Hello everyone :)

I hope you guys still know who I am?

How are you all doing?

I’m so stressed at the moment it’s crazy.. In two months I’m going to write my final exams and in three months I’ll have my final oral exams and then I am done with school! It’s so crazy to even think about it!

I just wanted to ask you guys if you’d be interested in me coming back on here? I’ve been “writing” fanfiction in my head all of the time and have some amazing ideas but I’m not sure if someone would be interested in reading my prompts / stories.

If I come back on here it won’t be before July but I simply wanted to know so that I can plan or maybe start working on something when I have some free time (which probably won’t happen anyway).

I hope you’re all doing fine!

Love you,


fandoms-sex-and-stuff asked: Can you draw a cute cuddling Zialliam (Zayn, Niall and Liam) for me? Thank you! I really love your art btw and the cute Elounor ones! You’re really talented :3

Sorry it’s a bit weird. I walked for 7 1/2 hours yesterday up three mountains, so I’m pretty achy and tired… Hope this is okay! :D (Niall looks like he’s on drugs!!! XD Sorry!)


1D Art