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Today I heard Adele revealed she has a secret Twitter account because her management has complete control of her official account and I still can't believe people hear stories like hers and reduce us "jealous tinhats" for believing the boys don't have access to their accounts. It also brought back memories of niazkilam Zayn's secret insta and how he didn't follow his "fiancé" or post about her unlike his official twitter. And Now I'm wondering if the boys have secret accounts as well 🤔

LOL - She sure does, nonnie! +

(See that, salty anons? Her management TOOK AWAY her access to HER OWN official account! And it’s fucking ADELE!!! One of the biggest stars on the planet!)

It’s good old-fashioned naiveté to think that huge celebs like the 1d boys are completely in charge of their social media. It’s a well known fact that social media managers exist and that celebrities’ official accounts are used by their management as a tool to craft their image, for fan service, for promo and to push whatever narrative helps in those efforts. This is why anything that comes from their SM should be taken with a grain of salt. 

I’m absolutely convinced all the boys have secret accounts across several social media platforms. Why wouldn’t they, right? They can engage and monitor the fandom unfiltered and without fear of reprisals while their teams manage (or mismanage) their official accounts for them. 

Zayn's birth chart summary 💫💫
  • Birthday: January 12, 1993, 10:00 AM
  • Sun: Capricorn (earth sign)
  • Moon: Virgo
  • Mercury: Capricorn
  • Venus: Pisces
  • Mars: cancer
  • Jupiter: Libra
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Capricorn
  • Neptune: Capricorn
  • AC: Pisces
  • MC: Sagittarius