1d as things my roommate has said to me pt 2:
  • Harry:Can I wear floral with stripes? Oh well, I'm gonna do it anyway. As the kids would say, "Yolo"
  • Liam:How many times can I email our CA about the same thing before it starts to get weird?
  • Louis:I'm convinced there's a conspiracy with something on campus. I don't know what or how yet, but there is. I can feel it in my toes.
  • Niall:Can we have bagel bites for dinner? I'm feeling bagelicious tonight.

Unpopular opinions:

- pizza isn’t the best food out there
- beyonce isn’t the best singer out there
- there are better youtubers than tyler oakley that deserve their own show on ellen
- starbucks is….not that good tbfh
- amy schumer isn’t THAT funny
- gigi hadid and kendall jenner aren’t supermodels since they didn’t really have to….try? because their families are wealthy but i still like them tbh
- meghan trainor released huge bops fight me
- america is not…gr8
- the dolan twins and nate garner have too much of a jaw…i mean hot…not shaming but i also don’t get the hype™
- peanut butter is kinda gross lol
- pepsi tastes better than coke fight me lmao
- little mix and fifth harmony are equally good and everyone that compares successful girl bands can go choke on a cactus
- hozier is underrated and lana del rey is overrated lol
- harry styles wasn’t the best n the hottest in 1d