Do you ever just sit around and wonder what your parents would do if they knew you read gay smut for a bedtime story, or that fantasise about a men in their 20′s having sex with you?

futile devices - nc17 - 24k

zarry (side ziam, niam, and louis/sophia)

Zayn has a decent job, a shitty flat, an annoying coworker named Louis, and not much else. When he discovers a beat-up kid named Harry in a cardboard box outside his building, he realizes his life is just stressful enough that he can’t deal with a roommate or a ward. He needs something easy, like a dog. He doesn’t expect Harry to agree.

A very loose Kimi Wa Petto AU. No knowledge of the series necessary.

read at ao3

Im on a certain mood right now so please somebody write a narry fic about harry and niall falling apart, barely interacting on and off stage, about harry being really hurt because niall wasn’t with him at his 21st birthday so as a payback he tries to ignore him through the whole first leg of the tour and niall then suddenly is all team everybody, team liam and most important team louis, so of course harry is done with niall (liam and louis too) at this point so he keeps hanging out with jeff and xander and both niall and him are suffering and none of them make the first move to make up, they just fly together because they want to be close but nothing change because theyre too stuborn to admit they love each other until they finally do it and i finally get a lot of narry smut