate exchange. Isaac ran his hand down your back to grasp your ass in his large hands, giving them a little squeeze and making you gasp in the middle of the kiss. Your surprise gave Isaac the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth, beginning a tango with your tongue. Things began to heat up as you tangle your free hand into his hair, using your weight to grind on him, back and forth, until he let out a sexy, deep moan from the back of his throat. He used his thumbs to hook them into your hips then pushed you down so you could feel how much you were turning him on.

Isaac dived for your neck, leaving behind marks, enjoying every second of you purring against him. He helped you take off your shirt and immediately latched onto a nipple once it was exposed. At this point, you dropped the weed and enjoyed the swirls Isaac gave you by artfully flicking his tongue over your nipple whilst paying the other nipple good attention then switching over to make you feel equally good. “Isaac…” At the sound of his name being tangled in your moans, Isaac pulled back to watch your face. “Take everything off, I wanna see all of you.”

You take off your shorts slowly while Isaac scrambled to get his clothes off. He was naked by the time you got to your panties. Isaac bit his lip, watching you dance in nothing but your underwear. “Turn around,” You did as you were told and looked over your shoulder while swaying your ass from side to side. “Bend over so I can see that beautiful ass.” You pulled the underwear up so your cheeks swallowed them, intentionally giving yourself a wedgie. Isaac used his hands to caress your golden globes, carefully touching at first, then he forced you to get on all fours and pushed and pulled your cheeks apart with rough movements. Your pussy dripped with natural juice, soaking up the underwear. Isaac got a whiff of your sweet smell and hummed.  “You like it when I touch you, don’t you Y/N?” Isaac pressed a thumb to your entrance and massaged the area, making you moan. Every time he moved, his nail would barely touch your clit, this made your clit feel neglected. By now, your panties were sopping wet. Before you had the chance to beg, Isaac hovered over your body, his hard erection poking against your underwear. His hot breath fell on your ear, “do you want me to fuck you?”

“Even if its outside where someone might see you?”
“I don’t care”
“How do you want me, then?”
Isaac took your earlobe into his mouth, playing with it just the way you like it.
“L-like th-this,” you struggled to say.
Isaac bit a trail down your neck all the way down to your shoulder, his dick kept rubbing your clit and you never wanted to be fucked so bad before.
“Please…Fuck me like this,” your breath was jagged and desperate.
Isaac laughed at your pleas, “I will fuck you over and over until you have to be hospitalized.”

You don’t know how but your underwear snapped and was pulled out of your ass, the cold air hitting your pussy like a whip. Isaac lined himself up, using his tip to play with your entrance. He only slid the tip in and reached around to massage your clit. You cried out in pleasure at the sudden action. Not knowing where to focus your attention, Isaac slipped himself in your slippery cunt and moved with a purpose. He didn’t stop and make you beg or give you proper time to adjust, Isaac thrusted his pelvic bone against your ass, his hand never coming off of your clit. A knot formed in your stomach and you could feel your tight walls clamping down on him. “Keep squeezing my dick like that baby, I love that, cum if  you need to, cum all night.” Your knees felt weak, his dirty talking made you reach your orgasm faster than you initially thought.

Isaac held you by the waist and pushed you up against the glass door. He used his strength to hook his arms behind the back of your knees. Still recovering from your first orgasm, Isaac pushed you down on his long, hard prick. Your slick, drenched entrance welcomed him again, your walls were more responsive to his shaft by gripping it as it went in deeper. “look at me baby, I wanna see your face,” you wrapped your arms around Isaac to keep your balance and obeyed his commands. His eyes were so beautiful as was the sheen of sweat rolling down his forehead, the fire behind the lust.

“You’re so tight, I’m gonna cum,” Isaac rested his forehead against yours before you pulled him in close for a passionate, sloppy kiss. Fingers at your clit made you break the kiss, his driving hips slammed against you and the dual stimulation was too much for you to bear. “Oh my… Please don’t stop!” Isaac licked a line along your neck, his thrusts becoming more frantic, “I’m not, I won’t.” Suddenly, he stiffened, and with a loud groan, he shot long, white, ropes of cum into you. Despite his orgasm Isaac fell true to his word, he didn’t stop fucking you. If anything, he went deeper, his strokes long, but his speed remained constant. You could feel his cum sliding in and out of your overly wet pussy, the feeling incredible. He wasn’t going to stop until you came again. Luckily for him, it didn’t take that long for you to get back on the edge. Your vision blurred as you locked your legs around his hips, crying out your release. The constant tightening and releasing, forced another orgasm out of Isaac. He erupted a huge load into you, then a second, third, and fourth until his erection went away and his thighs began to quiver.

Isaac and you didn’t have the energy to clean yourselves up and make way into the bedroom. You both laid on the ground, looking up at the beautiful night sky, even if you couldn’t see the stars. “So that’s what sex with you is like.” You smiled and snuggled into his chest, “Isaac?” Isaac hummed and rubbed small circles on your back, “I can’t feel my legs.” Isaac let out a laugh and gave you a smirk, “I told you I was going to do more than just fuck you.” After a few more quiet minutes his face grew with concern, “wait, are you serious?”

Begin Again

“I want to leave evidence on you that I existed,” Seven whispered, with a intensity that you’ve never seen him display before.

He leaned down, enveloping your lips with his slightly chapped, but warm ones. It was soft at first, like he was afraid to hurt you, but as you responded, his kisses grew more rapid, more passionately. You felt his tongue running across your lower lip, and you opened your mouth, letting your tongues explore each other hungrily.

As the both of you shredded your clothes, leaving them lying over the floor, he pushed you onto the bed, his mouth never leaving yours. Your breath grew short as he kissed your jaw and along your collarbone, his hands exploring your body. You lifted your hands, intertwining them into his thick, fluffy hair as you nibbled his ear.

He paid careful attention, kissing every inch of your body, leaving marks along your neck and chest. You could feel his arousal pressing hard against your body, teasing you, as you begged for him to take you. He gently eased into you, making sure that you were comfortable.

“Oh god… Seven…” you whimpered. You could feel every inch of him inside, filling you up.

Encouraged by your moans, he thrust harder, faster. Your nails dug into his back as you felt the pressure in your nether regions increasing, approaching climax. Finally, he hit that sweet spot. You arched your back as waves of ecstasy raced up and down your spine, your body convulsing with pleasure.

With one final thrust, Seven came, moaning out your name as he did, hips buckling against yours. He held you tight as your body shook, stroking your hair lovingly as your breathing slowing returned to normal.

“Seven… I love you,” you whispered as you slowly fell asleep to the steady beat of his heart.

Seven stayed wide awake, afraid to close his eyes for even one moment. He wanted this moment to last forever, but he knew what he had to do. You were too important for him and he could not bear for you to be in danger. A few hours ago, he had texted Jumin the address of the cabin, telling him to come pick you up. Jumin would be arriving anytime soon.

He slowly got up from the bed and picked up his clothes from the floor. He packed his things silently, and quickly scribbled a letter for you, leaving it on the empty side of the bed. He took one last look at you, gritting his teeth as he swallowed the tears that were threatening to spill over. He turned decisively and left, knowing that if he stayed for even one second longer, he would lose the will to leave.

“MC, it’s me. Open the door.”

You woke up with a start, to Jumin knocking on the door. Where was Seven? You quickly covered yourself and opened the door.

“Seven gave me your location. We have to leave, now,” Jumin said in his usual curt manner.

You looked around the empty cabin, realising that Seven’s belongings were gone. Your eyes landed on the letter at the side of the bed where Seven slept. Seven was gone.

Your vision blurred as Jumin ushered you towards his car. You told Seven you loved him, but he left you. Your heart shattered into a million tiny pieces. It hurt so much.

“Dear MC,

I’ve always lived like a ghost my whole life, thinking that no one would even miss me if I were to disappear. I was fine living like that until I met you. You made me want to leave a mark on the world. I wanted someone to remember me after I left.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I was selfish. I wanted to leave evidence in this world that I existed. Now I have to leave. I’m a dangerous person. The agency is after me, and I can’t let your life be in danger because of me. I can’t live with myself if anything happened to you because of me.

I’m so sorry. I don’t expect you to forgive me after what I did, but please forget me. Please live a good and fulfilling live without me. I don’t deserve you. Be safe.”

Your tears fell, smudging the ink. You didn’t mind being in danger, you just wanted to be with Seven. You wished he knew that he deserved the world, but it was too late. He was gone.  

After that night, you left the RFA. You read the letter over and over again, analysing every word. Seven had wiped every trace of him away from your phone after he left. The only thing that you had left of him was the hoodie that he left behind in your apartment. You held it to sleep every night, until it no longer smelt like him.

Jumin, Jaehee, Yoosung and Zen talked to you occasionally after you left, but you mostly kept to yourself. You knew that Jumin had been using his resources to search for traces of Seven, but to no avail. Talking to them reminded you too much of Seven, and it hurt you physically to think that you would never see him again.

You couldn’t help it, but whenever you saw someone with red hair walking down the streets, your heart skipped a beat. You lost count of the number of times you saw a flash of red, and desperately chased after that person, only to find that you had mistaken a stranger for Seven.

Two years passed. You grew to accept that fact that Seven would never return. You just hoped that he was still alive and well. The pain of losing him slowly eased, but your heart never healed completely. You dated occasionally, but still, Seven had left a gaping hole there that could never be filled by anyone else.

One day, you were walking aimlessly down the street, just thinking about work. It was the only thing that could distract you from thinking about Seven.

That’s when you saw him. Seven. He was standing right in front of you.

The surroundings disappeared as you focused on him. He was wearing a black button up shirt with jeans. His hair was no longer red, but a dark brown, and he had styled it back, away from his face. It strangely suited him. He looked so different, but his eyes were the same. They were the same glistening shade of gold, as bright as the sun. They pierced through your heart as they looked back at you.

A million thoughts raced through your brain. You used to dream about what you would say or do if you saw Seven again. You would run towards him, furiously pounding your fists against his chest, screaming at him for leaving and breaking your heart. Asking him how could he have left you when you loved him so much.

You love him so much.

At that moment, you tried to say something, anything, but the words just wouldn’t appear.

“Hi MC,” He said simply. He paused, hesitating on whether or not to continue.

“I… I don’t know what else to say except that i’m sorry. I’m sorry I left, it must have been hard for you. It took me a really long time, but I finally managed to leave the agency.”

Hot tears welled up in your eyes. Is this real? You’re not dreaming, are you?

His voice shook slightly as he continued, “I never forgot about you the past two years. Would you… would you be willing to give me another chance, please? I will never leave you ever again, I promise.“


For anon…Y/C/N means your code name

Your back was currently against the cool gym wall. Eggsy’s arms were parallel with your temples as his palms were up against the wall as well. You moaned softly as he kissed down your neck. You rolled your head back a bit while biting your lip. As he inched his lips toward your chest, you gripped his shirt and pulled him closer. You guided his lips up to your own.

“Eggsy,” Merlin’s voice rang over the comm, “Galahad needs to see you.”

You sighed while laying your forehead against Eggsy’s forehead. He huffed with a bit of irritation. Through his eyes, you could see the apology. You giggled.

“Go. We’ll finish this later,” you whispered in his ear.

He grinned wickedly before pecking your cheek. He quickly left the room leaving you to finish training.

You peppered Eggsy’s face with kisses. Your mouth moved across his jawline and toward his ear. You nibbled gently on the lobe before kissing the same spot. Meanwhile, Eggsy was focusing, once again, on your neck. Your fingers traced through his hair, gently scratching his scalp as they did. Eggsy lifted his head with a pleasured sigh as you did. His warm hands began to travel down your back as he pulled you closer. Grinning as you danced with your lips, you began to waddle toward the bed. You giggled as Eggsy managed to drop you onto the soft covers.

A knock sounded at your bedroom door.

“Y/C/N, it’s Galahad.”

You rolled your eyes as Eggsy groaned. You sat up as Eggsy grabbed the shirt he had discarded. A little annoyed, you went and opened the door.

“Yes Galahad?” you asked.

“Arthur wants us to follow up on your lead immediately.”

Sighing, you nodded. “Alright. I’ll suit up and meet you in the hangar.”

You closed the door and turned to Eggsy. He had already finished dressing himself. This time you apologized with your eyes.

Eggsy’s warm hands rubbed from your waist to your hips. You pulled his hair slightly with one hand while the other held the side of the couch. You rolled your hips, creating friction that caused the both of you to moan in delight. You dipped lower, crashing your lips together. The hand that had been holding the couch moved down to his bare chest.

“Finally,” he whispered softly in your ear.

On cue, Merlin walked into the room while glancing at his watch. He seemed oblivious to the situation.

“Eggsy, Y/N-”

“What?” you both snapped.

“You’re needed,” he finished before heading out of the room.

Sighing, you grabbed Eggsy’s hand and helped him stand up. He was frowning at the spot Merlin had stood. Moments later, Galahad entered the room.

“I don’t suppose you two could move any faster?”

Groaning, you pulled your boyfriend from the room. You were both getting tired of being interrupted. However, you both knew your jobs were serious.

Merlin and Galahad walked ahead of you and Eggsy. You were worn out, to say the least. The mission was entirely exhausting. At the moment, the four of you were headed to be debriefed. You held back a yipe as you felt yourself being pulled by the waist. You soon realized, after seeing Eggsy, that he had pulled you into a closet. He was smirking devilishly. You raised a brow.

“What do ya say, love? One last attempt?”

“Well,” you thought aloud playfully, “I’ve never been in a closet…”


You winked, being up for the challenge. Fervently, you kissed Eggsy as he did the same, before crashing your lips together.

Down the hall a bit, Galahad was smirking while Merlin was looking at his tablet. He sighed and glanced toward the agent.

“Shall we grab them again?”

Harry’s smirk widened. “No. They’ve earned this one.”

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I’m Yours (drabble)

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a/n: not a request but i wanted more e2 barry

Song: I’m Yours - Jason Mraz

Barry picked up his thin glasses from the bedside table, scrunching his nose as he slides them on. His vision clears; the blurred image of you peering at him coming into focus. Your hands rest on his hips, pulling him towards you. “Scooch on over closer, dear…And I will nibble your ear.” you giggle.

“How can I say no to that?” he grins, fingertips ghosting over your hipbones. The frame of his glasses hit your forehead as he leans into you. “Sorry!” he cringes, raising his shoulders out of habit. “I’m a mess. God, you’re so hot that I melted…I don’t know how I got you.” he snorts; a blush covering his freckled cheeks. Adorkable.

You smile brightly, gazing at his sparkling green eyes. Grazing your thumb over his cheekbone, you scoot closer to him. “And you, Barry Allen,” you bite his ear softly, “are super cute. I’m yours. There’s no need to complicate. It’s simple.” you say nonchalantly, watching as Barry’s face turns a darker red.

A sigh comes out of him and he wraps his arms around you, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. Suddenly he gulps. “I-I’m late for work, Y/N!” he pants, about to move; you grab his arm, yanking him back. Your lips connect to his for half a minute and he pulls away; eyes lidded in a daze. “I-I guess I could miss one day.”

Me to me: They’re gonna break up by the end of the next episode, and Ian is going to go back to Chicago to Trevor. So don’t even be excited. This used to be love but it’s over now

Also me to me: But did you see the nibble on that ear though

Rough Night

Requested: Yes


*Y/N’s POV*

I walk in to the kitchen and see Nate staring at my computer screen. He has a smirk plastered on his face while biting his lip. I set my purse down and watch him before deciding to make an appearance.

“Hey baby what are you doing” I say giving a quick peck on the cheek as I grab a glass of water. I fill the cup up and take a seat on the countertop. Nate turns around to face after closing the computer. I stare at him and he does the same before getting up and standing between my legs.

“So I found a something interesting on your drafts in your documents” I nod along as he continues before the shit eating smirk is on his face again.

“These things would you ever like to try something like you wrote in bed?” he questions while rubbing my side and nibbling my ears. My turns red once I figure out what he is talking about.

“All my Y/N is blushing” Nate teases me causing me to blush even harder.

“Because if that’s the case I went to the sex shop downtown and got a couple of things” Nate grabs a bag on the counter and sets it aside. “Open it and tell me what you find. Pull each one out and set it down beside on your lap” Nate’s voice is demanding and stern he watches me with his piercing brown eyes. He signals me to make a move towards the bag. I grab the bag and looks at the contents inside causing a gasp to arise in my throat. I look at Nate as he stares at me watching every move I take. A shiver runs down my spine because Nate has never been so demanding and intimidating before.

“There’s a blind fold, handcuffs, and a vibrator” I pull each one out setting them on my lap. My breathing has picked up as I try and imagine what Nate had in store for me.

“Go up stairs and I want you completely naked with the blind fold on” He says walking towards the living room couch. I follow his instructions. Once in the comforts of my room I slip out of my dress. I hesitantly put the blind fold around my eyes. I look in the mirror as I put around my eyes taking a deep breath. The door opens as I have the blind fold secured around my eyes. My senses kick in and I feel Nate approach me. He lifts my chin and tilts my head giving me rough kiss on my lips. I moan and whimper at the same time as the kiss becomes more rough.

He pushes me on the bed and slowly leaves kisses down my neck. He sucks harshly as strangled moans make their way out of my throat he continues before reaching my heat. He leaves gently kisses which soon start to become harsh as he plays with my clit between his forefinger and thumb. I arch my back as the whirling sensation in the pit of my stomach starts to explode.

“Nate… I’m cumming” I let out a loud moan as he starts darting his tongue in and out of my throbbing heat. I wanted so bad look t him eating me out, but couldn’t because of the blind fold. I feel Nate move away from me and causes me to let put a soft whine.

“I don’t like it when you whine, Y/N” He says while I hear the zipper of his pants being zipped down and his shirt being thrown down somewhere in the room. The next thing I know Nate is slamming into me a bruising pace. The air in my lungs get knocked out as he doesn’t let me adjust to stretching me out. He hoists my legs above his shoulders causing me knees to bend towards my chest. In this position Nate hits my g-spot directly over and over. I scream out in pleasure as Nate groans. Nate’s pace speeds up thrusting deeper into me. I claw at his back trying to get hi to slow down, but instead it causes him to speed up.

“Nate, baby- uhhh” I let out a string of moans and curses as his hands run down towards my throbbing and sensitive clit. I moan harder than before. Nate soon starts groaning uncontrollably signaling his climax is near. I squeeze around him as my climax sends me into a euphoria of pleasure. Nate soon follows me. He lowers my legs onto the bed and takes off the blindfold.

“I guess I didn’t need to buy the handcuffs and vibrator seeing as I didn’t use it on you” He exclaims kissing me on the lips while pulling out of me. I laugh but soon find it painful.

“I guess not” I whisper closing my eyes. Nate chuckles beside me and pulls me into his side.

“Goodnight Y/N. I love you” Nate whispers into my hair.

“Mmm. I love you” I whisper back before sleep consumes me again.

*Next morning*

I woke and tried to get out of bed which resulted me landing on the floor. Nate rushes from downstairs after he hears the loud thud. He approaches my side of the bed and sees me on the floor.

“Nate stop standing there and help me” I say reaching out my hands for him to take. He grabs them and lifts me up on the bed giving me a kiss to the forehead. He leaves the room and comes back with a tray of orange juice and pancakes.

“I had this prepared down stairs with a few flower petals but I guess I was a little to rough last night” Nat e says while adjusting the tray on my lap and leaving again. Nate comes back with his own tray and sits by me on the bed.

“Well I guess we will be stuck in bed for the next few days” Nate chuckles as he says this.

“I guess so, but I wouldn’t mind” I say giving Nate a kiss on the lips and resume to eating the food on the tray.

The other morning in the Spirit World

Korra is woken up by the first rays of the morning sun illuminating her closed eyelids. She wanted to roll around and stretch, but she felt something warm and soft on her back. Something gently touched her at the hip, and a pleasant and tender weight was laid on her body. Asami had put her hand around Korra and moved a little closer now.

Asami: “Good morning, sweetie.”

Korra felt Asami’s fingers gently stroke her hair, then she kissed her on the neck. Her lips felt so warm and soft. Korra purred and a smile played around her lips.

Asami’s hand moved from Korra’s hips and began to massage her but cheek. Again, Asami kissed her on the neck and then nibbled on her ear.

Korra moaned: “Want to continue where we left off last night, Sami?”

Asami: “I will make you breathe fire, Sweetie.”

Finally, Korra opened her eyes, intending to roll over on top of Asami and kiss her. But she froze halfway and looked at the blushing faces of three little Spirits, staring at them from the river bank where she and Asami had set camp yesterday, only five steps away from their sleeping bag. One of the Spirits had two green leaves in his head and Korra thought she knew him from the tree of time. Asami was massaging Korra in places now, she didn’t want to be touched in front of others and kissing her neck again, licking her with her tongue.

Korra hissed: “Sami, we got company!”

Asami: “I know. Let them watch.”

Before Korra could protest, the three little Spirits flew of, giggling all the way until they vanished in the near forest.

Korra: “You knew, they were here?”

Asami just smiled, pulled Korra back on the sleeping bag and rolled on top of her.

Korra (grinning): “We’ll see, who’s staying on top this time.

Then Korra bent an earth igloo around them.

After a couple of moments Asami said: “I appreciate the barrier, but I can’t see you anymore.”

Korra (with a lustful voice): “You don’t have to, because I’ll be all over you.”

Suddenly, the inside of the earth igloo was illuminated by Korra’s glowing eyes.

Asami: “Now I see. That’s gonna be INterESting … oh, DON’t eVEr stop!”