When you click *1D memes* on our blog, everything on that page is Julie & I’s memes. That means we made them :)  I’m just reminding everyone that because lately people have been reposting our memes. We thought people would actually have enough respect and consideration so that’s why we don’t trademark our memes.. maybe we were wrong? x - Char & Julie

Hey guys! Quick message:

I’m sorry I haven’t been making new memes this past week. I’ve been really busy with school work & study guides omfg.  i have exams all next week as well. After that I’ll be on summer vacation and free to make all the memes I want! I promise that in my free time I’ll try and make some memes, mmkay. 

k i love you guise & julie will be on most of the time.

so yeah. k bye :) x - Char