This was by far the most work I’ve put into any of my videos, by the end I had used up to 120 layers! But it was so worth it ;w; Click HERE for the YT version!

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I do not take any credit to any of the art used in the video!!! If any artist who’s art was used in this video wants me to take down the video or has any problems, message me and I will do so and respect your wishes.

5 years and going! 

So I just reached 6k ay. Ah, this thousand came by faster than usual, it usually takes me about almost 9 months or so to reach a new thousand. Thank you so much for following me for all this time, and putting up with my idiocy. I didn’t have anything prepared, so I figured I just do what everyone else to celebrate a milestone, a follow forever haha. 

I also just used an unfinished drawing for the picture up there cause I didn’t want to go through the trouble of finding a nice picture. Please look forward to the finished product once I finish it soon!

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im sorry i just these two are so cute i needed to draw them again okay sobs

When Roani was introduced to Tabi she was so excited to learn about him and in her excitement she jumped the gun and changed her wardrobe to match his and even remodeled some of the rooms in the castle to make him feel more at home.

But she’s stupid and everything she wears and remodeled is Japanese themed and Roani is not.

Roani is too nice to tell her otherwise.