Release: Kyoudai no Rule. - Chapter 3

As promised, here is a new chapter of Kyoudai no Rule.! HUGE thanks to the Whitelies Fansub staff for their amazing and speedy work! We definitely wouldn’t have been able to get this series out without them. Don’t forget to swing by their page to give them a hug :D

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#1 Grace Jones, Jamaican

#2 Donyale Luna, African American (first black model on cover of VOGUE)

#3 Iman, Somali

#4 Waris Dirie, Somali

#5 Naomi Campbell, British

#6 Katoucha Niane, French

#7 Tyra Banks, African American

#8 Alek Wek, South Sudanese British


Empress Wu Mei Niang in ‘Empress of China’
and some of my fave women whom she had to step over to be the empress. (in picture order)

Jieyu Xiao Qiang - entered the palace at the same time as Mei niang but had the upper hand because she had the support of Consort Wei and the Wei clan.

Consort Wei - the most powerful consort at the time that Mei niang entered the palace, she was evil in every way. even the emperor couldn’t touch her because she had support from the powerful Wei clan.

Consort Xu hui - also entered the palace with Mei niang, they were sworn sisters.. the best and only friends.. except Xu hui’s jealousy turned her evil :/ .. the biggest two faced character ever written.

Consort Yang - 1 of the 3 consorts when mei niang entered.. She’s also the princess of the Sui Dynasty, Revenge was everything to her.

Consort Xiao - the one and only consort of Emperor Li Zhinu, she used her children to manipulate the emperor.

Empress Wang Yuyan - Empress of Li Zhinu. She had the support of the whole court. .. 

There were so many geniusly written strong and smart women in this series. Honestly I recommend everyone to watch ‘Empress of China’


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