I just made a follow forever last month but…I really wanted to make a collage so. Thank you so much to everyone who has made this past year very, very special. Let’s hope for some great moments in 2015!

ZIAM AF Groupchat: Honestly one of the best things to be formed, tbh. Not a day goes by you guys don’t make smile and I’m soooo grateful to have met y'all!

zaynophilic onesieliam ih8whitemen ziamsitonmyface j4ya zaynaesthetics easycomfort soofyahn chastityandperversity ameliaproblems

Some Special People: Thanks to these people for truly making this year what it was! I admire y'all for your amazing fic writing abilities, graphic making, or just always being around to talk even though I’m probably annoying. I love you very much a lot and you mean soooo much to me even if I don’t say it enough.

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Rest Of My Mutuals: Thank you to the rest of you as well! Seeing you on my dash every day always makes me smile, even if I’ve only been seeing you for a little. Thank you for sticking around this year, and in some of your cases many years before this, and hopefully many years after! Even if we don’t all talk much, I hope you know I care about you a lot :D

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Some Non-Mutuals: These are blogs that I’ve been following and admiring from afar, most of them for a while. You are of course, loved as well, and I will definitely be excited if any of you decide to follow me back one day!

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