Knowledge and Perspective. The more I look back on the travels I’ve been through the more I re-learn the lessons that I faced during every new experience I had. I look forward to opening up these experiences again and sharing these ever-growing perspectives; allowing my understanding to expand.

My intention is to document the years of traveling that I have been through as an individual and as a community of artists. With NIAYH - Now Is All You Have I’ve been across 8 states twice, with Nuestro I’ve been to Minnesota, Miami and Hawaii and as Adolfo I’ve been to Colombia, Cuba and truly all the rest encompassed.


Oregon Country Fair and Quiet Camp!

We will be camping at the Oregon Country Fair this year in Quiet Camp with the folks from the local band “Now is All you Have”. I traveled to Burning Man with them last year and will likely travel there with them again this year, as well. They’re fantastic folks who know how to party. 

At any rate, Bear and I will be at OCF for the full weekend, rockin out with NIAYH and  selling tails and such. We don’t have our own official booth, but we will be traveling around the grounds with a trade blanket. I’ve gotten a whole bunch of new tails from a family-owned tannery, so they’ll be nice ones for sure. I’m also making some wolf bone and silver rings, glass eye pendants, and a few various odds and ends to share, trade, and sell. 

If you’re going to the Oregon Country Fair and want to trade here are some things we’ll be interested in: 

Cool handmade items like jewelry and clothing. 

Crystals and gems for incorporation into my work.

Pipes, edibles, dub, or alcohol as offerings to new friends and old.

Herbs like sweetgrass and sage, or incense. 

Food and drinks. 

Camping supplies. 

Leather goods.






Or anything of that you think is awesome of equal value.

Bear will be wearing his cinnamon black bear headdress, and I’ll be wearing Teva the wolf. We should be pretty easy to find, as I’ll also have my flute with me to play while we sit and man the booth blanket. So follow the sound of flute music toward the girl in the wolf headdress sitting beside the man in the bear skin.